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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Will my child go to a Public School?

Will my child Go to Public School?

Often as I read over the guidelines for new autism one of the big questions is will My Child go to a Public School? Speaking from experience, most of the autism people from time gone by, the modern autism folks will not admit to- all did public schools. Our Autistic hero Alan Turing (1912-1954) father of the computer like many of us wrote the book on Autism Education. (unknowingly) Before the 1970s Autism was basically not diagnosable and as such we were simply odd strange kids often in special education or at least tutored a lot. SHOCKINGLY MOST of us made it and today do a real life and have the same autism double blind experience to tell. We have figured out the building blocks of the human mind! The Enigma (1983 Hodges) is the biography of Alan Turing and thankfully Hodges told EVERY single ODD strange detail of Alan's life and schooling and unknowingly wrote the very best autism book of all time. ALL of us doing a normal life in autism today followed those guidelines and we were all self taught, self realized success stories that modern autism professionals can't even fathom.

It is said that in the 1930s a high school education (America) then is like a college education of today is. Threw the 1960s public school education was much better and had much higher standards than it does today and the tough guidelines were WONDERFUL in helping us threw our Autism. Without the Autism label teachers were free to so what worked weather that was exploiting our splinter skills or making us behave even if that included a whack! They seen our good points and worked with them and never once set back and said he's Autistic and can't. They got used to our LACK OF EYE CONTACT and only worried about the fact we got the right answers-even if they didn't understand us. The results were results and success could not be challenged until Modern Autism was invented and suddenly all the good we did and what we figured out was suddenly insufficient. Rain Man (movie) and the Psychology Experts successfully invented Modern autism and Mankind has been cursed ever since.

If Old autism were ever admitted to a 'Geographic Fault Line' would be OBVIOUS like the San Andreas Fault is in California. Suddenly Autism progress took a nosedive and Autism became an Epidemic (of Ignorance and good intention) and today with a billion dollar empire and peer reviewed providence the only autism understood is the autism Dr Rimland Invented. If your lucky today, you still hear of crypto sensitive Autism-that is Old autism-figured out autism the new stuff was based on.

Now that Autism experts have spoken and Public Education is so lackluster to start with the chances we had of overcoming autism have simply vanished like a fart in the wind. Our very basic principles that propelled us out of autism's grip are now taboo subjects in Autism. All the stuff that time proves has worked and is blueprinted in The Enigma and copied time and again by autism people all over the world in a double-blind study beyond compare is nothing more than treason if admitted to in Modern Autism circles.

As I say Autism is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and so naturally traditional thinkers have a very hard time connecting the two let alone thinking of the two ideas in the same thought. All of us that made it are just Rain Man on steroids with a social class thrown in for good measure. Autism is building blocks of the human mind all mapped out and it might be proven someday Autism is just another from of human thought not much different from a foreign language. The trouble is we discovered the "language" and the experts haven't so our real life Autism remains ignored as none of us have a Ph.D. in anything that would make our experience presentable to a "real expert." Certainly our real life success in autism is an Embarrassment to modern Autism. We are not in a group home or a social idiot (blunders perhaps). You probably will not see us in an Autism convention, in fact my comments were banned from the public record of several autism town hall meetings held by the CDC.

Please remember money talks and like it or not Modern Autism is a billion dollar empire and no one in the business wants to be first in line to admit to the rest of the autism story time and Dr Rimalnd never knew about or simply forgot. I suspect after my autism generations dies off, it was the last one to miss the curse, the experts will scour this blog, and the ones like it and of all of us that made it. They will rebadge our experience into research and finally progress will be made yet again in autism. Then as now it will be discovery but only on their terms. Do they really care of all the modern Autism epidemic kids in a group home? OR do they consider that success, or job security?

