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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Marathons without Walls

More on the Autism Pain Tolerance /Marathons

Our Autistic hero Alan Turing 1912-1954 was also a runner. He was a member of several running clubs in England and did all kinds of events. In the book by Andrew Hodges (1983) called The Enigma, Author Hodges quotes many letters from Alan to various people (no phones in those days) and one to his mother stated how we had participated in a big running event and his team mates were sore and hurting he was unaffected. Odds are he was, he just never felt it! Again we don't feel 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9 on the pain scale.

Our modern Anthropology also has the same story to tell weather we are doing athletics or suffering from an injury. It seems our new age needle aspies are also pain tolerant as well only they are at a bigger disadvantage as Modern Autism "professionals" are really trying too hard to help. If autism professionals would listen to our story and look at our X-rays they might indeed wake up to the Crypto Sensitivity Autism Guidelines the Autism Society just dusted off again.

I know we are on the bottom of the gene pool and our story is too wild but, before modern autism it was at least somewhat understood. Naturally no traditional thinker can even fathom the idea that we don't feel pain or that matter think in a different process and hear WAY more than you do. They work under the assumption if they don't, we can't possibly have the super keen and lacking senses all at once.

Rich Shull,,,,

The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Retards and Liars

My apologies to the Autism Folks reading this but, I make this point so that you might be more aware of yet another double standard we are judged by.

I found the following on the web called Spotting a Liar.

Doesn't it sound ....Too... Much like Autism?
A) Lack of Eye Contact
B) Stress
C) Body Language
D) Agressive behavior
E) Lack of Details

Well now, all of the above also pretty much describes Autism Behavior as well, we don't have a chance do we? First off the traditional person researcher is operating from the idea we are a retarded person and if by some chance they have a whim and fancy to even try to listen to us , we come off as liars in their book. I guess all of this is par for the course and if we have good enough ideas some traditional thinker is sure plagoriaze them if they even understand them. Odds of our honest explanations that are not honed enough anyway, to even meet the guidelines of a normal person are slim and none.

If only the experts knew how the autism thought process worked and indeed realized the hoops we are jumping threw invisibility just to kind of keep up, they might slow down and let us communicate for once. If they knew what we had to do to relate to the world they would in awe and appreciate our odd story and explanation. We are not that lucky however, No Ph.D Autism or psychology "expert" has ever discovered the benefit of listening to those of us that have figured out the building blocks of the human mind. It seems we are too close to the bottom of the gene pool. Rich Shull

High Tech Meets the Turing Motor

Left 61 Chrysler With Push button drive and space age styling

Middle the tail fins of the 61 Chrysler

right. 2006 From the Web Mercedes-Benz Drive by Wire controls.

NOW ADD A TURING MOTOR for real efficiency and high tech. Well the push buttons on the 61 Chrysler and the drive by wire Mercedes are cool but add a Turing Motor to the mix and we can come a little closer to meeting the Jeston's. The Turing Motor by Rich Shull.

Starting the Turing Motor.

Someday when the Autistically designed Truing motor is built and running drivers will set in their seat and press a smooth gentle button and a shot of compressed air will bring the Turing Motor to life. It will be a smooth effortless "puff" and the silent hum of the motor spinning at 2-3 rpm. You see there are no Up and Down moving parts to deal with, All parts spin the same direction. Similarly when you turn off the Turing Motor off, it will spin down to a stop if there is no load on the motor.

As the driver gives it the gas fuel injectors come to life and anywhere from 1-5 or 6 firing rings come to life. Think of a spinning firing ring as a piston on current motors. Maximum power will have all Firing rings in action and lite cursing might only require one or two to operate. A simple light on the dash will alert the driver how many are on. As piston motors go up and down in spit out two-thirds of their energy in the tail pipe and simply waste mechanical energy the Turing Motor working on a transforming energy ideal operates with a mechanism that allows the motor to spin and spin getting all the mechanical motion possible out of a machine. Even a catalyst is added to help complete the burn. Typically 2,3-4 reluvotions will occur with every firing of a ring. (cylinder). Idling is simple and mostly done on compressed air. One part of the Truing Motor is an efficient air compressor and it makes air for idling and starting and some of the air assures jet smooth seamless operation as well.

