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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Austere Autistics? Not Always

Alan's Social Skills in practice!

Posts and quotes from the book:
ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York.

Copyright 1983

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Page 280

"Every month or so there was a Mess Night at which dress uniform, or in Alan's case a dinner jacket, would be required, and at which Pheasant might be on the menu. This he would enjoy, for although generally so austere he liked to live it up occasionally, dancing vigorously with the ladies of the ATS afterwards. There was plenty of social gossip and intrigue, which Alan rather like hearing about, and discussing with Mrs. Lee and Mary Wilson. Sometimes his own rather glamorous position as the mysterious Prof. coupled with his unthreatening friendly way with the women members of staff, aroused a mild jealousy. In this respect he kept his own secret.

It was the first time in his life that he had mixed with ordinary people for any length of time, people picked out neither by social class nor by special kind of intellect. It was typical Turing Irony that this should happen at an establishment working for the secret Service. He liked its inprententiosness, and perhaps escape from the intellectual pressure at Bletchley. He certainly had the pleasure of being a large fish in a small pond. This liking was reciprocated. There was an occasion when he was invited to a drinking party organized by the Other Ranks. For some reason it did not come off, but he was still very pleased: partly because at breaching social class barriers, but surely also because of the allure, felt almost inescapably by a homosexual of his background, of that vast unknown England of working class men. "

From Rich

Austere "Autisitcs" have our moments and Alan as you just read Alan had his. I might qualify this to mean autisitc's COMPLETING the entire autism experience complete with social lesions. Our anthropology has done the whole thing. Alan was well known for his work and his expertise and even if he were the "savant-Rain Man " type he would have been would have been known for his work. However since he was Gay and also needed to complete and account for this fact in his life he needed to do MORE than just his math. It seems he was fitting in rather well. Socially straight autistic people kind of fit in and seem naturally ignored. GLBT autistic, in coming to terms with who they really are not handed a social green card and shoved off into a corner to laugh at the straight people's jokes and innuendo. We have to work to discover who we are and then respond to our calling. This hones Autism's poor social skills and gives us a reason to do more socially.

Lots of Women LIKE gay men for friends they will stop and ask for directions when lost, and they are less demanding than their straight friends and easier to talk to. Some of these gals get termed "fag hags." Most importantly however Alan was forced to fit in for fear of being outed. Autism FORCED to endure this type of Social conditioning developed rather well. Sadly modern helped too much Autistic people have been so injured with the more work than help-help and sub par eductions that few would have developed enough autistically (picture thought wise) to even "know what to do " if presented with the same social situation Alan was presented with. We were much better off NOT knowing of our autism and our Double-blind experience. Now then, this is only more trouble, with a capital 'T.' We have double-blind experiences, we do almost normal lives, our Thoughts have never been in a text book before and now we are fighting Rain Man 's Curse, including an education system that thought we were in effect "poor old Autisitcs" only capable of a group home. Autism will not admit for sure now, who ever heard of an Autistic person in real life? Who ever thought we could and did figure this out on our own?

As for the Other Ranks drinking party Autistically Alan might have bowed out of that-or in other terms quit with the victory of being invited since he might have been afraid of being outed or being perceived as being gay. Socially if he was picture thinker, it is a lot easier to talk to a "fag Hag" rather than real men. Inevitably, the subject of women come up when you get several straight men together, and autistic are not good at lying, and If he was asked about the looks of So and So or to even comment on the 'reputation" of a gal or even the notches in his belt form "experience" he would have been at a BIG loss. He was smart to miss the possibly embarrassing "fun."

Taking a step back in time, and re-teaching every autistic person Picture thoughts would be our very best hope of reversing autism's curse. Not everyone is a picture thinker so not everyone would respond. However, those of us that DO realize this as Gold need to have this thought system taught to us. When you split hairs, drop the politics and count carrots our Autism Group has done something vital and impressive and important to all of mankind. Leave it to Autism "experts" to ignore our facts. As long as, we are bad for the business of Autism and only absently support SOME of the facts of the condition, we cannot afford to be admitted to. Just ask, The Autism Society of America If they ever heard of us? Officially they haven't. They have 860 million reasons and a few congrespersons (referance to prior post) on their side already hard at work researching autism. To bad they missed the point to the enitre thing.

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