Sincerely Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Picutres,Inventor of the Turing Motor an Autistically Designed GREEN 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor.. Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism on

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cracking the Autism Code


From the Web,, Modern Trouble- Old Working autism's answer

Dear Reader's, the following is an autism check list I found online and the comment and suggestions I make in blue are from the golden age of autism when we did much better at figuring it out. (absently). I feel there is GREAT hope for anyone in the autism spectrum as if I'm right and all we have done is cracked the code of the human mind even the worst afflicted person among us will bloom with our insight. The problem is Autism and Psychology will not unite our group or even listen to us. Please read over the following and urge autism professionals to listen to us for a change, We might well be the ticket out of autism for your loved one in the spectrum. Rich

Some Indicators:
Poor eye contact - If Psychology or Autism experts were versed in our thought process they would realize it is two or three invisible levels of things we need to figure out before we can do a thing that presents as normal. All that they see and know and worry about is LACK OF EYE contact. In reality those of us figuring out autism know while the LACK OF EYE CONTACT is happening that is when we are supposed to be thinking with our invisible to you picture thoughts. In SIMPLE terms we think with your day dreams and convert those to words to be spoken. Autism is quite simple really IF you have the inside information to make it happen OR have the courage to listen to the old Autistic that have made it. THE GOOD NEWS is this sub thought process that is mostly invisible has proven once we figure it out it yields, nearly normal thought. That begs the question is Autism simply the building blocks of the human mind? We have proved it is both MR/DD and Einstein and even has a social side to it. The picture thoughts signaled by the lack of eye contact are where Einstein, Turing (autism hero) and Rain Man get their good thoughts from.

Doesn't seem to know how to play with toys Well, not in the expected way, thus the "experts" see the obvious and don't realize or care that it might well be normal for us to do it our way. Once we figure out your way we copy it. We only do that AFTER we learn our sub level thoughts that connect autism to the real world. NONE of those thoughts have been in a text book yet, AND, the researchers would have to look down the scale to find them and they are at great at looking the obvious answers old Autistic have figured out. Autism is set up to be over with by 18 these days. Autism Professionals never dreamed there were well rounded autistic still doing our double blind autism experience while they were inventing autism in the 1960's. They way they go about autism they are better off to ignore us as their Autism empire and livelihood is at risk should we be admitted to.

Excessively lines up toys or other objects Well, indeed that presents as obvious trouble from a traditional thinkers point of view but again if the experts knew out thought process that is INVISIBLE to them it makes perfect sense the way we do things. At this rate they will never find out the joy of Autism or our building blocks of the human mind.
Is attached to one particular toy or object That is another great sign of functioning autism and while the professionals see that as "trouble" it is actually a wonderful sign that our autism IS working and we have splinter skill abilities. Splinter skills not only make Rain Man if they are honed they also make a "normal person" Modern autism considers splinter skills taboo and took away our access to them with the advent of "modern Autism" Splinter skills will prove to be the one gift we have that most closely matches normal thought. That is why so many autistic people thrive and leave autism's grips when we figure them out.

Doesn't smile Oh Yes we do, in the book The Enigma (1983 Hodges) Autistic hero Alan Turing is reported in school in his own world laughing in class. One can only assume some of his early picture thoughts (invisible to you, like day dreams) connected in the right way. Older beyond Temple, Autistic like me, often smile and are social once we learned the steps and process of our Autism thoughts. Autism thoughts are the building blocks of all thoughts! Until we figure out our subroutine building block thoughts we don't laugh at your jokes or smile when you think we should. Frankly the day I smile from ear to ear is the day the Autism professionals do the right thing and listen to what we have figured out. They could simply unite our beyond Temple Grandin anthropology and see what it is we have done so well. Sadly, that simple kind act is mostly impossible as we are very "retards" they are studying. (

At times seems to be hearing impaired Well, really now, were not at all hearing impaired in fact many of us have super keen hearing kind of like a blind person has. If the experts knew a thing of Autism they would realize while the eyes are OFF during the lack of eye contact the Brain is On. During the LACK OF EYE CONTACT our hearing is also OFF while we are thinking. Our brain has to be totally "on" during our early autism thoughts thus we don't give eye contact or hear anything but the slightest whisper to the loudest noise while we are thinking. Until we really figure out a few basic autism sub level thoughts our hearing is "off" turned down" while we attempt to make sense of things. Once we figure out Picture in Picture thoughts (beyond what Temple wrote about) we do well in "listening." Now if only Autism would care to listen? Source: NIMH

Possible Indicators of ASD:
Does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures by 1 year of age Body Language and gestures are many years away and only then if we learn picture in picture thoughts. Babbling is a few steps above our Autism Thought base but once we figure out a few autism to normal thoughts basics we could do it. Our picture based thoughts (a picture is worth a 1000 words) need to be converted to words and at this point we would not have figured out that yet. IF we could talk might be able however to tell you all about E-mc2. That would be the Einstein side of Autism that if your lucky it might show up in a Rain Man sort of way some day. Autism it will be noted someday is not MR/DD at all but rather a different communication and thought process not much more difficult than a foreign language.

