Pre Rain Man Autism

Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Autism A Universal Language


Just as man thought he had Earth all figured out, along comes earth's (one of )? Last living anthropology. With the power of the Internet and connections of people a group of mostly Gay Lesbian and Transgendered and BI Sexual Aspies (95% GLBT) met on line for Gay Support, and discovered we are autism's best performing autism populations. Most of us have bridged the gap between autism and traditional thought. Earth only has a few international symbols like the Rainbow Flag (GLBT WORLDWIDE) and the Coke trademark and few advertising logos perhaps but other wise Earth is short on universal things. Our Autism Language is also Universal as our anthropology proves time and again.

Autism is a natural thought process that has never been in print before or ever really discovered. We are all self taught Autistic and learned our "primitive" thought process on our own. Despite being totally ignorant of one another we all had the same milestones in thought development. No matter what language we speak we have the 'same' autism. Additionally we all share the Autistic pain tolerance and super keen senses.

Timing was everything as most of us were never diagnosed autistic in school since we are too old and missed Rain Man's curse. The era was noted for good behavior and strict education was stressed. Even modern Aspies sometimes get to do our experience in the right environment. Linguist can follow languages backward in time and I wonder if someday they will be able to follow ours back to the cave man?

Are we a mirror in to the past or a sharp thorn in the side of Autism? Study our anthropology and find out for your self. It is a small world after all.

Unspun Words

Unspun Words on Autism.

Dear Blog Reader's

I have been asked, Indeed, I am available for speaking engagements. I have a simple 'Newshour approach' (PBS news noted for being fair and balanced) to my speech and try to give all sides of my our autism experience. Someone that knows an aspie well can believe that we tell all sides to a story even if it doesn't flatter our cause. My speech was once honed for the Autism Society of America Convention in Nashville and is the best I can do at unspun facts of my own personal life and that of our anthropology. Listeners can make up their own minds.

I stick to my personal Temple Grandin, our anthropology type of experience as much as possible and try to stay out of the modern Autism debate and rarely comment directly on the new autism. Aspies are not good with politics but we are good at Autism and our completed Experience needs accounted for in Autism's total picture. I keep my talk to 45-50 minutes and allow for questions and answers from smaller groups. I sometimes display a model of my Turing Motor

I have visual props to help the audience figure out what I am talking about. These props amount o the next step in picture thoughts and build upon Temple's work. I don't represent all of old autism but I relate everyone in it to some degree. Our anthropology is very unique and done the best of any autism population at over coming autism. Indeed most all of us do traditional lives to a large degree and we even drive. We are proficient Picture thinkers and Have completed the "Entire Autism Experience". I think most aspies in the spectrum only get 40% of the autism experience. My goals of meeting the community in person are to get our anthropolgy identified and possibly studied. I think most EVERYONE in autism could do what we do if they the same experience we did.

I live in Ohio (USA) and can travel easy to Indiana, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other bordering states. I simply ask for gas money. If your event is further away other arriangemets can be made. Please Email me from the profile page of this blog and we can go from there. Sincerely Rich

Monday, June 27, 2005

Autism's Natural Sound Lab

ALSO an Autism Sound lab! Posted by Hello

(Comment) Well a picture is wroth a 1000 words and a million thoughts and this one brought back memories for me.

This was taken in our back yard and you can see it was rural. Most people thought it was QUIET out there but I could hear all the stuff that scared the rabbits like the hawk sqawking above, The distant animal rustling in the corn field. The neighbors screen door open with a horrible high pitch and even more. Gee, If I were a cave person I'd been using my natural advantage to hunt down dinner.

Look at the picture of the Chrysler and in the upper left had quadrant is red brown object, that is a distant barn about a 1/4 mile away. I often herd if the wind was right the loose roof panels slapping away as the wind blew. Others heard them to a I think heard more of it. I think I heard a higher pitch of sometype. Anyway, one day not long after this photo was taken I heard some noise in that barn a Squawk of sometype. I kept hearing it and thought I best look into the situation, I knew the property was vacant at the time and someone was using the barn for storage. The closer I go the more for sure I knew an Animal was in side. I found a way in via a small door and as soon as I opened the door I was grazed by a speeding Crow that had become trapped in the building. Whew that was a close call. I had learned never to stand in a door way in that situtation,something like a police officer never stands in a door.

