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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blind , Our best teachers?

Rich asks?

Will the best Autism teacher of the future be Blind?

I have been very lucky in my life to meet many blind friends and one reason we get along so well is we often share the same types of Picture Thoughts and in some respects the same struggle to translate the thoughts to words. The blind usually have one advantage over us in that they don't have to look at and read the body language of the person they are talking to but still they need to listen to the verbal language they have developed to figure out the body language. We also share the some of the same social battles for acceptance as well.

Some of my blind friends are always saying I can picture that and can't find the words to say it, especially if they had sight at one time. Those that had sight once often describe the "same" thing I realize when our Brain generated Image, our picture thought cancels out our optic vision. While their optic vision is not there to turn off, it seems their brains "feed the optic nerve" and somehow let them see something. Many report seeing stuff they knew when sighted just like it was real and they were actually looking at it again. Others that never had sight also "see things" and use their pictures to think with at times.

If indeed Autism is Picture Thinking and Picture Thinking is proven to be the simple building blocks of the mind, something like starting your computer in "Safe Mode" it would seem picture thoughts might be the default thought process of the human mind. Being Blind takes the optic part out of the thought process and they are then forced to work without the visual input. I have often wondered if the modern normal thought process most people use is VERY fast picture thoughts working in our brains and it is the fast forward quick read of those picture thoughts that is simply translated into words. When I talk with Image Streamers a group of people I met on Yahoo they TRY to think in Pictures and they report deeper thoughts, detailed thoughts that they ever have otherwise. Like us they have a time occasionally at getting that complicated ImageStream watered down into something that can be spoken quickly in a normal conversation. The Idea to Image Streaming is to tap into their good ideas and for some to become "smarter". I wonder If I have not realized some "missed diagnosed" never diagnosed Autistic people on their site. Many have Autistic traits.

Before Autism became the soup dejouir diagnosis and had to bow to the pressure of an empire getting bigger, I wonder if research, old research that was not pushing a point, might not have made these same connections? I remember talking to that 90 plus year old researcher in Indiana while at an Autism Convention and he was there shaking his head shocked at how big autism had become. He told me he was forced to get with the new autism to keep his job. He had come up to me and said you Think in Pictures, hate hugs etc,and I agreed as he seen me jump with the keen senses as well, when the crowd clapped in the adjoining ballroom. We were both there on the sly and non invited guests.

There is a whole new world locked in our working Picture thoughts and those of us that figured it out and many other populations that do versions of them might actually be able to crack the code of human thought. Ironically it is Invisiable ,we think in Pictures and no one can see them; No wonder everyone was confused. Now the trouble is how do you ever get any one in research to even consider doing a study on something they can even see or touch? They always say there is 90% of our brains we don't use but, maybe we have been using all our brain after all? These picture thoughts are very complicated and awe consuming and if your lucky yours work perfectly and you are normal but, if not you might be lost like we are only getting a percentage of our Picture Thoughts working. .

I have seen the very best picture thoughts and resulting ideas from many people and our complicated gem of ideas become the stuff the Savant is known for. Often times all we do in being a savant is simply read a picture thought. I also see where many autistic people kind of have bits and pieces of their puzzle figured out and even have great autistic thoughts but no way to ever get them out. Our Anthropology seems to have done something and identified many more types of thoughts then ever known about before. Lets combine what we have figured out and ask for help from our image streamers and the blind folks and at least hone what we already know about into something useful for Autism folks. That seems to be proven research. Again, we ask would Rain Man and modern autism give us a nod, and let us present our point? I don't care how you spin it or what you call it our proven knowledge will help many in grips of autism. We can't sit on this any longer. Please urge the ASA to let us in the door.

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