Does not speak by 16 months Talking autistically is a very labor intensive project and if psychology knew our process it would not be crying "does not speak" but rather it would know what it needs to do to help us talk. We need to convert Autism thoughts that are invisible to you to words to be spoken. We learned this by trial and error and modern Autism has never learned it or even cares to listen. Perhaps it is too worried that they have failed if we are NOT in a group home by 18.

Does not combine two words by 2 years Some of us however by 2 were combining our picture thoughts and IF we are lucky they be come apparent via our splinter skills and via splinter skills we emerge from our shell and either present as Rain Man, Turing, Einstein or even a normal person! Autism sights naturally are not set much above Rain Man so it is a sad reality that they are not going to listen to us. It is the modern Autism Spectrum family that is cheated the most!

Does not respond to name Well, usually all that means we were busy thinking and figuring our invisible to you picture thoughts, we forgot to put the 'be back soon sign out.' When our eyes are OFF our hearing is off as well but, our brain is on and thinking in a different way than you expected. Once we learn that process we can mimic your normal thoughts, even the worst afflicted among us will recover to some degree!

Loses language or social skills Early autism thought is several levels below normal thought. We are NOT starting with normal thought like you assume we are. Rather we are working with sublevel human thought and our pre school should NOT be 123 and the ABC's but rather a course in Autism thoughts-then we can do the ABC's and 123s just like any other kid... We need to learn and figure out a few more basic thoughts before your normal ones work for us. Normal thought is at least 3 steps above where were are-no wonder autistic present so wild. The kicker is once we figure out autism we also tap in to Einstein and Rain Man traits. Who would have dreamed Einstein was a retard? If psychology would care to listen to our building blocks of the human mind it would be rewarded with more insight than it would have dreamed possible, we can explain every thing from Einstein to Dyslexia to even stuttering and many other things simply from autism thoughts. Perhaps we can't: none of what we have done has been in a text book before.

Sincerely Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures,Inventor of the Turing Motor an Autistically Designed GREEN 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor. Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism on =

Sincerely Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Picutres,Inventor of the Truing Motor an Autistically Designed GREEN 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor.. Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism on

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Will my Child Speak?


Now then there is a $64 dollar question for you? Old Autistic missing the Rain Man era and its curse have a lot of very useful information in that regard. Our autism has proved to us time and again that it is VERY difficult for us to talk, even as good as we do in real life talking is still a chore for us. As we have figured out the sub routine and building blocks of the human mind, the sublevel thoughts all humans seem to do to talk we can assure you no 'expert' in psychology or Autism has a clue to what it is we have done.

I have thought very long and hard to think of a way to tell our autism thought process the talking part of it but, not many people especially the experts will ever do more than laugh. Actually that is a good sign we have at least struck a nerve. Perhaps, some autism "expert" might listen for a change. Well, here it goes I'll do my best.

The thought we need to convert to words to be spoken starts out as "daydream" type of thought. Basically we convert your daydreams to words to be spoken. It happens during the LACK OF EYE CONTACT.

Autism is simply a different language that has its roots in MR/DD and its shine in Rain Man and beyond. Autism is the base core language the sub level thoughts all humans do to think with. MOST humans already function above this level thus they present as normal. Autistic on the other hand would need our pre school course to finish teaching us our Sub level thoughts. No, they have never been figured out before by anyone but us. We bridge the gap between Autism and normal life. Anything once its figured out is really simple including autism and talking but, you would never guess that in a million years as Autism Experts have been fooled by their own expertise.

