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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Great Communication

The Great Communicators of Autism,

I have posted a few times on various electronic devices that allow the autistic person to communicate better, one such device helped read emotion and now, this one seems to a big 'speak and spell' type of thing. While the creators of this have the right idea it is totally wrong for Autism. With the post Rain Man "rush" to do something for autism and with the curse of Autism unknowingly taking away our very best chances of communication, a case in point is this device.

If the people jumping on the autism band wagon would care to remember or even admit to autism's high function anthropology of people that do more than Temple Grandin does they might be horrified to learn that when an autistic person talks we have convert Autism thoughts to speech. Our natural first language is not only invisible to you (lack of eye contact, is your clue) but we need to convert our Picture thoughts to Words to be spoken. If you know autism and our thought had been in print before it would so obvious why Autisitcs don't talk today. This little electronic gizmo might be great and little too expensive especially in light of the fact all one needs to do is properly teach autism. If the Experts ever care to learn from us, they will be treated to a different kind of thought process that needs to teach speech in a different way.

Here is an item I found online , What a waste of time money and effort, Old working autism has already figured out how to talk, too bad Autism will not listen. (they would, if they like what we had to say)

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from the web,

(National) July 18, 1006 - A child with autism or similar developmental disability often can't talk. There's no joy in hearing your child, knowing what they want, what they're thinking. Now new communicators are not just helping, they're even changing the way we think about these kids.

It almost looks like a typical classroom. There's the usual semi-controlled chaos, but then you notice the kids at the Hagedorn Little Village School on Long Island aren't talking, at least not with their mouths.

You see, all of those kids have some form of developmental delay or disability. Most have autism. And many autistic kids, like nine-year-old Danny Sgueglia, have serious problems communicating.

Suzanne Sgueglia, Danny's mother, says, "At 18 months old, Danny stopped responding to his name. And he actually would crawl up in a ball with a blanket in the corner of the room. In fact, kids with autism and other mental disabilities were often assumed to be mentally retarded.

Caryl Bank at the Hagedorn Little Village School said, "Because they weren't communicating, we thought that they were more delayed than they were. And also labeled as more of a level of retardation."

Today, Danny's a different person and his parents and teachers say it's because he can now express himself with the help of a computerized communicator. It's a huge change from before.

"There were times where it could be almost three hours of crying and you have no idea what he wants," explains Danny's mother, Suzanne.

The communicators come in varying degrees of complexity, from fairly simple picture boards to sophisticated, multi-level computers that are customized for the individual child.

Suzanne remembers the first time Danny told her to leave him alone and then apologized, "That was a big turning point for me because I realized that there is a very...Danny has a higher level of thinking that I never, that I never realized he had."

What's more exciting is the effect the ability to communicate, even at a fairly basic level, has had on those kids on their behavior, social interactions, and for some, even the development of some speech.

Caryl Bank says, "The children's behavior has become better. They now have a chance to express themselves. And what we found is while we use the devices the children have actually developed words. So we have some children who haven't spoken in seven or eight years have actually now nine, ten, or 11 words."

The average price of these devices is anywhere from $500 to $7500, depending on the complexity of the device.

Dynavox Technologies is one of the leading providers in these devices. They carry a wide variety of devices such as the MiniMo, which is about $2,669 and the MightyMo at $2,989. The more advanced models are the Dynavox MT4 and the Dynavox DV4, which cost about $6,879 and $7,515, respectively.

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