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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thanks for buying my Book

Dear Reader's

I have sold a number of books here of late and I thank those of you who purchased- this poorly written book. I'll be delighted to autograph it ,just Email me.

My writing has improved to its current state, readable and the book was written years ago and I was not not as good at things then. I also wrote the book on old hand me down computers and self- published the book and was homeless for a few days saving enough to get it published. Ultimately my Dad paid the bulk of the publishing costs. With each "new" computer the rules changed and I gained some features and lost others and often times the ability to edit previous work.

When I has hailed as the next Temple Grandin I was offered of all kinds of help and the Autism Research Institute and others all loved me at one time. Jessica Kingsly Publishers wrote me back with a nasty Email "we no longer accept personal stories of autism". When I played the role of 'Helpless Autistic' headed for a group home or assisted life I was fine. When I refused to remove chapters on Autistic Driving Autism Social skills and splinter skills and even the chapters explaining our picture thoughts I was banished. Only Dr Rimland's Autism Research Institute knew of my release date and the bad press was instant. I was then chased all over the net by one person with the screen name Woofter 1 and that person said the only reason I was in Autism was to recruit kids and that I was not autistic as I did too much and Aspies can't do a real life thus I was not Autistic. The hounding was relentless and the Instant messages were very crude and rude. When we traced down the America online Screen name the addresses were very close to Dr Rimlands homes. Go Figure.

Anyway autism the blue printed pre designer autism that builds on Temple Grandins work is the very core knowledge of Mankind. It is Einstein being watered down NOT autism MR/DD working up. Simply stated Designer Autism got a hold of the wrong end of the stick and their Autism Research Empire developed a life of its own and all the people that had Autism better figured out and the autistic like me that did the double bind autism experience were just too much real life/ real working autism for modern Autism to handle or admit to. Just how could they explain a group of us Pre Rain Man that did mostly normal lives? How can they explain our success our driving our splinter skills that spilled over into life at large? How can they ever explain our pain tolerance and figured out keen senses and most of all how to they Grasp our explanation of our never in print before thought process that cancels out our optic vision (you know it as lack of eye contact). Truth is they can't and as all good research empires do they hide in the veil of Peer Review and when you keep out the "flies" you have a very good chance of a clean kitchen.

I suppose the worst part of this Autism Mess is the fact none of what we have figured out has been in a text book before. So there is no other research discipline that even has a line on our sub human thoughts we need to learn before normal thoughts like you use work. If Autism Research were honest and trustworthy it would have discovered the people like me (at least 200 more of us) and not jumped threw hoops to keep us hidden. Research has to know what questions to ask before it is successful. I beg of Autism to ask a few questions.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Watering down Autism Thoughts

We all know about autism,

The odd social ways the lack of communication the assumption autistic are as smart as a sack of rocks is the pretense of modern Autism. In fact if we are not in a group home by the time were 20 modern Autism has failed. LOST let me repeat that word LOST in the facts and the splendor of modern Autism is the Idea we were little professors. BEFORE Rain Man and the Dr Rimland (father of Rain Man) era designer autism those of us lucky to miss the curse of designer autism actually came out of this mess. I have quoted from the Enigma here and I to have written odd strange words, words just like this letter I quoted,,,,,. All we are doing is telling our Picutre thoughts,,, a proper autism school would teach us how to really communicate them. I will rewrite this quoted letter with my figured out autism-see how it reads now?

Autism we found is Einstein working our way down not mr/DD trying to get out. If autism were not derailed with Rain Man, We could have been teaching autistic people the real ins and out of the condition like the older Autism folks like me that BUILD on Temples work have figured out. It scares me to think how close to solved autism once was before it took on a new life in the designer autism era. Old Working autism is everything psychology explained. We have the insight to Stuttering, Dyslexia, mind issues, learning issues, Einstein and much more. You see Autism figured out is the building blocks of the human mind and sadly those researching us are too ignorant of the world they are researching to even ask the right questions. Figured out autism could add a 1000 chapters to the psychology books but alas, that event will never happen as (sorry) humans are too stupid to see the obvious. Now, that I just spoke those words the average reader is "pissed" and just closed his mind to anything else I write. Even the 1600s inventor Di Vinci was quoted as saying something along the lines "wake up you wrenched humans" Di Vinci had a point most humans are just too shallow to do much. We can say that with confidence as we know autism is the DEEP one by one thoughts that compile to form the human mind, Normal thoughts like you use are short cuts of autism thoughts. Thus we see the very insight you lack.