The branch of Autism the Experts refuse to touch as of this writing in 2007 are the picture thoughts. Temple Grandin wrote a book Called Thinking in Pictures my own book builds upon hers and there are 4-5 more like it ready to be published. Naturally the "experts" of autism are not impressed as we generally do too much of a traditional life, we are after all the very "retards" they are studying so we can't possibly have figured out our thoughts, then finally the thought we explain know love and operate from have never been in a text book yet. The 'new text book' in psychology, would all be built upon Thinking in Pictures and *gasp* explain every element of the human mindset including talking.

Most older Autistic learned to talk on our own by trial and error and it took many of us years to do it and again even today, talking is hard work! We had the advantage of just be odd kids and NOT autistic and as such people didn't care if we never looked at them but they seen the results of our splinter skills. Splinter skills let it be said are the learning hallway and instant connection to a normal life for us. AFTER modern Rain MAN era autism took over Splinter skills and Eye Contact became their biggest trouble point but alas those were our best assets. See Autism Simply got a hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Today as Autism has blinded itself to all of its pertinent facts of our working generations It naturally has taken on a life all of its own. The result is an autism mess beyond compare and even worse an autism that will never be figured out as the experts LACK the insight to even talk to those of us that have made it. Any honest sincere research would be delighted to listen every single story of Autism but unfortunately we make a mockery out of new modern Autism. That is not our doing -it is theirs they ever expected to be broadsided with a living working truth and if they have their way they will never be bothered with the truth of working bygone autism... What a shame Mankind's knowledge base is forever hidden in substandard Autism research and practice. As for the Idea If you Autistic Kid will ever talk,not a chance, the way Modern Autism "experts" see the world. If any modern Autism Student talks it will be a stroke of luck and insight they personally discovered it will NOT be the result of their education. Autism IS BOTH MR/DD as the experts see it and Einstein and If the experts would care to admit the Einstein versions of Autism we could simply connect the dots backwards. Our autism Group simply is a working version of Rain Man. (humor) We are not that smart or we find a way to overcome the ignorance of the billion dollar Autism Empire.

Sincerely Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Picutres,Inventor of the Truing Motor an Autistically Designed GREEN 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor.. Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism on

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IQ tests

Newsweek Article Reports on New IQ Test for Children With Autism

Scientists at Riviere-des-Praires Hospital in Montreal have implemented a new IQ test for children with autism that provides a more accurate indicator of intelligence. The test requires no social interaction, unlike the standard IQ test that requires participants to listen and respond to numerous questions, which can be torture for most people with autism. It’s no surprise that with the standard test, three-quarters of people with autism are classified as having below-normal intelligence, with many deemed mentally retarded.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

From the dark ages of autism before it was un diagnosable (before Rain Man) When I started school in 1966 I presented with a very LOW IQ score. Even Alan Truing Father of the computer, 1912-1954 as reported in the book the Enigma had all kinds of "stupid troubles as well" he might well have had a low IQ as well. The Enigma by the way is the very best autism book of all time (unknowingly) and it is the blueprint of how all of us missing the Rain Man era came out so "normal." Alan was held back in some things and just like I was and others like us were. NO ONE was there to call us AUTISTIC! We were odd strange kids that is for sure but without the autism label our (unknowingly) splinter skills were tapped and they were our ticket out of autism's grasp. Even social skills were developed! MODERN autism took away that chance as Splinter Skills and Eye Contact became their biggest issues and they were our biggest assets.
Our figured out Picutre thoughts, and autism mindset have never been in a text book before and they way modern Autism is trying to go about it it will might never be.

The surprise aspect Of this New IQ test would be, well to the researchers at least would be it only is a reflection of their lack of knowledge of autism and not the Autistic person's lack of knowledge. Autism the Autism we know and love and work and live with is the building blocks of the human mind all figured out. The sublevel DIFFERENT thoughts signaled by the lack of eye contact are really the sub level building blocks of the mind. Once we figured that out we can now think like a "normal person." Honestly our autistic preschool should be those sub level thoughts but they have never been in a text book before and are too many notches below the normal mindset to be obvious. All of us in our Autism anthropology have figured them out and of course until Autism allows our Thinking in Pictures style books to be presented or allows us "old farts" into an autism convention our been there and done that experience will remain hidden.

