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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Alan Turing's Thoughts

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.
Page 25,

"But Alan could not see the point of the schooling so dearly won for him. Even in French, once is favorite, the master wrote' His lack of interest is very depressing except when something amuses him.' He developed a particularly annoying way of ignoring the teaching during the term and then coming top in the examination."

From Rich,

That sounds like Picture thought and Splinter skills at work! And they worked! I suspect his teachers seen a lost in space lack of eye contact child that indeed looked like he was not interested or even a grasping one thing the teacher was saying. BUT in reality Alan was hearing it all thinking with is picture thoughts, your day dreams, and connecting all kinds of things together in his mind and even possibly connecting the French to his understood math splinter skill. The results were obviously outstanding as they said he came out on top.

As for amusing Alan I suspect he was charmed when as happens to all of us occasionally when we connect a few things via picture thoughts and the result might have been a funny or odd picture thought. ----Insert here some of our good ideas that often form our inventions--- If we get a few ringer picture thoughts they are most likely connected to us somehow thus our interests is peaked for a bit,as this is one of the few times we actually connect with any scale to our traditional teaching.

Alan might have simply been doing the internal slow motion version of traditional thought, the very same stuff I call Autism. This is the SAME stuff people from all over the world in our Internet Anthropology all claim and it might be the Autism no one ever knew about. Obviously he was doing this on his own, and his autism was self taught, self realized, just like ours is. He probably had is own picture thought dictionary, his own short cut for social things figured out and might have never realized at this point in his life that his school mates didn't think like he was thinking. What is normal for us is so 'natural' we don't realize our day dream thinking process is the very cause for concern form a traditional thinkers point of view? I don't know how many times I was interrupted from a perfectly good picture thought by my grade school teachers, yelling at me to pay attention. I remember my 2nd Grade teacher (Mrs. Thomson?) asking me a question in an effort to prove I hadn't been paying attention and I simply astounded her by answering her correctly, it just happened I was nearly done with that picture thought and I was naturally close to an answer a traditional person might understand.

I think all Autistic kids that picture think could do this and you just read how well it works, now just imagine if we were actually taught or at least encouraged to think this way, our natural way? This is the very ground work for Autism becoming proficient and proficient autism mimics traditional thought much to the chrign of the Autism Guru's. I have many people from all over via my blog and those that some ability or relate picture thought simply BLOOM when they meet us and some in the spectrum with no picture thought ability think we are full of something. Our success no matter how you slice it is success and it is our misfortune we came out of this double-blind experience just to look down the barrel of Rain Man's gun.

Modern Autistc's are forever unknowingly cursed as the modern Wimpy autism eductions of today do their utmost in creating more group home people than need be. The difference between Autism success and Failure is only a few key picture thoughts as our Anthropology has proved. There again our autism 'experts' have never even had a picture thought and seemingly don't care to know about them. Minds are like parachutes they only work when they are open!

Rich Shull,,,,

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why are we still on our own?

A dear Autistic friend called me the other day and he was several states away on his cell phone attending a convention. We were chatting of the autistic things that made the convention interesting ''for us" and discussed coping efforts and even exchanged insight on our "Echoloa" and things we said and what we did to control it. Mind you he is 1/2 my age and 20 something and had the "best" of Autism Education and still we connected and knew just where each other was coming from. This is the very nuts and bolts of Autism and the stuff only our inside information and insight experiences and the stuff only we can figure out, YET the Autism Guru's couldn't care less and they more worried their ego 's will be busted. Frankly, as an Autism professional I'd be ashamed to take a dime of anyone's money for research and purposely set on information like this.

I'm sure my friend is now way too successful and will never be admitted to in Autism Circles despite going to an autism school graduating and then going on in college and real life. That seems to be more than we are allowed to do. The scary part of that statement is our figured out Autism is the very insight no Autism Professional will ever find on their own, they simply don't have thoughts like ours. The blinders they wear naturally comfort them into thinking they are doing the right thing and as long as, they never admit to Autism's working populations they are OK and they continue with a smile on their face. However, If they admitted to us set down with us and (we have offered many times) and experience our thoughts from our point of view, not only would all the nagging questions about autism be answered and the "strange " reasons why some of us make it and some of us don't would be very obvious, we would also introduce Man to a different kind of thought that has never been in print before! Autism might very well be the slow-motion building blocks of the mind explained.

It seems we are a day late and a dollar short as autism's curse is raging on and until this snowball and avalanche hit someplace warm and autism sinks to its low ebb mankind is being cheated out of the insight it so desperately needs! Lead On Autism! It is just too bad Rain Man the movie spawned ( I love the movie by the way) such a mess. It is a shame autism awareness has not made people only aware of autism but, only the autism they invented. The old working stuff we did in double-blind, trial and error will never be admitted to by Autism's "professionals" we do nothing more than highlight the very points they missed! Did someone jump the gun a few too many times? Rich Shull

Monday, April 24, 2006

In the Rear View Mirror, Autism Should Look Back.

Pictured, 1962 Pontiac, A Nascar Legond!
Also featured, is the book The Enigma.

The NASCAR Autism Connection.

