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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

from the Yahoo Answers web site
Dear Reader's
I found and sent a response to this question and attached a copy below . I feel so sorry for those twins and anyone stranded in the hoopla of contemporary autism. The Experts of Autism unknowingly miss the real simple things like the Autism Pain tolerance. The Pain tolerance among many things used to be common knowledge in Autism circles and our life was better when it was at least part of the equation. Today , modern autism just assumes we (autistic's) are too stupid to feel pain and honestly many providers just see us in a group home as a pay check. It is easy to be the 'expert' in autism if you have no serious peer review or will listen to those of us that have been there and done that.   Sadly most of us that figured out autism realize it is just a thought process that has never been in a book before and at one end it is Einstein and the other it is MR/DD. Since no expert of any stipe has done what we have done and unknowingly thinks in short cuts the autism impasse is here to stay.

''What could be wrong with my twin?

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My fun loving twin with aspergers syndrome is trying to hide his physical pain.If i catch him he insist i didn't.And resorts to smiles and fits of laughter the way he usually is,entertaining, baking, being quirky etc.When when he thinks no one is watching he curls up in pain and coughs blood.He's admitted to me that he feels like he's sun burned all over but feels freezing at the same time. his body is sore.just brushing against him is painful for him. says his brain keeps zapping him.

I share the fever symtoms, headache and hot and cold part.or maybe that's just a twin thing.Regardless, he's having it more was kinda of depressing talking to our therapist. im not used to seeing my redhead twin so dead (my hair is a boring black).he only admitting to the therapist that he's tired n tired of ppl, n for weeks now.He love's our therapist.He kind of fears doctors and doesn't want anyone to worry.we're already worried. my twin n I both don't like the MD, as she doesn't do anything.I want to tell our therapist instead about his brain zaps and his sleeping for like 18 hours+ without me being able to wake him up.

pets would miss him, as he's the only 1 they'll sleep on.we're both 19, parents uninvolved.should i respect my twins wishes? is this normal for autistic ppl? it would be helpful to at least kind of have a sense of what the therapist might do.twin just sits under a blanket like a canary all day,and that's probably how he's going to be next time our t,he sees us. more ""

rich s answered just now
Dear Reader ,,,, you (Both) have the Autism pain tolerance, you only feel 7 and above on the pain scale. That means your hidden from the ills of your body. Contemporary autism forgot or simply doesn't know of this condition and in cases like this modern medicine is just flabbergasted when we present with wild symptoms. He could be suffering from something like appendix issues and not feeling enough pain to know what is hurting or where it is hurting in his body

I am old autism missed rain man's curse and as such got to experience the real world as have 200 more like me. We do to much of a life to suit contemporary autism so they ignore us. As for the pain we walk from car crashes 'unhurt' to discover serious injuries. Simple little things like being lactose intolerant ( being allergic to dairy products) presents like stomach cancer. In other words the simple presents horrible. Our autism hero Alan Turing 1912-1954 Ran marathons with out 'the wall' do his pain tolerance.

On Wikipedia look up congenital insensitivity to pain.

on my webpage Autism pre rain man autism look in the search bar Aspie X ray's and see a needle in my foot I never felt!
find this at

Good luck to both of you . Rich Shull

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Prototye Ready to be Built.

The Starting and Finishing Touch on the Turing Motor.

Inventor’s often claim Picture Thought as a big aid in our creativity. I make the same claim. Below is a quote from Tesla concerning his picture thoughts and how it related to his inventions. Picture thought is far more than a day dream it is an entire different version of human thought. It is the long hand version of human thought .If any ‘experts’ in psychology knew it di Vinci and lots of others would be figured out by now. Our gift of picture thought is entirely exclusive to us and will never be appreciated by the common person . The common person indeed thinks in a different short from of human thought. Sadly this common thought is just that common and too often too shortsighted to allow man to advance. Even worse if mankind were to sit down and listen to us they would often be talking to a “retarded” person or at the least a very odd geek. Of course, people of this caliber just can’t possibly explain the special thought we posses that is the job of the ‘experts’ that know psychology and the mind so well, the very people that assure many of us get into special education or a group home. Often they are not happy until we are there.

