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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Crypto Autism ,Social Interaction

Crypto Sensitivity Syndrome
*= syndrome as listed in many places

My comment follow each '* 'statement

Social Interaction
*Limited integration into any social group at any time

Well, the lights are on and no one is home so to speak. We are jumping threw many hoops no one has figured out before, just keeping up, or trying to is hard until we become proficient picture thinkers.

*Limited success in naming the emotions involved in facial expressions be they demonstrated, in a photo, or hand drawn, even with sound effects included

We think in Pictures your day dreams and as such our OPTIC vision is OFF some of the time. For a few milliseconds to even a few minutes our vision is off and we DON”T see you thus we miss a lot of pointers in body language. Proficient picture thinkers have developed such things a projection thought and picture in picture thought to overcome this problem of reality vision and picture thoughts.

*May resist looking at photos of self or family or acquaintances
We have our very own picture thought dictionary unique to each of us that are memories of picture thoughts we have experienced over time, sometimes the picture thought we have of ‘ Aunt Mary’ is not the one you are showing us. Also since we are not great at body language since our optic vision is shorted out, it is a hard experience for us to look at our selves or others, literally you can scare us
*May become completely engrossed and physically excited (well beyond the typical reaction) in the exciting (to them) part of a movie, TV program, or cartoon

Just as comedian Jay Lino and others know how to hit your funny bone, our Picture thoughts that are, invisible to you are often ‘tickled’ by the thoughts in a movie or perhaps a cartoon when they match our Picture thoughts. Many of us report our first motion picture thoughts a type of picture thought while watching a cartoon. What we are laughing at is indeed humor to us and it might be to you as well if you see our Picture Thoughts.

*May, during a film or TV show, leave the room, keep the head and eyes averted, or hide own face with paper or hands during the emotional or sex related parts

Since our optic vision has been off most of our lives we have missed the body language and the related social skills to under stand and appreciate the ‘special moments’ in life we are shocked to have to deal with things like this. Thankfully our proficient thinker’s social skills booster class was GREAT at giving us much needed insight to this. Another Thing making this possible is the development of Picture in Picture thought a more advanced type of autism.

*Finds social taboos hard to understand
Well we are jumping threw many hoops and of course our optic vision is off sometimes and once we learn how to read body language with our more advanced thoughts working we can make a come back in this area. Many of us in real life with the social class do eventually figure this out, some (it Seems) traditional Aspies never get the idea to this.

*Behavior in public tends to stay exactly the same as behavior in private
This is not a shock, as our thoughts we are learning in private in our invisible to you thoughts are not developed enough on any front. Every time we complete a milestone in autism thought we come just a little closer to performing in real life. Proficient Autism Picture thoughts nearly mimic traditional thoughts.

*Retains some behaviors easily overlooked in someone younger
Again we are not getting the same lesions in life you think you are teaching us.

*Ritually learned politeness may result in a faux pas or unintended insult to others
Lots of Picture thought is required to form words. It takes lots of time to convert the formed words to words to be spoken and as such we don’t have a lot of freedom to go with the flow of a conversation until we (if) reach Proficient Picture thinker status. Again think of this as you having to describe a daydream and tell the results of it in a normal paced conversation. If you had to do it often you would find a short cut.

*Not adept at deceiving, nor impressing, others
Well, eventually if we get all of our ducks in a row and have the social skills booster class giving us a crash course in human relations we do pretty well. You will be shocked to learn we call many conversations you have by name and call them the ’99 conversations’ people have and we have figured the patterns to each conversation and simply insert the correct names and facts to keep pace with you. Once we good at “filling in the blanks” and can read body language with our advanced thoughts we can spin words as good as you can.

*Innocent, honest, guileless, naïve
This really improves with honest real world experience and we often do a 180’ turn on this and assume EVERYONE is a crook until they prove themselves otherwise over time.

*Not manipulative, not gossipy (but may tell anecdotes)
It takes lots of daydreams, autism thoughts as you would know them to compiled together to form a few words. Often times by the time we form the words the conversation is long past the point where they should have gone thus we don’t talk. As for Anecdotes, they are simply figured out picture thoughts, image streams and thus very easily spoken.

*No strong feelings for possessions and can give to others gladly (but will have strong feelings for specialty collections of a favorite obsession)
Just as we don’t get the idea with propel in social situations as visually we missed the clues, we also don’t see our possessions as ours. I notice the same behavior in my blind friends. Please do touch our favorite things or reorganize our things however.

*Though not empathizing in the regular sense of the word, they do not gloat over others' misfortune

This is due to the idea we miss all kind of things emotionally while our optic vision is off, we miss lots of lesions in emotions I think most people would be shocked to hear their emotions (if our theory proves correct) are learned and not felt . Also sometimes during deeper thoughts our hearing is also diminished or even turned off as well when we think with brain generated images.