The Turing Motor is not a version of a primitive piston engine it literally revolves on a central spinning crankshaft with no up and down parts. The natural ability of transforming energy in this fashion (energy is neither created or destroyed only transformed) assures every drop of fuel is used to all of its ability. The Turing Motor will be a nearly silent runner. It will be cooled with nitrogen. Coupled with some current day pollution control ideas it will be a near zero emission GREEN motor. Not only will it give good miles per gallon it will have power to spare. Ridiculous Sport utility vehicles will get about 30 miles per gallon with this and a reasonable car might get over a 100 MPG. An SUV Drivers ego will never get a bigger ego boost than passing a gas station. It will run on gasoline.

If built properly and to specs probably something many car markers would not do, it would serve the motoring public very well and save the environment. This motor is designed from the flame of combustion backwards. Compression and lubrication oils are separate to keep the dirt of combustion and its metal grinding properties out of the motor. The mechanical parts of the Truing Motor are designed to use the current modern super lubes. Conventional oils or something else would be in the compression areas so that the dirt of combustion will be separate from the lubrication oils.

You will just have to trust me on the prototype, You can trust an Aspie after all, our very own Alan Truing (1912-1954) was the father of computer science and his work is why your reading this on your computer. Our autistic people in history have done great things as well and most of us didn't have a degree in anything but real life and our splinter skill. Someday when Science has figured out our autism Skills like we have, they to would have the inside knowledge of things like we do. Sadly autism presents with village idiot, savants and our "normal" Anthropology. All of us have the same autism but, you would never dream it as most of us present like idiots. Modern Autism Experts are no help in that regard we are dumb as they lovingly mold us to be. Autisitcally there is little difference between the three only a little Autism skill and luck. Someday when Autism is taught in a proper class all of us will improve dramatically and most will be mainstreamed by 6th grade.
Rich Shull


Expunged From the Record.

Related to the previous post of Dr. Rimland's passing.

I mention in that post I was a participant in the Town Hall meeting held for the center for Disease Control in Indianapolis Indiana. I had two speakers slips and spoke for a total of probably 6 minutes and my book title was entered into the public record after the meeting as well. The CDC officials invited participants to register their material they used in their presentation after the meeting had ended.

Several years later via the freedom of information act I tried to get a transcript of the record of the meeting and I never heard a thing. I contacted an online whistle blower agency and still heard nothing official BUT, I did receive an unsigned mechanical letter in the post stating "You have been expunged from the record." I have heard nothing else since then.

One cannot help but wonder? If Dr Rimland and many of his contemporaries were "running the show" it is probably no great shock that my comment should be banished from the record, maybe even at their request?

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Amplified listener

Photo Above,
Amplified Listener

Boosts the sounds around you. Pictures is of the smallish hearing devise you wear on your neck and point toward the sound you wish to hear.


Long time readers of my blog will realize that statement and the fact no Autism Expert has walked a mile in our shoes. There are so many elements of autism they the experts can't possibly know about and even worse they don't seem to care in the least. When a "group of Retards" say, I hear to much or we spend the day in overload all they see is "autism" and get out the pill bottle and do another study on us. Just how could we know we hear too much after all you hear what we hear/ or DO YOU? YOU DON'T Autisitcs have very keen senses and IF any experts would like to experience a little bit of what it is we really hear you might consider getting a listening device like the one I have pictured above and wear it for 30 minutes or longer if you can stand it.

I predict most people will take it off pretty quick and complain it gave them a headache. If they would care to really figure it out they might get some idea of the stuff we hear that you don't. Who ever dreamed the refrigerator slows down when the toaster is turned on until you hear it. Who ever dreamed the door bell is out of tune? Who ever thought that peaceful quiet house is WAY too loud. Perhaps these might be cave person senses that kept us from being dinner for a dinosaur that still work in our mindset?

If one would care to open the hood of their car with the motor running You will get a close idea of what it is I have heard over the years that other mechanics haven't and thus my idea of cars and motors is different from yours. I can assure you my Truing motor is naturally quiet and in harmony.

