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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Narcissism and Autism

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Here is more from the Autism Parent Trap post. This Post deals with the idea we have some people, a bigger number of people than we would like to think in the autism spectrum, typically a parent that is also Narcissistic. Narcissism is a condition that the affected person is a bully to a large degree and works really hard proving to the world they are perfect people and the perfect loving parent. Once the door closes however, they are mean old monsters as two faced as they can be. Many people in our anthropology also report one parent or someone in the close family is a narcissist.

For those of us doing the Double blind Autism experience we learned a lot of NOT what to do socially by watching our narcissistic parent make a fools of them selves. Many of us LEARNED how to cover their tracks and ease the pain they caused to both our selves and others they come in contact with. As they get older and older and the narcissism takes its toll on their social life they tried so hard to craft, we need all the skill and strength and even the autism sense we can muster to keep them Level Headed. Walking on Eggshells like many of us have done is also a great autism experience. Coupled with our Old Pre Rain Man Autism experience and the absence of any autism diagnosis we got a nasty lesion in real life from our parents.

Below in the post tells of tragic results of murder and murder suicide in autism in recent weeks. I hope none of these parents were Narcissistic but from my experience Narcissism could easily hide and lurk and even turn tragically violent when the narcissists lets loose. If the child is a picture thinker with the pain tolerance he-she could have the shit beat out of them and no one would ever know. Mom or dad would simply put on the happy face, the public face and become the loving kind person they are not for the sake of an image and who would believe one word of anyone Autistic or not, that home was not great?

This is another obvious fact from our Worldwide anthropology that could for sure tarnish the reputation of Autism. One how could they miss that? and two If narcissism is found to be a bigger factor in the lives of some than it should be some Narcissistic parents would be exposed as bad parents. Just like Autism has never heard of a "bad" researcher autism has never known or even cares to know of a bad Parent. Some wild bad behavior in autism could well come from a narcissistic parent and his or her antics and productions. I'm sorry to report this news about our Anthropology but, it is news and part of the entire picture of our figured out autism. Our anthropology doesn't filter the autism news it simply reports it, unlike the modern stuff that is buzzword and epidemic based.

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A Trunicated quote.

>Autism's Parent Trap
>Published: June 5, 2006
>IN recent weeks, three stories have hit the news with grimly similar
>plotlines: parents accused of killing their autistic children.
>On April 12, in Hull, England, Alison Davies and her 12-year-old son,
>Ryan, fell to their deaths from a bridge over the River Humber, in an
>apparent murder-suicide. (A note was found in Ms. Davies's kitchen.) On
>May 14, in Albany, Ore., Christopher DeGroot, 19, was trapped inside a
>burning apartment. He died in a Portland hospital five days later, and his
>parents are charged with murder, accused of locking their son in the
>apartment alone. And on the same May Sunday, in Morton, Ill., Dr. Karen
>McCarron admitted to the police that she had, the day before, suffocated
>her 3-year-old daughter, Katherine, with a plastic garbage bag.
>Family and friends have come to the defense of two of the parents
>involved. "Ryan was the focus and the purpose of her life," Alison
>Davies's sister told The Sunday Times, calling the double bridge jump "an
>act of love."
>A friend of Dr. McCarron's — a fellow member of her local autism-support
>group — told a columnist for The Journal Star of Peoria, Ill., that Dr.
>McCarron had devoted her life to Katherine. "She never took a night off,"
>the friend said. "She read every book. She was trying so hard, pursuing
>every lead."

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