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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why do we really do that?

Everyone, has done this stuff but, no one knows why they do it?

 We look at our watch several times and still don't know what time it is.

We think it  is one day of the week but its another.

Stand in a room and wonder why you went in there? 

Talk to your self.

 The answer to all of these dilemmas is simple really and lies in the daydream part of the mind you don't know you use.  Not even the best of psychologist has clue to this because they don't understand autism the long hand version -roots of man's mind. When Autism's Temple Grandin talks about thinking in pictures this is what she is talking about but probably hasn't figured this part out yet. These day dream based thoughts operate continuously below the surface of the mind like a water wheel or a wind mill and they constitute our  base thoughts that provide for the thoughts we unknowing short cut in what we know as normal thought. These day dream based thoughts are invisible to us unless we actually see them! When we are stuck on  a subject and our OPTIC vision goes OFF and we look at a brain generated image -a daydream of "Uncle Joe" who's name we can not place- but our mind shows us this day dream based thought and we see for our selves who 's name we can place. Our mind can see the picture thought of him (as you see in your daydream)  but we still have to work to discover his name. The name is in a different mind folder most likely and if one of the first people you ever met he has a very 'small' mind picture in your mind since you made when you were a baby. Baby thoughts and humans are very 'small' compared to mature thoughts.


Because looking at your watch is totally sudden in terms of your day dream thoughts you don't know you use / it presents a dilemma to your picture based thoughts.  You mind has to unexpectedly open a  new set of "files" to make the watch viewing experience complete and useful. Many thoughts like this re just to quick in happening for the brain to able to do it right .If science could look in and watch our picture thoughts they would see the smooth flow of normal thought instantly confused with the short burst of a small thought of what time is. Until all the time files in you sub mind are open you will look at the watch and it will not register.  The boys playing with the brain waves , have missed the whole point. Of Course , they think I am full of something since there is no peer review approval for my point of view and no psychologist has figured out autism, the building blocks of the mind


Picture thought wise this very simple . When we get up after a sleep our subconscious mind assigns a day of the week  picture thought to  the current day. Sometimes due to an odd sleep pattern or a day out of schedule it will seem like a different day. Many people unknowingly have a pre set series of picture thought for a set day of the week that matches their activity for that day. If events don't pattern themselves correctly they get off and thus we think it is a different day. Yes the human mind is not flexible enough to bend and adjust to such a simple thing. This same ideal makes humans very stubborn ,bigoted , and  very resistant to change and new ideas.

STANDING IN A ROOM, Why did you go in there?

Once again your picture thoughts are out of time with reality. The mind is a very big slow IBM 360 computer (old room sized computer from the 1960's) and when you do something too fast like go to a new room it has to catch up and it can't. The below the surface dream liner thoughts play like a record player and our normal mind gleans the small details we need to think and form words from those thoughts and to  put it in other words walking too fast into a different room or a new situation leaves the brain to play catch up. It has to reload the picture thoughts for that room for it to be effective.  If you think long and hard about that room change before you go there you will find you will know why your there. 


Here is a good one. Man is  not great at words and if you seen the picture thought to spoken word conversion thought process like we have ,talking to your self is just fine. I am amazed the human mind can even do such a thing getting those pictures to words requires a interface that seemingly should not work. In fact, most humans only know the 99 conversations people have.  These are the 99 most used conversations we do. Once I learned these autistically they now help me flow in real life. Ironically , when I speak to my counterparts from all over the world they do the same type of thing no matter if they speak Russian ,German , Spanish etc.    

I know it is hard to fathom, but these same invisible thoughts make Einstein - Einstein. The complete mind base the picture thoughts day dream type of thoughts most humans don't have clue they use are the simple scewed up out of time thoughts I mention here and indeed Einstein when done correctly.  At the rate man is going he will never figure out his own mind as he tricks himself into thinking he is superior and rules the world.  That is just an illusion.  

  Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism


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