Wasn't it Great? Over the past weekend in America the NASCAR fans were glued to their TV sets watching the race and the crashes, etc., and many times looking threw the rear camera on a certain car, one seen the Autism Speaks .org logo on their screen as it was plastered to a race car,in view of the rear camera. While that is fine, it is the new modern Autism they are pushing the new stuff that leaves people helpless, and is the living curse of Rain Man. Now The Top Ten People of autism would have you believe Autism is indeed just as they claim it is and IF it were they would be doing the best thing on earth to promote Awareness, and in their mind they are doing just that. In REALITY they have missed the entire puzzle of autism and our Living working Anthropology cannot be admitted to. We all take Temple Grandin's work to new heights/ these jokers pretending to be Autism "Professionals" will not own up to any of our sucess. We would unintentionally deflate their Autism Empire. ( Many of us missed the Rain Man Curse , proving we did something other than diets and our educations were absently much better.)

There used to be a saying WIN Races on Sunday and Sell cars on Monday and it was associated with the early days of NASCAR. Trouble Is you didn't always get what you bargained for. In 1962 the Pontiac Cataliana WAS the talk of NASCAR and won many many races and even set the and held the worlds speed record for a time. This fame made the Pontiac Cataliana the Third best selling car in 1962 . Today less than 1/2% of them survive. The street version of the NASCAR racer was hampered with a frame that rusted in half due to a design flaw, Engine Rocker Arms that fell apart, and the infamous Slim Jim Transmission probably the worst Transmission ever built. Even more Corvairs (America's, most famous lemon) survive than these cars.

Autistically, I was obsessed with our 62 Pontiac and FIXED all of its troubles and today ours has a new frame, hand made Engine and the Slim Jim has been reworked to keep it from falling apart. I learned via Autistic obsession the mechanics of a car and today with that knowledge have invented the The Turing Motor a 70% efficinet green car motor that is just what America is crying for at the moment with $3.00 plus Gasoline. The Autism Logic that is well beyond what the "guru's" have heard of is what made this engine possible and it is the same logic that Alan Turing (1912-1954) used to develop the computer. To prove the point our logic works just look at our inventions and see how we bridge the gap between the Savant and the village Idiot or a typically modern Autistic person and then realize what we have done and as I have said before, we take Temple's work much further and it is something that has never been in a text book before and "naturally" never will be as Modern Autism and its natural blinders is not only shooting itself in the foot but ,the world as well, Lead On Autism! The more people that think we are idiots, with a logo in the rear view of a race car means more money for your cause. Sadly, it also forms a support of sometype, legitimizing all the people cursed by Rain Man that have never made it out of a group home.

Rich Shull,,,,

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too Much to Talk About.

TOO Much to Talk About .

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.
From Page 131,

"As for the Procter Fellowship, it did indeed fall into his lap. It was for the Vice _chancellor of Cambridge University to nominate the Fellow, so there were letters of recommendation sent to him. One of these was from the Wizard himself, who wrote:

June 1, 1937
"Mr. A.M.Turing has informed me that is applying for a Proctor (SIC) Visiting Fellowship to Princeton University from Cambridge for the year 1937-1938. I should like to support his application and to inform you that I know Mr. Turing very well from Previous years: during the last term of 1935 ,When I was visiting Professor in Cambridge and during the 1936-1937, which year Mr. Turing has spent in Princeton, I had opportunity to observe his scientific work. He has done good work in branches of Mathematics in which I am interested, namely: theory of almost periodic functions, and theory of continuous groups.

I think that he is a most deserving candidate for the Proctor Fellowship, and I should be very glad it you should find it possible to award one to him.

I am Respectfully, John von Neumann ""

Von Neumann would have been asked to write the letter, because his name carried such weight. But why did he make no mention of COMPUTABLE NUMBERS, a far more substantial piece of work than the papers to which he referred? Had Alan failed to make him aware of it, even after the paper had been printed and reprints sent around? If Alan had the "entree" with von Neumann, the first thing he should have done was to exploit it to help bring COMPUTABLE NUMBERS To attention. It would be typical of what was perceived as his lack of worldly sense, If he had been too shy to push his work upon the 'mathematical bigwig'. "

From Rich,,,,,,

Autism unless it is figured out like ours is, 'Social Autism ' typically doesn't work that way, obviously as Alan and author Hodges figured out.

People must remember we learn social things like-power struggles-and self promotion well after the fact and while traditional populations make light of their achievement with ease Aspies generally just want to be left alone, not since we are anti social to some degree but since (good guess here) it is just too complicated to bring up the obvious form a picture thought point of view. If Alan were to have pushed his Computable Numbers Paper to von Neumann it would have required many many picture thoughts and they all in one form or another would have needed "translated to words." Alan seemed to learn enough traditional thought patterns and social clues by now to do the conversation, asking Von Neumann for the letter and, Honestly he did wonders on that point alone. He might really have messed up socially if had attempted to explain his Paper and it accolades as well. As an Aspie Alan might well have figure out the conversation or the probable conversation he would have had and added the Computable Numbers Award in the conversation but still it would have been nearly Autistically impossible. That would have been "millions" more picture thoughts to translate.

As it was Alan was probably working with traditional optic vision during his conversation with von Neumann as he had autistically rehearsed it. This way he could read the body language and gauge how well he was getting his point across. If Alan had Picture-in-Picture Thought developed at this point he might have been able to slip in a jab about his prior work. Picture-in Picture Thought is super advanced Autism that many in our anthropology seem to have developed naturally on our own via trial and error. Alan might not have realized his work was so important and might have assumed "everyone' in his math circles knew of his work. Autistic people generally have the assumption that every one in their field thinks like they do and 'know things' as they know it.

In reality from my own experience and hindsight in Car Repair,(trouble shooting) I can assure you people will take credit for my ideas or do my fixes and follow my suggestions and take credit for the success. Often Times they can't explain the theory of why a repair worked or the logic I used in solving the problem but still it was an obviously working fix. I also have ran across lot of homophobia as well in my time and there have been times if I'd been straight I'd been a saint and WAS a Saint occasionally after a particularly difficult repair worked but, sometimes all my work was flushed and purposely down played when they discovered I was gay. What person would believe a gay guy could ever work on a car let alone troubleshoot a car. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Charm School while great at making us social was lacking in mechanical things! I once watched a fellow mechanic pocket a $1500 Bonus on my work, He could not explain a bit of the fix that he presented to the big wigs but he didn't have to, it worked and he was first in line with the "idea." Autisitcs mistakenly assume people are generally fair and forthcoming and in this case would give or share the bonus with the everyone involved. While that makes us honorable many times it also gives the image we are weak. Generally the greed function is more entranced in traditional populations.

Even I were Straight and his best friend I could not have easily explained autistic theory to the average person and by the time I would have finally explained my fix to others I'd lost them as they are not picture Thinkers and don't have a clue to our complicated precise and active in the problem point of view that SOLVED Their problem. We are in a way like a micro camera in a persons body getting a nuts and bolts perspective on nearly everything we do. That insight points out the obvious to us Autistic details that often give us our advantage in real life but it is also the very stuff that non autistic thinkers miss and need to know to understand us. I can just imagine the guru of Autism that reads this will call it "Greek" and indeed it is to them but it doesn't have to be, they could listen to our theories and success if they wanted too. We are working savants, and still they refuse to listen to us.

No matter your take on this the fact remains Alan wasn't able to have flowing conversations like our traditional counterparts do. We were all, by the way learning autism on our own via trial and error in a double-blind experiment. The good news is our double-blind Experience lays the ground work for teaching Aspie 101 Social skills. IF such a class is ever taught Autisitcs will come out nearly 100% normal. This might not happen in my life time as our traditional thought Based Autism GURU "experts,"well simply miss the entire point to autism.

Alas we find ourselves in "Aspieland" in 2006 and Autistic people are diagnosed and thus hampered from our double blind experience. As you have just read here Autism is not all that great even social autism like we have figured out labors really hard to get our most basic details across. If we barely do it and traditional people are not smart enough to do more than plagiarize our good points the logic of autism will remain forever hidden, no thanks to Rain Man's unintentional curse.

For the novice firstime readers of this blog, Picture thought could be equal to and better than your traditional thoughts. If you tried to describe a day dream or a dream this is like an autism thought. Now try to add 100 day dreams to develop. You know the trouble you have explaining it so now to think of how hard 20 of those a minute would be, No wonder we don't have time for grudge and details that you thrive on! See Alan did good just doing what he did!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Reading Faces?

Dear Reader's:

The following was found on the web on one of the many Websites I'm on. This Quoted Story (below) tells of effort to make something that can read the emotion of people so that autistic people could figure out a bit of body language. Perhaps these researchers are spinning their wheels! We have already figured this out!

Autisms proficient picture thinkers that do MORE than Temple Grandin wrote about seem to fill in the gap between Savants and idiots and part of the success is due to the fact we have incorporated into our thought process a way to read limited body language! If ONE researcher knew just what it is we do to think and mimic traditional thought they would see how we read body language and would be even amazed that we somehow have learned to 'read it' and incorporate it into our mimicked traditional thoughts. While we have been there and done that, no one in research has, nor will they admit to our success or even our population$. Streamlined Autism like ours that has never been in print before & does an OK job at body language but,our natural in the mind process has to be better than something on a hat.

With all the blind people in the world stuck with a guide dog and a cane why not use that technology to make a hat for them that could read things? Add a few sensors and a GPS unit and perhaps the blind could see via a "cat on the hat." Put a chip on (in) someone's finger and have a camera follow the finger and read stuff like menus and elevator buttons to people. I wonder if this research spawning this is not part of an Autism Research grant? There must be more money and fame in this than doing similar work for the blind community.

