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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Undercover Boss Boston Market

.Boston Market on CBS televisions Undercover Boss Feb. 2013

How very sad yet another Ivory Tower corporation another fast food chain inadvertently showed its hand and real attitude toward its on the ground in the restaurant employees during the TV show called Undercover Boss. This time some Ivory tower executive was sent out to have a look at the inner workings of their chain’s restaurants. This lady left a million dollar republican home with a kitchen that was to die for and had a very hard time pretending to be a normal Joe as she worked for a day a various Boston Market restaurants. Her Ivory Tower Life style and posh lifestyle showed. She was a by the book corporate guru with no real sense of the real world her employees dealt with every day. The woman proved she could not keep up , cut a chicken or run a drive threw, let alone handle the rough edges of employees. Corporate pencil pushers typically money driven republicans don’t have a clue or the experience to realize there comfortable world is not the world of their in the store workers.

Her corporate ignorance was never so evident as when she told the workers of a restaurant that there was built in ‘break’ scheduler on the time and attendance section of the company’s computer. She suggested the employees implement it and take their breaks. Really now? About the time an employee is scheduled for a break there will be a rush of customers. Employees know all too well that if they mess up one of those customers will call corporate offices and gripe. Then corporate comes in and cleans house. Corporate Ivory Tower people have no clue that perhaps not everyone showed up for work that day. Perhaps those that were there were suffering from a sore back, sore feet ,a cold, etc. Perhaps some employees cannot run the register or muli task to do mental and physical limitations? Perhaps there was a full staff there, and no one was in the mood to work for $6.00 an hour? These Ivory tower types would NEVER even go work if they had a sore something. Working class people go to work no matter what just to keep food on the table. I would love to see the corporate Guru’s down there in the trenches- they would not make it.

Boston Market and others are closing restaurants left and right as well they should. America is going third world and fewer white straight and narrow customers with money for the luxury of eating out can afford to frequent their place. These corporate Guru’s sit in their towers and play with the numbers and corporate policies and close stores that don’t perform and of course blame the workers ,the in the store workers. The ivory tower types, simply eventually see the writing on the wall and take their golden parachute and run right before they sell to Mitt Romney (2012 president candidate) and he comes in and plunders what is left of the capital and soon if you want to want to eat at Boston Market it will be in China.

Corporate types are so insulated from the real world that kill their very own company every day with their ignorance of their own business. The very same can be said for autism research the big Gurus’’ could care less of the autistic person all they see is a good job and steady career in autism, they are not about to be honest and promote timely research for fear of cutting their own throat and exposing Autism’s dirty little secret- Contemporary autism is a hoax of pure ignorance that got out of control.

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