*Can be profoundly upset by others' suffering
Perhaps that is because we have been there before too. Weather we are hearing too much noise and no one else seems to care (we don’t realize for many years you don’t hear what we do) or we might be in physical pain and really can’t feel it correctly, or even emotionally as we are in a constant state of turmoil just keeping up we realize the deeper level of suffering than you might.

*Can show righteous indignation
Perhaps at a young age we don’ know it but at some level our college level thoughts do poke threw occasionally. It takes 20 of your thoughts to get one of ours and add to that our keen senses and we can for sure offer a different point of view than you ever thought of. I can remember a bad sump pump motor in our basement growing up and I heard it with autistic hearing for weeks before others heard it and I was insisting it was no good all too any avail. Only when it thumped and smoked did they realize it was junk. Again our hearing is decibels higher than yours and we assume you her what we hear to some degree,

*Cannot "read between the lines" to know when they are not welcome
Socially it takes Body language and emotions to do this trick with ease, and IF our optic vision and sometimes hearing has been off we missed the lesson you had on being popular and not a pest.

*Often badly teased and tormented by their normal peers
No shock there, it is just human nature to point out the obvious difference in others we grew used to it and even overcame if we had the social booster class.

*When expressing joy, fear, anger, or other moods, it is often out of synchrony with social expectations
If such a thing existed a chart listing all of the emotions, your emotions might be fully operating at the 12 th grade level and ours have been thwarted with our brain generated images thus again we missed the many ways to present your emotions. Even if we did emotions correctly and words were involved we would need to translate picture thoughts to words. Many of us will over react at a young age to try to compensate.
*Can be made miserable by a petty reprimand ('your fingers are sticky'), yet ignore an important one ('get off the road')

*When every thought is based in Picture thoughts everything can be the same, moving off the road is the ‘same’ and turn on the light. One obviously is more important than the other in terms of personal safety. Often times in a young picture thinkers mind the petty reprimand might contain some adjectives or some verbs. Most of picture thoughts especially the younger thoughts people have would be seen by the traditional person as nouns ( a person place or thing) Ok A Verb as you would know it requires for us a motion picture type thought, typically. Those are probably are not developed too much in a young Aspie so the flowery words or the action words piss us off not for what they said but rather for the idea we must figure them out via our motion picture thoughts and our primary thought at this young age is still pictures. Even many Aspie adults not as lucky as, we were still have a time with verb type thoughts.

*Rather than gaze avoidance, their "gaze" is not used correctly in communication, either by looking away at the wrong time, or by failing to meet another's gaze at the right time

If people could hook a monitor to our picture thoughts and see our invisible to you picture thoughts and realize while we are having those our eyes are OFF you would see why we don’t the play the eye games with you.

*Exhibits little or no repertoire of "eye language", e.g. no attempt or else failed attempts or "mixed message" attempts at giving looks of scorn, surprise, pleading, triumph, glaring, seduction, mocking

Sorry we ‘were out of town’ as our optic vision was off. Our later life thoughts and proficient picture thoughts get over this by the use of Projection thoughts, picture in picture thoughts and by pre thinking lots of typical conversations. This allows us to have nearly normal optic vision and thus we finally see you and can play your eye game.

*Lacks turn-taking skills in conversations (an ability which usually is controlled by eye gestures)
Oh we are simply too busy fitting our picture based thoughts into the conversation to even worry about who’s turn it is to talk only when we figure out the 99 conversations people have and do the higher level thoughts, we never get this idea right. Those of us with our unique social charm school get extra attention in this area which pays off in real life.

*Inability to form ordinary affective contact with people
Thankfully that is proven false eventually with a lot of luck many Autistic people do picture thoughts as well as we do but only some of us had the social difference and the intense people class we did. Many older autistics that find us still present very badly in this regard. Each little bit of picture thought we absently figure out is just one more step up the ladder to achieving your traditional thoughts. Our Picture thoughts not only help us grow intellectually they are impetrative steps in emotional and psychological development as well.

*Inability to relate in the ordinary way to people and situations
Sorry we are very busy in essence doing the 10 steps or so that you do automatically in your thought process. Worse yet we don’t know what we are doing picture thoughts wise for example, Our insight and hindsight tells us certain types of picture thoughts are better for certain type of conversations IE, we should never used a motion picture thought for that one type of thought and not only do we have to translate picture thoughts to your words we also have to figure out how to do it. We are lucky to even get the words out let alone communicate with you. As near as we can tell, picture thought wise we have Still pictures ,Motion pictures , (Temple Grandin wrote about those) Picture in Picture thoughts , Projection thoughts, 3 d thoughts, 4 D thoughts and several combinations of those plus many of us very unique thoughts we have developed over the years. We are all self taught after all. None of this has been in a text book and once we figure this stuff out we do much better.

*An aloneness that, whenever possible, shuts out, disregards, ignores anything that comes from the outside environment
That is simply a picture thought working. While we are having a deep optic canceling thought our hearing is often turned off as our invisible to you thoughts work their magic. However the slightest whisper or the oddest of noise or even a puff of air will alert us to trouble and return us to optic vision and reality pretty quick.

