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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Loving a Golden Retriever

Why Everyone Loves a Golden Retriever.

I'm not going to make many friends here, but I'm going to ask a real question. What is hate?

If a Golden Retriever could speak words, I'm not so sure you would not get an earful of advise that you most likely deserve. I suspect however most Retriever's would be most gracious and continue to keep their words hidden. Probably the first statement they would make is ,"SEE HOW YOU ARE?" Humans have a very unique undeserved ability to self judge their own actions and as such often come up with the mistaken ideals and false views of how loving and friendly and generous they are. Humans in reality only view the world as they know it and it is the rare exception when a person is the type to really care of the others and the earth we share.

I often wonder if my Autism Skills and strange ways I had to learn to do a traditional life point out the fact our old autism was more of a primitive type of man's mind. I wonder if natural Autism emotions and thoughts are more in line with a Golden Retrievers? As (we) I learned body language AFTER The fact and then the 99 conversations people have as I learned to blend autism thoughts to normal ones I might have just bridged the gap between the normal mind the autism one. Humans are much more primitive than you give your selves credit for many of us are indeed crude barbarians. Sadly, sometimes the most prominent people are also the worst offenders but, many have the power of money to help hide their real intentions.

Most humans quit being human sometime during childhood and by then pretty much have set in stone their values and perceptions. Thankfully many times people come out opposite of their parents. It seems people spend the first 20 years of their life learning the "wrong things" and the last part of their life doing their pre programmed duty of projecting their views, often their narrow views on others. Only the people that have learned there is more than one point of view on every issue and those have learned the world is a beautiful place are really happy. Many of these people are happy despite not having a bank account or a fancy car or even car for that matter. That happiness is priceless and few have it.

Now, a Golden Retriever is delighted to see you, he-she is a color blind and in fact person blind they don't care who you are. They are a good mixer in crowds. Their appeal for everyone is they just simply don't care who they communicate with; they treat the millionaire and the homeless person the same-humans could take a few pointers from their good behavior. Some of the other populations that have a natural ability not to judge people instantly are the blind folks they are lucky to some degree and actually get to know someone a bit before passing judgment. Typical sighted humans have sadly honed their thoughts perhaps pre maturely to the visual clues they are blessed to receive. If someone looks "odd" they are labeled as such and in reality the label is false. In Autism's case if we don't give you the eye contact you expect we might as well be mud and the experts indeed think we are defective as we are not like you. If they would care to think and learn from us they would know why we don't give eye contact and how we eventually learn to do that. OOPS, I forgot they (autism 'experts', psychology people, humans in general) are spending the last parts of their lives reinforcing their ideal we don't make eye contact. Get over it people and go talk to a Golden Retirvier and please be kind to an animal he-she might be the best friend you have.

By the way Hate and Love are the opposite sides of the same human thought pattern. As I learned autism's thought process I have seen where hate has the very same elements of love. There is little difference between hate and love it is all in the way it is carried out. I guess I'd rather be hated than loved at least you know where you stand with someone if your not their favorite person. If your loved by someone you have to live up to their often pie in the sky standards. How many times after a war of nations or a war between a spouse or friends has the conflict ended with a hug and both parties finally realized how stupid they were? For that matter when will Autism parties finally unite and learn from each other? That Olive branch we are holding is still a valid offer.

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"The world is divided in to three classes of people: a very small group thatmakes things happen, a somewhat larger group that watches things happen, andthe great multitude which never knows what happened."Nicholas Murray ButlerFormer President of Columbia University1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner