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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing and Aspies (and others?)

We are both deaf and blind at times

Autism's Deaf and Blindness

Autism as I know it being a proficient picture thinker is riddled with times that I am BOTH DEAF AND BLIND! I have had these conditions since before I was in school. Today 40 years later I now know the deafness and the blindness are related to picture thoughts trying to develop. While Picture thoughts (brain generated images) are trying to form especially with those people that don't understand their picture thoughts the pure brain power needed to do a picture thought might in my opinion turns off our hearing and vision as "power saving feature " of Picture thought.

Today I can her and see perfectly as I control my picture thoughts. As a proficient picture thinker I can think in a manner suitable to the situation. If my brain is not thinking in pictures or trying to, hearing is perfect I hear every word. We even have super good hearing and hear stuff decibels above the traditional person. Picture thought is like turning a television to a new channel as the "plug" is pulled on the first one. In other words optic vision and hearing are NORMAL one-second and when a picture thought is developing our hearing is turned down or off and our optic vision is turned off. It is replaced with a new optic vision that is brain generated, just like switching to a new channel. Picture thought is INVISIBLE to anyone else and even Picture thinkers, most of them don't have a clue to the idea they are having beginning picture thoughts. I suspect early picture thinkers are lost and stunned and out of it occasionally but, if they are lucky they are able to develop "traditional" thought as they are being taught in school. Sometimes the visual and the hearing loss are just a millsecond or a few seconds or they can be a minute or two if we are are in over load a state where nothing seems to work.

I wonder if our brain only has just so much capacity and picture thought uses most of it thus hearing and vision and maybe even the nerves that allows us to feel pain are turned off? Of course none of this has been in a science book before so modern folks that don't hear or see or process the world well, might be two using different types of thoughts, one of which is unknown.

I now realize when I don't hear well or have to read lips or guess at something 98% of the time is due to a picture thought in progress. I am one of the lucky ones that can control my picture thoughts and that allows me to keep pace with the real world easier. I can finally, after years of practice Listen, picture think, listen again and by controlling my picture thoughts I am able to get along well. Our developed Advanced picture thought is usually quicker, controllable, and even an efficient type of thought. The stuff Temple wrote about Picture streams, motion pictures and still pictures,( and even overload) is not fast paced enough to promote normal hearing. Proficient picture thinking is not perfect at hearing either but we do get to process more than others.

I wondered Why as many people in this anthropology have WHY we passed the hearing tests in 1st. grade and still we could NOT hear at times. Too much noise, too much to think about all trigger the "automatic" reaction that shuts off our hearing I wonder If Picture thought were ever discovered or taught in a school to those in the autism spectrum, Or any one with a processing trouble if some of the afflicted would realize in short order that they are picture thinking? Picture thinking tries to turn off our hearing and vision.

If we are the living missing evolution in mankind's walk up the evolution scale our odd processing and picture thoughts and nearly everything else about our characters would have its roots in a "cave man" past. We are not all that far removed from the dark ages and old primitive brains -if indeed that is what we have- just are not suited to listening and thinking without a picture thought to guide it. It is scary to realize (my Opinion) that most all of the mental disorders have a new explanation and even a simple one that is directly inline with autism. I have wondered for years now if Schizophenria is nothing more than total picture thinking (complete with our too much noise issues). Aspies are lucky (some of us) and have bridged a gap between normal and older thinking.

Interestingly our anthropology shows a glaring obvious point at times that many of us share the same family tree, or our ancestors all came from a general area. We have seen a connection between Germany Europe and the East coast of America and even Germany and Australia. This is the power of anthropology and a living one at that. PLEASE HELP, Encourage someone in science to commission a proper study on us.


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