Anyway Autism my experience with it was lucky in the respect I had the Autism Sound lab-the great out-of -doors. Living out in the wild like this was GREAT as I learned I heard more than the average person and even how to decode what I heard. I was able to match the popping sound of a motor to a burnt valve. I was able to realize what I had to do not to go crazy when I heard too much inside the house. I often went out of doors when someone ran the vacuum. It had plenty of High pitched noise. I even slept over the Water well in the basement and it was JET pump and literally the neighbors could hear it! It did sound like a jet to some degree. On the nights when the Water softener regenerated It would run 3-4 hours straight and I slept through that, but interestingly woke up the instant the sound changed for one reason or another. I was well into my teen age years before I really knew too much Noise was simply too much and I started putting LARGE mufflers on lawn mowers and wore my first ear plugs. The lack of real noise was so refreshing. Then I had to get used to hearing my own blood flow! When noise is being processed like that It hampers picture thought processing. In fact during Picture Thoughts my hearing is turned OFF mostly and I only hear key words or warnings or perhaps the slightest whisper of wind or a voice and that serves a warning for me many times to "wake up" turn off the Picture Thoughts and look in on reality.

I wonder if today Aspie's simply are not put on a drugs to hide the reaction to that noise no one else hears. By the time you get looped on something and experience the best of modern Autism in today's loud homes, one is at a big loss. Lots of us growing up rural even today do much better at life than some of our counterparts do. I know I am even bothered all the time with the out of time beeps from a car wash over mile away from here and I can hear those beeps over all of the other noise of the city. If I had not had my Autism Lab experiences I would not handled it as well. We even Hear the fake words people tell us as in kind of a lie detector we notice the one or two imperfections in a voice that give away the owners state of being to us. Sometimes what people say and what they do don't mix. I have told relation co workers and neighbors in so many word not to trust so and so and they all thought I was full of something but, someday I was proven to be right. My Co workers were shocked, How did I know so and so was a fake? A lot of it was in the voice.

Please remember like our Picture thoughts are out of sight and thus out of your mind our hearing is our in left field as well. I for one gave up explaining to anyone I heard the air leaking out of the car tire, or the radiator leaking on the car as I was not good at explaining things and who would believe me? That I heard something like that. Weeks after I heard those initial high pitches we had a flat tire and blown radiator respectively. I was being tutored nearly every night for gosh sake just how would I know a radiator was about to blow.

This topic of good hearing doesent ring any bells with modern autism, I'm sure. It might even be worth a few jokes at an autism convention, I would not expcet anything less and until they know what we know we indeed seem worth a laugh. Someday when the politics are settled and Our dream Autism School is set up I hope it is in the middle of no where ,,,it will actually be in the middle of A HUGE autism sound lab. There we can learn all about our noise issues and even use them to our advantage. I'm sure thate are more Autisitc car trouble shooters to be discovered.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Spinning our Anthropology

NO Need To Spin our Anthropology!

Autism's unstudied anthropology, has no need to spin our issues or our causes as the facts and long term history speak for itself: providing anyone will listen. As we emerge from this long term double blind autism experiment where we COMPLETED the Autism Experience and where many of us became proficient picture thinkers we are looking down the barrel of the gun of the Mighty Autism Empire.(( Humor) and the sign says Rabbit season and Elemr Fudd is ready to shoot) Modern Autism would be and was at one time years ago intrigued with us. Then they discovered we did too much and our autism was not the autism they were pushing. Once we were determined to be too far out of line with the Rain Man Autism of today they have tired to keep us buried ever since. Something like one of the biggest scandals Washington, DC is noted for.

We can overcome the PEER review autism process if people in the spectrum insist on their tax dollars and donations to Autism Causes be spent wisely and all sides of the issue are accounted for. We don't hold all the autism answers and probably will make more questions than we can answer, but we DO have living high functioning anthropology of people that think in Pictures, have super keen senses and pain free injuries. That is either True Science Fiction or Autism that is all figured out. We don't know of anyone from autism circles that have ever known us our thoughts or our keen senses or Our Pain Free injuries. Without our inside information they are at a loss.

Research and Peer review is designed to work only from within and it has it good points and bad points. The worst one is some theory or point of view becomes "The View" and there is no longer room for anything other than the party line. No one in Autism was ever EXPECTING to meet anyone from with in the spectrum that ever figured out autism so naturally we are 'troublemakers' certainly NOT autistic. Again no one in the research spectrum thinks in Pictures or has figured out Autism. I think they know we are here and on to something and it is easier to keep us quiet than to admit they might have missed a few things. Just who would believe a group of retards could ever figure out their own conditions? Temple Grandin even spelled it out for them in her work Thinking in Pictures and today they don't realize the entire Autism process is built on her ideals. We even take them miles further!