For those of us making it threw the hurdles of life and being able to describe our inventions and ideas they fall on a horribly un receptive audience of common people (aka,Experts) that one don’t understand our idea and two simply close their mind as we are usually absent a degree or other accolades necessary to be an official inventor. For sure the human mind in general is not noted for its broad range of thinking and flexibility. If a person is able to think out of the box I applaud them but even those happy hearts will get shoved back in the box by the very peer review ’designed’ to promote new and bold ideals.

Well for the record The Turing Motor is ready for the prototype . This Motor is designed from the flame of combustion backwards. It is designed to use every drop of fuel to the fullest extent possible . The motor fires and unlike everything else on the market today that instantly open the exhaust valve and lets all that heat and energy out of the tailpipe the Turing Motor keeps on using the energy until it is used up. Mix the Turing Motor with Hybird technology and let it start and idle on compressed air and it will be a green earth companion. The Turing Motor promises to be very powerful. Now, weather it passes the court of public opinion remains to be seen and no matter how good it is. Like President Obama being an excellent president there are many stick in the muds like Fox news types that will assure The Turing Motor will get a messy start up. Human nature is that messed up it will not allow for a good idea to prosper. I might have designed a very novel motor but I did not come up with a cure for human stupidity. Until someone does come up with a cure for stupid mankind will be enslaved to Fox news and preachers.





From the Web! "Stumble Upon" An Old World Childhood

As a youth, Tesla exhibited a peculiar trait that he considered the basis of all his invention. He had an abnormal ability, usually involuntary, to visualize scenes, people, and things so vividly that he was sometimes unsure of what was real and what imaginary. Strong flashes of light often accompanied these images. Tormented, he would move his hand in front of his eyes to determine whether the objects were simply in his mind or outside. He considered the strange ability an affliction at first, but for an inventor it could be a gift.

Tesla wrote of these phenomena and of his efforts to find an explanation for them, since no psychologist or physiologist was ever able to help him. "The theory I have formulated," he wrote much later, is that the images were the result of a reflex action from the brain on the retina under great excitation. They certainly were not hallucinations, for in other respects I was normal and composed. To give an idea of my distress, suppose that I had witnessed a funeral or some such nerve-wracking spectacle. Then, inevitably, in the stillness of the night, a vivid picture of the scene would thrust itself before my eyes and persist despite all my efforts to banish it. Sometimes it would even remain fixed in space though I pushed my hand through it. (Tesla, My inventions: My early life. Electrical Experimenter; February 1919)

Monday, January 06, 2014

My son doesn't have autism J McCarty

Rich 8 hours ago
Autism is both MR/DD and Einstein. Autism is nothing more than long-hand version of human thought. this thought process thinking in pictures has never been in a text book before and autistic people like me learned it on our own by trial and error.(we missed Rain Man's curse) Obviously Autism was never taught to us. Once the autism thoughts are learned they short cut to normal thoughts- yes your normal thoughts. That means humans think in short cut thoughts and don't know it. That goes a long way in explaining why autism is such a puzzle.

If Autism guru's and experts ever figure out autism they will discover the next 1000 chapters in psychology . They will among other things see where the Einstein part comes in to effect ,how humans form words and thoughts. Sadly human thought is not at all advanced and its discovery will lead research down the scale of evolution to a point humans never dreamed of.
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  • Shellybean 7 hours ago
    I completely agree with you Rich! Sometimes I don't understand my daughter's thought process but when I finally do get it, I'm completely blown away! She thinks about things in such detail and complexity and she is only 13 years old.
  • Roadman 7 hours ago
    Sometimes the "long hand version" is like going from Cleveland to Chicago via New Orleans. Sure there may be a lot of nice things along the way (to NOLA); but if the goal is Chicago, it is not at all efficient.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Finally, Alan Turing "forgiven by the Queen"

Although, this honorable achievement has finally happened "100's of years too late"  I am sure Alan would be relieved to some degree. I am also glad mankind has progressed to the point where things  of this nature don't happen in many societies today ,but still there is progress to made worldwide. GLBT is still a crime in too many places in the world.

