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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Cookies ,Bad Autism

Holly Cow mate! Is this all Autism research has come with a good cookie recipe? Perhaps one of the biggest reasons Modern Autism does not own up to our Anthropology is most of us were never subjected to the Modern Autism ways including diets. Diets seem to be cheap and effective research or the results of it: families living by the diet are reminded of the research daily. Somewhere along the line Autism Research lost track of the few clues it once had in Autism and the new Buzzword Autism got wildly out of control.

Old Autism knew of our Pain Tolerance so if we have a belly ache we might not know of it, but there might be a simple explanation for us having digestive issues, Perhaps it is something as simple as lactose intolerance and we feel little if any of the symptoms of it? When my whole family has been sick with a food related illness, I have hardly been effected with it I was not in agnony,like they were. We can have all kinds of symptoms and signs of digestive troubles and not feel enough pain to tell anyone where we hurt or even if we do hurt. Doesn't that put an entire different spin on autism diets? Still diarrhea and other symptoms look and present like much more but, might not be anything more than a common illness.

As for our Proficient Picture thoughts the stuff we use everyday to mimic traditional thoughts they seem to work very well on traditional diets. I can't see where an invisible thought process like our Autism is greatly affected with what we eat as long as, it is a mostly healthy diet. Many people from all over the autism spectrum especially our Anthropology never ate anything special in terms of a diet and we all came out very well. Obviously, Autism Research lost track of the idea we think like no other population on earth and this thought process has never been in a text book before. Now we can't be admitted despite being united for the first time in history as our non Rain Man Stories seriously erode the modern Autism Empire and its resulting epidemic.

I can't help but think If Autism was never subjected to the bad influence of a media blitz (Rain Man) and its research standards were never compromised for the benefit of an epidemic and a few careers Autism Research ,would have figured out by now we explain, everything from Einstein to Dyslexia and maybe even the building blocks of the human mind. LEAD ON AUTISM your doing a fine job of spinning your wheels! Please for the sake of mankind ,at least let us be heard.

Oh Well, the cookie recipe below sounds like it might be very good, might as well have some good food to eat while autism keeps its own ego fed with sub standard research. This is a Gluten Free recipe so popular today in Autism circles.

Chocolate Cookie Recipe:

1 1/2 cups of brown rice flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup potato starch ( I use corn starch)
1/2 cup sweet rice flour
2 tsp xanthum gum
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2-3 tbsp ground golden flax

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 brown sugar
1 cup margarine
2 eggs
1 tsp gfcf vanilla
12 oz gfcfsf chocolate chips ( P.c. decadent semi sweet)

Combine dry ingredients. Cream up the sugars and margarine. Beat in
eggs one at a time. Add Vanilla. Gradually add the dry ingredients
and mix well. Stir in chocolate chips. Drop onto ungreased cookie
sheets and bake at 375F for 8-12 minutes

Enjoy, they are incredible!!!!!!! we all love them!

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Autism's Modern Runners

Congrulations to our Friend Jypsy (of the Other Planet) and her Autisitc son on their upcoming running event! Jypsy was the very First person I spoke to in Autism and she was a saint and got me connected to all the right people! I could not have asked for a better connection.

Autism has all kinds of Runners including Our Autisitc hero Alan Truing (1912-1954) He was Father of the computer and Autisitc. Plus we have more modern people too, Tony keep up the good work ,next time you will break the 203 mark !

Here is the post on Jypsy's run ,,,

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Thursday, June 22, 2006
Alex Bain, 18, of Oyster Bed will run Prince Edward Island from
tip-to-tip this July to raise awareness and acceptance of autism. He will
be the first autistic person to do this. Here, he's pictured with his
mother Janet Norman-Bain, who will accompany him on the trip.(GUARDIAN

Running for a reason

On July 2, Alex Bain will set out from North Cape on a tip-to-tip Island
trek that he hopes will raise awareness of autism and fundraise $6,000.

By Caitlin McIntyre
The Guardian

Alex Bain doesn't want to find a cure for his autism.

Rather, Bain, an 18-year-old Oyster Bed resident, says autism is not
something to be ashamed of.

