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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dentists and Autism

Comments from About Autism

The following comment was orgionally posted on concering Autisitc kids and getting them to brush. This is an open public fourm, thus my comment on their site are not and endorsement of their point of view or mine.

From the Dark ages of Autism, when Autism was keen senses the preferance to be alone ,and odd strange mannor, a splinter skill, a pain tolerance and a time when good behavior was the only thing that was tolerated -it was not the autism it really was the child! Autism was NOT diagnosable in this era unless it was severe.
It was 1966 and my first visit to the denist office. Autistically I was terrified. The noise of the place the squeak of my body on the denists chair ,the nearness of the dentist ,a stranger and the nurse. That cold chain around my neck and that Loud Paper bib were all good for a few too many magic moments. By the time the polisher started I lost it ,between the denitist laying his arm on my head and the viberation and the noise and even the recptionist laughing on the phone with a high pitched squeal I lost it.
Dr Seeds, Pickerington Ohio, was never the same again, I was refered to Dr Alpers of Columbus a children’s denist, whom I visited for many years to follow. Keep in mind we never heard of the word Autism and in this era GOOD behavior was always demanded and expected, even my (our) autism behavior was accepctable if not very good. In fact I was punished a bit for acting up at the densits office. But , I think dad realized it was bit more than me causing trouble so I wasn’t grounded too badly. Dr Alpers ,going there was a ’special effort’ and if he could not clam down the child enough he put the kid in twlight so he could work, that was VERY expensive and Mom always complained of the cost thus I learned to handle the noise the feelings of the stranger near me etc.
Interestingly , the autism Pain tolerance was visable to with a cavity,, He had the hook type tool in the tooth and it was literally hanging there and he said do you feel that? I never felt a thing! Dr Alpers called in his nurse and said look ‘Martha’ here is another one with no pain, as they discussed other patients that had the same trouble.
Many of us in our group have the first real dental pain in our 30’s with and abcess tooth. It never hurts until about 15 minutes before the tooth breaks and then we are on the way to the ER and for some of us this is the first real pain we felt in our lives. typically the car hits a bump and the tooth breaks and the pain INSTANTLY goes away! We are left with a broken tooth.
Our Autism group of Temple Grandin’s that figured out all of this stuff and even devised tests for the pain tolerance and ways to handle our active senses explain these pre rain man ideals in our books that Autism will not allow to be published.
Not only is or story odd ,our behavior was very good to perfect, our learning experience is one that absently everyone participiated in- and it absently worked and in effect our double blind autism experience is not favorable news or the results Modern Autism needs or wants to know about we are bad for the post Rain Man buzz word empire off today. We unintentionally shake up the status quoe of autism.
Rich Shull
Comment by Rich Shull — July 27, 2006 @ 9:21 am

Friday, July 21, 2006

Nascar Autism

The picture above is Rich's Actual 62 Pontiac, and the NASCAR model of the 1962 Pontiac Cataliana Super-duty that won 'all the races in 1962'. Autism's first connecteion to NASCAR- It gave the world the Turing Motor and explained Autism.

Dear Reader's

Autism ,modern Autism has a wonderful connection to Autism and NASCAR, all in the honorable pursuit of helping autism. Well, way back in 1962 Autism and Nascar had its first connection in the form of a Savant that totally figured out a popular NASCAR of the day a 1962 Pontiac. The Catalina Super Duty won Nascar races all the time and the saying was win races on Sunday and sell cars on Monday. My Grandfather did just that, and brought our 1962 Pontiac Catalina. The for sale to the public version of this car was one of GM biggest Lemons ever and suffered from 3 major design flaws that only someone Autisitc would care to think about and fix.

Our 62 Pontiac has been autisitcally redesigned and fixed and today probably less than 1% of them surive. The inspiration and the autism inspired fixes not only saved that car , but they gave birth to the Turing Motor my Autisitcally designed 70% efficient Car motor. How Cool is that!

