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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sad News ,a Friend in Need.

Sad news

Autism has a dear long time friend that has been struck down via a stroke. Kate from the West coast of America has been a long term Autism champion since the 1950s. I only recently met Katie on line in a group called JZS Autism on Yahoo. I had heard of her by reputation before I ever met her online. We chatted on JZS Autism and in private many times and she turned me on to the book "Rules for Radicals" and thought it was the right book for our autism struggle. It was indeed a wonderful reading event for me and gave me lots of ideas, many of which I put into play. She understood where our high functioning anthropology came from and the reasons why we can't be admitted to. Her guidance and insight was wonderful in getting us on the right page.

She has suffered a stroke and reportedly still has her excellent mind and that is a good thing, Autism more than ever needs her insight. ALL of us wish her a speedy recovery and hopefully she takes some time off from "duty" to actually recover a bit before going at it again.

Wishing her the best ....

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