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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Friday, September 29, 2006

My First Thoughts!

The First Picture Thoughts

I often wondered where I was; literally, I would loose track of where I was standing or sitting or even loose track of the fact I was walking, I would sit on the edge of Grandmas chair as she read me a book and totally loose track of the idea where I was and I was unknowingly following the book with my brain generated images- something like your daydream but more complicated. Somehow for what ever the reason I would come back to reality and again become aware I was sitting on Grandma’s chair and even realize time had moved on 10 minutes but just where was I for those 10 minutes? Mom would talk to me and I kept wondering where she went? She would disappear! I often wonder how I got a peanut butter sandwich and chicken noodle soup and yet couldn’t remember telling her that was what I wanted for lunch. I would often hold my hand in front of my face and wonder where it was? I would move it and could sometimes feel the air move from it but WHERE did my hand go? It took many many years to finally realize my optic vision was getting shorted or turned off as my picture thoughts absently tried to develop. The more I flapped my hands in an effort to see them the more puzzling it became.

I would watch TV and find myself watching a different program again with my brain generated thoughts than the one the others were watching. Every time I heard Jackie Gleason scream,” to the moon Alice to the moon” That instantly sparked a picture thought for me of a space ship going to the moon. While others thought that was humorous and seen the subtle idea of it that it was funny for them it made me think with what I now call a picture thought. That was a motion picture thought, one of the basics of proficient picture thinking that we have figured out today.

Not only were these brain generatated images my basic thought process they were invisible to everyone else around me. No one knew I was really keeping up and in some cases well beyond where they thought I was intellectually. I just didn’t have a way figured out to communicate and translate my good thoughts to your words to be spoken. As Dad and I set one night, he was flabbergasted tutoring me with the Dick, Jane and Spot first grade readers and was worried to death of my lack of progress, He said you should be able to read this by now? I was stuck for the first time that my thoughts were not his thoughts? All he wanted me to say to him was the SIMPLE words like “Dick ran up the hill” but, I had literally figured out how steep the hill was and how long it would take him to get there but yet thanks to dad’s efforts I had to thankfully come up with a way to water down that thought into words Dad would appreciate. I literally sprang up in the middle of the night that night from a deep sleep and said to my self something like “Dick Ran up the hill” I had unknowingly figured out what I needed to do get those words watered down to something understandable. I was always border line special education material and just when I was considered for special education I would pull off a big ‘picture thought event’ and simply do something totally unexpected and thus squelch the talk of special education yet again.

I would have given a million dollars to any of my teachers or tutors and family friends that would have said what are your picture thoughts regarding this? What kind of Picture thought did you use for that thought? Of IF they would have said “still picture thoughts are better for translating to traditional words.” Motion pictures are great for history type questions. Of Course no one knew I was thinking in pictures and thankfully in this day and age (1960’s) my obvious lack of eye contact was ignored as long as I answered the question correctly. Similarly I was obsessed with cars and while that was odd it was seen as a means to keep me interested and intrigued in school work. When I figured out how to do division a seemingly impossible task in my development on the chalk board and the tutor’s house after school dad was able to break the barrier by having me figure miles per gallon on a car. It was the same thing! Hindsight tells me I had Picture thought figured out for that and it just happened to be the same thing in a little different disguise. I have found lots of splinter skills and obsessions once figured out simply flow over into life at large.

As I tired to blend into life, I unknowingly started streamlining my brain generated images so they could keep up with traditional thoughts that I was being force fed. If you will it is like pressing the fast forward button on a tape recorder. I now can tell you via the 20 -20 of hindsight if my picture thoughts were not fully developed and translated correctly I was very dyslexic If my brain generated image of the letter “S” for example was supposed to be “5 “ I often would never realize it instantly. Not only were small things like letters and numbers backward and upside down and wrong side out my thoughts often were out of a logical order as well as seen by the traditional thinker. Part of this was Picture thought is way more precise and complicated than your thought is and thus when I had to explain something in your thought I had to unknowingly water down my thought and somehow give the logical to you explanations you wanted. This super fast for me streamlining of my picture thoughts also gave rise to stuttering.

Stuttering seems to be kind of verbal version of dyslexia. If I have 2-3-4-5 completed picture thoughts that ALL can be converted to words to be spoken I have found I can stutter for hours trying to discover which completed picture thought to use. Once I decide on what complete picture thought to translate to words the stuttering is gone and I can talk normally again. Completed Picture thoughts can be very complicated and very intense so we often have 2-3-4-5 versions of a final picture thought that can be converted to words. Each completed picture thought has a bit of different twist to it and one thought might work well with one type of audience or another might do better with another crowd. We seem to get stuck stuttering at the beginning of a statement deciding on what one to talk about. Once we decide on one, we can simply do speech with ease. Not only does this stuttering issue hold up with complete thoughts it can be repeated with single words or lite thoughts.

Well now, this is the very basics all of this constitutes my picture thoughts and it has never been in a text book before. More complicated versions of this type of thought might well explain great minds like Alan Turing, father of the computer, Einstein, George Washington Carver and the savant abilities of Rain Man. Picture thoughts are brain generated invisible to you and you know a picture is worth a 1000 words and our autism –picture thoughts are worth a million thoughts as well as, a 1000 words. Our logic is a very natural obvious process to us and again has never been in a text book before and I’m sure once a few psychology professionals hear us out and unite our anthropology we can not only explain Einstein ,dyslexia ,stuttering and many other things we might even prove to be the living missing link in evolution.