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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Where are we now?

Lets Face it when you talk Autism all you talk about is Children and epidemics diets, bad behavior and IEP"S?

Doesn't stand to reason there were autistic kids before Rain Man? Where Are we now? We are hiding in plain site! MANY of us simply blended in to society, with out diagnosis ,Diets ,OR bad behavior! We were strange and odd but in a good way! Please listen to our story, it is good Autism research!

Actually, the old autistic people that missed Rain man's Curse over came really well and today many of us are alive and vocal in autism circles. Trouble is despite doing a very good job at figuring out our autism NONE of us can compete with the self elected experts of Modern Autism that have made a mountain from a molehill. In fact admitting to us is nothing more than trouble with a capital T. Experts and their money have a way of not listening and they have the moral flag of Autism research to fly as well so that in effect justifies their view we are MR/DD "retarded" and thus we can't possibly have figured out a thing autistically. Well, it seems the only thing they have figured out is Rain Man and they missed the foundation of autism we use. Curse You Rain Man! (lack of eye contact is NORMAL and a Great Sign of Autism working autism Thoughts! )

Even the modern Autistcs that somehow over come their autism, have a job even harder than one we had to do are banished from modern Autism If they do too much. Success like a job, driving and some sort of normal life is just simply too embarrassing when the expected autism standard is a group home. Those of us figuring out a never in print before thought process are not rewarded with anything more than autism misery-you see we unintentionally deflate the autism epidemic so many "experts" have invented. Admission of people autistic not in group home or social idiots is just taboo. We know of many more people that build on Temple's work and take it to the threshold of normal thoughts!

I have been speaking with reporters here of late about my up and coming Autism Rally appearance and one was stunned and said "I have been covering autism for years now and never heard of anyone but children" well imagine that? The autism Political Spin machine has been very busy inventing autism but also just as busy hiding the stuff they never understood. It seems their research has been very one sided.

For the autism manual time forgot please look up the book The Engima by Andrew Hodges (1983) It is the Story of Autistic Hero and Father of the Computer Alan Turing.

Rich Shull
Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism
Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green autisitcally designed car motor

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Awareness Month Already?

Dear Readers, This is another Parity by Rich Shull, and present on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism. This originally appeared on the America Online Front Page welcome greeting. Sunday 17- March -2007 My comments are in Blue!

Solving the Puzzle of Autism

Why early intervention is key

It seems like Autism Awareness month, usually in April has started early. Is that of function of the billion Dollar "research empire" and the associated spin machine to support it?

By Ginny Graves

When Dana Hall's 18-month-old son Cameron was diagnosed with autism, the Bon Ayr, Kentucky mom felt like the floor dropped out from underneath her. "There's nothing worse than realizing that your child has a serious problem. I cried for a week," says Hall. Then she plunged into researching the disorder, and what she read gave her hope. "I found out that getting diagnosed early is one of the best things that can happen," she says. "Early intervention is key."

Modern Autism would like for you to believe that and indeed from their knowledge base of autism IT is the right thing to do. However If they admitted to all of us that missed Rain Man's Curse they would have to sing a different tune, for once. We would prove they missed the entire point to autism. Our Thought process has never been in a book before and it is Einstein and not MR/DD.

Many kids with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a range of developmental problems characterized by impaired communication and social interaction skills and repetitive behaviors, aren't identified until age 4 — or later. While there's no such thing as "too late" to begin receiving treatment for autism, recent research shows that the earlier a child is identified, the more interventions such as speech therapy and behavior training are likely to help.

If our Anthropology was admitted to and our Family's and teachers and tutors were interviewed it would obvious we were better off in our double-blind experience than the modern diagnosed kids of today are. We learned to talk, Our Splinter skills were our learning hallway and today splinter skills are taboo in Autism circles (thanks to Dr Rimalnd) and once our Picture thoughts were figured out We even did Social things with grace.

The disorder that's suddenly everywhere

Of Course it is. Ignorance Like this, driven by a billion dollar Research Empire needs an Epidemic to be self-sustaining. The Sad part is Autism is built on a false foundation. That false foundation is nothing more than room for error and their are plenty of them. The very worst error is the Autism Powers have had knowledge of our Temple Grandin Anthropology and most of us figured out Autism a never in print before thought process and our "successful" lives prove we did something right and in the name of the cause the self-elected "experts of modern Autism either see a gravy train, cash cow, and chance to become intellectually famous researching Autism. Really the Autism Epidemic could become a good thing if our knowledge base was tapped. Autism is Einstein not Mental Retardation. Our thought process goes back to the cave man, Our Pain Free injuries re spin about all of medical science. If we do Autism Right it is genius, If we do it wrong it a group home condition. The fine line between success and failure is so obvious when the old pre rain man autism folks are accounted for.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