I wonder if deep down inside Alan really knew how slighted he was? If he was the picture thinker I think he was he was probably more worried of the next advancement of the Turing Machine  he had figured out than being socially conscious  of the nasty points of life that everyone else seen and judged him by.  Sex is a naturally occurring point of life and some people are attracted to someone  the rest of society sees as odd. If Alan had been straight the world at large would have known of him instantly as huge larger than life hero he was.  He would have been one of the key players in WW II specifically ending it.  He had all kinds of security clearance and even  met with Churchill and Roosevelt in person. 

Picture thinkers like us have an entirely different point of view than most people. Our OPTIC vision turns OFF and then to explain it words you understand we start to daydream-thus the thinking in pictures. Our Daydreams -picture thoughts are much more than a typical daydream you have. These picture thoughts can be entire engineering studies, a brilliant idea, a complete system of picture thoughts. IF only we could water these thoughts down to small enough bits the average person could understand we will have solved the worlds troubles.  Sadly even the best and smartest and most learned people that run our think tanks, universities and most respected companies are just more lucky than really smart. Normal smart as in the best a traditional person can do is pretty good but our Picture thoughts dwarf all of theirs.

The reason picture thinkers don't rule the world is pretty simple we have few people that understand our thought system. It is very hard to come off as Einstein when you are Einstein. First off the idea we need to present is just too complicated ,to different ,to odd to even be given more than a smirk or out right laugh by a common person. No matter how good our ideas and ideals they are just too far off center to pass public muster.  Then no one even the psychologist has ever learned our simple picture thoughts that were naturally occurring in our lives -these are the building blocks of the human mind and have never graced a psychology text book. When we learned our thought system finally we were shocked to discover humans -normal humans, think in short cuts. When we learn the key to your short thoughts we can actually start to blend in to society.  There is just too much natural impasse to ever overcome the 'common is what common does' that it will take many more generations before mankind actually knows the nitty gritty of his mind.  Do you realize most conversations humans do can be called the 99 conversation humans have?  Really no matter how new and novel we think we are in terms of speech and communication  we only really do the same thoughts over again and again.         
Well , still I am delighted for Alan's reputation being cleared , I hope other picture thinkers like us  learn how to do the social bit of life with a bit more charm. We must realize we need to charm people not  tell them our obvious as our obvious is not their obvious and indeed our thoughts are just too complicated to be believed let alone digested. Even when we do get our ideas going like Carl Strandland of Lustron Homes  or  Demming the father of the good assembly line (kicked out of Detroit)  our good ideas often step on too many toes.  The lumber industry killed the Lustron  homes and Demming's assembly line idea worked very well and Toyota was one of the first to partake of his idea.

Meanwhile my hero Alan Turing still inspires me to this day form our painless injuries to our picture thoughts autism is a blessing and a curse and if we can ever crack the code of the common man we will share the keystone thoughts of man's mind with man but; I fear the disappointment of the thoughts being less than man  expected would be most discouraging.  Perhaps we are better off just being 'stupid human'?    

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.  Solstice 2013  

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Dear Reader's 

I have sold some books here of late, Thank you If you purchased one.  If you would like I will send you a signature tag you can place in your copy.  Please remember the book was a very odd in so many ways.  6oo and some were sold  400 plus were returned.  The book is awful but it was the best I can do.  Please E mail me via this blog and I will snail mail your sticker.

I am working on the new version of Autism Pre Rain Man Autism with the simple message autism is nothing more than the long hand version of human thought. Thing is has never been in a text book before. Autism is MR/DD and Einstein if figured out.

best  Rich

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Memories and Time Warp Thanks Betty Blosser

Life is odd and strange, and those of you knowing me personally, can confirm I don't always mix well. Well thankfully I  was one of the lucky ones and was able  to over come this curse and blessing of autism -the long hand version of human thought.

Today as I write this one of my best tutors and family friends Betty Blosser is being laid to rest. In Autism all of life is a different experience and last night at the visitation at the funeral home the autism thoughts were taxed to the wildest extreme. I was visiting with her family and relations and memories were flooding back. Since my OPTIC vision was off  when I was thinking in my early life before I learned to do the traditional thought everyone uses my last contact with many of her kids was 35 years ago . then I had to identify people by their voice and sent since my optic vision was off when I was thinking. Think of it as something similar to how a blind person has to identify people.

