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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Severe Autism

Dear Blog Readers:

A person on an autism board had presented the question of a severely autistic person in their life, They were asking for any suggestions, here was my response.

Dear Reader's:

Autism has an unstudied anthropology of Autistic folks all in the realm of Temple Grandin, most of us do far more than Temple does. We were lucky enough to figure out autism-the never in print before thought process. Our Anthropology consists of some former really bad off autistic people and most of us have functioned to some degree in some way all of our lives. Since we have figured out the very basics of autism thought all, have been able to grow by leaps and bounds many of us drive hold traditional jobs etc. Modern Autism refuses to study us mostly for political reasons and the worst part of that is the most severely afflicted Aspie of modern times would also do what we do IF ONLY they had their thought process explained to them. We learned it all by trial and error and met online to discover we all have done double blind autism experiments. You never dreamed Autism has a long-term history.

When we think autistically our Optic Vision is turned OFF and replaced with a brain generated image we use to think with, (like a daydream?) we convert that brain generated image to words or actions. There is an entire art and science to what we do to think and get along in public and in our real jobs. Autism is really not more complicated than a foreign language it is just being blown out of proportion by the 'experts' that are attempting to mold it to traditional thought. We seem to be thinking at a level below traditional thought. Once Autism is figured out we can convert the autism thoughts to traditional thoughts.

Please look over our Blog at Http:// to read more of our figured out autism.

A lot of what we figured out would be the very basic cornerstone thoughts, the very building blocks for an autistic thinker, we learned them with the slimiest of margins and modern autism has taken away that chance.

A working Autistic person has Questions

The following was posted on an autism message board and it indeed brings up lots of great points stuff that the autism 'experts' never experience. It seems only those of us in the spectrum know what we are talking about.

Hello everyone: I've dealt with this sensory for some time, and my family thinks I'm out of my tree when I mention it. I don't climatize to weather easily. I never have. When I was younger, my family actually took away my short sleeved shirts, and my shorts. What I don't understand is, I get cold when they aren't cold, and I'm hot when they are cold... It's sort of frustrating!! I hate the noises coming from the air conditioner, it makes my ears ring. I hate the sound of flourescent light, because that also makes my ears ring. I haven't been able to sleep well since starting to work for Wal-Mart, and I think the reason may actually be that my routine has been too disturbed, but I'm not sure. I'm afraid to ask them for a routine schedule - that may just only tell them that I don't have open flexibility. But, I'm tired of the headaches that I'm getting. Meals are always set at different times, and it seems that my body just can't keep up....

Join the crowd mate,

You might try wearing ear plugs while working at Walmart, I wear them just to shop in the store or walk though any warehouse type of store. Trust me you will still be able to hear EVERYTHING people say to you but they act as hearing filters and block some of the noise and the objectionable high pitches that only we hear. I use my wild hearing and my knowledge of Cars to Trouble shoot them, I bet you can her sounds in cars other miss, often times those are the sounds of impending part failure.

You will eventually get the idea of hot and cold, as many of us in our anthropology have-the hard way. Many of us have a weak permeant frostbite condition that has developed as we have aged. PLEASE even if you are NOT cold you are cold dress for the weather. I can't tolerate the slimmest margins of cold anymore without blue fingers that STING.

I admire your job at Walmart (Big American superstore) you are working in one of the worst places an autistic person could work, it is an echo chamber and remember it would take a decibel meter for others to hear what we hear. You might be onto something with a disturbed routine many of us have learned to deal with it and go with the flow but it is hard. Do you wear a pressure devise? Many in our anthropology wear spandex bikers shorts as underwear (lined with a towel inside) and they do wonders in calming down our world.

My own experience the other day. A family member had gone with me to Lowes, a large warehouse home improvement store and we checked out separately. I was at wits end in this store as I was NOT wearing my hearing filter and the echos and the beeps of the traveling forklifts were enough! While checking out It was just too much to be able to count money. I thought I gave the cashier $6.00 but I gave him $10.00. We I came out of overload I was getting change for 10.00 and not $6.00 dollars and was stunned and confused. The Casher finally told me I gave him two fives . Out in the exit way I was able to figure things out and count and configure I did indeed give him two fives as I recounted my money. If I had wore my hearing filters I probably would not have messed up on counting money. If traditional people heard what we heard they would SCREAM "turn the music down".

