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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Autism ,What we haven't felt.

What Haven't We Felt? Birth of a new blog

A long forgotten issue in Autism ,is the Autism Pain Tolerance. Like Autism in general where lots of us don't do real good in life socially or academically, etc., there are many of us that do well in life. Those of us doing well in life out in the real world without better than average communication skills and real world real life experience seemingly also know of Autism's Pain Tolerance. Weather we have been in a car crash or motorbike accident or fallen out of a tree or had other injuries odds are we never felt enough of them know we had been hurt. Many of us in our Long term Anthropology have had birth defects like off center hips and we never felt the full effect of these until we were in our 30's.

Experience from our anthropology tells us lots of us have had sports related injures or injuries in general and never felt enough pain to tell us to 'ease up, that hurts" or have we typically felt enough pain months later to know we had anything wrong. We have had broken elbows that were treated as sprains, We have had people fall out of a tree and survive "unhurt" despite a broken color bone. We have parents nearly charged with abuse as they get their loved one to the hospital too many days too late.

Just how many Autism people have suffered threw the common appendix attack the Gail Bladder episode and never felt enough of it to know something was wrong. How many autistic kids have the communication ability (especially the modern folks) to even come close to explaining an internal hurt, if indeed we ever feel it? How many of us have kind of silently endured in an ignorant bliss.

If all the medical studies of Autism are void of our basic knowledge we don't feel Pain Correctly or even at all, how can their observations be even close to right? Seemingly there are some in autism the know the pain tolerance a little too well, and we are injured folks. Some people in the Spectrum seem to totally feel pain correctly. Still others many others THINK they feel pain normally (like I did) UNTIL they are injured or hurt. Typically after that happens they slowly and 'painfully' get the idea they are indeed hurt but, don't feel enough of the pain to even realize the extent of their injures.

Just think,, If our pain tolerance could be figured out and somehow duplicated with a pill? Perhaps we don't have nerves connected correctly explaining our Pain free status.
Just as Autism has missed our Picture Thoughts and how well we use them and how we developed them, they have missed the fact many of us are Pain free as well.

I have heard from many people over the years via this blog that also had experience with this autism trait and thus we need to if nothing else document our stories. Thus I'm starting a New Blog called--- AUTISM, What We Haven't Felt?--- Perhaps this will become a kind of clearing house for people to post their experience and a place were others can come to discover what we already know and have absently figured out. Trust me, we have an odd story to tell when we go to the Emergency Room and never feel a thing during the press until you scream test. When you have broken bones treated as a sprain for over a year you also have some odd medicine to explain as well. Please join us add your Two cents worth to this new blog. Together we all might turn this into something good.

I will post the blog address here as soon as I get it set up.

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