For the study, children took two IQ tests, the standard Wechsler—where they arranged and completed pictures, did simple arithmetic, demonstrated vocabulary comprehension and answered questions—and the Raven's Progressive Matrices. With the Raven’s test, they got brief instructions, then worked on their own to analyze three-by-three arrays of geometric designs, with one missing, and choose the design that belonged in the empty place. The disparity in scores was striking; overall, participants scored around the 30th percentile on the Wechsler, which corresponds to “low average” IQ, but averaged in the 56th percentile on the Raven’s. These results show that children with autism have intelligence that does not manifest itself on a standard IQ test. The challenge is to coax that hidden intellectual spark into the kind of intelligence that manifests itself in practice.

To read the full article, go to

"The challenge is to coax that hidden intellectual spark into the kind of intelligence that manifests itself in practice. "

That isn't a challenge anymore old autistic people have been doing that for years. The challenge is getting new modern Autism to own up to us. We are VERY $ORRY we burst their autism bubble that is unintentional but it also proves they invented their version of autism without understanding the one they thought they knew. (curse you Rain Man the movie). While they were inventing a horrible condition called autism and making a mountain we are just overcoming our own horrible condition called autism and thankfully it was NOT called autism and we were not diagnosed or we to would be in that group home. It took many of us 30 40 or more years to complete this double blind experience. Meanwhile modern Autism made its own condensed version that simply shoved us off into a group home my the time we were 18. Along the way they missed all the long hard details we figured out. So much for progress.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism
Inventor The Turing Motor, a 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor

Host of the Blog,prerainmanautism on

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Monday, August 20, 2007

No Provance

No Provenance

Autism's best side forever hidden.

Autism like a fine piece of art, a classic car or even a respected doctor needs provenance before it can be believed. Provenance is the pedigree of life and often even if it represents the wrong thing or misses the entire point to a subject provenance still prevails. More than one fine painting has been proven a fake. More than one fine car has proven to be junk. Provenance is indeed a good guide to at least a way to get some satisfaction to your ideal but there is no guarantee the provenance you have sought is 100% either. It is often said 'majority rules' and in Autism's case that is indeed the point. The MAJORITY of autism spectrum people are just that a majority of ignorant people that only know as much as their provenance driven experts they believe in know.

A stickler point to all of autism is the autism, the version we know was invented, and autistic were molded to suit the needs of the psychology departments and fulfill the need of many doctors from all over the spectrum looking for a suitable career. Autism as time will discover eventually will prove to have been solved before it was ever invented. Discovery sadly is elusive unless of course you have experienced the picture thoughts (lack of eye contact) of autism and discovered the invisible sub thought routine the human mind does to work with. While our autism has been proven over time so well we blend into real life (no epidemic in our generations) it took most of us 40 years to do it. As you know modern autism has a goal of a group home by 18 so anyone 40 is really out of their outlook. The modern Autism, the Rimland Rain Man Autism is indeed a perfect vehicle to get autistic people into that group home. "Fat Drunk and stupid is no way to go threw life son" Dean Warner on the movie Animal House. Modern Autism assures we are in the group home and stupid at least, or they would have failed if we are not. Old autistic missing their cure and curse are just out of luck and our knowledge the building blocks of the mind is forever untapped. As long as psychology says your done learning life by high school there is no reason for the know it all psychology preofssionals to ever dream of looking to an older undiagnosed person when it comes to autism.

If one is lucky along the way and some Rain Man Splinter skill is absently allowed to develop and some wildly confused psychologist or "gasp" autism expert turns the latest version of "Rain Man" in to a media circus or a few more steps in a career path that becomes the 'success ' of modern autism. In reality all of us that have made it, those that modern Autism refuses to admit to have simply taken our Rain Man Skills and spread them out over every aspect of life. This double blind autism experience will prove to be the building blocks of man's mind. Since we have experienced the building blocks of man and seen first hand just how man typically thinks (man reacts doesn't think) I can assure you Autism will never be solved. There might well be a few Autism experts that know darn well we have a great point to make but they also think they can discover those very points as they are after all expert and have degrees. However the knowledge they seek has never been in a text book before and the autism mindset is so different and yet so close to the traditional mindset it is hiding in plain sight. If you have tried to find something (keys for example) you know when its in plain sight it is when it is the hardest to find.