Now 35 years later I have no visual record of them in my mind that is up to date. We all age and change and yes our voices change. I  was so stunned clueless as to who I  was meeting it was nearly a disaster, Finally I was able to put two and two together and listen in on the conversations and then figure out who was who. I know traditional thinkers have the same issues with long lost connections and you get over them to. In my case, the big point me was I had to resort back to autism thoughts something I have grown out of , to slide threw this social network encounter. Since I learned autism thoughts and they defaulted to traditional thoughts like you use I had not had to turn my OPTIC vision off to think on the go for a long time. Someday when Autism and psychology understand autism they will understand this last statement. 

I had to work very hard  not to the klutz of times past,,,, I had learned to turn the optic vision back on every now and again to make sure I was not walking into someone.  I learned to look at the sound of the noise the conversation of who I was talking to so at least I was looking their way even If I could not see them as my optic vision was off ,my eyes were off. 

In other words autism is the long hand version of human thought,it was my default thought process and It had never been in a text book before. Most humans think in short cut human thought and have no clue of the roots of their mind. Once we learn how to think with the long hand version of human thought the resulting thought is normal thought -your normal thought you naturally knew by default.  The long hand version of human thought can be pure Einstein, Rain Man (movie character) reading the phone book or a dunce in a group home.Some day If Autism research ever figures out autism , they will be able to help all of us to the more normal side of life and maybe even polish a few Einsteins.

Thank you Betty, you were a vital part of this autism experience (unknowingly) and I deeply appreciate your effort and apologize for the confusion, I was looped too. 

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

Monday, March 04, 2013

Generation Rescue news letter

"Amazed to See Our Son Going to The Bathroom!"
~ Celebrating new milestones in the grant program

"I feel I already see a difference with my son and the diet. I am just amazed on how my son is going to the bathroom and the behaviors have decreased in a couple of days. I'm so excited for my boy. There is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to diet, vitamins, and how the body works. Amazing! I am just grateful that there are people who actually care about healing this disorder, I am truly indebted." ~ Heith, Father Warrior

More from Heith...



If only Autism really did know how our bodies work and IF they had never forgot  the Pain Tolerance their sheer amazement with their success would be tempered with a much needed dose of reality. Long ago and Far away Autism Brochures prior to contemporary autism spent a lot of effort explaining our pain tolerance. Autistic people only feel 7 and above on the pain scale.  Yes, We don't feel a lot of pain until  a condition  is very bad. Yes we also DON"T feel the urge to tell us to go to the bathroom. We miss natures early warning system.  Of course unless you know the Pain tolerance 1st hand having lived with it even the best researcher is clueless.  Really , how can anyone not feel pain? Autism research is keen on promoting the idea were just simply too dumb to do anything anyway so this proven vital ideal of autism is ignored. 

Old autism people like yours truly figured out over time we didn't feel things. I was diagnosed lactose intolerant in my 20's and before I stumbled upon that simple solution I was presenting horrible. I had bloating, gas, pain in the belly, and my doctor had me scheduled for all kinds of sugary and tests. Then thankfully I discovered Dairy pills and lactose intolerance and all was fine. I started taking dairy pills  with a meal and soon all was well. My Doctor swore I would be back as he was convinced I had major issues as I presented. All it was just the last stages of lactose intolerance.  I have been fine ever since. 

People like me from our banished anthropology and in the real world with real pain free injuries can rewrite the medical books but, that will never happen, peer review autism forgot about that point with the onset of the rain man era. Contemporary autism is only playing with 1/2 a deck of cards and it might as well be wearing blinders. What a shame. Our Pain tolerance might hold the key to the next medical discovery for pain and our figured out Autism Picture thoughts  BUILD on the work of Temple Grandin are the next 1000 chapters in psychology AND when figured out they result in the normal thoughts you use all the time.  That last point is the real reason Autism will never be solved, the best of autism researcher is a normal thinker and autism picture thought is the long hand version of human thought /until one researcher knows the picture thoughts and experiences them and converts them to a normal short cut thought autism will be a puzzle.   

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.