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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Aging Parents and Autism


With the insight of our Autism Anthropology, and its power of long term observation we are becoming aware that many of us in the autism Spectrum are facing a "looped " parent. Many of us are taking care of our parents these days and some of our parents are not all there. Many of us have a Mother or a Father that can no longer do life as they used to. They seem to have lost all sense of logic, money handling ability and flyoff the handle at a splitseconds notice. They seem borderline depressed all the time. Tantrums and fits are common events unless you are lucky and find a way to communicate that doesn't spark a riot. It seems we have become good at tricky conversation. Many present well in public, but those that know them 'all the time' realize a different person, often a mean person that throws things!

The entire family and even friends and neighbors seem to jump through hoops to keep these people on track. More often than not it is the Mothers that tend loose it but Father's have been known to be looped as well. Sometimes simple old age makes and already existing tendency more obvious but in general there is indeed more than the aging process to deal with. Many of us also note grandparents and others further back in the family tree that have similar late in life developments like this.

This is indeed the power of obversation, It highlights MANY things never thought of otherwise. It is largely unbiased and doesn't have to care if its findings support a cause (like Modern Autism) or not. However, our Anthropology is at the mercy of the Autism Empire and if wishes to keep us hidden, It might only be afraid of long-term reaching back in the past findings. Many of our points don't support "Modern Autism". BUT, all of points do relate to modern autism in one form or another , just not in a way suitable to highlight a new invented version of old state of being.

Just as this aging point and autism is obvious( if we were to be studied) our very autism insight is this obvoius as well. Our blind backwards experiements in Autism and our daily use of our resulting insight are just too much to ignore, unless you have something to hide.

A Note on the picture thought I used to create this.
An Interesting note, I'm a proficient picture thinker and do well more than the stuff Temple wrote about and I had (type of Aspie thoughts) 60? Still pictures 14 picture streams 30 motion pictures and some were in Picture-in Picture format. For new readers to this blog Picture thoughts are brain generated and sometimes cancel out optic vision or parts of it (lack of eye contact)? Those picture thoughts are then converted to words or actions or more thoughts. This is true picture thinking and it has never been in print before, so no text book or psychology expert has a real clue to what we do.


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