It gets better out in the parking lot I was backing out of spot as was another driver with a fully loaded pick-up truck and he was unable to see I was already most of the way out of our spot. I slammed our car in low gear chirped tires and moved forward fast enough to prevent a collision. Besides looking at him what really clued me in to the impending accident was his load had shifted and emitted a Squeak that only I heard and his cargo scraped on his truck bead. That sound told me was was moving at a good rate and I need to get out of there.

Autism is indeed a curse and a blessing and it prevents you from functioning as much as, it prevents all kinds of other troubles. NO "expert" in Autism has a clue to our hearing and logically thinks If we can't hear that they can't either. They also think that is no way we can be warm at 40 below and they also assume they feel pain and it is impossible that we don't. What I would not give for a decbial meter in an autisitc classroom! Perhaps then someone could get a feeling for what we really hear. Rich

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Picture this? Shared with Image Streamers

I heard it again today in a normal conversation! I can picture him, but the name escapes me?

This is a common statement at times and people indeed get and image in their minds of 'that person' and often are stumped to put a name to that picture they see. Being a proficient autism picture thinker, I would call that a picture thought. When we think our deepest thought naturally is done with a brain generated image that sometimes cancels or alters our the optic vision. We take that brain generated image and convert it into words or actions or new thoughts. Our Version of Autism, picture thought, has never graced a text book before so psychology, education and autism research think we are full of something.

My friends in the Yahoo Image streaming group seem to be purposely trying to develop and learn to think in pictures for their deeper thoughts. I'm not on their board often but it seems they are doing much the came thing we do in autism. They claim it can make them smarter-I'll by that. I have spent most of life as those in my anthropology have learning to water down our Picture Thoughts. I don't know that we are 'smarter' but, if a picture 1000 words it good for a million thoughts. If only I could explain, every detail of my optic canceling picture thoughts I'd be set! (humor, comment) H*** I'd even settle for a rubber stamp on my forehead and I'd pound my head on the table and watch my perfect Picture thought "appear".

If I DID have a stamp on my head ,my own Autistically designed Turing motor is all designed, drawed up tested and in perfect working order and ready for development but I can't draw! I even had two years of high school Vocational drafting and still can't draw! Mind you everything I have designed and built until now has been built and eventually matched my picture thoughts. My motor needs a quality machine shop a lab and a few thousand dollars in development money. Frankly, it is too radical, like my autism, to be accepted as doable in traditional engineering circles. Most people claim it is impossible. I'll just have to build it and say here, reverse engineer it. The Turning Motor is a 70% efficient car motor I have designed and "built" and named for the Father of the Computer Alan Turing 1912-1954. He was a Gay Autistic man before his time and the hero of our anthropology.

I have to wonder in the evolution of things in terms of man and minds did man naturally Picture think before he evolved? Occasionally, traditional thinkers have thoughts like the "Picture me " plus dreams and daydreams. We have an entire anthropology of Autistic people that also have some rather primitive qualities to them and of course the Image Streamers on Yahoo. Our picture thoughts no matter what the form or the style seem to be 'easy' kind of natural for us. If our autism anthropology were ever studied I bet we could connect picture thoughts to evolution including speech. Many Autistic people have our 'very own' exclusive to us picture thought dictionary.

Rich Shull, shared from the blog

Signed response from the ASA

The above "photo" is of the registered mail receipt in response to my letter to The Autism society of America concerning the recognition of our anthropology. It is dated Sept 21, 2005 and signed by a prominent member of the ASA staff. Perhaps this might yield some results? Their response (if any) will be posted here on this blog unedited.

I offer my sincerest thanks to the Autism Society of America for not refusing my letter concerning autism and our living working past. This is related to a previous post on this blog ( to the Autism Society of America trying to get them own up to us. I will share on this blog unedited any response I might get from them.

Now, that autism has been dealt a blow via Dr. Wakefields misgivings it might make our offer to study our old long term Autism anthropology more appealing? Just think of the knowledge and insight we have to share with everyone in the spectrum. For those just hearing of us we are a worldwide autism anthropology that all do the same thought process Temple Grandin wrote about and most us even do more. We hold traditional jobs we are social and we drive. Many of us missed Rain Man's curse but our anthropology includes everyone from teenagers to 80 something's.