Here is the Quoted item I found on the web

"Face Reader Bridges Autism Gap By Eric Smalley for Wired News,70655-0.html You are a mind reader, whether you know it or not. You can tell justby looking at a human face whether the person is concentrating, confused,interested or in agreement with you. But people afflicted by autism lack this ability to ascertainemotional status -- it's one of the signature characteristics of thedisease. Help could be on the way for autistic individuals, though: A novelcomputer-vision system developed at the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology could do the mind reading for those who can't. Two MIT researchers wore tiny cameras mounted on wire rods extendingfrom their chests to demonstrate the Emotional Social IntelligenceProsthetic, or ESP, at the Body Sensor Networks 2006 international workshopat MIT's Media Lab last week. The video cameras captured facial expressionsand head movements, then fed the information to a desktop computer thatanalyzed the data and gave real-time estimates of the individuals' mentalstates, in the form of color-coded graphs. The system's software goes beyond tracking simple emotions likesadness and anger to estimate complex mental states like agreeing,disagreeing, thinking, confused, concentrating and interested. The goal isto put this mental state inference engine on a wearable platform and use itto augment or enhance social interactions, said Rana el Kaliouby, apostdoctoral researcher at the Media Lab. "This is only possible now because of the progress made in affectivecomputing, real-time machine perception and wearable technologies," shesaid. The researchers are developing an outward-facing version of the ESPsystem with a cap-mounted camera connected to a wearable computer. Peoplewith autism spectrum disorders have a hard time determining others' emotionsor even whether someone is paying attention to them. The system is designedto provide that missing information. Feedback could be visual or auditorymessages describing the target person's mental state. It could also betactile, like a vibration that cues the user to ask a question or move on toa new topic of conversation, said el Kaliouby. Software featuring video clips or animated talking heads has been usedfor years to help people with autism learn to read faces. The MITresearchers want to go a step further to help people with autism learn aboutemotions and facial expressions in the context of their daily lives, usingfaces that are meaningful to them, said el Kaliouby. The researchers are working with the Groden Center, a nonprofiteducational and treatment center in Providence, Rhode Island, to organize asix-month test of the system with a group of adolescent boys with Aspergersyndrome, which is similar to autism but milder. In addition to the psychosocial prosthetic possibilities, the ESPsystem could help autism researchers collect data in the real world andquantify aspects of social behavior, such as how long a person with autismlooks at other people's faces, said Matthew Goodwin, research coordinator atthe Groden Center. Though recent fears of an autism epidemic appear to be overblown,researchers generally hold that the disorder is becoming more prevalent,said Goodwin. The number of people with autism is difficult to pin down, butone in 500 children is a reasonable estimate, he said. The ESP system also has potential as a personal relationshipmanagement tool, said el Kaliouby. "Suddenly you are aware of what faces youmake during a conversation with your partner," she said. "Do you do enougheye contact? Are you always frowning or disagreeing?""""""" end quote FROM RICH

Our prefixed Autism thoughts once admitted to and figured out by the best of researchers might very well fill in the gap between traditional thoughts and building blocks of the human mind that have never before been in print before. We tend to have figured out autism and COMPLETED the experience and our thoughts have never been in a text book before so it is no wonder the best of autism or psychology doesn't have a clue to what we are doing to come off as "normal." While the High-tech Emotion reading devise is a grand idea and even better one is simply uniting our anthropology together and learning what it is we know and figure out what we have figured out. If you cut 20-30 years off our learning curve and teach the correct things Autism could be taught by 6th grade in most cases. Most of what we have done has been figured out by trial and error and in the school of hard knocks but yet the results are 'functioning people in real life.' It seems Autism is not prepared to admit to us just yet. Who can blame them their research was supposed to figure out autism but, in reality they are not even on the same page or for that matter, in same the book as our Anthropology can attest to. It certainly seems for sure that we will never be admitted to now, we tend to deflate Autism's empire that is post Rain Man. When "200,000" autism "professionals" say your wrong and we have never heard of you (as their natural blinders are on) you are WRONG, there is no other way around it.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Turing and Sir Winston Churchill

ALAN too did his part in busting Empires!!!! His legacy still lives on in these quotes! Perhaps he never knew he was also solving autism, but it seems as if he was.

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma
By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Quote from Page 194,

"None of this was quite the what Churchill had in mind when calling upon British people to brace themselves to their duties, or speaking of the Empire that might last a thousand years. But duty and empires did not solve ciphers, and Churchill never bargained for an Alan Turing."

From Rich

Again the times of W.W.II called for extreme measures from everyone on all sides. Obviously Alan Turing's Expertise was making great strides and in solving ciphers and autism was indeed playing a role in Alan's success.

Obviously this was the late 1930s and Autism was hardly even known about let alone invented and trumped, like it is today. Rain Man and the hype of it were still years away. Sadly, along the way very sloppy psychology practices allowed for the buzzword status of Autism to develop and that coupled with less than stellar psychology and autism "professionals" just in it for an easy living it seems could honestly care less if Autism Is ever solved and for sure they would never want to admit to our Living Working Anthropology. We are bad for their business.

If this were simply a few researchers going down the wrong road I would not care so much but these so called 'professionals' are wearing a several sets of natural blinders and as such, are forever screwing Autism and Mankind as well. I know full well as do the people in our anthropology our success in real life does not do the radar of these autism folks and that is understandable. Our Thought process has never been in print before and thus all the Ph.D. 's and education and degrees you can associate with autism, they all MISS our core knowledge. Autism Might very well expose the building blocks of the mind.

Temple Grandin laid the ground work of our picture thought out for the autism 'professionals' and the world to see and we have built upon her work and taken it to the heights, we approach traditional thoughts and in many cases; working autism thoughts do mimic traditional thoughts. IF we were any other "ability" on earth and we were not exposed in direct violation of the Autism Buzzword status and its modern empire, researchers would be all over our story and figuring out our secrets. Rain Man at the very least has (unknowingly probably) done more to hold back progress than it was intended to do.

