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Friday, November 24, 2006


Expunged From the Record.

Related to the previous post of Dr. Rimland's passing.

I mention in that post I was a participant in the Town Hall meeting held for the center for Disease Control in Indianapolis Indiana. I had two speakers slips and spoke for a total of probably 6 minutes and my book title was entered into the public record after the meeting as well. The CDC officials invited participants to register their material they used in their presentation after the meeting had ended.

Several years later via the freedom of information act I tried to get a transcript of the record of the meeting and I never heard a thing. I contacted an online whistle blower agency and still heard nothing official BUT, I did receive an unsigned mechanical letter in the post stating "You have been expunged from the record." I have heard nothing else since then.

One cannot help but wonder? If Dr Rimland and many of his contemporaries were "running the show" it is probably no great shock that my comment should be banished from the record, maybe even at their request?

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