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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

IQ tests

Newsweek Article Reports on New IQ Test for Children With Autism

Scientists at Riviere-des-Praires Hospital in Montreal have implemented a new IQ test for children with autism that provides a more accurate indicator of intelligence. The test requires no social interaction, unlike the standard IQ test that requires participants to listen and respond to numerous questions, which can be torture for most people with autism. It’s no surprise that with the standard test, three-quarters of people with autism are classified as having below-normal intelligence, with many deemed mentally retarded.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

From the dark ages of autism before it was un diagnosable (before Rain Man) When I started school in 1966 I presented with a very LOW IQ score. Even Alan Truing Father of the computer, 1912-1954 as reported in the book the Enigma had all kinds of "stupid troubles as well" he might well have had a low IQ as well. The Enigma by the way is the very best autism book of all time (unknowingly) and it is the blueprint of how all of us missing the Rain Man era came out so "normal." Alan was held back in some things and just like I was and others like us were. NO ONE was there to call us AUTISTIC! We were odd strange kids that is for sure but without the autism label our (unknowingly) splinter skills were tapped and they were our ticket out of autism's grasp. Even social skills were developed! MODERN autism took away that chance as Splinter Skills and Eye Contact became their biggest issues and they were our biggest assets.
Our figured out Picutre thoughts, and autism mindset have never been in a text book before and they way modern Autism is trying to go about it it will might never be.

The surprise aspect Of this New IQ test would be, well to the researchers at least would be it only is a reflection of their lack of knowledge of autism and not the Autistic person's lack of knowledge. Autism the Autism we know and love and work and live with is the building blocks of the human mind all figured out. The sublevel DIFFERENT thoughts signaled by the lack of eye contact are really the sub level building blocks of the mind. Once we figured that out we can now think like a "normal person." Honestly our autistic preschool should be those sub level thoughts but they have never been in a text book before and are too many notches below the normal mindset to be obvious. All of us in our Autism anthropology have figured them out and of course until Autism allows our Thinking in Pictures style books to be presented or allows us "old farts" into an autism convention our been there and done that experience will remain hidden.

For the study, children took two IQ tests, the standard Wechsler—where they arranged and completed pictures, did simple arithmetic, demonstrated vocabulary comprehension and answered questions—and the Raven's Progressive Matrices. With the Raven’s test, they got brief instructions, then worked on their own to analyze three-by-three arrays of geometric designs, with one missing, and choose the design that belonged in the empty place. The disparity in scores was striking; overall, participants scored around the 30th percentile on the Wechsler, which corresponds to “low average” IQ, but averaged in the 56th percentile on the Raven’s. These results show that children with autism have intelligence that does not manifest itself on a standard IQ test. The challenge is to coax that hidden intellectual spark into the kind of intelligence that manifests itself in practice.

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"The challenge is to coax that hidden intellectual spark into the kind of intelligence that manifests itself in practice. "

That isn't a challenge anymore old autistic people have been doing that for years. The challenge is getting new modern Autism to own up to us. We are VERY $ORRY we burst their autism bubble that is unintentional but it also proves they invented their version of autism without understanding the one they thought they knew. (curse you Rain Man the movie). While they were inventing a horrible condition called autism and making a mountain we are just overcoming our own horrible condition called autism and thankfully it was NOT called autism and we were not diagnosed or we to would be in that group home. It took many of us 30 40 or more years to complete this double blind experience. Meanwhile modern Autism made its own condensed version that simply shoved us off into a group home my the time we were 18. Along the way they missed all the long hard details we figured out. So much for progress.

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