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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Re learning Traditional Thoughts

Re learning Traditional Thoughts, a Ritual, one of several posts teaching the basics of picture thought.

I grew up in America in the late 1960s in a rural area. The tradition in America was-is, school students have our summer months of June, July and August off. I was returning to School starting 5th grade or 4th? and the very first day back was mentally tiring and trying.

I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS a PICTURE THINKER OR AUTISTIC, But, I was puzzled as h*** where that picture thought of the Kindergarten table with our name written in Masking tape come from? We had assigned seats in Kindergarten and the teacher had written our names on masking tape name plates to mark our spots. Here I was starting 4th Grade and I need to write my name and suddenly EVERYONE was gone, the optic vision was OFF the room was quiet and I was looking at a brain generated image of the Kindergarten Name plate. Soon I was copying that image with my hands in other words converting autism thoughts to real world thoughts.

Not only did the Traditional thoughts need relearned I suddenly had to deal with too much noise again. I lived in the wide open Country there was no real TV to watch, no video games or computers, Mom was at work and I was basically alone in an autism paradise with my Dog,King. I set and watched the clouds and listened to the sound of nature others missed and even heard distant tractor motors putter along and even a few conversations over the wind. Autism Overload was rare and not a problem.

The First day back At School was horrible there was suddenly too much noise too many people talking, classmates looked different with hair cuts and summer tans many were sporting new clothes for the first day of school. The freshly polished glowing wood floors of the school and peoples new shoes made for a day of Squeaks which prompted over load a condition where the hearing and vision shut down. I remember re learning my class mates and DIDN'T See many of them with optic vision as you would but rather I was trying to picture think and my optic vision was OFF quite a bit and I was relying on their voice or smell to identify them. I would sometimes get the chance to look at them after the conversation and then I was able to figure out who they were OR figure out what the kids were talking about. One Student wore a Tye dyed tee shirt and it was very interesting and controversial as in this day and age it was in inappropriate to wear such casual clothes to school. I finally seen him closely during a quiet moment he was 3 desks away. I was able to see what all the fuss was about, finally. Had I not been picture thinking I'd seen the whole optic vision picture?

I suspect as I was trying to unknowingly picture think and my optic vision was OFF I looked and presented like the person my classmates remembered. The "drunk clumsy yes even gay kid." Looking back, I had a summers worth of picture thoughts that none of which were ever really translated to traditional words. All my Thoughts were mine autism working like this was in a great place. I'm sure I learned many shortcuts to picture thoughts during this summer. That first day back proved to be trouble for the traditional part of my brain the part I naturally use as my second language. Suddenly the easy autism thoughts had to be converted to words to be spoken or written. In this day in age before I learned some of the proficient Picture thinker tricks I know and appreciate today, I was guaranteed to always be 2-3-4- paces behind the conversations I was having. Traditional Thinker seen I was looking at them and the assumed I seen them and thus went on about their conversations at a mile a minute. My optic vision was off, I was thinking in pictures.

Modern cursed Kids probably never had a quiet moment nor did they ever get the chance to absently figure out they thought with a strange thought process. Like Us many of them see small blips and blank spots in their visual field and probably try to ignore them not know that they are Picture thoughts that need investigated. Via trial and error We learned that these thoughts really are our thoughts. I know when Modern autism Scream and Demands PROPER eye contact they are denying us our chance at brain generated vision (your daydreams?) the heart of autism. So much for Progress! Keep up support of the Autism Societies and this is what you might be forever missing.

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