Modern Aspie are too drugged up to keep them settled down and thus they MISSED the idea we can learn to control this too much noise aspect of our lives naturally. When we overcame and learned how to handle this noise we were able to think all that much better. Our double blind experience has done the autism no expert autism professional has done. Perhaps that was why my book was banned from Autism? Modern Aspie are still hampered in Autism 101 the course the experts might never teach, as they have the GREAT hearing but, have never learned what it is about and the fact they can handle it better without drugs.
Part of my success and probably that of many of us in the anthropology stems from the fact once we got our hearing under control a little bit our obvious to us picture thoughts developed better (your Daydreams) and then were able to piece together the idea our thoughts were NOT your thoughts and we not only learned the stuff you were feeding us in a traditional school we were also learning Autism Thoughts. That brings us back to the point again the 'Experts' of Autism that basically made a mountain out of a molehill some years ago (with the best of intention) are the very people we listen today and you can peer review all you want and many more centuries to come and the only picture to develop will be the one they want to develop. They naturally will never listen to the "Retards" they are researching nor will they ever gain the insight they needed to "cure" autism. Of Course, they don't seem to be looking under our rocks either.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

"Life has a certain flavor for those who have fought and risked all, that the sheltered and protected can never experience" John Stuat Mill-Philosopher-1806-1873

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Obituary Dr. Rimland

Good Bye Dr. Rimland. Obituary

For those out of the "Autism Loop" Dr Rimland was father of the Movie Rain Man (1988) and a very big name in Autism circles. He might have indeed been the creator of the modern Autism Movement.

Long time readers of my work realize I was not fond of Dr. Rimland not because of his work which indeed stands alone and is very good but rather is lack of open mindedness in admitting to the rest of autism: the autism his views never accounted for. I only came close to Dr. Rimland once about 3-4 years ago in Indianapolis Indiana at an Autism Town Hall meeting held by the Center for Disease Control and during the event we exchanged some glares- and they say we (Autisitcs) never make eye contact? 10 years ago his organizations were among the first to receive a copy of my book called Autism Pre Rain Man Autism. That book is built upon Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures and takes her work miles further and explains autism like no other item ever has. It also introduces the world to an undiscovered untapped Autism Anthropology that has united to discover the results of our double blind experience. None of what we have done to overcome our autism has ever been in a text book before, it is NEW knowledge as far as mankind is concerned.

Perhaps, we are very first anthropology in history to be united online? No research discipline has ever been presented with a living worldwide anthropology. If you must, split hairs an anthropology of "less than capable people"as a typical autism psychology 'experts' would think of us certainly has little clout and certainly no ability whatever to figure out Autism. Actually the opposite is true we have figured out Autism the thoughts, since we have the inside information to ask the right questions to start with. No matter how well we do real life, all of it, no Ph.D. expert is programmed to ever respect an answer from the bottom of the gene pool. While we have added pages and pages to mankind's knowledge base and made all kinds of discoveries none of what we do presents as anything special in the view of the traditional thinker. We might have figured out the building blocks of the human mind and do a good version of real life but, that is not knowledge it is treason in modern Autism circles.

I'm sure, If Dr Rimland read my book he was painfully aware if our Autism Anthropology was united and studied and our Double-blind experience was figured out Autism as he knew it and has the world knows it-was over. In recent months Autism has finally has to admit to us again and coined the new term Crypto Sensitivity Autism, basically old autism retagged. This is autism: the complicated nuts and bolts of autism fact that we have double blindly figured out. It is the very autism the Modern Autism Movement forgot about as one it was too complicated and in many respects too much of a science fiction type of thing to be true. However, no autism "expert" has walked a mile in our shoes so even though we have proved the science fiction aspects and overcome autism with all of its quirks we are outsiders. We don't fit in autism as we do too much and we sometimes don't fit in real life either. It is very hard to keep up with a traditional thinker with autism based thoughts. MANY times we out perform a traditional thinker with our inventions such as the computer. Your using our Alan Turing's (1912-1954) computer science as you read this.