On July 2, he will leave North Cape in a bid to be the first autistic
person to run the Island tip-to-tip.

But instead of running to find a cure for the disease, the focus of many
autism runs, Bain wants to raise awareness of it, says his mother, Janet
Norman-Bain. As well, he hopes to fundraise $6,000 or $20/km for the nearly
300-km trek from North Cape to East Point, to bring Dennis Debbaudt to
Prince Edward Island this September for a series of seminars.

Debbaudt, a Florida-based professional investigator and father of a
22-year-old autistic son, educates law enforcement, medical and first
respondent personnel on how to recognize and respond to autistic persons.

Bain's mother will join him on the trip, following him on her bicycle. In a
recent interview with The Guardian, she said the public must understand
that autism doesn't have to be a devastating, life-ruining burden.

"Autism is getting a lot of bad press these days. Autism is made out to be
a horrible monster and a family-wrecking horror, but it isn't," said
Norman-Bain, who was interviewed on behalf of her son.

This is the message she and her son hope to send as they raise autistic
awareness. Autism is a neurological disease classified as a developmental

Bain is running for a good cause, considering there are many misconceptions
and preconceptions concerning the disease, said Paul Wright, a member of
the P.E.I. Roadrunners Club. It's important to educate the public and help
them understand the challenges people with autism face, he said.

"He's running for autism, not against it. I think it's wonderful," Wright said.

Bain, who was diagnosed with autism at age three, has spent nearly every
day training for the run. An impressive athlete, he participates in a road
race most weekends as a member of the Roadrunners. In 2004, he was named
the Roadrunners' Patterson Palmer Rookie of the Year.

And although he didn't learn to speak until age six, he graduated from
Bluefield high school last year with honours, receiving top prizes in math
and English.

With his myriad of accomplishments, Bain has been an inspiration for many
in his community, his mother said. Many of his successes in life can be
attributed to his family and friends, who were never condescending towards
him, she added.

She said her son's accomplishments prove autism doesn't have to be a hindrance.
She hopes his success story will help dissolve stereotypes people may have
of autistic persons' intellectual or physical capabilities.

"Especially for parents of newly diagnosed kids or people who have yet to
have diagnosed kids, they need to know it's not a family-wrecking plague,"
Norman-Bain said. "All autistic kids will improve, and some will do
phenomenally well."

Thus far, her website,, promoting her
son's run has received visitors from China, Argentina Poland, Saudi Arabia,
and India. Clearly, word is spreading in the autistic community, she said.

Gary Craswell, a longtime member of the Roadrunners Club, said Bain has a
great support system, and that will help him meet the challenges of his
tip-to-tip run.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Eyes Have it -or do they?

An online AD posted to one my mail boxes,

Quote from AD.

"My friends in Phoenix started using the liquid Zeolite with their daughter and in about 4 days, she was making eye contact more and many other improvements.

Well, here we go again Autism, the traditional thinkers of autism and traditional education and psychology are naturally under the impression Eye Contact is Mandatory for any learning to take place. If ANY Autism expert knew of Autism and our high functioning Anthropology of people who do more than Temple Grandin Wrote about they see how ridiculous that ideal is in autism. They would know like we do, LACK OF EYE CONTACT is the BEST sign of fully functioning autism and it signals that our optic vision is OFF and we are thinking with brain generated images. This invisible to you thought process has invented the computer and done many other great things. It is cutting edge a different kind of human thought that might well be as old man him self but yet never identified. Autism like ours that uses picture thoughts might very well prove to be the slow motion building blocks of the human mind. Perhaps even Einstein was a picture thinker? Honestly we are the only ones with the detailed thought potential. Our Biggest problem, your biggest problem are the traditional thoughts you use to think with ,they can't see our obvious and our obvious is NOT your obvious. Please let Autisitc's solve Autism and get off this eye contact business.

Thanks Rich

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Forwarded Message:
Subj: autism
Date: 6/24/2006 11:08:26 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Eph3Twenty

I'm Cathy in Portland, OR. I've been working with an autistic boy at church, then connected them with another friend with a 5 yr old autistic daughter in Phoenix. In the process of researching, both of these children were vaccine injured by the mercury preservative (thimerosal) in some of their baby shots. The Phoenix family has been detoxing their little girl with good results, but the method they were using was a little harsh on her system.

