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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ceorge Washington Carver an Aspie?

George Washington Carver another Aspie?

Much in the spirit of Dr. Alan Turing, Autistic gay, father of the computer George Washington Carver seems to also fit the mold of our unstudied Autistic anthropology. Both Alan Turing and Carver were "odd" people with the utmost respect from their peers in many different fields. Both seem to shy away from the limelight and put their work before anything else. Alan was given the Office of the British empire award, for work fathering the computer and offered many interesting positions. Carver was visited by President Roosevelt and Henry Ford and even offered a job by Henry Ford. Ford and Carver developed the first plastic parts for cars.
Socially, both guys seem to be aloof, but sociable they got along well other but preferred to be alone. Both were deeply interested in mankind and how to improve it. Carver was a poet and writer as well many other things. Were both of these Guys Just using their Autistic splinter skills to their best advantage? Being and Autistic Picture thinker I can see where Alan Turing's Work followed his "splinter skill" interests. Here is a list of Carvers (some Of) achievements and again from an Autistic point of View Lots of Carvers work is all related easily via picture thoughts. Although when the typical person reads the following list it might look like nothing is related but Picture thought wise everything is nearly Identical. Of Course Picture Thought has never been in print before so as far as Autism and proper society is concerned we are just blowing smoke.

Some of the synthetic products developed by Dr. Carver: *
Adhesives Axle GreaseBleach ButtermilkCheese Chili SauceCream CreosoteDyesFlour Fuel BriquettesInkInstant Coffee Insulating BoardLinoleumMayonnaiseMealMeat Tenderizer
Metal PolishMilk FlakesMucilagePaperRubbing OilsSalveSoil ConditionerShampooShoe PolishShaving CreamSugarSynthetic MarbleSynthetic RubberTalcum PowderVanishing CreamWood StainsWood FillerWorcestershire Sauce * Source: Hattie Carwell. Blacks in Science: Astrophysicist to Zoologist. (Hicksville, N.Y.: Exposition Press), 1977. p. 18.

I have seen movie film strip of Carver being interviewed in person and his persona has lots of Autism characteristics about it. If Indeed Carver and others were Autistic (seems likely) we have here among us Carver recorded on tape and lots of older Autistic like me that have met in person. We know what Autism is about and can see its traits like lack of eye contact and the likely hood of a picture thought in that person's mind. We realize the loud noises most traditional people never hear that 'mess' with us. Perhaps if we have been Injured we even have a story to tell in that regard as well as in we never felt our injury.

I deeply admire George Washington Carver, no matter if was autistic or not. Modern Autism would never claim him for a lot of reasons and most likely like his counterparts our reality does not support modern Autism.


Blogger Rebekah said...

Luther BUrbank was a pretty cool guy too. I don't think he was aspie though...perhaps...but he had an awful lot of friends. He *was* said to have extremely keen senses, and to be able to walk at a fast pace through thousands of seedlings and pick out just one or two to continue work with (he was a plant breeder) and trash the rest. The one or two he saved would then go on to be used as breeding stock for the next stage! The man was obsessed with plants.

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