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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hip Pain and Aspies?

Please note this is a shared post with many different autism support groups and this blog.
Dear Reader's

A question form Autism's Living anthropology. This is being E mailed to lots of groups mostly on Yahoo so I need to fill in some blanks so please bear with me if you know our story.

I'm Rich Shull from Columbus Ohio, author of the book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and also host a web blog with the same name. Our Living anthropology of Autism folks has yet to be admitted to and we all do the stuff Modern Autism claims as impossible. We drive hold normal jobs and many of us are proficient Picture Thinkers, We take the stuff Temple Grandin (Thinking in Pictures) explained miles further.

We have met online to discover we all did blind backwards experiments in Autism and we all share the same milestones in thought development and today share basically the same forms of advanced autism thought. We were all ignorant of each other and we speak many different languages but yet the autism is the same. Many modern aspies relate to us 'perfectly.' Our hero is Dr Alan Turing 1912-1954 He was Father of the computer and his life has "Aspie" written all over it.

Does you aspie loved one complain of hip pain? Despite our pain tolerance?
Does you loved one Run Fast without looking 'funny"?
Does your loved one Skip?
Can he or she do Jumping Jacks?

We have met several people in our anthropology that report having trouble running, skipping and doing jumping jacks. Today in real life some of us have jobs where we walk a lot, or stand for long periods and at 30 something or older (mostly) we are in agony with hip pain. X-rays show our pelvis is not the same on the right and left side and some of us have a growth on our pelvis (one side) that would make walking and running difficult.

If you have a child or loved one with those symptoms, please let me know.

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Sincerely Rich Shull


Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

Dear Reader's

Thanks for your comments on this and I was pretty shocked of the number of responses I got from Parents mostly that told of their childs problems with fast movements, running and doing jumping jacks and skipping.

I also met older aspies and we shared our 'cure's ' for hip pain and most of now wear extra insoles in our shoes on the 'short' side of our bodies and the relief has been INSTANT! Of course since aspies don't feel pain in the traditional way I can see where a cure like this would be instant.

Many of us have had NORMAL hip X-rays done and it was a well qualified X-Ray Tech that actually measured my x-ray and discovered my pelvis was 1/4 inch different from one side to the other. In Effect one leg was shorter than the other and again if we felt pain correctly that sould hurt in grade school. But many of us never felt it until we are 30 something and those of us that do feel it typically have standing jobs or we have to lift heavy things.

That Same old school X-ray tech done the x-ray for my broken arm as well and pointed out where it had been broke twice, I only really felt the second break!

This missed autism holds all kind of insight and sadly I don't see the experts of autism lineing up to learn of our unique condition.

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Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

Here are comments of another nature, 'in so many words'

I just can belieive I am talking to a gay man about my child and autism I feel so odd. But yet I read your blog and pary to god you were straight as your insight is Temple Grandin stuff. My Son relates to nearly everything you say!

I got other comments like I think my son will turn out gay, as a parent I was never expecting this or prepaired for this and I guess I am delighted that there is number of you that over came your gay autism. After reading your posts I can no longer deny the fact my son is gay and I will always support him and even help him out of the closet when the time comes.

I also got a number of cold comments that were short and snappy that told of hip type trouble and these people asked not to be contacted again. These posts and this appeal to learn of other in the aspie spectrum with hip pain ,if nothing else made some people deal with the idea 'we don't bite'.

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