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Friday, September 22, 2006

Driving 911

Real Life working autism kind of gliding over some of the finer points of life.

Driving some of the Sept. 11 Highjackers (reference to the 9-11 events in America)

Sept 10, I was at work in Columbus Ohio at the Airport location of National Car Rental. I worked from 4 PM to something shuttling cars and people to and from the National lot to the Airport location. Most of my job was spent moving clean and dirty cars from one spot to another and some of my job entailed shuttling a few customers occasionally and even driving all over town to exchange cars and unlocking stranded customers. This job was very boring for most people and goodness know we went threw our share of shuttlers but, Autistically I was board as can be but with my limited normal functioning mind this was an interesting job. I had to earn my living via my normal functioning ability and thus the shuttling job was kind of perfect job. Yes, Autistic people can drive and do it well we can do a lot of things but the only thing is the 'experts' of Autism "know better" than we do.

Well about 5 o clock a semi tractor shows (MS Carriers) up in front of National and it is later to be discovered it was Mausoui (later arrested as one of the masters of 911) Semis, RV's and large vehicles were pretty common visitors in front of National as they could not get to the air port due to low clearance issues so I often drove those people up to the Air Port in one of the cars I was shuttling and dropped them off at the rental counters. They left their rig on the side of the road or parked it in our lot. Mausoui actually parked his on our lot after I prompted him to get it off the side of the road It was blocking our view of oncoming traffic and the Airport police were extremely vigilant and would probably try to have the rig towed. Perhaps, If I didn't make that offer the police would have checked out his rig and been alerted to something? It might have slowed down or stopped 9-11 ??

Mausoui and his passengers 4-5 others that showed up all got out of the tractor and all needed rental cars and all were going and needed to get the East coast cities of Philadelphia and Boston by 9 am the next day. They were quizzing me on what the biggest cars available were Mausoui wanted a Ford Taurus size car and others also wanted the biggest things they could get. Being mid week most of our fleet and the neighboring Hertz fleet was rented and the only things left were an occasional mini van and the SUV. I took a very nervous Mausoui up to the National counter at the Airport and he tried to calm down a bit as I talked with my practiced autism small talk I had learned for the benefit of my passengers.Small talk like this was figured out traditional thought that DID NOT need autistic picture thoughts so I could just be like a tape recorder and do my talk and still drive safely. A half hour later he returned and was greeted by his co conspirters in the National lot. Several got Chevy Blazers from some other agency one got a Taurus and they all met and parked around the Semi Cab and started unloading their gear from the semi tractor to their respective cars. All were talking of tomorrow and kept mentioning 9 Am in Boston and to be on time!

Interestingly, even I picked up on their nerviness and the entourage was a very odd mix of people from Arab decent and one odd out of place guy that was a tall Scandinavian type person.

Of Course, on Sept 11, the next day, hindsight tells us just what they were up to. Everyone was in such shock and no one really put two and two together instantly but I had a strange feeling about that event all night after I got home from work. A year or so later Mausoui who lived in Columbus was international front page news as he was arrested for being a leader in the 911 event and the local news showed his home and his picture and sure enough that is who I had driven to the Airport on Sept 10th. If only I had figured out a bit more?

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