*Has good relationship with "objects" and is interested in them, even for long periods of time
Every one of us that has made it usually has a developed splinter skill or obsession and perhaps if can’t communicate with you we take great comfort in “dealing” with an object we can understand. We are not just looking at an object we are looking at it deeply and might even have 20 or 30 college level picture thoughts about it or items related to it.

*Does not seek to be comforted when distressed, injured, sick
Many times we don’t even know we are hurt! Or sick, we have a very high pain tolerance and most minor things never hit our radar. Relating we are sick requires emotions and we are great at those complications. Even if we know we are hurting it is often easier to keep quiet.

*May not complain about being ill, thirsty, picked on
Again the Pain tolerance might prevent us from even knowing we are ill, many in the group that have not been injured still think they feel pain as you do. For many of us the FIRSTIME we feel pain is in our 30’s with an abscess tooth. For 15minutes before it breaks we are in SERIOUS pain for once (scares us to death) and after it breaks on the way to the ER typically the Pain INSTANTLY Goes away. We rinse our mouths out and even the water on the broken tooth doesn’t affect us. Some of us with more serious injuries have even more stunning tales to tell. We discover most of what we should have felt in childhood mishaps and illness is stuff we never felt to begin with.

*May be quite dependable about keeping appointments, paying bills, following a routine, etc. as long as complicating changes do not arise
Yes we might be good at those types of things but many of us are dyslexic and not real math wizards and those to factors do more than their share to hold us back. Dyslexia by the way is just picture thought presented incorrectly in our picture thoughts. It mostly occurs in faster paced thoughts. 3,5, 8 &, B, S, G for example can be interchanged with too much ease in our thoughts (as well as many other things)

*May do adequate housework, but may be oblivious as to when it again needs to be done

Lots of us in real life go the other way and become neat freaks; even my garage is in ABC order.

*May seldom, if ever, ask for food, drink, restroom, more heating, warmer clothing, other similar necessities, or even sweets

Well again from a picture thought point of view it takes many thoughts you never know we need to do to even communicate and even further getting it presented in a conversation at the right time is even harder so it is easier not to ask for some thing we will live to dinner time etc. Also keep in mind the Pain point of view like not going to the restroom will probably not be the killer thing it would be for you. Here is a sad point as well many of us had a narcissistic parent and they made life hell in general and you never really had the guts to ask for a treat, you were usually better off with out it. If you did get a treat sometimes it was most often a bribe.

*May take little part in deciding itineraries or other family plans
It seems most rational thinkers do pretty well at this and were only along for the ride anyway as we can’t keep up with your traditional thoughts too often. If we were to present our ideas in family plans we would need 15 minutes alone in a quiet house (providing we had some picture thought ability developed) to come up with some ideas.

*Will lead the conversation away from the important matters of the moment, e.g. graduation plans, and lead the conversation to the "favorite topic".
We only have picture thought figured out for a few things and thus if we communicate at all we will probably talk about our obsession first. Thankfully with all the benefits some of had we able to over come and learn to read the body language and talk about what others wanted to talk about.

*Will not "problem solve" or brain storm with peers for mutual help, sharing of expertise, insight, or knowledge, e.g. figuring out what classes to schedule for the next semester
Well, we think with invisible to you optic canceling thoughts and even if we thought like you do we can figure out our own schedule. It is simply magic two get to proficient picture thinker together, we can finally a normal conversation for us .I wonder if someone overhearing us might think we are from “Mars”

*Rarely shows violence of the kind where one person dominates another, though may defend self vigorously
Our life is in such slow motion and emotion and the social clues and the picture thoughts in all make us pretty laid back.

*Sexual offending is rare, though poor "mating" skills can embarrass the opposite sex
Sadly they assume we are all straight but in reality this anthropology is mostly gay and Transgendered. Many of us have life long partners and very healthy relationships. The Transgendered Autistic people do the best of any autism population not only were they born in the wrong bodies and transition they also deal with the same autism we do and over come very well. Some of their worst luck in their struggle has been at the very hand of a psychologist. Note, Perhaps this point on sexual offending shows how old these guidelines really are it sounds very 1950 ish assuming everyone is straight. Another note, many autistic people do find us on the web but can NOT join our group for closet issues. With a tear in my heart I often read an obituary in an autism newsletter of a person committing suicide. I had talked to them and knew their whole story. Even our hero Alan Turing took is own life in 1954 due to homophobia.

*Property offenses are rare except when they are side-effects of pursuit of a special interest
Perhaps this comes from the idea the professionals that wrote this think we are and work from the ideal we are retarded and thus assume we are stupid and we are criminals.

*Sits or stands on the periphery of a social group or even has back turned to the group
I’d delighted to report our anthropology does very well thank you. We have figured out all our picture thoughts and they nearly mimic your traditional thought. We have figured out how to use our picture thoughts to our advantage and control them with ease. Coupled with the autism short cuts we have learned in real life many of us are very social and even belong to many mainstream clubs and groups and we present as normal.

Rich Shull PreRain Man Autism