Autism the old working autism , the working let me repeat that, WORKING autism that modern Autism cannot admit to is a different kind of human thought process and when honed to perfection makes autism understandable and normal thought possible. We can explain the savants like Rain Man and the village idiot. Trouble is our Autism is not their autism and since what we have figured out has never been in a text book before and the researchers of Autism have no desire to discover us as they have an empire to uphold. Technically we are the very "retards" they are trying to discover.

The Post Rain Man monster they created reaches far and wide and despite our worldwide anthropology of high functioning, able people it is far easier and more politically correct to ignore us than it is to ever admit to us. We are bad for business and their egos, and reputations. How many people make a good living in the Autism Industry? Current Autism Funding has reached 1 billion dollars according to some reports and that must be a tempting for many research 'professionals' and simply looking back to a figured out proven version of a different kind of human thought process is simply too easy. With that kind of money at stake, there is no room for honest research and who cares if a few more families are ruined and their kids end up in a group home, there is money to made and fame to had and as long as, they keep us quiet many people in autism can have wonderful peer reviewed unblemished career's.

The following is quoted from a rough draft of a Magaizne Article I'm writing

As people laughed at me for even dreaming of fixing Luella , I was showed a picture of a local junkyard taken in 1967 and it was filled to the rim with 61-62 Pontiacs and they all had split frames and blown motors or Slim-Jim failures. One yard owner told me it was most of anyone car he had in his lot since the Model “T” or “A” after W.W.I.I. Funny the saying of the time was “Win Races on Sunday (NASCAR American pastime) and sell cars on Monday.” Seems the 62 Catalina Super Duty on the race track was not made of the same stuff the street car was made of. Ironically today NASCAR is often in partner ship with Autism and here way back in 1962 the real Autism and NASCAR connection was made.

Rich Shull, Author Autism, Pre Rain Man Autism -built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Umm, They Call it Success?

Dear Blog Reader's:
I recently searched "radical autism" on Yahoo and low and behold this shows up.

Now Success is a relative term and if one only considers the things from the perspective of the researcher that "invented" autism, well of course, the world is rosy. I would consider success to be what our real life anthropology has done in our double blind Autism Experiments, we have figured out a type of thought that has never been in a text book before. We drive hold real jobs and think both autistically and normally. Our figured out autism might well be the building blocks of man's mind. We build upon the work of Temple Grandin and take autism thoughts to the door step of traditional thoughts.

If our Autism indeed continued to support he new invented version of autism, I'm sure we would be the 'best of friends'. Perhaps it was 1964 when this book was published that modern Autism was born. It was during this same time that many of us thankfully missed the curse of Rain Man and Modern Autism and completed our double-blind trial and error experience that has figured out autism. While we were absently doing autism they made a mountian out a moehole and created an empire that needs supported to this day.

Honest caring research would welcome all points of view if it were true research and not a buzzword type of thing. If we could afford it, we might buy back a few shares in Autism from the Rain Man Empire. They say, men are from Mars, women are from Venus and Autisitcs are from the Moon. As the natural impasse between men and women rages on Autism has a similar battle of people that figured out our autism and the modern Autism of today that was invented minus the hard earned knowledge of its own citizens. Perhaps if Dr. Rimland and others in Autism Research would walk a mile in our shoes they to might see the light at the end of the tunnel. If they spin it right it would not be a train to derail their empire but rather the insight Autism needs to really go places and explain the building blocks of man's mind.

Funny Autism, new autism screams out loud that the old practice of Splinter skill learning, learning life in a 'learning hallway' is the worst thing ever for autism and they disallow it but, in reality it is how we all function so well. Their own "tunnel vision" of only listening to one or two peer reviewed autism "experts" has resulted in an Autism that is, a BIG Powerful self-serving quicksand trap. Perhaps if they really cared of autism they might actually listen to what we have done and blend in a dose of reality with their invented knowledge. All of mankind would be the better for it.