It seems to be a crime that Mankind's last living anthropology and all of our secrets and insight into a different kind of man-remains hidden. I wonder if the Autism researcher would rather keep their comfortable jobs than ever worry that someday they might have Cancer and might be in horrible pain. Then they might have wished they had figured out our pain tolerance. The politic$ and the money of modern autism can't afford us now. We are the most dangerous threat to the Autism empire on earth. Was it Mark Twain that said we have the best government money can buy? I'll amend that to say we have the worst autism research government money can afford. As I have said before no empire will allow itself to be crippled with a view they do not appreciate or didn't invent on their own.

I bet our pain tolerance alone would open up new pages in research, I wonder how many learing/education issues are related to our picture thoughts? I wonder how many inventions Aspies have tucked away in their picture thoughts? I wonder just how many simply out grew their autism, in their own blind autism experience? Perhaps the Aspie of time gone by, have filtered into life at large like we did. I meet 70, 80 year olds that display the logical conclusion to Picture Thoughts-if they lived their entire life ignorant of autism like we nearly did. A modern researcher will never find them or us as one they are not looking for us and two they don't know what to look for. They might find us and know us a nerd, village idiot or some other strange character. We probably work at the country club and, for sure, don't have a membership there.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Playing Jeopardy!

Playing Jeopardy!

No doubt most of you know of Ken Jennings the all time Jeopardy (America) quiz show champ. I too watched as many of you did, as he answered question after question. I was intrigued with the way Ken answered questions and he seemed to have a short cut in the thought process others lacked. When I knew the answer or had knowledge of the subject my Brain generated images we use to think with were remarkable in getting the right answer as quick as Ken did.

My picture thought seems to be able to jump over lots of small thoughts and go right to the "Answer" In so many words (broadly speaking) I was looking at a Daydream picture a thought picture of the completed answer. If I followed the logic correctly of others challenging him it seems they had to think a little bit longer and harder and if they were playing against anyone else they might have been winners themselves. Of Course, this begs the question is Mr. Jennings a picture thinker? A picture is worth a 1000 words and a million thoughts if you think with them. Completing the Autism Experience has taught us which thoughts to use and how to use them. I also noted a pattern and most logical answer to the questions as I do all questions on shows like that. The questions and answers stay pretty close to "common popular" knowledge as if they didn't you would risk boring the viewers. Typically on the first or second most popular person or event is the topic of the question. Ironically the same appilies to typical human conversation It is all pretty much the same conversation with different "blanks" filled in. Unless it is technical and needs to be most communication simply sets a tone and not an agenda. It seems no one will admit to anything , that seems like Human nature.

When he was wrong on an answer I noted at times an answer that would not relate well to a picture thought, our brain generated images we use to think with and convert to words or actions. Picture thoughts like nouns are usually pretty definite and verbs are kind of handled for me at least with a motion picture thought- a type of autistic thought. It seems some of his goofs in my opinion would have had some abstract picture thoughts to decode.

With this said I will leave poor Mr. Jennings alone, I bet even with his money and new found friends he might feel like he was happier being poor.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Central Auditory Processing and Autism

A Mirror looking at Autism , before Rain Man?

*Is your child easily distracted or unusually bothered by loud or sudden noises?
*Are noisy environments upsetting to your child?
*Does your child's behavior and performance improve in quieter settings?
*Does your child have difficulty following directions, whether simple or complicated ones?
*Does your child have reading, spelling, writing, or other speech-language difficulties?
*Is abstract information difficult for your child to comprehend?
*Are verbal (word) math problems difficult for your child?
*Is your child disorganized and forgetful?
*Are conversations hard for your child to follow?

These are from the Nemours Foundation Web site about Central Auditory Process disorder web site.

As I learn more and more and meet more people on the web form many disciplines beyond Autism, I have come across a group of people with Central Auditory Processing Disorder known as CAPD. This CAPD sounds hauntingly familiar to many of us in Autism's unstudied past. In fact, it sounds the above listing describes our Autism-minus-the picture thoughts.
Of Course, Picture thoughts have never been in Print before and no one knows about them but for a few of us. If they are a natural form of unknown Human thought perhaps more people than Autisitcs have them?

I am going to copy the above list and Insert "picture thoughts"

*Is your child easily distracted or unusually bothered by loud or sudden noises?
This has been a hallmark of Autism, long before the Rain Man era. If these folks, also "suffer" from autism's really good hearing they too would be distracted. We hear stuff decibels above what the typical person hears, Our Hearing rivals that of a dog. The world only gets louder at times when the traditional person thinks it gets quieter. You would need a decibel meter to hear what we hear.