It appears my comments representing MY (our) Autism Anthropology I gave at a public town hall autism meeting (Indianapolis Indiana) held by the CDC were BANISHED from the public record. One must wonder with all the big names in Autism present including the late Dr Rimalnd that it was conspired that comments like mine were to be banished?

estimates that as many as 1 in 150 kids have an ASD; in contrast, 15 years ago, the prevalence of autism was believed to be about 1 per 2,000 to 2,500. It's unclear whether the startling rise is due to benign causes — better detection or a broader definition of autism that includes kids with less severe versions of the disorder — or something in the environment. "There's lots of research and lots of speculation, but no one really knows," says Amaral.

I beg to differ, Our anthropology certainly doesn't have all the answers but we do have a proven success record that if accounted for would reinvent the Autism we know all to well today.

"There's lots of research and lots of speculation, but no one really knows," says Amaral.

Well, if that ignorance is intentional Autism is money driven epidemic, and we have been cheated, especially mankind. To prove they are honest and caring and honest researchers they should be willing and delighted to admit to our anthropology-but, perhaps we are not welcome news? We certainly don't have a legacy of group home people, in fact many of us do some sort of real life and even are social and drive! Now If we to were treated like the modern autism folks we too would be in a group home. Obvious information like that is bad for business, the business of autism.

What is clear is that heredity plays a role, and since autism is a complex disorder (some kids have seizures, some allergies, some have high IQs, some low),
I have a theory the autism thoughts are the SAME weather we are village idiot, a savant or a rocket scientist and if they know our invisible to you thought process they too would see the good in this theory.

most experts believe that different genes are affected in different kids. Greater insight may be on the horizon. The CDC recently launched a $5.9 million study to identify genetic and environmental factors that may increase risk, and the federal government approved additional funding for research of nearly $1 billion over a five-year period.

Money Talks And "Autism Speaks," too bad it doesn't listen.

"I think we're going to find that a number of factors interact to cause the disorder," says Stanley Greenspan, M.D., a clinical professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at George Washington University Medical School in Washington, D.C. "Genetic or prenatal factors might make a child more vulnerable to a virus or environmental toxin."Early diagnosis makes a difference

Of course it does, hopefully unknowingly you need people to fulfill the epidemic quotas and keep the buzzword status of autism alive and you have to have the poor autistic kids and their families in the MR/DD group home mode at a young age to prevent them from having the same chances to overcome with Autism like we were able to do. The longer we go WITH OUT diagnosis the better chance we have of a real life. Our history proves that time and again. Even people modern autism people from other countries were Autism Diagnosis is not quite the buzzword ideal we know prove Autism does better without the help.

While the "why" of autism remains frustratingly elusive, the "what to do about it" has come into sharper focus of late.

We need to protect our jobs and research empire! We could research Autism to death and have an uncritqueed career if we play our cards right.

The best outcomes, experts agree, occur when kids are identified early—but that still happens less frequently than it should.

We certainly can't admit to any autism person that missed Rain Man's Curse, Our Very Own Dr Rimland set the gold standard of Autism on his ignorance and if was good enough for him it is more than good enough for us! We are very ignorant researchers and we refuse to be educated when our Pay checks depend on our ignorance. Besides one of us might be become accidentally famous.

Part of the problem is that there's no blood test or other biological marker for autism, so doctors must diagnose children based on behavior. Screening takes time, and no one even knew what to look for in the very young until recently.

We invented a few broad based ideals in Autism diagnosis and they proven to be a very good business decision.

As experts hone in on the behaviors that are likely to indicate a problem, more children will be referred to specialists earlier. Recent research has found that in high-risk groups, red flags, like lack of babbling or eye contact, can be spotted at 1 year of age or younger. (See our Milestone Checklist.)

Our Milestones, from our worldwide anthropology highlight the very foundation to autism invisible to you thought process signaled by the lack of eye contact. These core thoughts of autism are news to the very ignorant researchers that think they are so smart.

"This reinforces what parents have been saying for years: Signs of autism are there from an early age," says Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, M.D., a developmental pediatrician at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, who's involved in the research. "If you're concerned, trust your instincts and be assertive with your doctor. The more specific you can be — 'My baby isn't making eye contact' — the more likely a physician is to pay attention."