Speaking of Einstein He said something along the lines if you can't explain something simply you don't understand it. Enough said?

Autism Revisited-quotes from Autism's blueprint The Enigma by Andrew Hodges the biography of Alan Turing 1912-1954, father of the computer. His biography is Autism's blueprint older autistic (mostly) followed.

From The Enigma, Page 13.14

"Besides watching daisies grow, Alan liked inventing things. On 11 February 1923 he wrote:

Dear Mother and Daddy,
I have got a lovely cenema kind of thing Micheal ** sills gave it to me and you can draw new films for it and I am making a copy of it for an easter present I am sending it in another envelope if you want more films write for them there are 16 pictures in each but I worked out that I could draw "the Boy stood at the tea table" you know the Rhyme made up from casabianca I was 2nd this week again. Matron sends her love GB said that I wrote so thick i was to get some new nibs from T.Wells and I am writing with them now there is a lecture tomorrow Wainright was next to bottom this week this is my patent ink

There was nothing about Science, inventions, or the modern world in the Common Entrance examination-the public school admission test, which was the raison d'ĂȘtre of School like Hazelhurst. Casabianca was nearer the

**Alan's spelling and punctuation, here and throughout, is faithfully reproduced

pg. 14 "Continued"

mark. In the American Natural wonders everything had to have a reason. But the British system was building different 'thinking spots'- the virtue of Casabianca, the boy on the burning deck, was that he carried out his instructions literally, losing his life in the process.

The Masters did their best to discourage Alan's irrelevant interest in science, but could not stop his inventions- in particular ,machines to help him in the writing problem that still plagued him: "

Original Autism, quoted here is like Alan Wrote, is very similar to what all of in the Autism anthropology, building on Temple Grandin's work did in our grade school days.

Dear Mother and Daddy,
I have got a lovely cinema kind of thing Michael ** sills gave it to me and you can draw new films for it and I am making a copy of it for an Easter present I am sending it in another envelope if you want more films write for them there are 16 pictures in each but I worked out that I could draw "the Boy stood at the tea table" you know the Rhyme made up from Casablanca I was 2nd this week again. Matron sends her love GB said that I wrote so thick i was to get some new nibs from T.Wells and I am writing with them now there is a lecture tomorrow Wainright was next to bottom this week this is my patent ink

( Keep in mind this was the 1920s and the item in question was called a stare-a -scope . It is like a portable DVD player or TV of Today)

FIGURED OUT AUTISM WOULD WRITE, (your Kids could do this!)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Mike Sills gave me one of those new idea cinema scopes. It is the hand held devise where you insert films and drawings in the devise (think roll-a-dex) and crank the handle and the pictures, spin the handle giving you the illusion of motion (we would call it a cartoon today). This simple devise is easy to build so I'm sending one to you for an Easter Present. Each film has 16 pictures you load in the scope. I have drawn a series based on the Casablanca theme "the boy stood near the tea table" the rhyme from the film.

I was second again this week (at something)

Matron (proper name) sends her love.

GB said I wrote so thick I was to get some new nibs (ink tip for old style pens) from T Wells a specialty firm and I writing with them now and using my own patented ink. (you used to have to load your pen with ink before ball points)

There is a lecture tomorrow and I am just too thrilled with that.

Wainwright was next to the bottom this week, that is a good feeling.

