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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What was it? The Shoulder Infection

As usual, in my case, medical science is at a loss. My shoulder infection was officially called P********* and the official explanation was it was a bug that jumped from outside the armpit to inside and then it started eating flesh and muscle... Or was it?

Penny  Wise and Pound Foolish? 

For close to 7 years I drove my van with manual steering as I could not afford to get the power steering fixed. On the highway it was great and drove normally with out the power assist. However , parking lots and tight quarters at slow speed was pure hell. I pulled my left shoulder a few days after I started driving like this and since I didn't feel pain  (only 7 and above on the pain scale)  I missed all the clues something was a miss. Over time it got better and at times much worse so bad at times I even felt it. Eventually the shoulder always hurt and got to the point where the infection was so bad I could not move it.

My Question is  was all this shoulder infection the 'bug' jumping from out side the skin to inside - or  simply put did the  pulled injured muscles that never got the chance to heal  simply start to decay?  Or did the infection simply start on its own in the damage tissue. 

Of course, I never told Dr. Bishop or others of the 7 year driving experience with out power steering , one most people would never dream of it and two their pain tolerance would have prevented them from driving like that. I also find Doctors are very well off and they have no clue that some of their patients don't have the money to fix a car etc.  Money wise for me it was either food and living essentials  or no living. Fixing the van was beyond the budget, especially when it ran perfect other wise.
  My Van drove easy with out  the power steering  but was designed to have power steering and the steering wheel was too small in diameter to really have been useful for a manual steering application. Cars with manual steering (from the past) had bigger diameter steering wheels for leverage.  Even 3-4 years into this adventure a plate on the floor board where the steering rod went threw was broken as it had too much stress put on it via the manual steering. Just the simple act of breaking the plate was a mechanical feat.   When I had the plate re welded the welder  was puzzled on the stress fracture , and how it broke . Indeed it took lots of torque to do it. That pain tolerance was indeed grand; it let me do the impossible for 7 years, break parts that don't break and never allowed me the privilege of feeling the pain I need to feel.   

Well today Toy has power steering and 255,000 miles the power steering works  and that is really good as  I only have one working arm  for awhile. The repaired arm is still in recovery mode but it get it gets therapy when I dive and rest it on the steering wheel and let it move with the flow.  

It is no wonder Alan Turing , (1912 -1954) autistic and father of the computer ran marathons and other races and never felt the wall, most runners feel. Perhaps someday modern medicine will have us in the Lily drug torture chamber in the name of progress  as they attempt to copy our autism pain tolerance in a pill.    

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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