In researching all this, I was tested for heavy metals and found out I was high in mercury and several other metals. My doctor put me on a product which is being used now with Autistic children with tremendous results! In fact, the FDA has approved a double blind placebo study with autistic children using this product which will start soon! My friends in Phoenix started using the liquid Zeolite with their daughter and in about 4 days, she was making eye contact more and many other improvements!

I'd love to share the info with you!

This product, a purified, liquid Zeolite, is changing lives! It removes heavy metals, chemical poisons and toxins from the body quickly, safely and gently. It strengthens the immune system, acts to chelate and remove heavy metals from the system, acts as a potent anti-oxidant, balances bodily pH levels, reduces cancer risk, acts as a broad spectrum anti-viral agent...and more! It is protected by a US Patent (which is titled 'epithileal cell cancer drug') and has a GRAS (safe) rating by the FDA. It is non-toxic and safe for infants to the elderly.

The zeolite in NCD has been used in powdered form in the US for over 30 years in water filtration, air purification, plant fertilizers and animal feed. There are hundreds of published studies and articles that outline the the uses and benefits of our form of zeolite in humans and animals. Not to mention that there is over 800 years of traditional used throughout India, China and Russia.

------- Trunicated----

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Sad News ,a Friend in Need.

Sad news

Autism has a dear long time friend that has been struck down via a stroke. Kate from the West coast of America has been a long term Autism champion since the 1950s. I only recently met Katie on line in a group called JZS Autism on Yahoo. I had heard of her by reputation before I ever met her online. We chatted on JZS Autism and in private many times and she turned me on to the book "Rules for Radicals" and thought it was the right book for our autism struggle. It was indeed a wonderful reading event for me and gave me lots of ideas, many of which I put into play. She understood where our high functioning anthropology came from and the reasons why we can't be admitted to. Her guidance and insight was wonderful in getting us on the right page.

She has suffered a stroke and reportedly still has her excellent mind and that is a good thing, Autism more than ever needs her insight. ALL of us wish her a speedy recovery and hopefully she takes some time off from "duty" to actually recover a bit before going at it again.

Wishing her the best ....

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Saturday, June 24, 2006

67 comic book

In another long ago and not so far away ideal of autism, Old time discpline did wonders in helping people overcome autism. The illustration above is from a book called Fun with Peanuts by the late Charles M. Schultz. This book was published in 1967, I started school in 1966 , well before Rain Man and the modern autism. Even our comic books had an element of reality and good behavior to them. All of this helped many of us that have overcome autism do autism as well as, we do.

Modern Autism screams it is the Autism and not the child as they try to explain reasons for bad behavior and perhaps a few reasons to prescribe a few pills. Modern autism doesn't seem all that happy unless the kids are (saying) 'fat drunk and stupid,' meaning on drugs. A population on drugs certainly makes it easier to mold modern asipes into the perfect aspie that is suitable for study. If everyone is drugged up and unproductive it also goes a few miles in promoting the ideal of autism being a dreadful helpless condition. Granted it might be the autism and not the child but, there is a child in every autistic and the two as our anthropology illustrates are connected. You control the bad behavior with honest discipline standards and you also control 3/4 of autism's bad behavior. A time out is basically worthless in the developing mind of an aspie a few whacks are needed occasionally it is no wonder we have people today that are not toilet trained or graduate from school not being able to read.

To make matters even worse Modern Education is more of a baby sitting position (no offense to the dedicated teachers) as modern autism assumes are dumb as a sack of rocks and indeed we present that way. BUT keep in mind in the old days and in a few cases of modern times some of us are lucky enough not to be diagnosed and thus we are given the chance of actually grasping some of our invisible to you autism thoughts and from there we can start connecting real life autism thoughts to real life. Modern Aspies never get that chance. As modern autism screams eye contact they have no idea our lack of eye contact IS the best signal ever of working autism and while our eyes are off we are thinking in our natural to us thought process.