Personally, I have people writing me all the time many claim I'm their underground Autism hero as usually something I exposed to them has been the key to helping their autistic loved one. Many more write me and bring the provenance issues up and counter my point If I were the next Temple Grandin they would have "published my book." If I were the next Temple Grandin I would support their autism tale. Not one bit of my (our) old working autism or that of in 4 or 5 other Thinking in Pictures type books will ever be exposed in autism circles. Simply stated the experts would be trumped and no Ph.D. expert will ever tolerate being stood up by the very "retards" they think they know so much about. Even WORSE the "oh I have fallen and get up autism" of modern times is naturally suited to make autism the Epidemic scourge of this generation. Anything with a billion dollar province like the autism research machine has a life of its own and anyone in the spectrum from the parents to the autistic people themselves are its slaves. The only winners are Autism spectrum 'experts' and fundraiser organizations getting a complete uncritqued career. Peer Review is not being an honest critique, the biggest thing to be discovered in peer review autism is a hang nail or a "i" that was not dotted in a research paper.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism
Inventor, The Truing Motor a 70% efficient Green triple hybrid Car motor.

On the blog Pre Rain Man Autism at

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Passion of Cars Autism and People

The Passion of Cars and Autism and People,
Passion is just hot air, not substance.

Autism and Cars is a unique mix of passion ignorance out right ridiculous actions and even a stroke of luck and genius occasionally. People are very passionate about their expert knowledge of a car and every or almost every mechanic driver or owner has this "right of passion" concerning their car or automotive ideal that is car related. Some people are worse than others and I can tell you ignorance is for sure rather dangerous well at least, time consuming. AUTISM has the same passion many in the spectrum are passionate but truly ignorant of autism including its modern Inventor Dr. Rimland. Thus the real autism that works is forever hidden in a fury of passion that doesn't even come close to solving autism, but it is good for instigating a lot of "funding."

I have been working out the fine points of this passion all my life and there is a psychology branch yet to be identified when it comes to automobiles. People have this primeval "need" to control something in their lives and being a car owner is the chance of a life time. I often quietly laugh when they get stranded again or spend a few thousand bucks on needless repairs. I cry when I realize I have wasted 5 years on an Antique Car that hasn't ran in years and the owner is simply passionate the world standard is too good for "that kind of trouble" All of the passion in the world is just that and passion never starts an engine ((OR solves autism-autism was figured out long before it was reinvented.)) We have jumped threw hoops to prove this or that part was not functioning and Gasp even installed parts on other cars to prove their junk. We cranked this car for years all to no avail as the starter has always been faulty but even though my Autistic hearing told me that years ago I knew better than to mention it to the owner. Those are also fighting words to someone in the autism spectrum as well convinced that were too dumb to have figured out our own conditions. They are really nasty words when an entire billion dollar autism industry has developed and admitting to us in any form is a suicide pact in terms of their employment.

I have set on the roadside with duct tape plugging off a leaking power brake booster (I heard it whistle) and the owner was grateful his car finally ran for the first time ever. I have seen people speak in tongues and become extreme experts when it comes to their cars. I have seen many people on the side of the road deserving every moment of displeasure they are getting as they have neglected their car and its payback time.

Entire chapters of this new psychology branch could be dedicated to Car Salespersons and dealership antics. Mr. Ford in America at least in this case didn't invent the wheel or put America on wheels he rather (unknowingly) gave credence to the idea ignorance is wildly primitive. His efforts and those of more like him simply ignited passion and tapped into man's primeval mindset. Anything ignited from gasoline to fireworks to love to Cure Autism Now campaigns is just a flash in the pan and hopefully someday soon the Model "t " and its legend will come to an end, probably as we all choke to death or simply can't afford to gas the beast anymore. Hopefully as well Autism the Crypto Sensitive Autism will be totally unwrapped again and we can simply pick up where we left off years ago before Rain Man the Movie so rudely stopped all progress in Autism.