Autism knows full well of our Anthropology and for the sake of being obstinate and protecting their 'professional' reputations they know better than to even admit to us, so much for peer review. Any admission to us at all, will numb the very core of Autism and might even prove the diets and the drugs and the modern approaches to the problem are indeed frail attempts at understanding autism. Autism as we have done it with our double-blind experiments is NOT cured at all but, we have made the very best of the situation that was handed to us. While we completed the autism experience we developed (ignorantly) and figured out autism as well as, many other mind related things-it seems were too smart for our own good. Every part of our figured out autism seems to relate easily to modern autism and while autism comes at its ideas and treatments from the point of view of a traditional thinker, we come about our Autism insight naturally via our long-term completed double-blind experiments. Again we seem to be too little too late, unless those in the spectrum insist on hearing from all sides of the issue.

Even though Alan Truing was fighting and winning autistically one war of ciphers and real life he also was (via The Enigma) was getting his own double-blind experiment in Autism documented. The worst part about a Double-blind experience is that even the 'professional's' in autism that should know and appreciate what we have done don't even have a clue.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mind Blueprints, Stuttering

Dear Reader's:
A comment form a reader asked to explain my stuttering comment and how working autism knowledge might shed new light on stuttering. Here is my explanation.

When I stutter it is not as often as used to be but, it is usually a time of fast paced speaking events. My Brain Generated Images (never been in print before) are in the process of being translated to speech to be spoken and If I have been able to analyze the thoughts to be translated to speech I find there are 3-4-5-6 ideas that could be converted to words. When "by magic" I decide on what brain generated image is to be spoken, converted to words, the stutter instantly goes away. What I 'm talking about here is a sub subconscious process that might be based in Pictures the brain uses to translate its thoughts to words. How many times have you said I can see him (it) , I can Picture that but, just can't come up with the word or the name. That is a stalled blip in time, a snap shot of picture thought, that for the most part flows and works flawlessly for normal populations. We have to look at thoughts like those all the time to get along.

I predict that someday with a lot of luck the human mind will be mapped like a DNA type of thing, and the common knowledge will be humans actually Think in Pictures, all of us and currently we never realize that we do but, I see it all the time in subtle ways in everyone from professors to idiots. Our picture thoughts are close to using your day dreams to think with and Picture thought offers a grand explanation for everything from Stuttering to Dyslexia and even how we make and form words. No matter what language we speak the Autism Process that makes the words is the same. Picture thoughts also explain learning abilities and disabilities and a few personality traits as well. Obviously at this point this is inside information and it is coming from the 'wrong place,'I can assure you and is likely to be hidden forever as our obvious is not obvious in lots of traditional people's minds.

Once our double-blind experience is ever figured out or admitted to humans might have the blueprint, the slow motion building blocks of the human mind in their hands. IF our autism proves to be the key to the kingdom we might simply be able to figure out what picture based thought process needs completed before certain things happen. Someday pre school will not be the ABC's but rather might be an intense course in picture thoughts that will lead to traditional thoughts. Proficient Picture thinkers like me and many others actually do well with traditional thought and we also do the slow motion step by step building blocks of the mind as part of our thought process to. There seems to be 10 levels (at least) of Picture thoughts humans need to have subconcouisly hammered out before we perform as typical -'normal' If any one of those levels is missing or perhaps many are missing we don't real well. I wonder if someday psychology treatment might be refresher courses in Picture thoughts. For example I can see where Dyslexia might be improved if picture training were given. Please don't get the idea you can show people pictures of backwards letters and numbers but what I'm talking about is more along the lines of figuring out how the brain looks at something and fails to convert it the correct form. If you will, it would be like wireing a computer or rewireing a faulty computer.

Please while you laughing at me this, bubbling idiot with hair brain ideas take a moment to remember not much more than a 100 years ago we were in effect in the dark ages, what man has done since the 1800s really is not that impressive it was more like, discovering the obvious firsts to be discovered. Humans are sadly not all that smart as most of their thinking ability was stored in their picture thoughts that seem to have been subscoiunsly hidden for the sake of communication and speech. As humans it seems , began to talk the pictures and thus the capability for deep thought that the Savant and other great thinkers are noted for was put on hold in favor of just trivializing a picture thought so it could become speech to be spoken. As man started using words the brain for many people was able to use its talents to become good at visual things and body language. As it adapted for quick paced word to be spoken rapid fire so to speak its once dominant picture based thoughts had to keep getting watered down in order to keep pace with a normal conversation. I can tell you a picture thought is worth a 1000 words and a million thoughts and traditional people now know the words but have lost track of the million thoughts, the deep thoughts that once gave eveyone the potiential to be Einstein. People have said there is 90% of our brain power we don't use but, I wonder If picture thinkers use more of it than normal? Our Completed figured out picture thoughts are usually far beyond words unless we have been lucky enough to figure out autism- picture translation, something that we learned on our own via trial and error.

As I meet people from all over the world that speak many different languages we seem to share the common Autism thought process, the nuts and bolts of our autism ,and our picture thoughts seem to be the same even if the language we speak is different. I also have met a lot of blind folks in my time and they to share a lot of the autism thought traits and possibly in their case they might have simply thought with the default picture thought despite many of them never having vision. Those that have had sight or partial site in their lives really closely follow the autism thought patterns. How many researchers have ever had the wear with all to ever figure out a blind person? Central Auditory Processing Disorder (capd) fits in in this picture thought explanation very well to. CAPD in a lot of ways sound like the very oldest definations of autism before the Rain Man era took effect. I would guess most of our Anthropology is more CAPD like than Autism based by today's measure. However, If Autism's Standards were never lowered so often, many Autisitc of today would have to be classified as something else. The point remains our Picture thoughts seem to be the very basis of Man's mind.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Friday, April 07, 2006

Socially, Different and it Shows

A Social Aspie? Not really. This is another VITAL post form The Enigma and explains more than anything else our very fine line between Autism success and failure!

