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Monday, February 21, 2005

Injured Aspies

Injured aspie's

Many moons ago, the autism brochures of the time noted Aspies have a pain tolerance. I wonder how many people reading this have seen their kid fall out of a tree or something like that and the kid walks away "un hurt"?

In real life after an injury or an accident we still do the same things. I have been injured 'all the time' as an auto mechanic there are always cuts and scrapes and burns to attend to, and I have given my self stitches many times. My anthropology reports similar kinds of horror stories We have had broken elbows that have shortened our arms by 2 cm but yet it seemed just like a sprain? The Elbow still bent with ease. It seems the first time many of us really feel massive pain is in our 30's when a tooth causes trouble. Interestingly we don't feel much of it typically but often times it is abscessed and It hurts like the devil and many times like in my case on the way to the ER the abscess breaks and all returns to normal INSTANTLY.

We walk on broken bones, again with ease and I have heard of parents close to being charged with abuse as they take their kids to the ER a few days after an event and a broken color bone is discovered? I might be as far as I know the most injured Aspie on the planet and I was crushed with car axle and I should have been Instantly crippled and shipped off to the ER but It was a full month before I made it to the ER. Walk in the ER a month late telling them you were crushed and trust me your story is not creditable. To make matter Worse I showed little in the way of pain reaction. Despite being really sick with a temperature legions of doctors and nurses all punch and probed me time and again and I showed no reaction. I was in and out of the hospital for a month and finally one night after a shower the wound/split in my body became obvious. It seems the deeper in our bodies the wound is the LESS of it we feel.

It was in the exact spot where the Axle had landed and it was only the top layer of skin that held me together. Literally you could reach right in the wound and fell the layers of things and I was NOT in Pain but I now felt the need to throw up whenever fingers were probing the area. Today 3 operations later I have a big patch and 12 staples holding me together. The First operation went well but I went back to work too soon and resplit the wound and needed a second M*A*S*H style operation to patch it again (I have no Insurance) and finally I had the 3rd operation this time with the mesh added (Humor) hope It is Kevlar!

PLEASE NOTE very important we often don't show black and blue marks from simple things like drawing blood or the big things either. I have seen people of color with more black and blue marks than I have had. My First injury in 3rd grade was when an on old wooden window fell on my left hand, It never turned black and blue it hurt some but that was all. It did swell a little and I could still use it (I'm a lefty) and only at times did it hurt. Everyone was commenting were was the black and blue marks, My classmates that seen it happen all tell of how fast the window came down and thought for sure it would have been broken. With all of the power of hindsight It probably was broken we just didn't know it.

I urge Everyone autisitc to FAKE Screams of Pain during Exams . I knew just how bad I was hurt at times but never showed enough natural reaction to convince the medical personal I was hurt. I have lost track of the times people read my X-rays and stutter and stammer you have a needle in your foot etc. Also remember X-rays don't show tissue damage and X-rays (America) done for Social security or insurance purposes are often poor quality and over exposed hiding some obvious things.

I recently had a hip X-ray done (social Security) and It was obvious the pelvis was two different sizes (from side to side) and didn't line up and I had a funny growth on one end of a left side pelvis. The Social security report said the all was well. I had trouble all my life with running skipping jumping and jumping jacks and still can't do those things. Coupled with the birth defect and now the crush injury I often have to wear a hip brace to walk.

I think I have a felt a few MILLISECONDS of Pain sometimes sharp pain every time I have been hurt or ailing. It seems like we might have an instant Pain relief drug we are on that INSTANTLY and Completely hides our wound or hurt. Of Cousre no medical School knows anything about this an the world has seen aspies on the (american) Tv show ER and they don't have a story like this associated with them. Today, Pain free injuries seem to be less and less an issues in autism. I must note that many aspies in our anthropolgy are painless! (most of us) Perhaps Aspie and and non Aspies are being mixed together in modern Autism circles thus skewing the studies and views of autism.


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