I can't help but wonder if that at the least some of autism research is more concerned with their own corporate welfare and their own careers? If they really cared about autism and its people they would have kept on investing their effort on our anthropology and learned our working version of autism. I suspect it is far easier to do a few studies on guinea pigs that are predrugged and molded to suit the current epidemic standards than to actually listen to autism's best performing populations? Everything they prescribe drugs for has an explanation in older working autism. It is easier and more profitable to do the Rx rather than try to figure our group of people that has figured out a few things. The hardest thing to explain is how we did so well and without the aid in many cases of Buzzword Autism developed after Rain Man changed the face of autism from hope to despair. Just how many researchers are and were expecting an uncritqued career spinning their wheel researching autism? From modern autism's point of view we are too "dumb" to have figured out our very own never in print before thought process and we certainly have the wrong message and are not powerful enough to over come the autism empire of today. They will not stand for us, we are bad for their business. Speaking of our success you, reading this on your computer, is a result of Autism: Alan Turing,(1912-1954) was father of the computer and autistic as well. Please keep that in mind and realize Autism, modern autism is normal thinkers trying their 'best" to figure out what has never been in a text book before, they will look long and hard and never see the point to autism unless they listen to us and discover our thoughts. They will be horrified to learn that our thoughts are too complicated and need watered down and not as they assume too stupid, to be anything smart. If they care to listen we can show them the secrets in getting our thoughts converted to yours.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Friday, June 16, 2006

Book Review

Dear Blog Reader's

I know it is very bad taste to toot your own horn but, forgive me, I am doing just that. The following is a book review of my book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and I only recently met the writer of this review after it was written. Quite honestly It was bashed and banned from Autism circles before it was ever published. I was working with several Autism Publishers that all loved it at one time but they turned tail and ran. After I did publish it on my own I was hammered with bad press and chased all over the web by several people doing vulgar Instant messages.

As it seems my public comments have been banished from the record of the Autism Town Hall meetings held by the CDC, there is a good chance someone in Autism circles is not trilled with my autism or those of the people I describe in the book. Most of us missed Rain Man's Curse. In light of the very unsportsman like bad behavior of several in Autism I am breaking the rules my self, and publishing a copy of this review here on my blog.


Thank goodness for Rich!, June 13, 2006
Reviewer: J A Mills - See all my reviews
First of all remember Rich is autistic himself, beginning with that premise, this book is really an amazing work. But add to that the provacative, entertaining and cutting edge work, and this young man equal genuis. Read it for yourself!

I am so glad that I found this book. I have learned so much from reading Rich's detailed explanation of picture thinking. This has opened my eyes to completely new ways to view teaching Autistics. I realize that not everyone picture thinks, but gosh what a great opening for those who do picture think, this could change their future. I work with an autistic young man, he has much more potential that he is presently able to perform. I have been using the picture thinking approach with him and I see some definate improvement in his communication. That speaks volumes.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Monday, June 12, 2006

How We Do Autism

Autism the figured out Autism our anthropology has figured out is the proven over time Autism dreams and success autism used to know about and admit to. It is figured out and learned by a trail and error double blind experience. What we came up with is the key to man's mind.

The Autism thought process is mostly invisible and more importantly way more complicated than traditional thought. That complicated nature is somewhat "Greek" a Greek language a type of Latin and more importantly it means Autism Thoughts Are VERY advanced and VERY much over the top and we have learned they need watered down to be understood and communicated. Those complicated advanced thoughts DO explain Rain Man, Einstein and dyslexia among other things. It seems the Savant and the great thinkers of our world were doing their great things via picture thought. As long as autism, waits for us to perform like they want us to do we will never get beyond an IEP and a group home.

Picture thoughts naturally figured into our better via splinter skills and obsessions ideals that many of us got to absently explain our double blind Autism experience. While Modern Autism is waiting on us to figure what it sees as the simplest things and naturally thinks we are smart as a sack of rocks and thick as a plank, we actually know much more than we are ever given credit for. As we grew up with splinter skill learning we were able to learn and do and absently find ways to communicate our thoughts and words and ideas. We were able to translate our picture thought to real life ,the KEY to Autism. I tell people I communicate with We can teach above demonstrated grade level and in the realm of our splinter skills and like we have done already absently we find ways to finally communicate via words. Autism Is not your natural first language so you have no idea what it is we have to do and you have no idea how well it can work, unless you admit to the fact our Autistic hero Alan Truing (1912-1954) was father of the computer.