Autism Research Institute - Autism Research Institute: 40 Years of Hope and Success
Autism Research Institute:
40 Years of Hope and Success. Dr. ... Rimland's 1964 book, "Infantile Autism: The Syndrome and its Implications for a Neural ... full spectrum of autism. These treatment modalities, once considered radical, are now gaining ... - 7k - Cached -

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

A Great Communication

The Great Communicators of Autism,

I have posted a few times on various electronic devices that allow the autistic person to communicate better, one such device helped read emotion and now, this one seems to a big 'speak and spell' type of thing. While the creators of this have the right idea it is totally wrong for Autism. With the post Rain Man "rush" to do something for autism and with the curse of Autism unknowingly taking away our very best chances of communication, a case in point is this device.

If the people jumping on the autism band wagon would care to remember or even admit to autism's high function anthropology of people that do more than Temple Grandin does they might be horrified to learn that when an autistic person talks we have convert Autism thoughts to speech. Our natural first language is not only invisible to you (lack of eye contact, is your clue) but we need to convert our Picture thoughts to Words to be spoken. If you know autism and our thought had been in print before it would so obvious why Autisitcs don't talk today. This little electronic gizmo might be great and little too expensive especially in light of the fact all one needs to do is properly teach autism. If the Experts ever care to learn from us, they will be treated to a different kind of thought process that needs to teach speech in a different way.

Here is an item I found online , What a waste of time money and effort, Old working autism has already figured out how to talk, too bad Autism will not listen. (they would, if they like what we had to say)

Rich Shull,,,, Http://
from the web,

(National) July 18, 1006 - A child with autism or similar developmental disability often can't talk. There's no joy in hearing your child, knowing what they want, what they're thinking. Now new communicators are not just helping, they're even changing the way we think about these kids.

It almost looks like a typical classroom. There's the usual semi-controlled chaos, but then you notice the kids at the Hagedorn Little Village School on Long Island aren't talking, at least not with their mouths.

You see, all of those kids have some form of developmental delay or disability. Most have autism. And many autistic kids, like nine-year-old Danny Sgueglia, have serious problems communicating.

Suzanne Sgueglia, Danny's mother, says, "At 18 months old, Danny stopped responding to his name. And he actually would crawl up in a ball with a blanket in the corner of the room. In fact, kids with autism and other mental disabilities were often assumed to be mentally retarded.

Caryl Bank at the Hagedorn Little Village School said, "Because they weren't communicating, we thought that they were more delayed than they were. And also labeled as more of a level of retardation."

Today, Danny's a different person and his parents and teachers say it's because he can now express himself with the help of a computerized communicator. It's a huge change from before.

"There were times where it could be almost three hours of crying and you have no idea what he wants," explains Danny's mother, Suzanne.

The communicators come in varying degrees of complexity, from fairly simple picture boards to sophisticated, multi-level computers that are customized for the individual child.

Suzanne remembers the first time Danny told her to leave him alone and then apologized, "That was a big turning point for me because I realized that there is a very...Danny has a higher level of thinking that I never, that I never realized he had."

What's more exciting is the effect the ability to communicate, even at a fairly basic level, has had on those kids on their behavior, social interactions, and for some, even the development of some speech.

Caryl Bank says, "The children's behavior has become better. They now have a chance to express themselves. And what we found is while we use the devices the children have actually developed words. So we have some children who haven't spoken in seven or eight years have actually now nine, ten, or 11 words."

The average price of these devices is anywhere from $500 to $7500, depending on the complexity of the device.

Dynavox Technologies is one of the leading providers in these devices. They carry a wide variety of devices such as the MiniMo, which is about $2,669 and the MightyMo at $2,989. The more advanced models are the Dynavox MT4 and the Dynavox DV4, which cost about $6,879 and $7,515, respectively.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Autistic and Autism, No Differance

NO, Difference Between Autistic and Autism

Well, looking at it from the inside out, at least.