*Are noisy environments upsetting to your child?
Besides, hearing more range than the traditional person, Picture thoughts or the "BLANK SPOT" where picture thoughts are supposed to go tend to shut down hearing,,, it does make one want to scream! A picture thought is a brain generated Image that turns off optic vision and replaces that with a brain generated Image (kind of like a daydream) that we use to think with. During a Picture thought hearing and vision are typically turned off. Proficient Picture thinkers like myself have developed way to think faster and pre think our lives. We know If we are doing complicated thoughts and unknowingly trying to process things we get flustered.

*Does your child's behavior and performance improve in quieter settings? I think If our Anthropology were ever studied we would have lots to add this matter. Quiet and slow motion was often our saving grace. Many of us in the anthropology grew up in quiet times and in the country where life was even quieter. Houses were quiet, there was little TV to watch and Radio and boom boxes were not common. Those of us growing up in the country had a better chance to learn of the Extra Noise we do hear and how to use it or deal with it.
Does your child have difficulty following directions, whether simple or complicated ones? I found one of the reason I had such a hard time making directions work was I had to (unknowingly) convert those Words to Picture thoughts or Actions. Today directions are easy
as I have learned Picture thought. I can do enough Picture thoughts fast enough to keep up. A young person with CAPD (or Anyone) that perhaps doesn't realize their picture thoughts and how they interfere with processing will have a time with directions. NOTE Picture thought is NEVER and has never been Taught in any school , Many of us in the Autism Spectrum figured it out by accident and realized by accident just how useful and connected it is to our lives. Naturally It is brainwashed from us as no one knows what we are doing and eventually we learn to live without it.

*Does your child have reading, spelling, writing, or other speech-language difficulties? From A picture thought prospective, I had to learn the picture thought (still Picture) of the word Fan and associate the word Fan to it and If I was having a picture thought of some type and my hearing was off and on for a few milliseconds I might have hear PHAN PAN An etc. I spent many hours in my early years redefining my Picture thought definitions. If Our Anthropology were studied I bet we all would have a custom Dictionary of Picture thoughts unique to us.

Is abstract information difficult for your child to comprehend? Thankfully this got easier over time as we learned better and better Picture thought methods.

*Are verbal (word) math problems difficult for your child? They were "delightful" for some of us. There seems to a part of anthropology that can't even keep a check book in order (like me) and others that were a Whiz at math, I suspect Aspie Alan Turing Father of the Computer was a math whiz.

*Is your child disorganized and forgetful? I am lucky and finally got a handle on that I make list and my Picture thoughts are in ABC order. Even my Shop is in ABC order I can find anything in an instant.
Are conversations hard for your child to follow? I found and perhaps others in our anthropology have the same story to share but typically when we figured out our picture thoughts to a better degree and learned how to complete a picture thought and learned what part of the Picture thought to "tell" and what part of our complicated picture thought (brain generate Image) to convert to words we all did better at life. Pictures as you know are worth a 1000 words and If I had a picture thought of GRANDMA in her kitchen , / Does one say Grandma was wearing a yellow dress? Do you say her Kitchen was spotless? Do you mention her Silver Hair? Her tired look, Her shoes? and just how to relate that picture thought to something current like "Grandma is on the phone?" Eventually we learn what the other person is expecting to hear and Taylor our thoughts to something not quite so broad.
Working in the oppoiste direction as we hear other peoples conversaton espcially when we are young our Picture thoughts (invisable to You, brain generated) might not be developed yet and what you are saying to us has no connection yet. I only dream that someday Picture thinking will be known enough that there might be a dictionary of "standard picture thoughts" . Just like the ABC's and basic reading these could be 'basic autism" .If we had some basic thoughts to refer to common simple conversation would be easier faster and more connected.

Is this simply autism? Autism without the behavior issues? Autism before intervention and possibly the too much "help" of today? Old Autism brochures from the 1960's nearly mirror this and it is only the newer broader definition of Autism / make Autism what it is today.

I have met people in our Anthropology that had all of the above issues in their lives and most simply somehow or another developed enough traditional thought to get by. Some are Puzzled but use them all the same they see" Pictures" of things for key thoughts! It seems they have picture thought that only they see and they "know" what to do with it. Having only a key thought like this and traditional thoughts otherwise would certainly allow them to keep up in the real world like they do.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Real Time ,Real Results

Real World, Real Time, Real Results

One thing I have kind of neglected in my "autism quest" is the fact many people in our anthropology have a real world factor to their life. Most of the older folk seem to get along pretty well most of the time and don't appear 'obviously autistic' -Unless perhaps you get us lost in deep conversation or we have too many distractions to deal with. On the other hand most of the young Autistic people do tend to be"autisitc" have odd patterns and manors that create the illusion they are worse off than they are.