Oh Boy the LACK OF EYE CONTACT is the BEST thing to ever happen in Autism, it proves our different never in print before thought process is working as mother nature intended it to work, If the "expert" would care to listen we could tell just what its and WHY the lack of Eye contact is the best thing to happen in autism. Don't worry once we figure out things We give you eye contact and even become social!

Treatments that turn kids around

And put them in the scope of a group home, that is EXACTLY where they need to be it keeps the wheels of ignorant autism lubed.

Even so, it's still rare to receive a definitive diagnosis of autism in a child younger than 18 months. "There's so much variability in child development that without an objective test, it's dicey to say for sure whether a child has ASD," says Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., director of the Kennedy-Krieger Institute's Center for Autism and Related Disorders in Baltimore. "That said, we now believe you should treat a child with developmental delays, even if you don't have a firm diagnosis. You can't say, 'Well, if he's still not talking by age 3 we'll do something.'"

Holly Cow if even one researcher knew our thought process they would not worry about talking, they would know why we do and don't do it. For an Autistic person to talk we need to do a few extra steps to convert our autism thoughts to words, most people do this automatically we have to learn to do it. So far we have had to this on our own via trial and error, mostly with the aid of our splinter skills.

Of the dozens of treatments available, the most thoroughly researched are Dr. Greenspan's "Floortime" — in which the child is engaged in things she's interested in, then guided toward more complex interactions (making eye contact by holding a beloved toy near the mother's eyes, for example) — and applied behavioral analysis, which uses positive reinforcement to build a child's social, communication, and academic skills.

If the Autism Researchers knew anything about the Autism they claim knowledge about they would realize when Our Brains are ON (lack of eye contact) our eyes are OFF. Once we complete our Thought our optic vision returns to 'normal' then we can worry if you sticking your tongue out at us or not.

Most interventions use a variety of methods to address a range of symptoms.
Even more challenging than choosing a course for intervention is

Dealing with Rain Man 's curse and the resulting billion dollar epidemic

navigating the system to get access to the services a child needs. Children younger than 3 are eligible for early-intervention assistance, a federally funded program that's available in every state, but it's easier to find in urban areas than in rural ones. Parents often have to be creative — and persistent — about getting the help they need.

The Autism Researcher have indeed created a HUGE need and it is a very good business practice to have parent in turmoil fighting for their kids. What parent would not?

"Trying to secure adequate services for a child with autism can be an incredibly frustrating experience, one that many parents describe as a full-time job in itself," says Suzanne Wright, who with her husband cofounded Autism Speaks, a public-awareness group that funds autism research, after their grandson was diagnosed with the disorder. "I encourage parents to be aggressive and to use websites like ours to connect with other families who can help."

I admire the Efforts of AUTISM SPEAKS their hearts are in the right place but unknowingly their efforts are only making Autism the very problem it is. They are unknowingly spreading the cancer of Autism ignorance and like the rest of autism they would be SHOCKED to discover what we have figured out.

Almost all children make progress with appropriate treatment — and some may even reach the point where they no longer meet the criteria for ASD.

Those are lucky devils, like we were We prove Autism explains everything from Einstein to Dyslexia and might well be the building blocks of the human mind.

When Hall's son was first diagnosed, he received just one hour each of speech and developmental intervention per week. With the help of Advocates for the Rights of Citizens with Disabilities, however, she's managed to cobble together services — including occupational and speech therapies — that total more than 20 hours a week. "I've had to battle to get Cameron help," says Hall. "I've learned the meaning of the term 'squeaky wheel.'" But her efforts are paying off. Although Cameron was nonverbal when he began therapy, now, at 29 months, he can sign for things he wants and has nearly 40 words in his vocabulary. "He's also reached the point where he can have a plate of food in front of him without throwing it on the floor — and that's big progress," she says. "Every day I see new changes. The therapy is helping, and every positive step gives us new hope."

There is EVEN MORE hope in Autism's Past! Well, depending on how you look at it ,the hope we hold and offer to man kind might just cripple Autism - no billion dollar research empire will stand for that especially since its victims are "retarded" zombiefied kids and adults in group homes. Autism Speaks, but if we speak we are naturally spoken for already. Too bad Autism powers don't have clue to what they are talking about. Even worse they refuse to listen!

Ginny Graves is a writer in the San Francisco Bay area.

Rich Shull Http://

Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism- the satanic verses of autism
Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient GREEN artistically designed car motor.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Self Infliced Autism

CURSE FOR LIFE * Autism a Self Inflicted Injury!