We have discovered the Autism is the same no matter what country we are from or language we speak. We all share the same milestones in autism development. Our language has never been in print before so it is all uncharted ground and no Autism Expert has had a picture thought. The benefit of us figuring out our different thought process would apply to everyone in the autism and also to mankind. Just think what mankind could do knowing a different kind of human thought process! How could you expect someone to learn "Spanish" if all you taught them was "French" and "English"? How do you ever expect someone to learn autism if not even the most basic thoughts are mentioned? For many different reasons those of us that made it had the best of timing and dumb luck to learn our thoughts by trial and error. Condense our long-hand blind experiments and you could teach autism by 6th grade!

I know none of us have a degree in anything psychology or education but we do have degrees in real life. We also have the inside information of having been there and done that and indeed a long term anthropology to back up and 'prove' every statement we make. That sounds like stability and good character in Autism. As stewards of Autism, The Autism Society of America has a responsibility to at least look into our claims and share the knowledge. We have been on the wrong side (unintentionally) of Modern Autism for too many years now.

Actually, as I have stated before you don't even have to study us. That would save tons of bad press and tense moments just simply listen to a few of us "Temple Grandin's" learn from our mistakes and set up your own charter autism program and write your own history and call it research! Aspie's getting any advantage at all in terms of their thought process and mindset will take any information they get and develop it like we did. It is truly amazing that we learned our naturally programmed language and mended our social skills on our own by 'accident' with trial and error. All I am asking is the Autism Society give us the time of day, attempt to copy and learn from us, call it research, call it a project, spin it however you want but, I'm confident any aspie that gets our version of life and education will grow by leaps and bounds. Modern autism and modern times unknowingly took away our very best chances at success and almost everything modern about new age autism has turned out to be more work than help.

Rich Shull, author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of the Turing Motor.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Autism Doctor Called on the Carpet

Dr. Wakefield called on the carpet.

One, of Autism's top doctors Andrew Wakefield has been called on the carpet according to the Sunday Times-Britan Sept . 11.2005 reporter Brian Deer. I directly quoted some parts of the two page article at the end of this blog entry.

I have proposed for many years now in this blog and other places Autism might have attracted some lesss than steller doctors and researchers. These allegiations if proven might bear me out eventually. I was shocked when I attended my very first autism convention at the age of 35-6 and got to hear several doctors speak on various subjects. Many seemed to be in a fame game, one I listened to had previously been in Cerebral Palsy Research and had jumped to autism research. The Cerebral Palsy folks as I heard it asked him to leave. He was in it for his own good. He seemed to be trying to first to discover something -anything- it seemed.

Working with disadvantaged populations like Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and many more offer a greater opportunity to "mess-up" our fudge a little more as your patients might not be easily believed or perceived as too retarded to even make an intelligent statement let alone offer honest constructive criticism. Then I wonder if the Rain Man effect didn't roll out a red carpet not only making Autism a buzzword but, a cricuis type attraction. Obviously, no one in autism research could care enough about our long -term double blind autism research to do more than hide it. A true science based research engine would LOVE to have a living anthropology to study, providing they even admit to us. Sadly, we were dropped from their radar when they discovered our anthropology didn't fullly support the new autism. With motovation similar to Dr. Wakefileds driving autism it is little wonder our high functiong group of peple that have figured out autism have been ignored. To be honest, our thought process has never been in a text book before, so even the very best of experts doesn't even know what we are doing thought wise. Thinking In Pictures was just the tip of or thought process, most of us do MORE than the autor wrote about.

At one of the last conventions I attended, I was introduced to a old autism researcher who like me was there on the sly. He was there seeing what had become of autism. He came up to me in the hallway while a speech was going on and gently introduced himself. He seen me rolling my eyes at some comments being made on the stage. He said "you think in pictures, have a pain tolerance and an obession" of course I replied. He said he knew all about it and was forced out of autism research as Rain Man style autism took over. He was told to get with the new program or quit. We discussed a few things made a few comments and he was intrigued I had done more than Temple Grandin. He was not all shocked there was an anthropology of us and he was also not shocked most of us were in the gay spectrum as well. He thought that intense social interactions being gay called for was a perfect social skills lession for autism. He encouraged me to finish my book and give them "hell". When he left he said I know you don't do hugs but give me a hug!