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges
Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Page 249

"New acquaintances at Bell Labs complained of Alan giving no sign of recognition or greeting when he passed then in the halls; instead, he made an explanation hinting at when he found so many aspects of life difficult. ' you know at Cambridge, he said, you come out in the morning and it's Redundant to keep saying hallo, hallo, hallo' he was too conscious of what he was doing, to slip into conversation without thinking. But he promised to be better."

From Rich
I doubt that any autism professional of today like, Wakefield or Rimland, or others would know what he or she has just read in the quoted Enigma text above. Odds are they would see Alan 's behavior and know it as a simple 'stuck up Aspie' especially, if a particular person was pretty high functioning. What the quote actually tells me is Alan was a picture thinker and either knowingly or unknowingly his life was filled with picture thoughts and thus he was too busy thinking about things to even bother to say 'Hi,'be social, or for that matter care whom he was talking to. As Alan said he found many aspects of life difficult-well, no wonder. All of us I mention on this site that have done the double-blind autism experiment, just like Alan was doing can tell you while we are picture thinking, our traditional thought the average person assumes we have, is hardly ever there or functioning. We might have had enough Optic vision to see who it was we were talking to and to keep us walking down the hall without hitting things but odds are our brain generated images were on more than off and thus our optic vision was off. In essence we might be thinking with your daydreams as our standard thought process. That could very well explain WHY we are so good at problem solving and new ideas as we think of them in really DEEP and intense ways and it could also explain why we never quite get it socially. Many in our anthropology do WELL in social things as we have learned a lot of social lesions the hard way AND we leaned HOW to use our picture thoughts to their maximum ability. The stuff we do is kilometers beyond what Temple wrote about in Thinking in Pictures, and obviously Autism doesn't understand her book so it for sure thinks we are on another planet. Our Autism explains Autism and has been proven with repeatable results, something that is not welcome news these days.

Alan's picture thought was most likely on technical things but even social thoughts are in pictures as well. So IF we are in a social mood our thoughts are still mostly in pictures. Worse yet, Social Picture thoughts need converted into words and if we are to keep up with the conversation we need to jump threw some hoops or figure a few short cuts, like we have done. While this is perfected autism that allows us to blend in, and in effect hide ourselves in society, It is also the figured out autism that explains savants to stuttering. What we have done is figure out the obvious to us autism -- we are Autistic after all, what modern Autism has done is figured out their version of autism and they missed the boat as none of them has ever had an autism thought. While they might have had some good intention and the right idea many years ago Autism Professionals and their empires of today are now stuck in the muck so deep that can't even keep their head above water. While people claim we are not autistic as we do too much/I can make the same counter claim as they are not autism professionals or they would know what we know, or care enough to figure out their precious savant, their gold standard of autism.

Hint-if you merge the two sides of this autism debate you will get a few results!

Obviously, the world was better off not knowing of Autism as a psychology buzzword. Perhaps, If I send this post off in regular mail, I best use and Autism Awareness postage stamp? I would not want them to think I didn't care about autism.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Its Autism Season!

Well, it's here, Autism awareness month.

I guess it is bound to happen once a year. Something like death and taxes, April is Autism Awareness month, the time of year when even more Autism Ribbons and postage stamps are sold. In this day and age of 'cursed autism' and diets galore I suspect autism is not all that willing to let its Empire be tarnished with the nagging truth of its older populations. While the new modern invented Autism rarely if ever resembles the old working autism of time gone by: it seems pretty obvious the only Autism that was never understood is now the VERY same Autism people all over the spectrum have been looking for.

Sadly, the invented autism of today assumes Autism is a version of traditional thoughts and common is as common does. By that I mean the people from all over the spectrum looking for a "cure" to autism or even a definition or a cause of autism don't even have the right point of view to even have a clue to it, let alone figure it out. We can talk politics and point finger all day long but the facts remain if our old autism populations were documented and our double-blind experience were accounted for most of all modern Autism would be proven different. Might doesn't make right but, it does make for a good show and Autism Parents and autistic kids are in for a bumpy ride. Autism is just as much in showbusiness, as it is, figuring out the condition. I 'm sure many a "great" ignorant researcher either knowingly or unknowingly had made or is wanting to make a career out of researching autism. As long as there is a "pretty poster child" and a media dragon pushing a telethon perhaps Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down's syndrome, MS, CAPD, and many other things will be held up at "pen" point as research spins it wheels and pats itself on the back with case after case of peer review, one-up-man-ship. Honestly folks, peer review is like simply asking Fideo (your pet dog) if he likes you. The tail wags and you get a wet sloppy kiss; even if you don't deserve it.