Hi Everyone, Our west Michigan Toys R Us (6 stores) are rasing money for Autism. You can donate 1, 3, or 5 dollars and you get a sticker. They are working with Autism Speaks on this, and have partnered with the National Lekotek Center and have produced the Toys "R"Us Guide for Differently-Abled Kids. There is a flyer when you walk in the store that gives a brief definition of Autism and the S/S of Autism, the Autism Speaks web address and the top ten toys that Speak to Autism. Well, I was very happy to see this, and I talked with the manager and he said in the first week the 28th street store raised over $5,000. They will continue to raise finds for the rest of 07 and hopeful into 08. this gives a complete list of toys for our kids. **********

ONCE AGAIN We Ask Do they Listen?

I can only guess the total devastation of an autism diagnosis today in 2007. My heart goes out to the Parents and the autistic kids just recently cursed for life with an AUTISM diagnosis. They are really DOOMED in this day and age to a life of bad behavior,IEP's and many, many very trying times in real life, providing they ever make it out of a group home. Of Course the" Autism Experts" will claim its the Autism and not the child but their self-elected Autism Expert status would see Autism that way: Indeed they are right as rain - Even Rain Man. Autism the modern Autism that is the cause for all of this hoopla and misery is based on a FALSE foundation thanks in a large part to the efforts of One Dr. Rimland Father of the Movie Rain Man and founder of the modern Autism Movement your experiencing today. If he would have understood the foundation to Autism like our high functioning Anthropology does Autism would never have become an Epidemic! Perhaps he would have missed his chance for fame and fortune as well?

I sincerely hope his ignorance was legitimate but he also did his part to keep the high functioning people that have done more than Temple Grandin hidden. We don't mean to but we deflate the Autism Empire the Very Autism Empire he so carefully crafted is at risk. Admitting to our Anthropology of normal functioning autistic people will leave an entire Autism Empire in shambles, Autism really is simple and we prove time and again, it is doable with respectable results-no wonder the Autism Society of America will not give us the time of day? They ignored us in 1965 and they are still at it in 2007. Now however it is called progress back then it was odd well won success.

What a total shame, Autism is a monster these days and needs it very own TOYS-R-US "care bear" and not to mention the media events and the celebrity fund raisers and even the Autism LOGO plastered on a Race Car and all it really needs to do is listen to those of us that have figured out Autism a never in print before thought process- that takes place during the lack of contact and has Einstein roots. Just who is going to win this stand off a Billion Dollar Autism Research Empire, filled with Self Elected "experts" or 200 or so of us that missed Rain Man's Curse? You do the Math! Odds are your living in the aftermath of it.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism
Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green autistically designed car motor.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Turing Stamp

Turing postage stamp 1999: by Paolozzi
from Rich Shull,,,,, All I can say is WOW this postage stamp is SO CLOSE to autism's picture thoughts it is just Eire. The stamp decrypts an Alan Turing with all kinds of images in his mind, in his head and actually via picture thoughts this ideal is pretty darn close.
If we would have 3 and 4 dimension thoughts they would look very close to the ones decepeted in this stamp. The polished autism thoughts like these give the world computers ,and many other things along the way as we build up to them we figure out the building blocks of the human mind. In order to figure out the picture thoughts we have to start out at a sub human thought level (autism) figure that out then take our Einstein thoughts like these and 'translate' them to word and your thoughts.
Science and psychology are totally aloof, just like they claim an autistic person is as they try and try to figure out autism and here all they need to do turn around and look at what we have done. We have done a thought process that has never been in a book before and might well be the building blocks of the human mind. The teams of "experts" charged with figuring out autism naturally missed the entire point to autism and now it might well be too late. What could be more simple in terms of Autism Research than uniting our Anthropology and learning from us ? Autism indeed speaks but does it listen?
Rich Shull ,,
Autism Best book ,,, Alan Turing , The Enigma by Andrew Hodges (1983)


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Autism's Invisable Success


MANY first time readers of this Blog don't have clue and are often STUNNED that many, like me, have overcome Autism. We are Autism's Invisible anthropology.

Unless you have searched the Web for Gay Lesbian Transgendered and Bi sexual Autism you would have never found us. Some of your kids DO find us but must go back in the closet- many parents are simply too homophobic. (not to mention the autism powers)

Our Autism Anthropology ranges from teens to 80 year olds and most of us are GLBT and Autistic. MOST OF US do some sort of normal life and lots of our social success was the fact we had a social charm school in growing up different-gay. We have proven time and again modern Autism Leaders missed the entire point to autism and thus absently mis directed all of us into the MR/DD equation that really does make us the very idiot they expect. Not only do we prove Autism is something that can be overcome, we do it well. The thought process we have learned via trial and error has never been in a book before and the rate Autism Leaders (America especially) are ignoring us we never will be outed so to speak. Now,if we didn't offer the vital clues to the building blocks of the human mind I would not even waste my time fighting the Billion Dollar Autism Empire that has vested interest in NOT listening to us, but we have a responsibility to get our message out if it kills us. From the Nasty comments I have got over the years from some in autism research circles they might indeed like to keep us quiet at least.