I have just seen today as a matter of fact a big glimmer of hope as an Autistic friend of mine just left here and I could tell (if he didn't) he made a big stride in Autism Thoughts today as a key part of his conversation with me actually clicked for the first time. It is hard to explain but this 20 something was considered Autistic but, I think today he was able to link key picture thoughts together and I realize that as SUDDENLY his conversation with me finally flowed easy. This real to life social training in a fast paced conversation is just the stuff we endured years before Autism was diagnosed.

I have catered to his thought patterns and interests during our talks like he did mine (allowed us to "read Picture thoughts" ) and Aspie wise we were able to talk about our 'topics' with ease. Today seemed to be a big jumping off point where I seen his thoughts finally bridged a gap from the autism World to the traditional one. He seemed to loose a social handy cap. I suspect it might be months before his appearance and speech pattern really show an obvious improvement but I think someday, someone will tell him you can't be autistic you don't act that way. We hear it all the time! Actually, all we have done today was just simply complete another step of his Autism Experiment. Looking back I think I did what he did today when I was in high school.

For those of us that grew up gay or understand the difference and the time we grew up in you know that being Gay made you a member of an elite group of people that all had to band together for survival. We had forced relationships other Aspie populations were never privileged to endure. We learned many social lessons having to communicate for survival. I now know I bridged lots of picture thoughts to social things in 8-9-10 th grade.

It is just that difference that made Autism Assume the Aspie that made it were, well, Autistic. At the exact same time we were doing our Autism with the added Bonus of a social group and most of us ended up as "normal." It is hard to fathom but we do autism more completely than others most times. I bet If our learning experiences were ever charted in terms of what we have done the only major difference would be our social factor. That seems to the only thing that really separates us from "autistic aspies."

Many of us have learned to water down our thoughts and rethink our simple conversation and thus appear to be normal. Most social chit chat is 90% predictable or you can "bluff" a little bit at times. Smart Aspies pre think their conversation or have the most enduring conversations with a stranger on the telephone. In fact If have met someone on the phone I present pretty normal and that makes a conversation in person easier. Still we typically hold our best conversation on a technical level (nerd to nerd)? And we can usually talk with another Engineer or expert in our field with total ease.

Perhaps if our study is ever completed this will be one of its most obvious points.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Study Predictions


Long time readers of this blog know one of my points to ponder is our long term study of our living autism Anthropology. Our anthropology of Autism reaches back in time and includes people in their 80's plus we have a number of deceased people that have left a legacy as well. Our living anthropology offers blanket coverage of the entire spectrum. The study includes old, new, Straight, Transgendered Lesbian Gay and BI sexual populations of Autism. The majority of us are Older GLBT populations, but again we are a mix of everyone.

We all met online with the power of the Internet and otherwise we would have never connected. We met online initially seeking a GLBT (Gay, Lesbian Transgendered and Bisexual) support for Autism and what we discovered was a group of very highfunctioning,well adjusted Aspie's and most of us do traditional lives. We drive hold normal jobs and some of us even excel in our fields.

We all did a blind backwards experience in Autism and online we have compared notes to discover we all were self taught Autisitcs-our Thought process has NEVER been in print before (Temple Grandin mentioned it, picture thought). There was no one there to teach us our natural thought process. We all share the same milestones in thought development and today depending on how far along we are in our self guided tour of autism think the "same way." Proficient Picture Thinkers like I am all do a pretty normal life we HAVE COMPLETED The entire Autism Course as we know it. Before this Autism's highest honor was Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures but, her great work only describes autism to a half way point compared to our experience. Those of us completing the autism course instantly see modern Autism has got a hold of the 'wrong end of the stick.'

Despite the fact we are from all over the world and speak many different languages and we never knew one another, the Autism has proven to be the same. Again Our Thought process has never been in print before, I try to illustrate it in my book called Pre Rain Man Autism and please look back in this blog and see an illustration of one of our advanced thoughts.
It seems every asipe that has made it in real life like we have had a social factor in their lives that really helped them over come Autism and connect Autism to traditional thought. For many of us it was GLBT factor, others had a strict well managed life to help overcome Autism's poor behavior. Still others had a unique social structure that allowed them connect somehow.

Autism is so simple, it is just another language basically only one that has never been understood before. I have always said that basic Autism could be taught by 6th Grade If our long term 30-40 years experiments were condensed. Of Course, We are unintentionally kicking Modern Autism as we emerge from our experiment at exactly the wrong point and time. No Empire will allow itself to be disrupted with long-term evidence. Mankind has been the biggest looser in autism's Rain Man Style ignorance and has been cheated out of our insight into the human mind, our pain free population, among many other things.