Rimland was one of a very few people that knew of the release of my book and perhaps (not proven) it's horrible reviews and my being chased all over the web with instant messages of a very hateful nature could have some connections? To be fair quite a few Autism Publishers dropped the book. All had their reasons and I self-published it on my own. I used hand me down computers and was even homeless for a few days to help save enough money to get it published. I had never dreamed I'd publish a "war manual for Autism" as one time publishers were so thrilled with the book some called it the next Thinking in Pictures. But as they dropped the book I was left without proper computers and publishing aids. The information we have proved is just as valid today as it was years ago AND our message hasn't changed and it still doesn't agree with the modern message. Perhaps that might change? We can only hope.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

"Life has a certain flavor for those who have fought and risked all, that the sheltered and protected can never experience" John Stuat Mill-Philosopher-1806-1873

Rich Shull,
Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient green motor
Author/publisher of , Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Thinking in Pictures.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Loving a Golden Retriever

Why Everyone Loves a Golden Retriever.

I'm not going to make many friends here, but I'm going to ask a real question. What is hate?

If a Golden Retriever could speak words, I'm not so sure you would not get an earful of advise that you most likely deserve. I suspect however most Retriever's would be most gracious and continue to keep their words hidden. Probably the first statement they would make is ,"SEE HOW YOU ARE?" Humans have a very unique undeserved ability to self judge their own actions and as such often come up with the mistaken ideals and false views of how loving and friendly and generous they are. Humans in reality only view the world as they know it and it is the rare exception when a person is the type to really care of the others and the earth we share.

I often wonder if my Autism Skills and strange ways I had to learn to do a traditional life point out the fact our old autism was more of a primitive type of man's mind. I wonder if natural Autism emotions and thoughts are more in line with a Golden Retrievers? As (we) I learned body language AFTER The fact and then the 99 conversations people have as I learned to blend autism thoughts to normal ones I might have just bridged the gap between the normal mind the autism one. Humans are much more primitive than you give your selves credit for many of us are indeed crude barbarians. Sadly, sometimes the most prominent people are also the worst offenders but, many have the power of money to help hide their real intentions.

Most humans quit being human sometime during childhood and by then pretty much have set in stone their values and perceptions. Thankfully many times people come out opposite of their parents. It seems people spend the first 20 years of their life learning the "wrong things" and the last part of their life doing their pre programmed duty of projecting their views, often their narrow views on others. Only the people that have learned there is more than one point of view on every issue and those have learned the world is a beautiful place are really happy. Many of these people are happy despite not having a bank account or a fancy car or even car for that matter. That happiness is priceless and few have it.

Now, a Golden Retriever is delighted to see you, he-she is a color blind and in fact person blind they don't care who you are. They are a good mixer in crowds. Their appeal for everyone is they just simply don't care who they communicate with; they treat the millionaire and the homeless person the same-humans could take a few pointers from their good behavior. Some of the other populations that have a natural ability not to judge people instantly are the blind folks they are lucky to some degree and actually get to know someone a bit before passing judgment. Typical sighted humans have sadly honed their thoughts perhaps pre maturely to the visual clues they are blessed to receive. If someone looks "odd" they are labeled as such and in reality the label is false. In Autism's case if we don't give you the eye contact you expect we might as well be mud and the experts indeed think we are defective as we are not like you. If they would care to think and learn from us they would know why we don't give eye contact and how we eventually learn to do that. OOPS, I forgot they (autism 'experts', psychology people, humans in general) are spending the last parts of their lives reinforcing their ideal we don't make eye contact. Get over it people and go talk to a Golden Retirvier and please be kind to an animal he-she might be the best friend you have.

By the way Hate and Love are the opposite sides of the same human thought pattern. As I learned autism's thought process I have seen where hate has the very same elements of love. There is little difference between hate and love it is all in the way it is carried out. I guess I'd rather be hated than loved at least you know where you stand with someone if your not their favorite person. If your loved by someone you have to live up to their often pie in the sky standards. How many times after a war of nations or a war between a spouse or friends has the conflict ended with a hug and both parties finally realized how stupid they were? For that matter when will Autism parties finally unite and learn from each other? That Olive branch we are holding is still a valid offer.