A compromise -a hope- a plea?

Autism leaders from America Especially do so much in hiding our anthropology that it is a crime repeated 1000 of times over. If we were able to be politically admitted to there would be at least 200 MORE people like Temple Grandin to base our Autism facts upon. Wouldn't that change the picture of autism?

Since we are hot potatoes and America is too backwards for progress why not shift the discovery of our Anthropology to Europe, Australia, Africa or South America, etc.,? Autism Organizations from those more tolerant cultures could learn of us and our autistic ways confirm our story and glean our insight and then they could share it with the world at large. We have after all figured out the building blocks of the human mind. Americas Autism's Empire might covertly fund part of the study and once the results are in they could see the results of our anthropology and its discoveries: they would be pleased and better yet, they would not have to admit to us. That is a Win Win! We get our point out Autism makes progress (finally) and Autism can Speak all it wants but at least it will be spinning honest facts from is best performing population for a change. They can gently work the results of our Autism Study identifying us into their autism doctrine at their own pace. It could be a simple painless way to pull a tooth.

Rich Shull Http//

Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism

Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70 % efficient Green Autisitcially designed car motor that could get a reasonable car over 100 MPG.

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For the Fans of the BBC/PBS series Are You Being Served?

We lost John Inman, Mr. Hummphries this week at the age of 71.

Mr. Humphries was the main character in a wonderful 70's based show taking place in a London Department Store. Mr. Humphries did a lot to get the message gay is normal out to the world. His Character often saved the sale, made the day or united the staff of Grace Brothers Department store. His charm charisma and class made for a wonderful example of Gay is normal. The other characters in the show played off his character and that show did wonders in uniting straight and gay folks all over the world. And who can forget Mrs. Scloumb's Hair do's? Was Mrs. Scloumb the First Fag Hag on TV? They even mentioned the famous "Who Shot JR., sensation over the worldwide TV hit in the late 1970s, Dallas. (Texas Oil Family loaded with money.) The Last Episode of Dallas one year was cliff hanger as the main Character was shot and the world spent the summer deciding who shot the evil character.

Once the Gay was put into context and seen as normal every character in the show even the very straight Mr. Grace the stores owner loved Mr. Humphries. This was radical TV in the 1970s. Ironically there are still stations in America's homophobic Midwest that still will not air that show ,and this is 2007.

Autistically socially many of us getting our much needed Gay Charm school to bridge the gap between the social ineptness of autism and the real world all kind of experienced a situation similar to the one Mr. Humphries presented in Are You Being Served? Many of us growing up before GLBT was cool and in an era of no GLBT clubs or Gay Straight Alliances were forced loners in real life. In other words being Gay I was "forced" in to friend ship with other Gay people at school. We typically were the loners that met in the end of the all ate lunch together and became friends for suriveal. What other autistic person gets forced into a deep friendships. The GLBT folks were much more forgiving of our autism traits than normal people were and even worked with us and groomed our social skill. That might have been in an effort to not in embarrass them even more or simply a real caring and insight that Normal people are a bit too rigid.

Keep in Mind we had the best of everything NONE of us were cursed with the Autism Dx-we were still largely on our own and our Splinter Skill learning was still in effect before modern Autism took it away. Natural functioning autism coupled with our Intense Charm School lesions made every one of us the success we are today. When the book of life is written and autism finally learns of our success even they will have to admit we changed the property values of Autism. Meanwhile figured out autism is lost in the billion dollar empire Rain Man left behind. Even worse, the diagnosed Autism folks of today are further hampered by the MR/DD attitude that prevails in Autism. They never even get the chances we had to be social and spread our wings.

If Autism has a manual of how it was done in the book The Enigma (Hodges 1983) It has our Social Course on tape in the form of the reruns of Are You being Served? Indeed I learned many social clues and zingers and charms from that show. Thank You, John Inman AKA, Mr. Humphries.


Other People Have Picutre Thoughts

Dear Reader's:

Over the years I have spoke with various people reading this Blog and they have admitted they "see things." The author of this quote has explained it very nicely.

"(I'm the same way -minus the books - yet, I can still see pages from notebooks and text that I studied 20 years ago and visually will try to drop down into the page to retrieve the information that I had memorized for a test)."