The following are the quotes I mentioned at the start of this entry.

"The Sunday Times - Britain
September 11, 2005 MMR scare doctor faces list of chargesBrian Deer
THE doctor who sparked a worldwide scare over the MMR vaccine faces a six-week hearing before the General Medical Council (GMC) over allegations of serious professional misconduct, including dishonesty and intending to mislead.

A list of preliminary charges served on Dr Andrew Wakefield alleges that his research, which purported to find a possible link between MMR and autism, led to 11 different counts of misconduct. "

The Sunday Times - Britain
Page 1 Page 2

Sources indicate that in recent months additional complaints have been levelled at Wakefield by senior doctors and scientists, questioning much of his research since the early 1990s. These are understood to include claims that MMR and related vaccines may be responsible for the inflammatory bowel disorder Crohn’s disease, and other research papers, in The Lancet and elsewhere, making claims about autism.
Since leaving the Royal Free “by mutual agreement” in 2001, Wakefield has worked mainly in America, where he continues to campaign against MMR. He has also started a business in Austin, Texas, to carry out research on autistic children.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Grandmothers question

My name is ***********; I am grandmother to ********, age *, who has autism and I would like to know more about the pictures that David uses in his thinking.

A personal response from Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of the Turing Motor, Host of the web blog of the same name and the yahoo group as well.

Pre Rain Man Autism =

This is a copy from my personal corrspondance, shared here for the beneifit of all!
Dear ***********:
Your Grandson may or may NOT be a picture thinker. There are many of us in autism spectrum that are picture thinkers and most of us do far more than you might have read about in Temple Grandin's acclaimed book, Thinking in Pictures. Autism still refuses to study our anthropology and thus all I can offer you is "advise" from within our anthropology. My gut feeling is about only about 1/3 of ALL autism people (past and present) are picture thinkers. That means our NATURALLY programmed thought process is different from traditional.

When we think our Optic vision is canceled out and 'replaced' with a daydream-thought picture that takes the place of our optic vision. Our sight is turned OFF (as is hearing). We take that "daydream" brain generated thought and read it, analyze it and then convert it into words and actions. ALL of this invisible to anyone else. Perhaps you might see your grandson looking up and to the right or the general lack of eye contact that is a good indication he might be a picture thinker. IF the experts knew what we were trying to do when our eyes "tell them" we are picture thinking they might let us finish our thoughts and let us improve them. Picture thoughts are VERY intense and complicated and most of the trouble an autistic person has (or CAPD?) in communicating IS simply converting those brain generated thoughts into words. We find we have to water down our thoughts so they might be understood by others. If you have ever tried to explain a sleep dream you have some idea what we do to communicate. Now try doing that really quick and keeping pace with a conversation. You can see how quick a Picture Thinker can get left in the dust. Us older guys and gals have learned a few tricks over time as we figure out the human condition that help us 'survive' in the real world. Obviously, our thought process has never been in print before, and the "expert's" have never studied it in their text books as it is NOT there to study.

Generally, those that find us online that picture think relate easily and instantly to our picture thought insights and experience. We have the autism Pain Tolerance, and we have keen senses and a preference to be alone. Many times we are the lower functioning people of modern Autism. Our anthropology spans the globe and ranges from teenagers to 80 something's. We all learned picture thoughts on our own by trial and error in a double-blind autism experiment. As we compare notes we find we all had the same milestones in development and today do pretty much the same types of picture thoughts.