While Autism waits on us and forces us to abandoned our Picture thoughts as it insists on Eye Contact that Eye Contact it desperately wants is actually one of the healthiest signs of working autism. While we have NO eye contact our Optic vision is OFF and we are looking at a brain generated image just like it was optical vision and reading that and converting that into real life communication or actions. Can you just imagine a thought process that turns OFF optical vision and then needs translated to real life? Who has heard of such nonsense? Obviously Autism hasn't. Well, they have and they even allowed Thinking in Pictures to be published but everything coming along after that building on that has been banished form autism for many reasons. What a shame, we have figured out Autism and politically we miss the boat and have inadvertently timed our recently united anthropology all wrong.

Despite the fact we can't read or do much at grade level at times it is NOT the fact we don't know it; it is the fact our Autism Conversion thought process has never been in a text before or even figured out by a traditional thinker. Many of us OLD and YOUNG were able to figure out our Autism by trial and error and learn to deal with it effectively. That same chance we absently had was unknowingly taken away when autism became a buzz word and a curse. As too many main stream thinkers insisted on doing it their way our working way, absently our best chances that worked so well for us, got lost in the process. Now that we have united and discovered we all share the same double blind autism experience and the same results and the same milestones in developmment,we also share the same "trouble." Our autism is an autism that spans every generation but not every one diagnosed with autism. Many people diagnosed today are not fitting the mold of our oldest versions of autism. Modern Empire Autism will NOT and cannot tolerate such treason and it has the power to keep us hidden and discredited, unless of course you insist the Autism Society must admit to us.

Our Anthropology is the hopeful autism of time gone by and we figured out so much of it we got our autism to mimic traditional life. That is why so many of us were never diagnosed (besides we are too old) and why no one in psychology can "find us" today we are in plain sight in real life society. Was Modern Autism really ever expecting to find a cure for autism or was it all along a Psychology buzz word and the chosen 'condition' to exploit for research purposes? One thing for sure is Autism has FAILED in one respect and that is has failed to investigate all of the facts of its condition and its successful populations. Honest research doesn't over look obvious success unless it has something to hide.

Perhaps someday when this mess is figured out Autistic students could actually be taught Picture thoughts our invisible to you picture thought process that has given the world the computer and many inventions. If we were never cursed by Rain Man the movie I bet there would an honest Autism School today that would teach picture thoughts and it would be honed so well by now that after 6th grade most of our students could be mainstreamed and do really well. Our anthropology has already done this and proven this autism ideal and even figured into our lives the keen senses and the pain tolerance. Modern Autism cannot even with the best of research ever duplicate what it is we have done as they don't even know where to start or what questions to ask. Our Anthropology's (group of people) and our worldwide experience all tell the same story, the autism is the same no matter what language we speak and we all did our experience in much the same way. Temple's Thinking in Pictures only offers the very basic autism in print, we all build upon her great work.

Modern autism is just simply playing their deck of cards to their advantage somehow lost in their own mindset is their obvious built in basis, no one autistic can figure out autism to the fact they locgically assume we are thick as a plank and even the idea we could never be social are just proof positive they have missed the boat. The only autism they understand and endorse is the stuff they have invented. We would never made much of our lives either had we been diagnosed and our parnets,teachers and tutors were given the Modern Autism Party line as their guide. We would also be in a group home.