Autism only parades its favorite people in front of the "cameras' for the dog and pony show' as those poor chaps seem to fit the mold Autism has created for them. Heaven forbid we think and reason and do something close to a traditional life; those ideals would sink the ship. I know Autism on the surface is doing a great job, but, I also know from the inside looking out and thinking with a never in print before thought process Autism will never find its 'cure' unless it admits to our working successful often older populations that did the double-blind Autism Experiment. Our exposure would be the worst thing to ever happen to autism: but, the best thing to ever happen to mankind! Autism will not admit to us, or find us, or even look for us as they know very well, Autism was invented with the advent of Rain Man. Why is it Autism has only boomed since Rain Man the movie opened the flood gates? If they applied the oldest strictest definitions of autism, that our older population meets to modern autism many would not be autistic. The oldest populations of autism have figured out a unique form of human life and thinking never in print before and mixing the old and new autism and treating both as 'stupid retards' has in effect made a wish and cast a spell that assures most modern aspies are destined for a group home.

If Rain Man were about Hyper Activity Disorder a popular buzzword in Psychology circles in the later 1970' perhaps many of the autistic of today would be labeled hyper active and not autistic. Researchers would not be flocking to autism but rather Hyper Activity disorder. It would be "the" dreadful condition on the rise in epidemic proportions, and the postage stamps and the diets and the celebrity charity events would be pushing hyper activity disorder and not autism. The results are basically the same, a group of underperforming 'differently able, mis understood children, would be named hyper active and they to would be on pills and diets and sent to a special education school only to end up in a group home.

Please take a moment to read over the posts on Alan Turing on this blog and see for yourself how old autism absently worked, and worked well. Alan, like many of us was lucky enough to bridge the gap between the savant and an idiot. If Savant's are Autism's gold standard and the object of the great movie Rain Man ,why is it Autism will not listen to our successful story?

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Alan's Insight out of this World

Aspie Insight-out of this world-perhaps Autism should tap into it?

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges
Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Page 253,

"In a sense he had stood upon the burning desk since 1939: but the sentiments of Casablanca, those of doing a patriotic duty contrary to inclination, were very remote from the spirit of Alan Turing's war. He was doing what he had chosen to do, and was expressing himself, not subjecting himself. His mind continued to work away, fascinated by the problems, even during his voyage home. While briefly sharing in the helplessness, confinement and danger of the war, he spent his time studying a twenty-five cent handbook on electronics, the RCA RADIO TUBE MANUAL, and invented a new way of enciphering speech"

From Rich ,,

For the record a $. 25 cent manual in 1939 would be like $20.00 US dollars today. Alan was on a troop transport ship on his way back to England. It was VERY UNSAFE to be on a ship in this era as German U-boats were sinking ships left and right. Air Travel was not perfected as of yet and simply flying off to London was generally impossible.

Autism wise inventing a new way of enciphering speech, is something TOTALLY easy for Picture Thought Thinkers. While traditional thinkers see a problem know a problem as a few facts and lots of steps that must be taken to solve the problem,(IE all the studies of autism) Autistic proficient thinkers for lack of a better term see the entire "problem." Just like computer animation or 3-d illustrations the Autistic mind views Thoughts just like those, Our Optic vision is OFF and our brains replace the optic vision (lack of eye contact) with a brain generated images the computer Animations and the 3-Demension thoughts. IF we are lucky and can translate those thoughts to traditional thoughts, we can often do the great things Alan did.

Alan WAS "blessed" as (for the benefit of the young readers) his work was seen VITAL to the war effort. The War Effort was among other things was a NATIONAL unity an international unity among allies and everyone from the housewife to the congressman helped. My Grandma was even a "Rosie the Riveter" and worked for Curtis Wright building W.W.II airplanes. There were shortages of supplies of all types gas was rationed and you Car pooled or took public transport. People volunteered cooked food and greeted soldiers at train stations and the unity was something the world has never known since. The world was even so desperate for help It even broke race barriers and allowed the Tusguee Airmen an all black fighting force to be formed. This same sprit of desperateness opened up a few minds ,thankfully and that allowed Alan Turing's work to shine and his computer to be invented. As the War Effort continued the Allies did anything to win. They even listened to an odd Autistic person. Support for any war since has been a joke compared to this one. Dutefully they forgot Alan after the war was over and he was no longer needed.

Odds are very good Alan would have never made it big without the war to guide him. He WAS in the right place at the right time and all of the world has benefited form his inventions and insights time and again, as you read this on line Turing's inventions were key factors connecting us even to this day. Without the War Effort, I wonder if anyone but a few professors and mathematicians would have listened to him?

There is no better way to get and Aspie to be social other than forcing the issue, Alan was forced, to dive in and figure ways to convert Picture Thoughts to traditional Speech. I bet either knowingly or Unknowingly the very translation process that took his 3-d mind to a traditional conversation was probably "the mold" the Ideal he used in his Enciphering Speech idea. Putting a modern Aspie in special education or a group home is not enough of a challenge to spur our growth as our double-blind experiements indicate. The Picture thought Temple Grandin mentions in her book Thinking in Pictures are indeed baby thoughts the very basics of Autism thoughts, and Alan was for sure using the most advanced Picture Thoughts , like I write about in my book Pre Rain Man Autism.

Psychology Guru's, many of them are still lost in space and time just simply don't have the insight or the courage or the mindset to even realize what it is proficient picture thinkers (Autisitcs) have done. We seem to fill in the gap between traditional thought you know and the building blocks the human mind is built upon that you never heard of before. Explained Autism-if they cared to listen-could explain everything from stuttering to dyslexia to learning disabilities and ABILITIES and also shed light on many types of personality issues, and of course autism itself. We might indeed offer the DNA type of road map to the human mind.

