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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Painless Sting Trimmer Mishap

Picture of String trimmer cuts on my leg. (sorry forthe graphic picture)

Autism's Pain Tolerance and Real Life. Photographed above.

Many of my new readers will find this just unbelievable but, I was operating the gas powered string trimmer the other day I have learned over the years to tolerate the noise of them. I used to be terrified of them. Currently I wear super good head phones and double muffler the motors on small engines and thus it is tolerable. I guess we are not supposed to do that, trim grass cut lawns etc, and I can see where many modern Aspie that never had the experience we had never 'learned' how to deal with noise. I'm not so sure the modern drugs do much either.

While on the subject of autism reality the injury in the picture above DID NOT HURT, I thought the trimmer got a bit close to my leg and I even heard the motor slow down a bit but 5 minutes after it happened I felt the blood running down my ankle. No, I did not scream curse words or JUMP in pain when it happened like most people would have. Only my family knows that is just me and they have experienced like I have all the trips to the ER I have done and all the time "nothing was wrong" and they seen just how sick I have been and still I didn't hurt a whole lot.

My Dad and step Mom seen me in the worst pain in my life with an abscess tooth and I felt it 15 minutes BEFORE it really got ugly and not a thing before that. I honestly felt pain and agony on the trip to the ER. Going down 6 Ave in Lancaster Ohio on the way to the hospital we hit a bump and the tooth broke and all was INSTANTLY FINE. Dad stopped and got me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth out. Even the water didn't make it hurt again. Dad and Mom both could not believe what had just happened and I was PAIN Free in a matter of seconds. The next day I had to have the tooth surgically removed.

I started out life as an auto mechanic and learned from that experience I overtightened nearly every bolt I touched and when I started using a torque wrench I really didn't register anything until at least FT 80 Lbs. A torque setting of Ft 20 lbs felt finger tight. I proposed in my book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism a test for the pain tolerance based on this experience.

I know it is easy assume to this is too wild to be true but think about it, How many times has your loved one been sick and you never knew it? Perhaps that stomach ache was an appendix? Perhaps that spain was really a broken bone? How would you know, odds are we do not feel enough pain to even tell you? Isn't the very first question out of the doctors mouth, Where does it hurt? And then the exam is press and push until they get a reaction? I have had a hernia so bad that I could physically see it (after about 4 months time) and even with the obvious tear in my gut it never really hurt. In fact I felt more of the hurt 2 hours after the exam typically on the trip home form the ER. Even the day of surgery I had to draw the split in my belly and sure enough the surgeon found layers of injured tissue.

This real world autism experience is simply priceless and one of those things the zeal of modern autism has lost track of. It used to noted in diagnosis criteria that we were often pain tolerant. Can you just imagine if our condition was repeatable with a pill of sometype? The world would be a painless experience. Over the years those I have spoke with via this blog, that have been injured tell the same story and even parents were on the verge of being charged with child abuse as they got their kid to the hospital too many days too late and the X-ray showed broken bones.

Rich Shull