Perhaps what really scares Autism's new empire is, I predict that autism will become the old boring autism of time gone by,a1960's definition of Autism and many cases of the new Epidemic will be proven not to autism, but something else. We have people from the modern generation that relate to us perfectly (usually lower functioning folks) and have seen many from the modern generation seek us out on line for support in the gay issues in their lives and many of those people don't a clue to autism as we know it.

Other aspects of our long term experiment will tend prove ignorance from 'Autism's modern knowledge' saved many of us from a Rain Man curse and gave us an ignorant chance we would never had otherwise. We are so thankful for that. I don't think Modern autism was intentional at all in trying to help and it had the best of intention but it just its empire is built on a false foundation. I do worry, if today AUTISM IS being intentional in ignoring our living working anthropology, Indeed there are many careers and reputations and hurting families at stake.

Even, If I were not outed I still think Autism would be ignoring us as we do too much, without their help. I was one hailed as the next Temple Grandin and I built my book Pre Rain Man Autism on hers and completed the autism experience as we know it.

Autism Empires and general human nature and even homophobia are bigger hurdles than Autism ever was. Not only do we offer a study of long term legendary proportions, but some of us are gay as well. Even more shocking(to some) the Transgendered people have done the best of any autism Population. Autism and the celebrity based empire it has built will not shoot itself in the foot it will not even look at as us because of the sexual issues alone. It is amazing just how many autistic turn out gay. Maybe we are the world's last Gay rights struggle as well? (indeed we have straight people in our anthropology don't forget) .

Autism has no reason to open this can of worms as they would call it , and everytime we talk they have a further resolve to shut us up. Therefore I call upon others in science, like Cancer research, Education think tanks and worldwide non-profits to at least do the study on our worldwide autism anthropology? Autism will have to jump on board eventually when the resutls are clear. The Spin Doctors of autism or even the best ones of Washington, DC cannot (will not) sugar coat our facts well enough to get us admitted to in autism circles. Perhaps the Tax payers are being cheated?

I'd like to thank Aspie Dr. Alan Turing (1912-1954) for leaving us the computer and now the Internet to work with. Alan was a WW II hero and Father of the computer. It was the gay factor in his life that made him social enough to get along with others (in a strange way) and the Obvious Autism Thought, that gave the world his computer. Despite Alan's gay suicide he left a legacy beyond compare. (Ironically) homophobic persons use computers and the net all the time and I don't see them avoiding the net like Autism avoids us?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Just What do you do with Eye Contact?

Just what is it do you do with eye contact?

An excerpt of a conversation between older aspies.

(off humor among friends) "Just what is it they do with eye contact anyway? I don't see them "beaming messages" in a telepathic, Star Trek type manner from eye to eye, person to person? Even they loose eye contact at times during conversation and why is they can talk on the phone and still communicate? Why do they insist on eye contact from an Aspie, and go to extremes and great length to get it? Don't they realize (they don't) we are thinking or trying to think while they are talking to us? That gazed look is A GREAT SIGN, it means the autism thought process is there and functioning. It only needs developed and the experiement totally completed.

This is the point of the blog entry where the "experts" of autism cough and groan and perhaps call us a few names and resolve to do even more to keep us hidden than ever before. But, in reality it is the point in our conversation where some party doesn't know what they are talking about. I'll be the first to admit I am, we are not perfect but, we do have a long term COMPLETED Autism Experiment to stand on. We do have a living anthropology of people that did the same blind autism experiment and came up with much the same results.

We do not have a list of TV Credits, or Fundraisers, Ph.D's, celebrity support, Race Cars or even TV shows about us or the stereotype of common modern autism. We have a few public speaking engagements to our credit (In America) (for the Center for disease Control Listing to Autism session (Oct 2004) Indianapolis Indiana) an unadmitted to book and lots of professionals stunned that someone figured out the Aspie condition. We don't have a bankroll of Taxpayer money or a group of spin doctors trying to hide the obvious. It was not our intention to deflate the current autism empire it was just bad timing. We might never be able to over come their power, might and money.

Smart parents will learn of us on their own and use the insight to do their own version of autism like we did and freedom like that will unleash the Aspie mind and aspies themselves will figure out their conditions like we have. I Pray one of them will Straight as an arrow (but not narrow) (for their sake in America) and will be able to be crowned "the Next Temple Grandin" and have the title stick. For good measure I also recommend a PH.d. as well ,just to make sure your point might be heard.

