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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Passion of Cars Autism and People

The Passion of Cars and Autism and People,
Passion is just hot air, not substance.

Autism and Cars is a unique mix of passion ignorance out right ridiculous actions and even a stroke of luck and genius occasionally. People are very passionate about their expert knowledge of a car and every or almost every mechanic driver or owner has this "right of passion" concerning their car or automotive ideal that is car related. Some people are worse than others and I can tell you ignorance is for sure rather dangerous well at least, time consuming. AUTISM has the same passion many in the spectrum are passionate but truly ignorant of autism including its modern Inventor Dr. Rimland. Thus the real autism that works is forever hidden in a fury of passion that doesn't even come close to solving autism, but it is good for instigating a lot of "funding."

I have been working out the fine points of this passion all my life and there is a psychology branch yet to be identified when it comes to automobiles. People have this primeval "need" to control something in their lives and being a car owner is the chance of a life time. I often quietly laugh when they get stranded again or spend a few thousand bucks on needless repairs. I cry when I realize I have wasted 5 years on an Antique Car that hasn't ran in years and the owner is simply passionate the world standard is too good for "that kind of trouble" All of the passion in the world is just that and passion never starts an engine ((OR solves autism-autism was figured out long before it was reinvented.)) We have jumped threw hoops to prove this or that part was not functioning and Gasp even installed parts on other cars to prove their junk. We cranked this car for years all to no avail as the starter has always been faulty but even though my Autistic hearing told me that years ago I knew better than to mention it to the owner. Those are also fighting words to someone in the autism spectrum as well convinced that were too dumb to have figured out our own conditions. They are really nasty words when an entire billion dollar autism industry has developed and admitting to us in any form is a suicide pact in terms of their employment.

I have set on the roadside with duct tape plugging off a leaking power brake booster (I heard it whistle) and the owner was grateful his car finally ran for the first time ever. I have seen people speak in tongues and become extreme experts when it comes to their cars. I have seen many people on the side of the road deserving every moment of displeasure they are getting as they have neglected their car and its payback time.

Entire chapters of this new psychology branch could be dedicated to Car Salespersons and dealership antics. Mr. Ford in America at least in this case didn't invent the wheel or put America on wheels he rather (unknowingly) gave credence to the idea ignorance is wildly primitive. His efforts and those of more like him simply ignited passion and tapped into man's primeval mindset. Anything ignited from gasoline to fireworks to love to Cure Autism Now campaigns is just a flash in the pan and hopefully someday soon the Model "t " and its legend will come to an end, probably as we all choke to death or simply can't afford to gas the beast anymore. Hopefully as well Autism the Crypto Sensitive Autism will be totally unwrapped again and we can simply pick up where we left off years ago before Rain Man the Movie so rudely stopped all progress in Autism.

Even more interesting is the love affair people have with their (America) Sport Utility Vehicles (suv's) Suv' and even large cars are nothing more than the display of their inferiority complex and thus If they drive something BIG it fulfills the need they have to feel big. Few if any of those contraptions ever get further off the road than a ditch and then the 4 wheel drive will not get them out of the mud. Still they fly the badge of finesse for those that own them. Still it seems the worlds oil and pollution crisis would be solved if people simply drove car sized to their need and not their egos.

Well, at least when My Turing Motor is running Suv's will get at least 30 MPG in town and have more than enough power to snap a few drive shafts-that might be a big factor someday if the drive threw lane at Wendy's is ever uphill.

Rich Shull on the Bog The Turing Motor

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