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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Central Auditory Processing and Autism

A Mirror looking at Autism , before Rain Man?

*Is your child easily distracted or unusually bothered by loud or sudden noises?
*Are noisy environments upsetting to your child?
*Does your child's behavior and performance improve in quieter settings?
*Does your child have difficulty following directions, whether simple or complicated ones?
*Does your child have reading, spelling, writing, or other speech-language difficulties?
*Is abstract information difficult for your child to comprehend?
*Are verbal (word) math problems difficult for your child?
*Is your child disorganized and forgetful?
*Are conversations hard for your child to follow?

These are from the Nemours Foundation Web site about Central Auditory Process disorder web site.

As I learn more and more and meet more people on the web form many disciplines beyond Autism, I have come across a group of people with Central Auditory Processing Disorder known as CAPD. This CAPD sounds hauntingly familiar to many of us in Autism's unstudied past. In fact, it sounds the above listing describes our Autism-minus-the picture thoughts.
Of Course, Picture thoughts have never been in Print before and no one knows about them but for a few of us. If they are a natural form of unknown Human thought perhaps more people than Autisitcs have them?

I am going to copy the above list and Insert "picture thoughts"

*Is your child easily distracted or unusually bothered by loud or sudden noises?
This has been a hallmark of Autism, long before the Rain Man era. If these folks, also "suffer" from autism's really good hearing they too would be distracted. We hear stuff decibels above what the typical person hears, Our Hearing rivals that of a dog. The world only gets louder at times when the traditional person thinks it gets quieter. You would need a decibel meter to hear what we hear.

*Are noisy environments upsetting to your child?
Besides, hearing more range than the traditional person, Picture thoughts or the "BLANK SPOT" where picture thoughts are supposed to go tend to shut down hearing,,, it does make one want to scream! A picture thought is a brain generated Image that turns off optic vision and replaces that with a brain generated Image (kind of like a daydream) that we use to think with. During a Picture thought hearing and vision are typically turned off. Proficient Picture thinkers like myself have developed way to think faster and pre think our lives. We know If we are doing complicated thoughts and unknowingly trying to process things we get flustered.

*Does your child's behavior and performance improve in quieter settings? I think If our Anthropology were ever studied we would have lots to add this matter. Quiet and slow motion was often our saving grace. Many of us in the anthropology grew up in quiet times and in the country where life was even quieter. Houses were quiet, there was little TV to watch and Radio and boom boxes were not common. Those of us growing up in the country had a better chance to learn of the Extra Noise we do hear and how to use it or deal with it.
Does your child have difficulty following directions, whether simple or complicated ones? I found one of the reason I had such a hard time making directions work was I had to (unknowingly) convert those Words to Picture thoughts or Actions. Today directions are easy
as I have learned Picture thought. I can do enough Picture thoughts fast enough to keep up. A young person with CAPD (or Anyone) that perhaps doesn't realize their picture thoughts and how they interfere with processing will have a time with directions. NOTE Picture thought is NEVER and has never been Taught in any school , Many of us in the Autism Spectrum figured it out by accident and realized by accident just how useful and connected it is to our lives. Naturally It is brainwashed from us as no one knows what we are doing and eventually we learn to live without it.

*Does your child have reading, spelling, writing, or other speech-language difficulties? From A picture thought prospective, I had to learn the picture thought (still Picture) of the word Fan and associate the word Fan to it and If I was having a picture thought of some type and my hearing was off and on for a few milliseconds I might have hear PHAN PAN An etc. I spent many hours in my early years redefining my Picture thought definitions. If Our Anthropology were studied I bet we all would have a custom Dictionary of Picture thoughts unique to us.

Is abstract information difficult for your child to comprehend? Thankfully this got easier over time as we learned better and better Picture thought methods.

*Are verbal (word) math problems difficult for your child? They were "delightful" for some of us. There seems to a part of anthropology that can't even keep a check book in order (like me) and others that were a Whiz at math, I suspect Aspie Alan Turing Father of the Computer was a math whiz.

*Is your child disorganized and forgetful? I am lucky and finally got a handle on that I make list and my Picture thoughts are in ABC order. Even my Shop is in ABC order I can find anything in an instant.
Are conversations hard for your child to follow? I found and perhaps others in our anthropology have the same story to share but typically when we figured out our picture thoughts to a better degree and learned how to complete a picture thought and learned what part of the Picture thought to "tell" and what part of our complicated picture thought (brain generate Image) to convert to words we all did better at life. Pictures as you know are worth a 1000 words and If I had a picture thought of GRANDMA in her kitchen , / Does one say Grandma was wearing a yellow dress? Do you say her Kitchen was spotless? Do you mention her Silver Hair? Her tired look, Her shoes? and just how to relate that picture thought to something current like "Grandma is on the phone?" Eventually we learn what the other person is expecting to hear and Taylor our thoughts to something not quite so broad.
Working in the oppoiste direction as we hear other peoples conversaton espcially when we are young our Picture thoughts (invisable to You, brain generated) might not be developed yet and what you are saying to us has no connection yet. I only dream that someday Picture thinking will be known enough that there might be a dictionary of "standard picture thoughts" . Just like the ABC's and basic reading these could be 'basic autism" .If we had some basic thoughts to refer to common simple conversation would be easier faster and more connected.

Is this simply autism? Autism without the behavior issues? Autism before intervention and possibly the too much "help" of today? Old Autism brochures from the 1960's nearly mirror this and it is only the newer broader definition of Autism / make Autism what it is today.

I have met people in our Anthropology that had all of the above issues in their lives and most simply somehow or another developed enough traditional thought to get by. Some are Puzzled but use them all the same they see" Pictures" of things for key thoughts! It seems they have picture thought that only they see and they "know" what to do with it. Having only a key thought like this and traditional thoughts otherwise would certainly allow them to keep up in the real world like they do.


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