Just for the record , there is a good reason for eye contact and I understand why people see it as vital and for most populations it is vital. However, while we are missing out on the eye contact many of us have our Optic vision turned off during that time and we would not see you even IF we were looking right at you. Our Optic vision is being replace with a "daydream" as you would know it and a brain generated image filling our visual field as we know it. Proficient picture thinkers literally think with that "daydream." While some of the world is curing autism now we have understood it for years. There is no need to cure autism It is simply a different language: just one that has never been discovered yet.

I guess that leaves us in the Dark Ages, (humor) Beam me up Scotty!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

For Mal

A blank post dedicated to Mal, you will be forever in our heats and minds.

In Memory of John Keel

The Blog entry is based on the Car and Driver Magazine, May 2004 edition.

A discussion of the article entitled

The Boy Who Loved Hearses, the Curious Life and Times of John Keel, written by John Phillips.

My friend sent me this article and said Rich this is you, and Autism all over again! After reading this article about John Keel I indeed realize his life and mine would exchange nearly page for page. I think Mr. Keel was in the middle of his own blind backward experiment in autism but something went horribly wrong in his case. I suspect on the surface of it, Mr. Keel seemed like such and odd strange person with some special qualities about him and his case some special talents as well. That description really fits most of us in our unstudied Autism Anthropology. I can't help but wonder IF someday Mr. Keel would have also heard of Temple Grandin or my self or even the work of Bill Stillman and realized he too was autistic?

As I see it he was in the last stages of his Autism experiment and he was learning how to drive autistically. The article starts with a description of an accident he had that broke off the front wheels of his Mona one of his hearses. I think most aspies that have done our experience have a few driving goof's like this when were first start to drive. REMEMBER we were typically ignorant of Autism as we had a unique set of conditions that allowed us to miss the "best" of the new Autism. If Mr. Keel would have lived I'm sure the driving alone, like it did for many of us, served to refine our Picture Thoughts. I developed Picture in Picture thought by driving. (As the Experts Ask, what the" something" is he talking about?)

The article goes to great lengths to explain John's love for Hearses, Flower Cars and Funereal Limousines. He was even called upon to judge at car shows as he was indeed a walking encyclopedia of his craft. While the onlookers seen this as 'cool' and great for him knowledge no one see it as obvious Autism. Only an Aspie mind would keep track of all of those details and only an aspie mind is geared to do such things. He was using his splinter skills and interests. Our Biggest problem is completing our own self guidied,self taught Autism experience and then being lucky enough to explain our insight to someone or turn it into a useful job. John was well on the way to doing that it seems. Perhaps his death was a gay suicide?

Our Anthropology is filled with gay Aspie suicide or near suicide attempts and those who have endured tell of the aspie (unknown to them) and how that factor was nearly too much for their support system and how Gay, Lesbian BI Sexual and Transgendered Issues were simply too much for their familles to bear. The kindest nicest people are very cruel in the name of love. They would rather see a loved one dead than out and living a real life. Aspie is hard enough especially when we figure out enough about it to do some attempt at a normal life and by the time we get that far we have used up a lot of grace with our families as we are so "strange". Lots of families will not tolerate 'those kind of people'. Including myself I was very lucky and my Family supported me in coming out, My Dad even joined P-Flag.

If Mr. Keel had lived I suspect he to would have fit the Aspie profile. It is no shock to see where his Family would have never dreamed he was autistic as the modern stereotype of Autism ignores the older version of autism were people were quiet and loners. The modern Spun for TV image of new autism had no room for the boring stuff we have been enduring. Obviously, no one in autism ever expected to hear from us either. While Autism was reinventing the wheel we were driving it. Now, Modern Autism would have egg on its face if he suddenly had to admit to us.

Splinter skills for Mr. Keel were hearses and mine were 1962 Pontiac's. I used my deep knowledge of Pontiac's to reach out and do other things. I even used that knowledge to invenit my Turing Motor a 70% Efficient car motor. My 62 Pontiac has even proven to be the worst car ever made and less than 1% of them survive and they were the 3rd best selling car in 1962. Aspies Alan Turing was Father of the Computer and George Washington Carver also seemed to have a one track mind as well.

The Article Explains another (unknowingly) aspect to Keel's autism success that was, his close nit family. It seems to be one of those families where Elders rule and great behavior was mandatory! Was it was one of those places where you sat at the table until your plate was clean? This aspect alone does wonders in overcoming autism's bad behavior that seems legendary these days. Plus he went to small rural school who 's staff might not known of Autism like the bigger schools do. If John was lucky as it seems he was he found a way to get along in school and might even have been doing Picture Thoughts.

His life fits our Anthropology to a tee, I deeply admire Mr. Keel and his success in real life. I only wish for what ever the reason he would have lived. Who knows what kinds of inventions he has stored in Picture thoughts? (brain generated Images, invisible to the average person) .