If this is an 'Autism Thought' it would be a STILL Picture Thought. While this reader occasionally has a thought like this and can translate it to the information that is needed, Autisitc's with proficient picture thoughts know this as a common every day thought. In fact it is a Still Picture thought the lowest level of autism thoughts. Temple Grandin wrote about them in Thinking in Picutres. If my guess is right and this really is a version of an autism thought, we have them all the time. THIS IS our common thought process and not just an occasional thing. In fact we have many more versions of picture thoughts that would make this simple still picture a really common "simple thing."

This reader converts-translates what is seen in the Picture thought-the Brain generated image "reads it" and forms the words to explain it or answers the question on a test. This is the point when we see a brain generated image and put it to words and where an Autisitc's speech comes from. Perhaps normal peope's words are also generated at this point to? If my theory is correct on Picture thoughts this is an example of the slow-motion Autism Picture thought."" ALL humans"" do all them all the time to think. Normal people do it so well they never even know they do it. Autistics think with the slow motion step-by-step process as a first approach to thought and not an occasional ideal. We think with picutres like this all the time If we are lucky OR we have a very weak verson of your normal thoughts and presnent as MR/DD. Proficient Picture thinkers do this and many more thoughts and eventually we can mimic traditional thoughts when all of our thoughts are mastered. Picture in Picutre Thoughts for example, are great at allowing us to finally keep our optic vison (eye contact on) and still think with our picutre thoughts -brain generated images.

In some ways this readers thought might be thought of as a Daydream.

The Movie Character Rain Man a Savant also (most likely) had a Still Picture thought just like this and simply read the phonebook word for word. Autistically this is the only thing he could convert to words. I think If our Autism success group were ever studied the Still Picutre and the "savant" type of thing would emerage as the defult autism we all seem to absently figure out. If Rain Man in Real life had the luck and the absent autism training we had he could do much more. Autism insists we are MR/DD but that is not true all we need to have happen is have someone teach us our invisible to us (and you) thought process that happens during the lack of eye contact. When our eyes are OFF our Brains are on. When we figure out what to do with our odd thoughts we can mimic yours eventually. None of this has been in a text book before.
If our Autistic Success group was tapped our milestones could be copied and even our course work could be copied and we could share all of this with all of autism. I predict Autism in this form would not be any more complicated than a pre school. Trouble IS what we have figured out are the sub thoughts the lower level thoughts that the build the mind. None of this stuff is obvious from a normal persons point of view as humans espcially humans in research are simply not wired to even approach the idea of autism in an effective way.
Autism is indeed Einstein based, nearly every thought we have is like this readers "picture" but we obviously present very bad-until we figured out our thoughts and convert them to yours. In fact it is very ironic but I wonder how many Einstein's are in MR/DD? and would not be, once we explain to them their core thoughts and how they are used. A picture it is said is worth a 1000 words and this reader knows there are probably more than a 1000 possible words in the thought and somehow converts only the vital details. Lots of untrained Autisitcs try to tell you everything thus we confuse you and us. Don't forget we are working down from Einstein and not "Up" to MR/DD.
Our Einstein 3500 picture thought per second proficient picture thoughts would challenge the best computer.
Just like the Autism person in a MR/DD situation: we to have our limits .We find our thoughts might be 1000% right but often times words just don't exist to describe what we know. Nor could get the average person to listen to our theory long enough to even care. Even worse "the assumptions" as you call them and the facts as we know them are not even realized facts in the general community yet. Sadly man is very primitive and we are not all that far advanced as we would like to think.
Speaking of thinking Man seems to have never had the knack for doing it, so it is no shock mankind is spinning it wheels on many research avenues. It seems all the innovation and progress Mankind has ever made has never been a "smooth move" but rather based on a lucky event. The great minds of our times might not have realized their genius or like in the case of Alan Turing and the Computer he had the knowledge figured out no one else had. He built it him self and otherwise once they seen it, people were finally impressed, until that happened he was just spinning his wheels. Writing and talking about the computer were useless thoughts for Alan Turing as most of the terms and ideas had never even been in existance yet.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism (built on Thinking in Pictures)
Inventor Truing Motor,
GREEN 70% Efficient AUTISTICALLY designed motor.

Please, look Up Alan Turing (1912-1954) on the web our Autism Hero, Father of the computer.