Yes, it is true our group does explain Rain Man and does real lives and we even drive. Even worse we figured out all of this stuff while Modern autism was being invented right under our noses. Our story is not their story, and besides we grew up without the benefit of modern Autism, how can they explain our painless Injuries our traditional diet and our good behavior and the fact even today we only fit the very oldest definition of autism? We can and we do however explain a human thought process that has never been in print before and if it was shared everyone (picture thinker) in autism would come out of their shell and once again do what we once were able to do before Rain Man cursed us.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Narcissism and Autism

Dear Blog Reader's:

Here is more from the Autism Parent Trap post. This Post deals with the idea we have some people, a bigger number of people than we would like to think in the autism spectrum, typically a parent that is also Narcissistic. Narcissism is a condition that the affected person is a bully to a large degree and works really hard proving to the world they are perfect people and the perfect loving parent. Once the door closes however, they are mean old monsters as two faced as they can be. Many people in our anthropology also report one parent or someone in the close family is a narcissist.

For those of us doing the Double blind Autism experience we learned a lot of NOT what to do socially by watching our narcissistic parent make a fools of them selves. Many of us LEARNED how to cover their tracks and ease the pain they caused to both our selves and others they come in contact with. As they get older and older and the narcissism takes its toll on their social life they tried so hard to craft, we need all the skill and strength and even the autism sense we can muster to keep them Level Headed. Walking on Eggshells like many of us have done is also a great autism experience. Coupled with our Old Pre Rain Man Autism experience and the absence of any autism diagnosis we got a nasty lesion in real life from our parents.

Below in the post tells of tragic results of murder and murder suicide in autism in recent weeks. I hope none of these parents were Narcissistic but from my experience Narcissism could easily hide and lurk and even turn tragically violent when the narcissists lets loose. If the child is a picture thinker with the pain tolerance he-she could have the shit beat out of them and no one would ever know. Mom or dad would simply put on the happy face, the public face and become the loving kind person they are not for the sake of an image and who would believe one word of anyone Autistic or not, that home was not great?

This is another obvious fact from our Worldwide anthropology that could for sure tarnish the reputation of Autism. One how could they miss that? and two If narcissism is found to be a bigger factor in the lives of some than it should be some Narcissistic parents would be exposed as bad parents. Just like Autism has never heard of a "bad" researcher autism has never known or even cares to know of a bad Parent. Some wild bad behavior in autism could well come from a narcissistic parent and his or her antics and productions. I'm sorry to report this news about our Anthropology but, it is news and part of the entire picture of our figured out autism. Our anthropology doesn't filter the autism news it simply reports it, unlike the modern stuff that is buzzword and epidemic based.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

A Trunicated quote.

>Autism's Parent Trap
>Published: June 5, 2006
>IN recent weeks, three stories have hit the news with grimly similar
>plotlines: parents accused of killing their autistic children.
>On April 12, in Hull, England, Alison Davies and her 12-year-old son,
>Ryan, fell to their deaths from a bridge over the River Humber, in an
>apparent murder-suicide. (A note was found in Ms. Davies's kitchen.) On
>May 14, in Albany, Ore., Christopher DeGroot, 19, was trapped inside a
>burning apartment. He died in a Portland hospital five days later, and his
>parents are charged with murder, accused of locking their son in the
>apartment alone. And on the same May Sunday, in Morton, Ill., Dr. Karen
>McCarron admitted to the police that she had, the day before, suffocated
>her 3-year-old daughter, Katherine, with a plastic garbage bag.
>Family and friends have come to the defense of two of the parents
>involved. "Ryan was the focus and the purpose of her life," Alison
>Davies's sister told The Sunday Times, calling the double bridge jump "an
>act of love."
>A friend of Dr. McCarron's — a fellow member of her local autism-support
>group — told a columnist for The Journal Star of Peoria, Ill., that Dr.
>McCarron had devoted her life to Katherine. "She never took a night off,"
>the friend said. "She read every book. She was trying so hard, pursuing
>every lead."

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another Wheel Spinner Study.

This is a truncated announcement of a study announcement I have found on the web in several locations concerning Autism: Autism the modern autism is what is highlighted here.

From the Web

The study's eighty autistic children will be divided into two
groups. One group is receiving the NCD zeolite and the other the
placebo for ninety days. Both groups will be measured using a
variety of established instruments for autism diagnosis and
treatment evaluation.

Gee do any of those established instruments include? Picture thought ideals and our established facts from our Anthropology?

