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Thursday, December 06, 2012

One more OH NO!

I just hobbled out of the hot tub at the Bath house and those that know me ,knowing me to hobble is the key word. I was followed out of the tub by a foot doctor who exclaimed , “How are you walking dude?” Sitting in the tub with a bunch of naked guys you never know who is the dog catcher or the doctor. This time the foot doctor seen me and was horrified as much as intrigued. He was amazed at the different appendages hanging out of my ankles and the numb ’split’ heals of Planter Fractious. He said he never seen a case that bad and it was on both legs. We went to his room and he done an exam and asked the obvious question,” What drugs are you on? “ None I answered truthfully and I learned over the years telling anyone of the autism pain tolerance is just worthless.

The pain tolerance is never mentioned at any medical school , the last time we were written about in a medical journal was the 1960’s . The late Dr. Rimland (Rain Man, Movie- father of contemporary autism) knew of it but refused to talk about it as for one it would make his leaky gut theory he championed a moot point. Old Autism brochures once wrote “the autism Child would not turn to get comfortable in mothers arms.” They would fall and get right back up again and not present as hurt. Autism kids were also NOT noted for black and blue spots. Dentists visits were often noteworthy when we had a cavity and the dentist had a pick directly in our cavity and we showed no reaction. Most people would have been threw the roof! Yours truly had several experiences,like that. I went to a children’s dentist and he said on one visit” look Martha here is another one that doesn’t feel pain.” He evidently had a number of us.

Well back  to the foot doctor, this poor guy had to assume I was on drugs to the hilt as he did his exam. He was tracing the split heal muscles up to the knees ,I never did much in the terms of showing pain I have found over the years even my family doctor didn’t believe the pain tolerance- but like Emergency  Room personal and X-Ray techs They were often perplexed with the horrible x rays and very odd reactions to exams. What medical school has ever taught a thing or has even been able to train their students on our condition? This medical doctor was just the same perplexed confused person everyone else has been. He took a few cell phone pictures of my obvious faults and helped me up.

As is typical in the baths it is don’t ask don’t tell all over again. I have no idea if he was a local doctor or out of town . Many patrons there are in the closet so things like getting a name or a business card are not likely. Still the fact he was so intrigued and caught up in the issue demonstrates , I present pretty horrible if strangers come up and are a gasp of the obvious. Hopefully when my life changes  in a few weeks and I'm off my feet things will return to normal. They will have to as no medical professional will humble themselves to meet the odd man out.  

Rich Shull   on the blog pre rain man autism.  


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