I know the popular ideas of Autism and I see just HOW modern Autism ignorantly makes a mountain out of a molehill and in effect tries too hard to help and comes up with horrible results. Autism, the Autism we know and understand the stuff we figured out in a double-blind experience is the very SAME autism the lowest functioning people of today have, only we had the chances necessary to overcome. Perhaps we have done too well and blend in too much? Perhaps Modern Autism should lower its guns and listen to us, the people that do, MORE than Temple does. We all have figured out the Autism thought process and trust us, it was never in a text book and it DOES work well.

As people find me via the web (blog-Yahoo Groups) that are 30-40 or older many tell me confide in me they too are picture thinkers and like us, they too figured out their proficient picture thoughts. These people somehow manage to do a real job everyday, a real life and do it even better than we do! They too missed the Rain Man Curse and the too much help that entailed and if all of us were identified and studied and again Autism would listen to us they would shockingly discover Low functioning Autism is simply missing a few picture thoughts that we learned on our own by trial and error. Those thoughts, the very core of Autism can't be taught by modern Autism, in fact they take away our slim chance of doing autism correctly, as ignorantly they insist on eye contact. In a normal persons point of view, that is indeed logical but our thought process is different from yours and needs converted to yours. To make matters even more complicated our thoughts are invisible to you. Just how can you teach what you have never seen? No, wonder Autism is such a mess.

Weather we are the Savant like Rain Man, the Village idiot, an Aspie in a group home or a rocket scientist or a teacher or a fireperson or and "average Joe" We all share the same Autism thoughts and it is only our ability to translate those autism thoughts to real life that make us successful in real life. Autism as it is taught today NEVER even comes close to what it is we did and now not so ironically, there is an "Epidemic" of Autism. The Epidemic is mostly a product of modern times where schools feature no discipline, no real education and Autism screams its the autism and not the child. To make matters much worse the Autism standards have been lowered too much and today Autism the picture thoughts, the wanting to be alone, bashful, closeted genus that was once the hope of Autism is now the preverbal thorn in the side. Our successful Autism Stories are minus everything Modern Autism "knows." We do too much we build on Thinking in Pictures and none of us were ever on an Autism Diet. Our eductions, our odd typical for us education experience could only have been pulled off in a time gone by (We have modern Aspies that "know us" to ) . I suspect If Autism was ever taught In a class room the autism we figured out , 80% of us would do a traditional life. Autism seems to be the simple building blocks of the human mind. Now if indeed it is just that, you can see why there is such a fine line between success and failure.

I know and understand you think logically I'm full of something but, please remember Autism societies and popular figures in Autism are traditional thinkers, they would not know Autism if they seen it. They even quit pushing ,Thinking in Pictures,as THE Autism book. Autism was never supposed to be figured out, let alone by someone autistic and when it was and our Anthropology was united online and in person the obvious facts of our double-blind experience unintentionally deflate the egos a few too many professionals. It is too bad they have empires, epidemics and reputations to support or they really would be delighted to hear from us as they once were a few years ago. When they seen there were 200 more better functioning Temple Grandin's' in our group they turned tail and ran.

What a shame they turned their backs on the people that can explain everything from Autism to Einstein to dyslexia all in the name of progress. Please keep that in mind as The Autism Society of America Convention commences in Providence Rhode Island in a few days, the very Autism YOU need to know about the autism that is figured out and has a successful history will not be represented there, it is not for lack of trying on our part it is due the ignorance of the traditional thinkers that think they know autism so well. People only listen it seems if is good for business, or if it is what they want to hear. Please urge the Autism Society to turn back the clock and figure out what we did.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Autism Help Committee.