Rich Shull,,,,

"The world is divided in to three classes of people: a very small group thatmakes things happen, a somewhat larger group that watches things happen, andthe great multitude which never knows what happened."Nicholas Murray ButlerFormer President of Columbia University1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner

Friday, November 17, 2006

Confidential to Greg

Confidential to "Greg"

I just found your uncle he lives in Chicago now.

You are welcome to live with him and his life partner, call him collect and he will send you money bus tickets, etc., or even come get you.

If you are in his old neighborhood go to Sandy's, two houses up from his old one. Sandy's is the house with the white lattice work on the porch and stay with her. She is expecting you.

I resent all the vital Information I found general delivery (held at the post office, addressed to you) If you are no longer there look him up in the Chicago Phone directory. I sent this info to your house and it was returned and marked refused. (not in your handwriting)

Good Luck! Best Rich

A follow-up December, 2006

Thankfully, all ended well in this case all the parties found one another and even Greg's Mom had the courage to get to a battered woman's shelter. I wish everyone the best in their new lives. Rich

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Motor Trouble

Well, 60 years later the world is finally comfortable with Alan Turing's Computer, you are using it right now as you read this. Only in recent years has Alan been given credit for his work and been discovered for being a gay man before his time. Alan was also very autistic and the book about him called The Enigma is an autism manual beyond comparison. Alan was father of the computer and a W.W.II hero. He lived from 1912-1954.

I have been knocking on doors of all types pushing my Truing Motor named for Alan Turing and it is an internal combustion motor designed on the ideal energy is neither created or destroyed only transformed. My motor is very green 70% efficient and so 'radical' it doesn't even resemble any motor of today. Just like the autism that designed it the principles that built it have never been in a book yet. I have pushed it to some very big names in the automotive industry and most people light up when they hear my ideal and look at the model of it. THEN, they pause for a moment and scratch their head and shoe me out of their office. I get the feeling that once they have seen it they think their engineering department can copy it. I HOPE they can Mother Earth needs this motor to help save our planet. I remind them however the model is only 80% of the motor the part that really makes it function has never been made or published on the Web. It is locked in my 3 and 4 Dimension Picture thoughts. (Autism Experts are going, What?) However if they get far enough along their engineers can figure out some way to make it work.

I know at least one group I spoke with certainly had the idea I was simply too retarded to even 'fart' and they were under the impression if this idea was so good a Ph.D. engineer would have come up with it? Even the best engineers don't have my insight and autistic ability or they to would have done what I have done. Perhaps if I am really lucky these days if someone called the Autism Society of America they might sallow hard, and admit to the success of their Crypto Autism populations but, I would not hold my breath too long on that one. We are simply too something for their image and we don't mean to tarnish it but, we do it without trying.

Indeed Autism would continue to keep us hidden and auto companies would for sure run me out of town but, I would not be at all shocked to see at least one manufacturer in the next few years at least build a version of this motor. I'm not religious but, Lord don't let it be Chrysler or GM they are so cheap it is bound to blow up the way they do it. I would hate to see it killed due to just plain cheap shortcut engineering they are likely to do.

I can't help but to think most of this motor problem stems from the fact I now have to overcome the label of autism and I therefore MUST present like Rain Man at the very least before the traditional thinker will even give me the time of day. Traditional thinkers are not all that smart in many respects and If I had the same conditions Alan Turing did my Motor would be seen for the engineering and the quality of the idea like Alan's Computer was in during W.W.II. Alan's Computer broke Hitler' s war codes! Perhaps now that America 's Mid term elections are over petrol prices are going threw the roof again someone might get the idea this motor might make a 100 mpg green car possible. Until then? You are short changed both at the pump and educationally as the real autism is hidden,all in the name of helping. Modern autism is more work than help.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Council for Retarded Citizens

With the passing of our Katie Dolan I must take a moment to note many more brave people like her that also done the impossible in their lives. I have met many of these people in Columbus Ohio, at an organization called the Council for Retarded Citizens. The CRC was set up in the 1940's or 50's and some chapters still operate today. They were the fore runners of the modern this and that movements. Before Downs Syndrome was called Downs Syndrome it was "Mongoloids" something. Of course Autism was not autism until the Rain Man era. The CRC represents everyone in the retarded spectrum no matter the condition.