I plead with those in the spectrum more of us than you think are also in the Gay Lesbian Transgendered and Bisexual spectrum as well as the autism one. It makes me cry as people find us and they figured out lots of autism but yet hit a BIG roadblock in terms of coming out. Lots of People are not lucky enough or old enough to be totally independent. MANY MANY people in our anthropology also have a positive GLBT life experience as well. Aspie might hide the gay/Trangendered aspect to their lives better than most populations. When all is said and done the Transgendered aspie will hold the key to the most autism success! Again If our anthropology were ever admitted to TG among us will have proven them selves as doing Autism better than any other Aspie Population.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finishing the Autism Course

Finishing the Autism Course!

I get comments all the time that "you are not Autistic" you don't act' that way'. I guess I'm too social and carry on a good conversation. (it is hard but I do it) Those in our anthropology do it all the time. As a proficient aspie Picture thinkers that took Temple Grandin's experiment miles further, it is obvious (if we were ever studied) that we completed Picture thought training, she only absently got part of the course. We absently got all of the course.

Autism has never been taught or understood by even the best of experts. This next statement is going to sound horrible but autism was better off before it was discovered. People like Alan Turing and George Washington Carver and many others simply blended into real life and their cases, left the world with stunning inventions we still use to this day. It is amazing the number of aspie in our anthropology that are mostly older that simply out grew their autism on their own. Today they are 70-80 or older and have learned traditional thought it seems, and still to this day have some key picture thoughts.

Aspie thoughts have never been in print before and they are nothing like traditional thought. If they are ever FULLY developed they do wonderful at real life including social things. To fully complete the Autism experiment we did, all of has had a social factor in early life as well as many times the best of ignorance to help us. Our Social factor was the idea we had a forced group of Friends (Gay Lesbian Transgendered and Bisexual) and all told it is one difference in our autism. As we were absently developing picture thoughts we actually had a social group to try out our thoughts on. If I were not Gay I'd been totally friendless in school as I was bit too 'autistic.' This was long before Gay groups in schools and everyone had to band together to survive. Today Gay is so mainstream a Gay Aspie would not have the same advantage we had.

Aspie Communication is really "easy" but never a part of natural aspie learning program in most cases. (forgive me) But humans are so predictable and most of the time our conversations are learned and we simply fill in a few variables and 80% of the time, we can talk easily. We really get messed up If we are thrown a RINGER or our pre thought (picture thought) conversation doesn't end up fitting the conversation.

We literally think with Brain generated Pictures they can cancel out optic vision in lower forms of picture thought, but proficient thinkers like me have developed ways to use Picture in Picture, projection and more types of Advanced Picture thoughts. Temple mentions motion pictures and still pictures mostly in her work and they are not the super advanced stuff we were lucky enough to figure out. The use of those thoughts allow us to read conversations and body language and thus appear to be not autistic. We are like a duck calm on top and paddling like hell underneath keep up with things. It doesn't always work! Talk to us in a good phone conversation and you swear we are normal. Phones are our best communication method with a stranger. We can simply read our thoughts (your day dreams) and convert them to words to be spoken.

I have been lucky enough to meet young aspies in real life that have found us seeking out the gay connection in their lives and sadly it is obvious their modern eductions really have left them "autistic". I'm delighted to report however even these people bloom and develop by leaps and bounds as they to complete the autism training. Many simply have to finish learning picture thoughts others have to realize it to begin with. Even those that have been through ABA light up and bloom when we explain Picture thoughts to them. The picture thoughts are always there, just untapped and even HIDDEN. PICTURE THOUGHTS ARE INVISIBLE TO THE AVERAGE PERSON your day dream is the closest thing I can think of that matches our picture thoughts. (QUICK, Try to Remember or better yet explain your dreams and do it quick enough to talk about them in a normal conversation) A daydream would be almost like a motion picture that Temple talked about.

Really, as I have said many times condense our anthropology's blind autism experiments and we could teach basic Autism Picture thoughts by 6th grade! We have already done the long version of that experiment. Successfully, I might add. I invite the Expert's to plagiarize my work or bash it-if that will make them feel better, that will take a few years off the learning curve we present. The Autism Powers have been hiding us for year now already. They understandably are not at ease with us as we are common people that figured out our own conditions. We don't need another generation of aspies in a group home.

In writing this post I had at least 400 or so still picture thoughts 25-30 motion pictures , a 100 or so picture in picture thoughts and a few projection thoughts. These thoughts are the advanced aspie thoughts that we figured out as well as the simpler stuff Temple wrote about.