The Autism Help Committee,

America's government has several levels public input or ways - in theory- at least-where common people can talk to their elected representatives. Mark Twain (Popular Figure- Wit ) said we have the best Government money can buy and sadly that is true. Money has universal appeal at the expense of everything else. The Autism Lobby today is very big and powerful and they should be there is Millions of dollars at stake in researching something. Intentional or not traditional thinkers that do research autism (or anything else) only see their obvious answers the answers that make them look good and perhaps keep leading to a new study that needs to be done. This self serving wheel spinning peer review, research is great at producing impressive numbers and producing any numbers you want but it misses in this case the entire point to Autism. You could dance around autism for centuries 'researching' and chasing numbers and creating more generations of group home people OR you simply figure out what we have figured out an Autism, a type of human thought that has never been in print before and be done with it. Politically, we are incorrect as we unintentionally deflate the modern version of Autism and frankly we don't enough money to buy our way in to an autism research establishment that should be delighted with our success. Do they really want to solve Autism or simply do they want to keep their jobs in research? Somehow figured out Autism was never supposed to surface, and Autistic people were NEVER supposed to be the ones to figure it out.

The Autism Help Committee of Senators and Representatives consists of the following people Judd Gregg, New Hampshire, William Frist, Tennessee, Orrin Hatch, Utah, Jeff Sessions, Alabama, Richard Burr, North Carolina, Johnny Isakson Georgia, Lamar Alexander, Tennessee, Pat Roberts, Kansas, John Ensign, Nevada, Mike Dewine, Ohio, Tom Harkin, Iowa, Barbara Mikulski , Maryland, Jeff Bingman, New Mexico, James Jeffords Vermont, Patty Murray, Washington, Jack Reed Rhode Island, Hillary Clinton, New York, Mike Enzi, Wyoming Rick Santorum, Pennsylvania, Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts
and Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. Some of these people are pretty popular in Autism circles for getting Autism funding and spending bills politically spun to the advantage of modern Post Rain Man Autism.

I wrote each and every one of them, a personal hand written letter, and also sent a copy of the following on June 7th 2006 and I have seen from the "site meter" statistics at the end of this blog some government officials have viewed this blog suspiciously after I sent my letter. So far I have heard nothing from them, perhaps stereotypically If I'd slipped them a few bills in each letter I might have got a response?

Besides the hand written personal appeal I sent this as well.

Pre Rain Man Autism,
A double-blind autism experience that modern Autism will not admit to.

We explain everything from Autism to Dyslexia, as well as, autism in the process! Einstein & Turing, Father of the computer were Autistic as well!


Dear Readers: Senators and Representatives,

Autism has a wonderful living anthropology of Successful Autistic people that our post Rain Man Friends refuse to own up to. Our double-blind experience unintentionally deflates most of the modern Rain Man Autism Empire. We met online about 10 years ago and discovered we had all figured out autism in a double blind experience. No matter what county we are from or language we speak the Autism we have figured out on our own has never been in print before. We were all programmed to think this way and learned this on our own. Our Thought process has never been in print before. Autism welcomed us with open arms at one time UNTIL they discovered we only meet the very oldest definitions of the conditions. No matter if we are 80 or teenagers we all have the same story to tell and sadly it doesn't support the modern inflated versions of Autism. Once that fact was discovered we were trampled out of town. What we have figured out is the building blocks the step-by step process the human mind does to actually think! We can explain their Savant they love so much.

Since then we have been trying to get into Autism conventions and our comments have been "expunged" (reportedly) from the CDC's Autism Town Hall Meetings we spoke at. That must mean they are trying to hide us as we know too much. I guess I don't care that this autism bill is spending $860 Million, what worries me is it is being wasted looking for what we have already found out. No typical researcher will ever have the inside track to figure out autism like we have they were not programmed like we were. Please hold Autism Powers Accountable before we spend our Tax money! We have been there and done that, they just don't like our results. Perhaps you could "suggest" they invite us to an Autism convention or you could invite us to testify before Congress. The whole story needs told not just the part they endorse.

Sincerely Rich Shull,

Author, Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, (Autism's most hated book)

Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green Autistically designed car motor that will get a smaller car 100 MPG and a SUV 30 mpg and still have towing power.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Re learning Traditional Thoughts

Re learning Traditional Thoughts, a Ritual, one of several posts teaching the basics of picture thought.

I grew up in America in the late 1960s in a rural area. The tradition in America was-is, school students have our summer months of June, July and August off. I was returning to School starting 5th grade or 4th? and the very first day back was mentally tiring and trying.