Most of the core CRC members and employees that are still living are indeed in their 80's and like Katie were pioneers. As I discuss this and that, talk shop with them, the stuff they did and their success stories are far different from the typical group home ideals of today. Lots of their success in actually getting their loved ones to function on their own was the fact most of them could literally baby-sit and train their child as in those days mothers didn't have to work. I met many older "autistic" people and their families that were treated to the very best of autism education (absently). When I talk with the CRC people. Quite a few of these people developed and grew from their splinter skills and today most do a traditional life. Many of us blend into life and are very good at one thing or another. Most of us have figured out autism on our own in a double blind experience.

In fact, the Splinter Skill Ideal became taboo in autism circles in the late 1960s as the experts spoke but, many in the CRC ignored them as they seen just how vital they were to our success. I am told of harsh words between the "Experts" of the Nosinger Center of the Ohio State University and the CRC in late 1960s as Autism was 'born.' The Nosinger Experts insisted that splinter skills and obsessions were wrong and they (snip) had a Ph.D. to prove it. The CRC people mostly Mothers and Fathers seen and knew very well the opposite was true. Due to those words the CRC had a parting of the ways with the "expert" community. It seems like the experts with the degrees were not willing to listen to the parents with the success stories. Today the CRC is a fading enity,sadly but still, their over all success rate no matter the condition is a lesion to be listened to.

Thanks to all the brave people in the MR/DD spectrum both modern and past that have done their parts to help.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Auitsm,inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green autistically designed Car motor that could get a reasonable car 100 MPG. This motor is designed from the ideal, energy is neither created or destroyed only transformed-It is the motor Ford would have had built if, he understood his own, ( from and engineering point of view).

Thanks Katie

It is with a sad heart that I must report the passing of Katie Dolan. I met her a few years ago on the JZS Autism Friends board, a Yahoo group, We only E-mailed and talked online but still I was touched by her insight. She turned me on to the book Rules for Radicals among many other things. Thank you Katie for all of our fine chats and sharing your insight with me.

Rsepectfully ,Rich Shull

Ref ~~~~~~~~~~~
Seattle Times Obituary
Katie Dolan, an activist who stood up for rights of disabled, dies at age 82
By Mike Lindblom
Seattle Times staff reporter

Katie Dolan of Seattle, a pioneering activist for the rights of disabled people in Washington state, died Saturday morning at the age of 82 from complications following a heart attack.
In her last few months, Mrs. Dolan worked to fulfill her longtime vision of a MediCard containing bar-coded health information, so people would not have to fill out a battery of difficult forms in a medical office, said Parul Houlahan, a family friend. A prototype card, issued by Northwest Center, is expected to go into use next year, Houlahan said.
Mrs. Dolans son, Patrick, was born with autism in 1950. Mrs. Dolan rebelled at the notion that developmentally disabled children should be institutionalized. She car pooled with other families to use the available treatment at Western State Psychiatric Hospital in Pierce County.
At the time, autism was blamed on an uncaring or unfeeling mother. But even as she underwent psychological questioning, in her heart Mrs. Dolan never accepted that theory, said her sister, Pat Borgstrom of Shoreline. Her family was among the first to participate in Northwest Center, which provided developmentally disabled students with teaching and jobs.
In 1971, under what he once called a tidal wave of pressure from Mrs. Dolan and others, then-Gov. Dan Evans requested the Education for All Act, to make clear that Washington state children have a constitutional right to education in the public schools, regardless of disability.
In fact, Evans is related to one of the crusading parents and he recognized the value early on, said Janet Taggart, one of the activists.
It was the first such law in the nation. When the Legislature was in session, Mrs. Dolan would be left with the most difficult people to lobby, one of them a conservative lawmaker who displayed a Bible on his desk. She said to him, House Bill 90 is Gods Bill! Taggart said. She talked to him in his language.
Mrs. Dolan relished her reputation as an occasional irritant. One social-services employee hung one of Mrs. Dolans letters to the wall by sticking a knife into it, Taggart recalled.
Her tenacity showed early. As a Franklin High School student in 1943, she persuaded her father to drive her to Camp Harmony in Puyallup, where persons of Japanese descent were interned.
There, she delivered graduation diplomas to her friends Jane and Beth Sugura, according to the late Seattle Times columnist Emmett Watson 50 years later.
She went on to earn a degree in drama from the University of Washington, was a stage actress and fashion model, then became host of two shows on KIRO-TV; Womens World and Eye on Seattle; before working full time on behalf of disabled persons.
In a 2004 Times interview, Mrs. Dolan called her work the ultimate civil-rights cause, because the basic instinct is genocide.
She added, Our heroes are our sons and daughters, who taught us what it really means to be human and to care for each other.
She is also survived by her husband of 60 years, Duane Dolan, and their son. A celebration of her life will be announced later.
Mike Lindblom: 206-515-5631 or mlindblom@.... Copyright © 2006 The Seattle Times Company