Further, since other animal and human studies
with zeolite have demonstrated the ability for zeolite to remove
heavy metals, a portion of the participants will receive a series of
urine excretion tests designed to detect levels of heavy metal
excretion. If previous studies in adults hold true for these
autistic children, the researchers may see excretion rates as high
as 10 times over their baseline.

I wonder now, What are the levels of Mercury in our Older populations? Are they any higher or lower than the modern Autism Populations? Despite our "mercury" trouble we have figured out the very nuts and bolts of autism and have a wonderful proven living working anthropology that modern autism doesn't want to hear about. We are bad for the egos a few. Basing Autism, the total picture of it, including our anthropology will make many modern points of modern autism mute points. No wonder they will not talk to us.

At the end of the ninety day study period, those receiving the
placebo will then begin taking the NCD and be tracked for ninety
more days.

Those Poor Kids!

Two sites have been approved so far. In Plano, Texas, Dr. Seshagiri
Rao, a Board Certified Pediatrician is the lead investigator. The
second site, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is lead by Dr. Stephanie
Cave. Both sites have begun recruiting for study participants.
Visit to learn how to apply.

Professor James Adams, PhD will conduct the study data analysis. Dr.
Adams has previously published studies on the high level of mercury
toxicity common in many autistic children. Other studies suggest a
possible link between Thirmersol concentration found in many
vaccines and the high mercury levels in autistic children.

I am afraid that admitting to our anthropology will prove there are TWO kinds of autism one being the modern invented type of autism post Rain Man that seems to be making autistic kids zombies and it is the new autism that accounts for the Epidemic. Then there is the older version of autism that Spans EVERY living generation of Autism and also has a history. This FIGURED OUT autism is based in Picture thoughts and keen senses and the pain tolerance and no matter what country we are from or language we speak the Autism we know has been figured out and proven as doable time and again via our double blind experiments. We appear as the lowest functioning people of modern autism.

Sadly, our figured out autism the picture based thoughts only seem to include some of the people diagnosed Autistic from the newer generations. As people find our anthropology, only some of them know and relate to us others don't have a clue to what it is we have figured out. Think of all the times the autism Diagnosis standards were lowered over the years and compare that to fact of our anthropology that has figured out a different kind of human thought process and you will find only the oldest definition of Autism applies across EVERY generation.

EVERYONE is mired in the muck of new autism. Millions of dollars and lots of mad scientist type people with their egos to uphold, are very busy spinning their wheels of research doing 90 and 180 day studies only to produce another mathematically impressive study that proves a point they need to make. Sadly the autism they are trying to discover hasn't been invented yet, that is their reason for their work in the first place. Isn't peer review wonderful?

What is really sad is our older version of autism has figured out the building blocks of man's mind and our living working real life autism is the very key to many education and psychology lesions man has been searching for and here we are with proficient picture thought a type of human thought that is Autism, and here we are an entire group of people that did the same experience and figured out the same thing

if that is not the purest form of science I don't know what is,

and once modern Autism figured out that bit-our anthropology only supports the oldest versions of autism they went off us. We are bad for their business and certainly deflate the Autism Post Rain Man Epidemic. This alone is proof positive Modern Autism is a self inflated empire on a mission and that mission is not the welfare of autism it is the ego trip of many want a be doctors and researchers expecting an uncritquied career. That is just what they were getting until we were united online from all over the world! Even if they are not impressed (for obvious reasons) they were shocked and never expected us to surface and become honest inside critiques with inside earned in real life information. IF they were honest researchers they would have jumped at the chance and not ran from the chance to figure out what we have done in long term double-blind autism experiments that generally has had GREAT results. Even modern autistic that realize their thoughts in our success grow by leaps and bounds once they get the chance to explore their invisible to you lack of eye contact picture thoughts.

I beg of the autism spectrum to admit to us, discover us, and let both autism and Mankind both benefit from our long and hard life experience. In the end Experience is the only real teacher. It seems we have the best Autism money can buy. But remember, the best things in life are free, like our experience for example. Lead on autism!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Presentation, Invisible Thought

2ND in a Series of post "if we were allowed in the Autism Convention"

THE INVISIBLE Thoughts of Autism;

Naturally ignored with less than great results,

Naturally figured out in our double-blind experience - genus results in many ways

{visual prompts, actual copies of our picture thoughts will be on display in the background}

What our Double Blind experience has taught us picture thought wise.