Even more interesting is the love affair people have with their (America) Sport Utility Vehicles (suv's) Suv' and even large cars are nothing more than the display of their inferiority complex and thus If they drive something BIG it fulfills the need they have to feel big. Few if any of those contraptions ever get further off the road than a ditch and then the 4 wheel drive will not get them out of the mud. Still they fly the badge of finesse for those that own them. Still it seems the worlds oil and pollution crisis would be solved if people simply drove car sized to their need and not their egos.

Well, at least when My Turing Motor is running Suv's will get at least 30 MPG in town and have more than enough power to snap a few drive shafts-that might be a big factor someday if the drive threw lane at Wendy's is ever uphill.

Rich Shull on the Bog The Turing Motor

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The Retorter- fixing your car

The Turing Motor Spin Off Inventions

- a flat earth society post.


Autism the wonderful Einstein based natural human thought process that many Autistic have figured out is a good combination of strange keen caveperson super senses, a unique only to autism mindset and the natural ability to think out side tradition. In fact the one other person I know with the same idea as The Truing Motor is a full engineer with degrees and he has learned as I have learned with working autism the earth is still FLAT. While he is building his motor he is reminded daily he his rewriting the rules of engineering and thus it can't be done! I hear the very same thing about autism that it can't be figured out except by the "experts" that themselves are traditional thinkers. (instant disadvantage)

The Retorter - An engine Diagnosis device.If you have ever taken your car to the shop time and again and part after part was replaced to no avail: The Retorter could have prevented that. The Retorter is a device based on my autistic mindset that invented the Turing Motor that mimics what I see feel and hear as an autistic man. The Retorter is a video screen with a weather radar type picture of a working motor that is also connected to a decibel meter. The information combined with the Inferred and the noise meter paint an entire different picture of an engine than anyone has ever known. And you simply look at it on the computer screen. It is like watching a weather channel radar picture of your car engine.

There was a time and space in Automotive history before the computer when Mechanics knew more about the engine than they do today. Weak valve springs, sticking valves, ported and manifold vacuum leaks internal vacuum leaks bound up parts were all par for the course and they still are. There is a Model "T" motor with those troubles in EVERY modern marvel we call high tech. Today however with better metals and oils people forgot about the model "T "principles that make it work that even Henry Ford was ignorant of and instead worry of the computer. The reason WHY your car never get fixed is the old model 'T" troubles that are often intermittent and easily fool a computer. Many parts are needlessly replaced and even MORE trouble is created with sloppy mechanic practices based on getting a job done quickly not necessarily correctly. The same can be said for modern Autism Practices they missed the point they are trying so hard to discover.

Aim The Retorter on a cold engine and start it and instantly watch the motor signals. Gauge the good and bad cylinders and parts by the heat signature the motor gives off. OR have the decibel meter feature point out the loudest part of the motor and then have the inferred camera zone in on the offending parts. You might easily spot a broken or weak valve spring, sticking valve or even a bad fuel injector or even a vacuum leak. ALL of these unheard of problems are too easily masked in a traditional computer system thus they are never fixed but still detract from the running of the motor.

Aim the The Retorter on a Warm motor and see just how everything is doing from the cooling passages to the intake air flow to the condition of the EGR Valve. Watch the heat signature of the motor and again get a great idea of strong and weak cylinders and many more things. The Retorter is an "Autistic Genius" a 'Rain Man' under the hood of your car. Like anything new different and Flat Earth in this case the world's mechanics especially the new ones will need a crash course in auto repair. Few mechanics and not even Ford himself knew just what the Model "T" was or how it worked from and engineering point of view it is just as primitive as a 1600's barrow. Ford and others were simply the first in line to discover the obvious piston and cylinder there was no engineering to it, but we have been stuck with it ever since.

Use The Retorter and at least have some segment of your Automotive experience actually be High tech even if the motors are not. For fun aim The Retorter at a carburetored engine (old engine or Nascar type racer) and following the backfire or the engine miss backward threw the intake manifold into the carburetor. Tell the average mechanic the carburetor is a sucked on device and it only shows the results of a bad engine condition and your sure to get ran out of town on a rail-at least the earth is flat- I'll fall off of it eventually.

Rich Shull on the Blog The Truing Motor

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