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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Memories and Time Warp Thanks Betty Blosser

Life is odd and strange, and those of you knowing me personally, can confirm I don't always mix well. Well thankfully I  was one of the lucky ones and was able  to over come this curse and blessing of autism -the long hand version of human thought.

Today as I write this one of my best tutors and family friends Betty Blosser is being laid to rest. In Autism all of life is a different experience and last night at the visitation at the funeral home the autism thoughts were taxed to the wildest extreme. I was visiting with her family and relations and memories were flooding back. Since my OPTIC vision was off  when I was thinking in my early life before I learned to do the traditional thought everyone uses my last contact with many of her kids was 35 years ago . then I had to identify people by their voice and sent since my optic vision was off when I was thinking. Think of it as something similar to how a blind person has to identify people.

Now 35 years later I have no visual record of them in my mind that is up to date. We all age and change and yes our voices change. I  was so stunned clueless as to who I  was meeting it was nearly a disaster, Finally I was able to put two and two together and listen in on the conversations and then figure out who was who. I know traditional thinkers have the same issues with long lost connections and you get over them to. In my case, the big point me was I had to resort back to autism thoughts something I have grown out of , to slide threw this social network encounter. Since I learned autism thoughts and they defaulted to traditional thoughts like you use I had not had to turn my OPTIC vision off to think on the go for a long time. Someday when Autism and psychology understand autism they will understand this last statement. 

I had to work very hard  not to the klutz of times past,,,, I had learned to turn the optic vision back on every now and again to make sure I was not walking into someone.  I learned to look at the sound of the noise the conversation of who I was talking to so at least I was looking their way even If I could not see them as my optic vision was off ,my eyes were off. 

In other words autism is the long hand version of human thought,it was my default thought process and It had never been in a text book before. Most humans think in short cut human thought and have no clue of the roots of their mind. Once we learn how to think with the long hand version of human thought the resulting thought is normal thought -your normal thought you naturally knew by default.  The long hand version of human thought can be pure Einstein, Rain Man (movie character) reading the phone book or a dunce in a group home.Some day If Autism research ever figures out autism , they will be able to help all of us to the more normal side of life and maybe even polish a few Einsteins.

Thank you Betty, you were a vital part of this autism experience (unknowingly) and I deeply appreciate your effort and apologize for the confusion, I was looped too. 

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism


Anonymous Carrie said...

"In other words autism is the long hand version of human thought" - I've never heard of it described this way - but it clicked for me. I can relate!

3:22:00 PM  

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