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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Discovering Painless is Dangerous and Confusing.

For those close to me seeing me struggle to move walk get up for the past 5 months ;I present like I am in real trouble and I might well be.  Autism has a 'wonderful' pain tolerance and while that sounds good it can be very dangerous. Basically if the pain is not registering 7 or above on the pain scale we don't feel it let alone notice it UNTIL it iis just too much to tolerate.  For the past 5 months or so I have been limping ,walking funny and even taking pain pills. Pain pills are not usually if ever needed. TO make matters worse IF I set down or sleep for a long time NOTHING HURTS but twist just right and simply stand up and all hell comes to pass. 

Well, I just mis spoke actually my hip does hurt when I wake up in the morning but that has been that way for years. Indeed I have hip trouble from a birth defect (as many in our Anthropology do)  but I can't tell at this point if the hip is very serious OR those 15 or staples left over from a previous operation are just pulled and inflamed. If I press on the area right above the staples I instantly feel the need to throw up and my temperature spikes for a few minutes.  Sometimes IF I roll over in bed just right or get in the car wrong a spot on my hip causes the same problem.  I can feel the hip joint out of place often times. 

Still IF I dose up on the pain pills (too many) I can walk around like nothing ever happened. The other thing that makes me think it is  the pulled muscle -staples more than hip is I am very weak with no strength. The hip when it was just the issue never made me real weak. 

A dear Doctor friend and his wife a nurse see me nearly every day and I think the YO YO effect on them and me is very confusing. I promise I try not to be confusing  but this tolerance issue hides too many subtle clues so the by the time real pain hits- It presents like a major issue. Hopefully in this case it really is the pulled staples and muscle.  

I remember the beginning of lactose intolerance years ago I only felt the bloat and pain and had the diarrhea etc and my family doctor had all kinds of hospital procedures in store for me . I simply started Dairy Ease pills and all was well. He swore It was a temporary cure and I would need his hospital test. See, the Pain tolerance assures only he worst part of simple things are felt.  

As you heard me say before I am so thankful the drug companies are ignorant of us or we would be in their torture chamber while they try to extract the secert to our pain tolerance.   Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism 



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