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Poster Children of Autism

Part the cover of the 1999 version of, What is Autism by the ASA.
These pictures on the covers of Autism Publications and websites have got a lot worse over the years perhaps reflecting the ideal of autism is a 'retarded' type of thing. (as the experts would like to present us)

What we have figured out is a different kind of human thought process. It has never been in a text before. We have figured out our keen senses and how to use it. As Autism "grows and matures" the Poster Children for the cause reflect the changes in attitude of the Autism powers. Many years ago we WERE ABLE (still are) and came out of this mess called Autism doing quite a bit. The Crypto Sensitivity Autisitcs of yesterday do really well today and most of us do some sort of traditional life. Other than the fact some people in modern autism got a chill up their spine and were "forced" (letters to Congress really help at times) to dust off the old Autism and re-badge it and call it Crypto Sensitive Autism, there is little if any reason to ever admit to our Autism Anthropology. Simply stated we are bad for the business of modern Autism. Our almost traditional lives go miles the wrong direction and modern Autism sadly will never figure out what we have done as it has never been in a text book before. Retards (as they think of us) for sure, can't write their own text books or figure out our own conditions or even use them. We all have done a double-blind Autism experiment and the results are FANTASTIC! and apply to all versions of autism. That is what scares the modern autism folks: having to admit to us in any form will cripple the reputations and the status quoe of autism. Politically is far more correct to keep us hidden and keep pouring the Autism Kids of today into a poorly formed leaking mold all the while unknowingly taking away our very best chance of autism success. The Normal Thinkers that "know so much of Autism" don't know the first thing about autism. The "experts" especially those expecting an uncritqued career and peer reviews indeed know Autism, the autism they have invented. If they were the least bit professional they would relish the chance of uniting our anthropology and figuring our what we have figured out.

For far too many years now Autism has been trying too hard to 'help' us and by doing that has created the zombie type of person they "like." Is this all in an effort to keep the epidemic alive? Introducing the very successful people, like me, and many others that do some sort of real life, is not only bad for the autism Image, it will prove without trying hard they missed the entire point to Autism. Even worse it will prove for as long as they known of us and ignored us that their hearts are in autism research for their own glory. Honest researchers leave no stones unturned. Crooked ones like to hide details unfavorable to their empires. We are not here to cause trouble, for autism, But we HAVE figured out a different kind of Human Thought process that has never graced a text book before. If they have their way it never will! Our Figured out autism, is just that figured out. Their Autism is also 'figured out' but it is the autism they have molded to suit their desires and protect their egos. Inadvertently it is the Autism of today, the hopeless, helpless and those in a drug induced "coma," who's people don't talk back that form the impression of Autism today. Too bad we break the mold, or they might actually 'like us'.

I wonder what "Autism Genus" abandoned the Crypto Sensitivity Autism/Old autism guidelines and streamlined them to a more generic type of thing in hopes the resulting empire would someday yield a telethon?


"The world is divided in to three classes of people: a very small group thatmakes things happen, a somewhat larger group that watches things happen, andThe great multitude which never knows what happened."Nicholas Murray ButlerFormer President of Columbia University1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner
The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

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