I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS a PICTURE THINKER OR AUTISTIC, But, I was puzzled as h*** where that picture thought of the Kindergarten table with our name written in Masking tape come from? We had assigned seats in Kindergarten and the teacher had written our names on masking tape name plates to mark our spots. Here I was starting 4th Grade and I need to write my name and suddenly EVERYONE was gone, the optic vision was OFF the room was quiet and I was looking at a brain generated image of the Kindergarten Name plate. Soon I was copying that image with my hands in other words converting autism thoughts to real world thoughts.

Not only did the Traditional thoughts need relearned I suddenly had to deal with too much noise again. I lived in the wide open Country there was no real TV to watch, no video games or computers, Mom was at work and I was basically alone in an autism paradise with my Dog,King. I set and watched the clouds and listened to the sound of nature others missed and even heard distant tractor motors putter along and even a few conversations over the wind. Autism Overload was rare and not a problem.

The First day back At School was horrible there was suddenly too much noise too many people talking, classmates looked different with hair cuts and summer tans many were sporting new clothes for the first day of school. The freshly polished glowing wood floors of the school and peoples new shoes made for a day of Squeaks which prompted over load a condition where the hearing and vision shut down. I remember re learning my class mates and DIDN'T See many of them with optic vision as you would but rather I was trying to picture think and my optic vision was OFF quite a bit and I was relying on their voice or smell to identify them. I would sometimes get the chance to look at them after the conversation and then I was able to figure out who they were OR figure out what the kids were talking about. One Student wore a Tye dyed tee shirt and it was very interesting and controversial as in this day and age it was in inappropriate to wear such casual clothes to school. I finally seen him closely during a quiet moment he was 3 desks away. I was able to see what all the fuss was about, finally. Had I not been picture thinking I'd seen the whole optic vision picture?

I suspect as I was trying to unknowingly picture think and my optic vision was OFF I looked and presented like the person my classmates remembered. The "drunk clumsy yes even gay kid." Looking back, I had a summers worth of picture thoughts that none of which were ever really translated to traditional words. All my Thoughts were mine autism working like this was in a great place. I'm sure I learned many shortcuts to picture thoughts during this summer. That first day back proved to be trouble for the traditional part of my brain the part I naturally use as my second language. Suddenly the easy autism thoughts had to be converted to words to be spoken or written. In this day in age before I learned some of the proficient Picture thinker tricks I know and appreciate today, I was guaranteed to always be 2-3-4- paces behind the conversations I was having. Traditional Thinker seen I was looking at them and the assumed I seen them and thus went on about their conversations at a mile a minute. My optic vision was off, I was thinking in pictures.

Modern cursed Kids probably never had a quiet moment nor did they ever get the chance to absently figure out they thought with a strange thought process. Like Us many of them see small blips and blank spots in their visual field and probably try to ignore them not know that they are Picture thoughts that need investigated. Via trial and error We learned that these thoughts really are our thoughts. I know when Modern autism Scream and Demands PROPER eye contact they are denying us our chance at brain generated vision (your daydreams?) the heart of autism. So much for Progress! Keep up support of the Autism Societies and this is what you might be forever missing.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Nitty Gritty of Autism Thoughts

Please keep in mind this autism I'm about to describe here, seems to be the only real working living version of autism complete with a successful population from every generation (That modern autism will not own up to) that has been able to compare notes and this is what we figured out absent of one another. This is the hope Autism used to be known for, before Rain Man and the resulting curse.

-The Savant of Autism like Rain Man is one extreme of Picture thought,

-Temple Grandin described only the most basic parts of picture thoughts, in Thinking in Pictures

- Our anthropology, group of Autistic people from all over world build on Temple's work and take it all the way to traditional thoughts. Autistically there is no difference between the savant and the idiot (really) it is the level of autism and traditional thought one has absently figured out that make tend to make us successful or not.

For inspiration and insight into just how well and absently this old Autism worked please look over the web for the work of Alan Turing, 1912-1954 He was father of the Computer and WW II hero. For the BEST autism (unknowingly) story ever please read the following book.

ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges

Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

The Autism Picture! ABOVE is the stuff that Temple described, The stuff that gave the world the computer! And it' s all invisible to the average person unless they see the LACK Of eye contact. The LITTLE brain generated Image in the corner of this otherwise normal optic pictures is autism at work!

When We think Autistically and as we have learned to do absently for so many years, we take the small little BRAIN GENERATED image projected into our visual field and go with it.

If you were standing beside me we would share the entire optical picture EXCEPT for the thought dot in the corner, That is Brain Generated and an autism thought! The Autism Thought could be as simple as this stick figure or as complicated as a wiring diagram or even a motion picture thought, just like watching a VCR. We have to water down these thoughts or at least translate them to words something never in a text book before.

This small picture thought is our NATURAL for us thought process also called autism. Our brain Generated image is our view of our VERY complicated thoughts and unless we have managed to learn something with traditional thought as we are being force fed in school we will not do much in real life just like, Modern Autism at times. We absently learned via trial and error how to read and translate these Brain generated Images.

In this Example the Stick Figure could be "Stan" We would see that invisible to you thought and say the word "STAN." While we are looking at this image our Brains are creating our eyes tend to look up and to the right for some of us and they are OFF and not realizing any Optic vision at all (milliseconds usually) . Proficient Picture thinkers are looking at and reading and digesting their thoughts beginner picture thinkers are probably looking at "blank" empty thoughts, courtesy of Autism's insistence on Eye Contact and emphasis on traditional thought. Many of looked at the same thing but ignorant of Autism and it s curse we were able to eventually figure out those were OUR thoughts we were looking at and they needed translated to traditional words.

This is Proficient autism and many more steps below this, like Temple wrote about in Thinking In Pictures and many more types of Picture thought above this one, even closely mimic traditional thought. Perhaps our Autism thoughts are the building blocks of the human mind?
Whenever my working traditional thought gets lost or stranded or confused, I resort back to picture thought. I wonder is Traditional Thought you use Picture based and you never see those thoughts unless your stuck? Have you ever said I can picture that but, can't think of the name? That might well be autism talking, the autism you never know you have.

When I have Picture in Picture Thoughts-like above-they are sometimes Dyslexic 5's S's Z 's G's D' B's P's and even completely wrong side out Picture thoughts often appear in the brain generated image. If this is the basis for Real Traditional Thought this might well be the root of dyslexia.

If I have 2-3-4-5-6-7 or more completed Brain Generated images that can be translated and spoken to words I often times stutter very badly. When I settle on One IMAGE the Stutter goes away as I only have one picture thought to translate. Again If the Autism Thoughts are the basic the slow motion version of traditional thoughts this would be where Stuttering comes from.

Rain Man was just reading his picture thoughts and literally he was just reading the phone book! The village Idiot has the same picture thoughts but sadly has never learned what to do with them and of course they have never been in a text book before and no amount of research form a traditional thinker could ever have the ability to do what we do or even the natural ability to even realize what we have done. Typical Humans are very shallow ego based thinkers and we might be right as rain, with a living anthropology and hold the keys to the world's best inventions and most popular thinkers of all time but, that is not good enough for autism. At one time we were Autism's hope but nowadays we are not the best thing Autism could ever want to know about, we unintentionally deflate the Autism Empire of today. No wonder Autism will not own up to us we take the zap out of the NASCAR Race car (American Past-time) and the ego from the ego trips of the most popular Autism researcher that was never ever expecting a "retarded autistic person" to ever figure out our own condition. While we were wrapping up and uniting via Alan Turing's' Computer Rain man's curse and its resulting Pity Party and dog and pony show all now spell BIG business and big trouble for Autism. Their "inbreeding" and traditional mindset are the most dangerous from of ignorance on earth. Guess what the Autism Empire Depends on that for its living! It is no wonder man has worked so hard for years trying to discover Einstein he was in plain sight just like we are.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://