EVEN IF autism ever admitted to us it will be years before any of our knowledge filters into the autism spectrum. In the mean time If you think your Grandson is a picture thinker look for the lack of eye of contact, If he gives really ODD answers or laughs at something that isn't funny or out-of -the=blue stuns you with knowledge you thought he might not know, those are good signs he is a picture thinker. All you can do (all you need to do) is to slow down put your conversation in slow motion and watch his eye contact when it returns to 'normal' he is done with a picture thought. Typically we only use Picture Thought for the deeper thoughts and traditional thoughts for the more common things. Give him time to finish an answer. At first for a few years possibly he will not make much sense to you and you might think it is hopeless but, in reality all the times he misses out on a conversation or does it incorrectly he is learning by trial and error like we did what part of picture thoughts to use and how to convert Pictures to words. He will shock you overnight (like many of us did our parents) and simply become social and carry on a conversation. In reality we figured out a few milestones in picture thought when that event happens.

All that we really would like to happen is, that our anthropology be studied, a few basics of our thought process be presented to everyone in the spectrum and those with the natural ability to Picture Think will at least for the first time ever have their thought process presented to them.

Our hero in Autism is Alan Turing Alan Turing - Home Page 1912-1954 He was father of the computer and his life has autism written all over it and like many of us grew up before Autism was a buzzword.

Another Great Autistic author is Bill Stillman he mentions Picture Thoughts in his books as well.

I bid you peace and wish you well on your autism journey ,Please write if you have more questions .

Sincrely Rich Shull. Ohio usa.

PS. Look at my blog for a series of posts entitled Picture in Picture thoughts in the 1950's to see "Copies" of our thoughts.

Certified mail and Banners

The above logo is that of the Autism Society of America, it is reproduced here and copied from their website. Appearance on my site does not constitute endorsement in either direction. I copied the logo for the soul purpose showing my readers The ASA seems to have missed a few voices of autism.

The blurry web cam photo is my official certified mail receipt dated Sept. 18 2005 where I sent a copy of a previous post on this blog that explained and asked for consideration (ONE more time) from the Autism Society. Please look back two or three posts to see the letter that was sent to the ASA.

For those seeing this for the first time via my blog or some other means Autism has a wonderful high functioning anthropology of people that all do MORE than Temple Grandin wrote about. We are all proficient picture thinkers, we drive, hold traditional jobs and do the impossible every day. We all met online and discovered we all participated in a double blind autism experiment and all ended up with the same basic thought process. That is remarkable considering we were ignorant of one another. Our Thought process has NEVER been in Print before and thus the 'experts' of autism don't know what to make of us.

Perhaps you will agree ALL of autism needs accounted for not just the stuff they understand. Please urge the Autism Society to listen to its best functioning populations. If our secrets were spoken all of autism would benefit from our experience. It is very easy to compare us to the modern stereotype and that tends to make us anything but autistic! That means we can't be social carry on good conversations, hold traditional jobs or even drive. WE CAN and WE DO. IF ----let me repeat that ----IF autism would ever admits to us and studies our living anthropology and learn what did and copy what we unknowingly did most everyone in autism could do what we do. We figured out a never before in print human thought process! The results are hidden in plain sight! Perhaps the stereotype of an autistic person not doing too much in real life might simply be the curse they had to endure and live up to. The first "expert" that understands our autism thought process will be our best friend as they will be sold on our different thought process and how it can work for us! ( And your loved one!)

Rich Shull - Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Autism Calling ,Autism Reaching Out.

September 14, 2005

To: The Autism Society of America
: The Web Blog of Rich Shull (

Response, from the Autism Society will be posted here without editing. This open letter is originally posted to my blog, a printed copy of this will be sent to The Autism Society of America via registered mail.

Dear Autism Reader's:

As stewards of Autism you are entrusted to investigate and account for all of autism. Since you take Federal Tax Money that mission is even more important. For at least a year now you have officially known of our Autism Anthropology. We are a group of high-functioning autistic people from all over the world that met online originally seeking support for Gay autism issues. What we shockingly discovered was Autism's BEST performing populations. We have figured out the Autism thought process and we all share the same milestones in Autism development. Indeed we all have completed double blind autism experiments. No matter what country we are from or language we speak the autism is the same.

Our work and real life success builds on acclaimed Autistic author Temple Grandin's work as related in her book Thinking in Pictures. Our Anthropology consists of people that people that are Proficient Picture thinkers and we do far more autistically than her book explains. Our Thought process has NEVER been a text book before and it is not a version of traditional thought. Seemingly about 1/3 of all autistic people we run across "know us" and instantly relate to our Proficient Picture Thoughts, pain tolerance and our many other quirks. Our Anthropology spans all generations and we range from teenagers to 80 something's. We have figured out our naturally different picture based thought process.