Read more about Autism's Living Working connected Past and future on the Web At Rich's Web Blog Pre Rain Man Autism


Friday, March 02, 2007

Explaining Autism and Einstein

Picture thoughts per second as mentioned below have never been in a text book before and are simply the internal thoughts humans do to achieive normal. The lack of eye contact in someone autisic is a pause in our thoughts where these picutre thoughts occour. They have proved to be the builing blocks of the human mind.
Autism's Proficient Picture Thoughts the Building Blocks of the Human Mind.

Explaining Einstein to Dyslexia By Rich Shull March 1, 2007

To Alan Turing (1912-1954)
"A theory ALL humans are picture thinkers"

If that is the case proficient picture thinkers explain all the mysteries of the mind. Proficient Picture thoughts are core thoughts of autism and they have never been in a text book before. They are also the invisible sub routine people do all the time to think with and the 'slow motion' thoughts autistic people do that if honed will eventually mimic traditional thoughts. Most normal people do them so well they present as "well normal." If you could hook a TV monitor to our brains and see the slow motion picture thought that form our thoughts this what you might see.

Autistic people that are proficient picture thinkers do the slow motion version of human thoughts and we have learned and experienced types of human thought we call Picture thoughts. In SIMPLE terms they are your day dreams we think with your daydreams and convert those to words. When we finally figure our Still Pictures, Motion Pictures, Picture in Picture thoughts, Projection thoughts, Three dimension and Four dimension Picture thoughts and connect them all together with hard earned social skills we can mimic traditional thoughts. Autistically, we can pick out the very clues in people that I describe here.

IF YOU COULD hook a monitor to our brains (any human)

People able to process 1500 pictures per second:

Would be "totally normal" and might present as very smart. They would have no trouble with anything in their lives. They would have a great social skills, be the life of the party, and have the brains to really "achieve" Picture thought wise the invisible picture thoughts-the base of the mind would flow perfectly. The Picture in picture thoughts would not mess up their social skills, the planning ability of the 3 dimension thoughts would be at its peak. ALL picture thought would work so well that at no time would they miss a word or a visual clue. They could think in pictures so well that no part of their life would be hampered. The only time they would not hear something said to them would be if they wore ear plugs. They would also be able to process EVERY visual clue and short of becoming blind could see everything.

1300 Pictures per second

These folks are pretty cool and are among the top people in their fields and might have a few social quirks. They would often be caught in the middle of a thought-stopped cold -- and say "I can Picture that" (him-it-etc.) but, can't put a name to it. These people process 90% of the stuff presented to them with ease, they were at least "b" students in school. If my Picture theory is right not all we are presented with in terms of optical vision or words spoken to us can be processed our brains are too overloaded to "get it all."

1000 pictures per second

The majority of humans would fit in this range. They would process most all the visual and audible clues presented to them with ease. They might have to think a bit on some things and perhaps have to be tutored occasionally but over all they function very well and are backbone of the human race. IF they sit and ponder they can do a lot, but spontaneous big ideas are not likely. Picture thought wise they are masters at Still and Motion pictures and have developed a few ways to translate those picture thoughts to words socially. BIG events in their life like growing up Gay/being blind or deaf or Transgendered have a wonderful impact in their abilities of all types. Picture thoughts and humans keen senses mix much better in those sub groups.

800 picture thoughts per second

This is an interesting place to be a person in this range one could be outstanding at something, have a knack for something and do it very well. He might also be a store clerk and be unfulfilled. He/She might be a trouble shooter a computer geek. This would have roots to the proficient picture thinkers Splinter skills. Splinter skills are a learning hallway and many times an area of genius for humans. These folks might not be really social but once they have friends would be really loyal. They might never be the life of the party but they would be invited at least. Picture thought wise If splinter skills and Motion pictures were in harmony these people would really shine. However if their splinter skills were mismatched say to a 4 dimension thought base they would appear too much like a real geek. They might only talk of one or two things. These folks might well be a perfectionist in the bad sense of the word and have no flexibility in their lives.

600 -800 Picture thought's per second

These folks defiantly have some issues and troubles in their lives but ocassionally shine threw. IF they were able to be taught their picture thoughts I'm talking about here our natural thought process they might well develop normally. The education system we know and love teaches 1-2-3 and the ABC's but in reality the education system should start with the invisible to you picture thoughts. The ABC 123 system we start with assumes the person has at least still picture thoughts mastered. If people were taught the picture thoughts in preschool many more people would have their education foundation tapped.

