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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Alan's Insight out of this World

Aspie Insight-out of this world-perhaps Autism should tap into it?

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges
Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

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Page 253,

"In a sense he had stood upon the burning desk since 1939: but the sentiments of Casablanca, those of doing a patriotic duty contrary to inclination, were very remote from the spirit of Alan Turing's war. He was doing what he had chosen to do, and was expressing himself, not subjecting himself. His mind continued to work away, fascinated by the problems, even during his voyage home. While briefly sharing in the helplessness, confinement and danger of the war, he spent his time studying a twenty-five cent handbook on electronics, the RCA RADIO TUBE MANUAL, and invented a new way of enciphering speech"

From Rich ,,

For the record a $. 25 cent manual in 1939 would be like $20.00 US dollars today. Alan was on a troop transport ship on his way back to England. It was VERY UNSAFE to be on a ship in this era as German U-boats were sinking ships left and right. Air Travel was not perfected as of yet and simply flying off to London was generally impossible.

Autism wise inventing a new way of enciphering speech, is something TOTALLY easy for Picture Thought Thinkers. While traditional thinkers see a problem know a problem as a few facts and lots of steps that must be taken to solve the problem,(IE all the studies of autism) Autistic proficient thinkers for lack of a better term see the entire "problem." Just like computer animation or 3-d illustrations the Autistic mind views Thoughts just like those, Our Optic vision is OFF and our brains replace the optic vision (lack of eye contact) with a brain generated images the computer Animations and the 3-Demension thoughts. IF we are lucky and can translate those thoughts to traditional thoughts, we can often do the great things Alan did.

Alan WAS "blessed" as (for the benefit of the young readers) his work was seen VITAL to the war effort. The War Effort was among other things was a NATIONAL unity an international unity among allies and everyone from the housewife to the congressman helped. My Grandma was even a "Rosie the Riveter" and worked for Curtis Wright building W.W.II airplanes. There were shortages of supplies of all types gas was rationed and you Car pooled or took public transport. People volunteered cooked food and greeted soldiers at train stations and the unity was something the world has never known since. The world was even so desperate for help It even broke race barriers and allowed the Tusguee Airmen an all black fighting force to be formed. This same sprit of desperateness opened up a few minds ,thankfully and that allowed Alan Turing's work to shine and his computer to be invented. As the War Effort continued the Allies did anything to win. They even listened to an odd Autistic person. Support for any war since has been a joke compared to this one. Dutefully they forgot Alan after the war was over and he was no longer needed.

Odds are very good Alan would have never made it big without the war to guide him. He WAS in the right place at the right time and all of the world has benefited form his inventions and insights time and again, as you read this on line Turing's inventions were key factors connecting us even to this day. Without the War Effort, I wonder if anyone but a few professors and mathematicians would have listened to him?

There is no better way to get and Aspie to be social other than forcing the issue, Alan was forced, to dive in and figure ways to convert Picture Thoughts to traditional Speech. I bet either knowingly or Unknowingly the very translation process that took his 3-d mind to a traditional conversation was probably "the mold" the Ideal he used in his Enciphering Speech idea. Putting a modern Aspie in special education or a group home is not enough of a challenge to spur our growth as our double-blind experiements indicate. The Picture thought Temple Grandin mentions in her book Thinking in Pictures are indeed baby thoughts the very basics of Autism thoughts, and Alan was for sure using the most advanced Picture Thoughts , like I write about in my book Pre Rain Man Autism.

Psychology Guru's, many of them are still lost in space and time just simply don't have the insight or the courage or the mindset to even realize what it is proficient picture thinkers (Autisitcs) have done. We seem to fill in the gap between traditional thought you know and the building blocks the human mind is built upon that you never heard of before. Explained Autism-if they cared to listen-could explain everything from stuttering to dyslexia to learning disabilities and ABILITIES and also shed light on many types of personality issues, and of course autism itself. We might indeed offer the DNA type of road map to the human mind.

The traditional thinkers of the world naturally will see to it we are stifled as much as possible, Autism itself can't admit to us, as we present a picture of autism that will unintentionally deflate Rain Man's empire. We will bring up many old dead issues in autism that the Autism Empire forgot. That will take the punch out of the 'Epidemic Status' of autism if nothing else will. Even worse in the smaller minds in the spectrum, know many of us that made it are Gay, like Alan Turing was. The Gay social factor was autism training not every Autistic person is privileged to receive. Despite cold hard obvious fact and glowing success in REAL LIFE, Autism is better off not touching us, as they see it.

Naturally since they are traditional thinkers and using their logic they believe they are doing the right thing by autism, and on the surface of it they are. However, factor in our success and our Autism Knowledge that has never been in a text book before, and the entire face of Autism and humanity changes forever. Traditional Thinkers are not noted for change or for novel thinking and no matter what we have done, they don't know us and we don't have a degree in anything but real life. Despite filling in the Gap between the Savant and the Idiot we don't have a university Ph.D. degree to prove anything we did was worth the effort. By the same token they missed all of our insight as they are not wired like we are and could have never even experienced the first inkling of Autistic thought.

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