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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another Wheel Spinner Study.

This is a truncated announcement of a study announcement I have found on the web in several locations concerning Autism: Autism the modern autism is what is highlighted here.

From the Web

The study's eighty autistic children will be divided into two
groups. One group is receiving the NCD zeolite and the other the
placebo for ninety days. Both groups will be measured using a
variety of established instruments for autism diagnosis and
treatment evaluation.

Gee do any of those established instruments include? Picture thought ideals and our established facts from our Anthropology?

Further, since other animal and human studies
with zeolite have demonstrated the ability for zeolite to remove
heavy metals, a portion of the participants will receive a series of
urine excretion tests designed to detect levels of heavy metal
excretion. If previous studies in adults hold true for these
autistic children, the researchers may see excretion rates as high
as 10 times over their baseline.

I wonder now, What are the levels of Mercury in our Older populations? Are they any higher or lower than the modern Autism Populations? Despite our "mercury" trouble we have figured out the very nuts and bolts of autism and have a wonderful proven living working anthropology that modern autism doesn't want to hear about. We are bad for the egos a few. Basing Autism, the total picture of it, including our anthropology will make many modern points of modern autism mute points. No wonder they will not talk to us.

At the end of the ninety day study period, those receiving the
placebo will then begin taking the NCD and be tracked for ninety
more days.

Those Poor Kids!

Two sites have been approved so far. In Plano, Texas, Dr. Seshagiri
Rao, a Board Certified Pediatrician is the lead investigator. The
second site, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is lead by Dr. Stephanie
Cave. Both sites have begun recruiting for study participants.
Visit to learn how to apply.

Professor James Adams, PhD will conduct the study data analysis. Dr.
Adams has previously published studies on the high level of mercury
toxicity common in many autistic children. Other studies suggest a
possible link between Thirmersol concentration found in many
vaccines and the high mercury levels in autistic children.

I am afraid that admitting to our anthropology will prove there are TWO kinds of autism one being the modern invented type of autism post Rain Man that seems to be making autistic kids zombies and it is the new autism that accounts for the Epidemic. Then there is the older version of autism that Spans EVERY living generation of Autism and also has a history. This FIGURED OUT autism is based in Picture thoughts and keen senses and the pain tolerance and no matter what country we are from or language we speak the Autism we know has been figured out and proven as doable time and again via our double blind experiments. We appear as the lowest functioning people of modern autism.

Sadly, our figured out autism the picture based thoughts only seem to include some of the people diagnosed Autistic from the newer generations. As people find our anthropology, only some of them know and relate to us others don't have a clue to what it is we have figured out. Think of all the times the autism Diagnosis standards were lowered over the years and compare that to fact of our anthropology that has figured out a different kind of human thought process and you will find only the oldest definition of Autism applies across EVERY generation.

EVERYONE is mired in the muck of new autism. Millions of dollars and lots of mad scientist type people with their egos to uphold, are very busy spinning their wheels of research doing 90 and 180 day studies only to produce another mathematically impressive study that proves a point they need to make. Sadly the autism they are trying to discover hasn't been invented yet, that is their reason for their work in the first place. Isn't peer review wonderful?

What is really sad is our older version of autism has figured out the building blocks of man's mind and our living working real life autism is the very key to many education and psychology lesions man has been searching for and here we are with proficient picture thought a type of human thought that is Autism, and here we are an entire group of people that did the same experience and figured out the same thing

if that is not the purest form of science I don't know what is,

and once modern Autism figured out that bit-our anthropology only supports the oldest versions of autism they went off us. We are bad for their business and certainly deflate the Autism Post Rain Man Epidemic. This alone is proof positive Modern Autism is a self inflated empire on a mission and that mission is not the welfare of autism it is the ego trip of many want a be doctors and researchers expecting an uncritquied career. That is just what they were getting until we were united online from all over the world! Even if they are not impressed (for obvious reasons) they were shocked and never expected us to surface and become honest inside critiques with inside earned in real life information. IF they were honest researchers they would have jumped at the chance and not ran from the chance to figure out what we have done in long term double-blind autism experiments that generally has had GREAT results. Even modern autistic that realize their thoughts in our success grow by leaps and bounds once they get the chance to explore their invisible to you lack of eye contact picture thoughts.

I beg of the autism spectrum to admit to us, discover us, and let both autism and Mankind both benefit from our long and hard life experience. In the end Experience is the only real teacher. It seems we have the best Autism money can buy. But remember, the best things in life are free, like our experience for example. Lead on autism!

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