With Love Alan

NOTE the Autism Pain Tolerance is obvious here,,,,,, the thick ink, the punching threw the paper are all hallmarks of our pain tolerance. Autistics are noted for horrible writing and until we learn not to hold the pen and push so tight it feels like we are NOT touching the paper or holding the pen tight enough. We don't know and you don't know we are simply grinding our pen in the paper. The words on the paper look "mr/dd" the words the thoughts we do write don't inspire anymore confidence than our writing does. Until we learn to grace our words and water down our deep thoughts we present as retards. Modern autism is all 'gung-ho' on that ideal. Old Autism like we figured out eventually figured out all of this and the few psychology professionals that knew what we knew were about were out flanked by Rain Man era politics in Autism. Unless an Autism 'professional' has been there and lived our pain tolerance and experienced our Einstein thoughts being watered down it is far too easy to assume were that sack of rocks. Oh for the days of old when we were considered 'little professors', and our splinter skills were exploited.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and Alan Turing- The Enigma on

Look at the model of the Turing Motor on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching a ball in 2009!

The TWO different minds of Autism the one based in Picture Thoughts (day dreams)and the normal mind that most of the world uses are very much inter-related. Once older autistic like me typically figured out the Picture thoughts that CANCEL OUT OPTIC VISION and we learn to keep Optic vision on we do rather well at real life. The picture thoughts our Default thought process cancels out optic vision and you see it as lack of eye contact. Our brain then projects a movie -a daydream -a picture thought often very close to actual optic vision daydream type of thing that we are supposed to think with. One we learn to do picture thoughts and how to control them in other words keep optic vision ON we can do things like read body language and even play ball.

Today I was sitting in the Living room playing with a cat toy a small ball and dad threw it to me and SUDDENLY my OPTIC Vision your normal sight came on despite a picture thought in progress and I caught the small ball as it was tossed to me! There was a time I'd never caught the ball. This autism idea of optic and brain generated vision only resonates with a few autistic people like me that have figured out the Autism thought process. It has its roots in MR/DD and reaches threw to Einstein.

Our Autism professionals especially the modern ones that will not own up to those of us that missed Rain Man's curse and build on Temple Grandin's work have solved autism long before Autism was a problem and now a designer crisis.With all due deference to the modern families of autism perhaps now that the wind was knocked out of Autism's modern rally call "Vaccines cause autism" (lost court case) perhaps the doctors and experts of Autism can use this defeat jump ship and try their research magic in another discipline and hopefully they will be make a better designer condition than they did with autism. If Autism was not sidetracked with the Rain Man era we might well have added a 1000 chapters to the Psychology books by now. Autism is the building blocks of the mind!

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and Rich's Garage.

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More Clean Motors

CLEAN MOTORS liquid engineering.

Autism based auto mechanics like I practice assures perfectly clean motors that are typically trouble free and leak free and they also preform flawlessly. All of this an not one replaced part. The oil filter above was in my Toyota Van for over a year and 23,000 miles and you can see it was spotless as the inside of my motor. Oil filters only gets the rocks the fine dirt that ruins your engine and its parts and cases oil leaks is never caught with an oil filter. The last picture a repeat on this blog was the inside of my Mom's car motor.

I know most mechanics and so called "experts" are having a good belly laugh about now saying this geek is full of flannel. But when I compare notes on cars like mine on Webpages dedicated to Toyota Previas I have never had the trouble other owners have had becase my van is clean inside and the parts still function as designed. At 240,000 miles I have never had a major repairs or running issues or even fuel injectors. Others on the website have had trouble but they would not have if they kept clean motors. The last picture of my Mom' 4.6 Ford motor shows its insides being spotless again and like my Toyota it has never had running issues like other cars of its ilk. All of this due to the clean oil. I never changed the filter on her car but once a year as well.

No matter how good modern oil is it can only hold so much dirt (blow by) and when the oil is deep amber it has picked up all the dirt it can hold in suspension and then starts depositing the dirt on engine parts and ultimately fowling them. Weather it causes a valve to stick eventually weakening a valve spring or burning a valve seat when it will not shut correctly or plugs up a fuel injector tip or causes an oil leak dirty oil is a hallmark of the model T motor design.