* Our picture thoughts have never been in print before (text book)
* Our primary thought thoughts are INVISIBLE to you
*We need to use picture thoughts they are natural first language
*We translate- convert picture thoughts to word or actions
*The GAZED look lack of eye contact signals a deep picture thought in progress
* Our eyes remain OPEN BUT our Optic vision is OFF canceled and turned OFF
*Our brains are now looking at a brain generated image that looks like Optic vision to some degree. Could it be coming from the optic nerve?
* The picture thoughts we look at could be mundane and simple or a simple "flash" to extremely complicated and detailed as computer animation, the stuff a Savant would use.
* We absently seen and figured out a few 'flash picture thoughts' and learned they mente something to us, we eventually learned they were connected to our thoughts, we learned they were often an answer to a question. Most were the Still Pictures Temple wrote about in her book Thinking In Pictures.
*Nearly all of us report a Splinter Skills or Obsession in our lives that sparked our success.
* WE are definitely Smarter than we appear Picture Thoughts are naturally complicated and naturally LACK the means to be communicated, until we figure out ways to convert picture thoughts to words.

{visual to audience, showing a "slow autistic person" barley making it with a thought bubble saying E=MC2 in his mind in a picture thought, and then another visual of what he capable of communicating of 1+1 }

* Autism Thoughts seem to be the daydreams and dreams traditional people use.
*Once taken to the proficient picture thinker stage, our thoughts start to let us blend into real life.
*We all learned on our own HOW to convert Picture thoughts to words and Actions.
*We all share the same milestones in development, the same things had to happen for all of us before the next stages of picture thoughts occurred.
* No matter what language we speak the Autism is the same worldwide.
*These picture thoughts might very well be the slow motion step-by-step building blocks of the human mind.
*They defiantly Explain a Savant
*They defiantly Explain a modern Autistic person that never had the chance we had.
* Our intense social experience absently gave us the most need experience to turn our picture thought in to social things-resulting in some social grace.
*Not everyone in the Autism Spectrum could be presented with our unique social situations and thus many good picture thinkers have missed the experience to make some of their thoughts flow into a normal conversation.
*Our 20-25 year and longer do it yourself experience could be rendered into a 6 year Autism pre school. What we need to explain and teach our youth is not all that complicated -- it has just never been discovered yet. If one is a natural Picture Thinker most of this stuff will be natural for us.
* IF we were able to be taught what we have figured out overtime the Autism is really not more complicated than Latin of course, it is 'complicated Greek' as the rest of the world views it. Sadly it our thoughts are invisible so they are not believable by traditional people, Even worse none of us have degrees in Education or Psychology. The only degrees we have are in real life and occasionally our splinter skill areas.
* Flowing completed autism, complete with the social skills lesions like were lucky enough to complete indicate AUTISM has wonderful stunning potential that was never tapped.
*Our autism results are real and simply hidden in society as we do more traditional lives-no wonder they can't find us. We might even be have significant others in our lives, who would have ever dreamed that?
* Most of this insight was collected and gathered from our Anthropology and from people responding to the blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism.

This WORKING AUTISM again has never been in print before and it explains the village Idiot and a savant and even Einstein. Autism Thoughts are so different from traditional thoughts that they might never be figured out by a traditional thinker or even the best of autism researcher. They don't even believe us as we currently present-just who would think logically that an autistic person could ever do what we have done? Perhaps Autism labors under the impression Rain Man (movie character) was super smart and they wonder how their traditional thoughts could ever have done that? Traditional Thoughts from what I have seen of them would be incapable of what Rain Man did, only Picture thought could present such feats. I ask autism to quit exploiting Rain Man and listen to our story. I ask Autism to unite our Anthropology and figure out what have figured out and then share that autism with the world it seems it would apply to all of psychology and education.

{With the visual prompts, I would then highlight all the types of picture thoughts we have and not really technically explain them but rather just let the audience get a feel for what it is we do to come off as normal. It is not rocket science, just misunderstood. }