We are so sorry our anthropology unintentionally doesn't support all of the current autism but, please keep in mind we have the inside information no other Autism expert has. We are naturally the ones to figure out our own conditions. Again Autism has never been in print before. To complicate matters even more our anthropology is 95% Gay based.

All politics aside, information like this never comes along twice and quality research would jump at the chance to harvest the information of our experiments. Not only will Autism be the better for it many other sciences and disciplines will grow as well. Mankind will benefit as Psychology and Education adds another type of human thought to their ranks. Medicine will be intrigued with our pain free injuries. As pioneers in autism we at least deserve the respect of your attention. All of the people depending on your advise deserve to be informed of all sides of autism. Once our anthropology is admitted to you will discover many more like me that do the impossible everyday.

Perhaps the ASA might like to set up a "do nothing" committee to investigate us? Perhaps, the ASA would commission a study on us? ,if we were really lucky an unbiased one from a third party would be nice? I realize we present lots of challenges but, truth is stranger than fiction. I also know we have been shunned by the ASA and purposely hidden and prevented from participating in ASA events but, If we were just gay that could be seen as a poor reason to keep us hidden BUT we are the best functioning people of autism complete with an anthropology and the hope that someday Autism will be a common 1st-6th grade course taught in almost every school. Those in our anthropology have done the long hand version of autism, condense our experience and really you could teach autism in a few years! Until you investigate us you will never know our secrets or even if our successful autism is not related to all aspects of current autism.

I (WE) ask of you to live up to your responsibility as Autism Stewards and serve all of autism not just the bit that makes you happy.

Please Note: This correspondence was publicly posted on my Web blog and your response to this inquiry will be posted unedited as well.

Sincerely Rich Shull, author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, inventor of The Turing Motor.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Paying for the BMW

The Power of Observation

Perhaps we need to take the blinders OFF?

Autism has this wonderful anthropology that you read about here on this blog and we build our successful lives and do more than Autistic Legend, Hero Temple Grandin wrote about but yet as good as we do in real life, Autism is scared of us. We are on the WRONG side of Rain Man and unintentionally deflate the autism empire of today.

Autism is only a little bit of what the 'experts think' it might be and since they have never had an autism thought or experienced life from our point of view they naturally miss all the key points in autism. Additionally there is a natural built in bias against our anthropology as we don't have PHD's in anything but real life. Our real life Autism double blind autism experiences mean nothing to the experts and in fact scare them. Our life long autism and double blind success is more proof than autism research cares to think about. It is so much easier not to admit to us than try to explain us.

The Rain Man Monster has been hatched and now 'anything goes' when autism diagnosed treated and the results speak for themselves. What a mess, autism is a bigger problem than it ever was and it collectively keeps a lot of people comfortably employed. Of Course the experts see them selves on the right track and indeed they are they know and research the autism they invented, this is a vicious self-serving circle of trouble.

Autism's anthropology discovery could not have been timed any worse. Our once nearly understood autism was forced out of a favor with Rain Man the movie, and while we were doing are double blind autism experiments autism was reinventing its self unaware of its festering dirty little secret. Like any good political empire and research powerhou$e, its show business stature it will not tolerate the facts in any form. It does not even have the guts to do a skewed study on us to "prove us wrong."

Our thought process has never been in print before and I hate to say this but the Experts in autism, psychology, education and research are not in the ball park and are wearing natural blinders. The blinders amplify the autism troubles. I don't fault the movie Rain Man Dr Rimland or the Autism Society for not knowing about us, I fault them on NOT continuing to explore our anthropology once they DID know of us. After they learned of our Temple Grandins, our success in real life and the idea we missed out on their empire's best practices and diets we were no longer useful in their autism cause. (humor) Perhaps they should do a JD Power survey and "prove" us wrong? I bet the survey would read Autism has no living success stories. It is mankind and the Autisitcs and their families of today that have been cheated out of our insight and life experience. Ignorance is bliss, being purposely ignorant is just hiding something and also a good way to keep the BMW payments paid.