Only an Autism Automotive engineer could see the point in monthly oil changes and clean trouble free motors. This very same education and it unique base is the foundation of my Turing Motor which by the way is designed for honest 10,000 mile oil changes. The Turing Motor does not mix compression oil and lube oils allowing for reliable motors. The day I meet an automotive expert that knows what I just talked about is the day I have found someone that understands the ideals of the Turing Motor. Meanwhile If you have a poor running car change oil in it until it comes out clean at the 1000 mile mark (amber) and I suspect your car will run great by just changing the oil and in effect cleaning the dirt out of it.

Rich Shull on the blgs Pre Rain Man Autism and Rich's Garage

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Turing Motor, at last!

The Picture is of the model of Rich Shull's Turing Motor, I'm not an artist or I could simply draw the DETAILED engineering drawings I have in my autistic picture thoughts but I got enough of it done so someone else can draw it. Do you know a good Artist? I went for show on the model that is all the general public would grasp anyway. I made the model so I can take it apart and show the insides mainly the one central spinning cylinder. I'm holding back in all the drawings (until funded) the last bit of Engineering that will really make this work. I doubt an Engineer could figure it out anyway but you never know who will see it online. (blog)

For the Record the Orange part is the Electic motor,, The green (bright spot on the right) is the exhaust valve that operates on demand
The long Blue thing on the left is the air filter , the red box is the injecting system where fuel and air are pressurized and the tubes are the direct injection to the firing rings (cylinders) the black tube in the middle of the electric motor is the compressed Air starter and idler. It will run on air until until 50 rpm or so. The front of the Motor features a small electric Power Take Off motor as the super slow idle will keep not keep the accessories running and the 9500 Rpm top speed will blow them apart. The accessories will include the usual A/C, power Steering etc. and in this case an air compressor or possibly a nitrogen compressor for cooling -no anti freeze. The Oil pan pump is the yellow bottle it is an electric and no compression oil and lube oil is not interchanged so 10000 mile oil changes are designed in.

It starts quietly with a silent puff of compressed air,,,, Idles to 50 Rpm or so and then the electric motor (think Puris) Kicks in THEN the Turing Motor part kicks in for very high speed, hills and full power and towing. This motor will have the V8 thundering 'snap you back' in your seat pick up humans crave. The Turing Motor is really a high speed motor (by natural design) so It is better to use the air and electric for the low speed operations. The Turing Motor a 4 ring unit in this case (cylinders) and the firing rings wrap like a barber shop pole threw and around the central spinning cylinder and the exhaust is again far side of the motor. When O2 sensors and rpm sensors tell the computer the fuel has been used up and it has spun the cylinder 3-4-5 times ,It will open with a shot of compressed air. The tail pipe will be cool to the touch. All the heat of compression and the BTU value stays in the cylinder until it is used up spinning the cylinder multiple times, making it 70% efficient

A Truing Motor Nascar version will blow the bodies off the cars and make 250 mph possible its 10000 RPM or greater range and the power it keeps inside the motor will change the world of the model T forever. If Americas Chrysler surives they will have to build transmissions with full friction plates and real bearings for a change. I shutter to think what Gm could do with this much motor .I own and drive a 62 Pontiac for god's sake If that framless rust bucket with a no oil motor and a transmission disaster known as the "slim Jim" was not the inspiration for Turing Motor it was at the least the motivation for it. Autism's keen senses ,splinter skills and Einstein thoughts really did the hard work however. This motor has been 48 years in the making.

Not even Henry himself would understand his motor and after seeing touching and feeling Rick Lndner's 1903 Ford model A (curved dash) - part by part- I'm sure he might be screaming the loudest of anyone claiming its impossible. He never understood his model T from and engineering stand point . This Special Model A was indeed one of the first Fords and Henry heped build it. The driver owner or mechanic that runs his machine with spotless clean oil and as a result drives a 300,000 mile trouble free car knows what Henry didn't. Trust me there are precious few of us in the world.

Couple a Turing Motor with current emissions equipment like a catylic converter and it will be nearly 100% green. Power MPG and a green Motor is just what mother earth needs? For Sure.....

Now if I can get the real prototype funded and built. The Model T motor we still drive today that is killing our planet will finally be history! If The Model T put the world on wheels, The Truing Motor will put more of the world on wheels and be green about it.

Rich Shull, on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and Rich's Garage Feb. 2009

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