Now a few RINGERS and obversations

3500 pictures per second

Einstein, Turing,Testla, Carver and others. By using 4 demisnsion and projection thought the most advanced proficient picutre thoughts, enitre projects inventions innovations and ideas could be developed. The 3500 picture thoughts foil even the best computer and probably use every bit of our brain power. One could become physically tired thinking in this mode for too long. Often the resulting process is just too wild (like this very picture thought theory) to ever be believed. Even with all the best communication ability the concept being presented is just to new and radical to be "useful." Humans think they are good at innovation but in reality they are not and in fact they are scared of it.

3400 Pictures per second

Autistic Savant! He\she has the same picture thought going on as the Einstein's do but have severe limitation to their communication ability. They have a handle on still pictures and 3 or 4 dimension thoughts but no real ability at getting their thought translated to social words. If Autism were ever taught from a Picture thought point of view I feel the Rain Man Movie character could have been much more than a savant. In fact many on our autism anthropology were the "savant" and had the best of absent luck to overcome our autism. Even the villiage idiot might have thoughts like these but again no comunication ability, unless his picure thoughts were ever taught to him.


Picture thoughts need translated to words. We seem to have 3-4-5-6 types of picture based thought all going at once and any of which could become words. The 1500 Per Second guy that always has the right words has this process ironed out and can pick out the right thoughts and say the right thing. Someone who stutters quits stuttering when they finally decide on what picture thought to translate to words. I had stuttering trouble most of my life until I seen this process "develop" in my picture thoughts.


This is simple old Picture thoughts Out of Sync. 2-5-Z or 6-8-b-p-j-g and many other letters appear the same in picture thoughts. Perhaps Humans in the process of things took to speeding up their picutre thoughts and indeed started going too fast and thus the errors. ENTIRE thoughts are subject to being wronge side out, inside out or simply flipped left to right or top to bottom. Picture thoughts viewed in the wrong "plane" produce the wrong answers until we develop a self check system to make sure what we think speak and write is what we really mean. Dyslexia is responsible for the key idea in my Turing motor It was "goof" that worked perfectly.

KEEN Senses

All Humans have cave person senses! We all hear decibels more than we think we hear, trouble is we no longer need to hear that twig snap to avoid being dinner so we have missed out on a gift. Walk with a blind person and get a crash course in what we don't hear feel and sense. HEARING needs processed and if our brains are busy processing picture thoughts our hearing is often turned off, everyone's hearing is off ocassionally the short interpretation is so short most people never know it.

Proficient picture thinker can be both Deaf and BLIND while autism thoughts are being processed. I honed my autism keen senses into innovation by realizing the stuff others never heard as I started out life as an auto mechanic.


Autism especially modern autism is overdone with the ideal some modern autistic sometimes don't talk but they do story broads well.... Sadly in the all the help of Modern autism they absently took away our social skills aspect of life and thus our training in converting Picture thoughts to words. Naturally the "experts" are delighted in our electronic communication with a story board but, little do they know we did better before their help.

Multiple Personalities

Have a wonderful explanation in Picture thoughts as well, I hope that someday when someone really gets down to investigating our claim and our anthropology they can indulge themselves in multiple personalities, They are not at all bad as the popular media would claim they are. Just as people have different abilities in many things several personalities are just a few out of place picture thoughts as compared to the ideal 1500 thought per second guys. I remember growing up learning my autism and my social skills I could have placed many different personality thoughts in many different place in my though patterns and got a different personality each time.

Psychic Ability!

I saved the best for last. There is perfectly a fitting explanation to why some people are psychic, spiritual and from a picture thought point of view coupled with some of those caveperson senses we no longer use effectively they could well know and realize the stuff most people miss. Spend some time with a blind person and get to know them and you will get a view of life most miss, they can tell a liar and the sincerity of someone much better than we can and psychics could well do the same thing.

Human Thought You Never Knew but Work With all the Time.
The Theory you just read was the result of a lifetime double blind autism experience. The proficient Picture thinkers of autism have yet to be untied in real life but we have met online and in person occasionally. We are the absolute worst news the Modern Autism folks could ever want to hear about, we unintentionally deflate lots of modern autism theory and practice. If united and our experience was condensed we could teach autism thoughts by 6th grade! But alas what we have figured out has never been in a text book before and Man is not real keen on Innovation so I suspect in 3000 and something someone reading this will look it over and say well "DA" (popular slang saying of this time) and use the ideals in this to start teaching people their picture thoughts. Meanwhile please don't quote me or others out of context. I have seen Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin and many other leaders in early America being seen as supporting of all sides of an issue. If people keep quoting others out of context to support their view: they cheat everyone out of the insight that was offered.

Meanwhile the experts are laughing I am going to do my best to save the planet by developing my Turing Motor.

Rich Shull, Columbus Ohio March 2007

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