The traditional thinkers of the world naturally will see to it we are stifled as much as possible, Autism itself can't admit to us, as we present a picture of autism that will unintentionally deflate Rain Man's empire. We will bring up many old dead issues in autism that the Autism Empire forgot. That will take the punch out of the 'Epidemic Status' of autism if nothing else will. Even worse in the smaller minds in the spectrum, know many of us that made it are Gay, like Alan Turing was. The Gay social factor was autism training not every Autistic person is privileged to receive. Despite cold hard obvious fact and glowing success in REAL LIFE, Autism is better off not touching us, as they see it.

Naturally since they are traditional thinkers and using their logic they believe they are doing the right thing by autism, and on the surface of it they are. However, factor in our success and our Autism Knowledge that has never been in a text book before, and the entire face of Autism and humanity changes forever. Traditional Thinkers are not noted for change or for novel thinking and no matter what we have done, they don't know us and we don't have a degree in anything but real life. Despite filling in the Gap between the Savant and the Idiot we don't have a university Ph.D. degree to prove anything we did was worth the effort. By the same token they missed all of our insight as they are not wired like we are and could have never even experienced the first inkling of Autistic thought.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Top Secrert Autism!

Alan Turing, Working Autism, TOP SECRET WORK, Bell Labs New York City , 1943.

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.BACKGROUND for quote. Alan was in New York City working for Bell Labs (AT&T) on New York's West Street by the piers. This was January 19 , 1943.

From Page 245,

"Like most organizations devoted to secret work, Bell Labs operated in a cellular fashion so that people never knew what was happening outside their own department. Alan, however, was free to move into any 'cell' he wished, although he had to be careful not to transfer information himself. It came through the to the Bell engineers with whom he worked that his 'clearance' had not come from the Army or the Navy, but from the WHITE HOUSE itself. Most of his time, however, was spent in one particular 'cell' which had the responsibility of trying to crack speech encipherment systems which had been proposed. He made an impression from the start, for within an hour of arrival he had solved a problem. It involved a scrambling system in which time segments were permuted, by means of nine Magnetic heads simultaneously reading a magnetic tape. "that ought to give you 945 codes' said Alan when this was explained 'its 9x7x5x3' It had taken one of their technicians a week to work it out"

From Rich,

I suspect 9x7x5x3 was simple Picture Thought for Alan. I can see the simple logic to his logic and it seems to fit into picture thought brain generated images we use to think with to a tee. Every proficient picture thinker, was self taught and simply learned and blended his or her life experience into traditional thought. I'm sure Alan had his own "Dictionary" of Picture thought figured out that was unique to him and probably not shockingly matched his splinter skills. People that know me know I'm horrible with math and never got the "math gene" but as I read The Enigma, the autism logic is the same. As I meet people from all over the world via our anthropology we all seem to share an Autism Logic (picture thought) and each of us blends our Splinter Skills into it in our unique way.

IF we are very lucky, as Alan was we get to "show off" our skills and along the way develop socially if not a bit awkwardly. Alan's clearance came directly from the Whitehouse and through out his life especially during W.W.II he was one of the best things around. Many years later he was never given the time of day and he was shunned after he was outed. If he was good enough for the Top Secret war effort an honor to itself, why was it after he was outed he was ruined, professionally. He was always gay and had been all of his life, like the rest of us. When one is outed however small minds make a big issue of it. Normal humans we find, are not thinkers but rather, reactionaries. They take a small tidbit of 'something' act on that and in essence make a quick poor choice. We learned social skills totally backwards if you will and thus like our autism thoughts give us a unique view of the world our social thoughts parallel the '99 conversations people have'. Honestly most conversations are the same things over and over and the only "fun" parts of human conversation are the times when a buzzword is brought up; weather it be Autism, Gay, a political word, a curse word, or a 'big' word. Sadly, human behavior is just as bad as their conversation, when you look in the cracks of society your liable to see beautiful people that are blind, in a wheel chair, disabled veterans without Arms and legs and all we do as a society is hide them. The once poster child for a cause is no longer even given the time of day years after they were paraded across the TV screen.

This SELF DISCOVERED self developed Autism like Alan demonstrates here and as our Anthropology also shares is simply unfooled with autism. Our success was such a fine refinement of error so to speak but, yet it all worked out for the best. Our double-blind experience that COMPLETED the autism cycle is absolutely the stuff modern autism does NOT want to know about. Our Timing is all wrong and Autism-the Empire of Autism-would be crippled with our admission. As modern Autism Students are told in so many words they are autistic and poured into the "Oh Help me mode," even fewer of them than in our generation will be able to develop with the splinter skills and have the freedom to somehow explore and figure out their autism thoughts. Perhaps IF the guru's of psychology would care to figure out our thought process that has never been in print before and blend some aspects of that into modern autism education we could spark the fire of autism once again and steer our kids away from the group homes! I don't care If they call it their research and spin it to support the Autism Empire the important thing is we "Break the Code" of autism thought! Trust me even the very best researchers will never figure it out as it takes one to know one.

If Alan would have lived and figured out even more of Autism or more like us figured out his thought process was picture based I can only imagine the Temple Grandin style book he would have been able to write. For sure he would have had proficient Picture Thought all buttoned down and he to would have bridged the gap between the savant and the village idiot.

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