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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catching a ball in 2009!

The TWO different minds of Autism the one based in Picture Thoughts (day dreams)and the normal mind that most of the world uses are very much inter-related. Once older autistic like me typically figured out the Picture thoughts that CANCEL OUT OPTIC VISION and we learn to keep Optic vision on we do rather well at real life. The picture thoughts our Default thought process cancels out optic vision and you see it as lack of eye contact. Our brain then projects a movie -a daydream -a picture thought often very close to actual optic vision daydream type of thing that we are supposed to think with. One we learn to do picture thoughts and how to control them in other words keep optic vision ON we can do things like read body language and even play ball.

Today I was sitting in the Living room playing with a cat toy a small ball and dad threw it to me and SUDDENLY my OPTIC Vision your normal sight came on despite a picture thought in progress and I caught the small ball as it was tossed to me! There was a time I'd never caught the ball. This autism idea of optic and brain generated vision only resonates with a few autistic people like me that have figured out the Autism thought process. It has its roots in MR/DD and reaches threw to Einstein.

Our Autism professionals especially the modern ones that will not own up to those of us that missed Rain Man's curse and build on Temple Grandin's work have solved autism long before Autism was a problem and now a designer crisis.With all due deference to the modern families of autism perhaps now that the wind was knocked out of Autism's modern rally call "Vaccines cause autism" (lost court case) perhaps the doctors and experts of Autism can use this defeat jump ship and try their research magic in another discipline and hopefully they will be make a better designer condition than they did with autism. If Autism was not sidetracked with the Rain Man era we might well have added a 1000 chapters to the Psychology books by now. Autism is the building blocks of the mind!

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