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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Rich your Host

Dear Blogger Readers,
Here is yours truly Rich Shull host of this blog and the related ones called Lockville , and the Turing Motor.
Like Temple was pictured with her cattle this is my cattle call if you will. (autistic obsession) It is our family owned since new 1962 Pontiac Catalina only someone autistic would have bothered to save this junker it is indeed the worst car GM ever made less than 1/2 of 1 % of them survive today and many that do are on verge of also dying.
Luella as she is called sports a working slim Jim transmission (that is a statement all of its own) a hand made custom engineered valve train and a new frame, otherwise the car is original including the paint. Any one care to guess how many coats of wax it has had? All of these major problems are reasons why you never see a Catalina of this vintage on the road. All of this obsession and autistic keen senses has made the slim jim work and the engine and ALSO GAVE BIRTH to the Turing Motor my 70 % Efficient Green triple Hybrid car motor running on Compressed Air, electric and gas. It is named for our autistic hero Alan Truing 1912-1954 he was father of the computer and WWII hero ,his similar insight and obsession like it did for many of us served as a way to connect Autism to real life in a time before Rain Man unknowingly stifled all autism progress.
If you haven't done so already, Please look over this blog and the related ones called Lockville and The Turing Motor and Crypto Sensitive Autism and get a real picture of old working autism and how it eventually mimics normal thoughts.
Rich Shull on the Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism July 2007

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Avoidant Personality

AUTISM- (working autism) Picture Thoughts, Narcissism and Avoidant Personality Disorder

I found the following on the web in a Narcissistic newsletter from Dr. Sam Vaknin,

"People suffering from the Avoidant Personality Disorder feel inadequate,unworthy, inferior, and lacking in self-confidence. As a result, they areshy and socially inhibited. Aware of their real (and, often, imagined)shortcomings, they are constantly on the lookout, are hypervigilant and hypersensitive. Even the slightest, most constructive and well-meant or helpful criticism and disagreement are perceived as complete rejection,ridicule, and shaming. Consequently, they go to great lengths to avoid situations that require interpersonal contact - such as attending school,making new friends, accepting a promotion, or teamwork activities. Hence the Avoidant Personality Disorder.

Inevitably, Avoidants find it difficult to establish intimate relationships.They "test' the potential friend, mate, or spouse to see whether they acceptthem uncritically and unconditionally. They demand continue verbalreassurances that they really wanted, desired, loved, or cared about.

Continue to read this article here (click on this link): article you just read is part of my book, "Malignant Self Love -Narcissism Revisited" (January 2007)You can buy the EIGHTH PRINT edition of "Malignant Self Love - NarcissismRevisited" (January 2007) from Barnes and Noble (the cheapest - but doesnot include the bonus pack):, click on this link - - and search for "Sam Vaknin" or"Malignant Self Love")." truncated past this point

Here is the text again in BLUE and Green Are my comments from an autism point of view.

PLEASE NOTE the autism traits I mention here are figured out autism a thought process that has never been in a text book before and is based on the old figured out Crypto Sensitive Autism of time gone by, old working Picture thought Autism if you will. This is the stuff well beyond what Temple Grandin wrote about and the very Autism that when figured out mimics traditional thoughts. Hense working Autism. No Autism "experts" of today have a clue to what we are about and don't seem to care. On the chance we are right, please read over the following.

People suffering from the Avoidant Personality Disorder feel inadequate,unworthy, inferior, and lacking in self-confidence. As a result, they areshy and socially inhibited. Thinking in Pictures is a multi steep process that happens during the lack of eye contact. While our Eyes our off our Brains are on. Young Autistic in our era were absently figuring out we had to think with a day dream convert that day dream to real life thoughts and then into speech. That takes time and practice and no one was there to teach us, we are all self taught. We have discovered our Autism thoughts are the building blocks of the human mind. Aware of their real (and, often, imagined)shortcomings, they are constantly on the lookout, are hypervigilant and hypersensitive. I'm sure we present that way, and from the eyes of a traditional thinkers that idea makes a lot of sense. BUT autism thoughts and keen senses like hearing and our Einstein Thoughts give us many different social clues and social standard to follow. It take us many years to discover were on a different planet from the people we are talking to. Even the slightest, most constructive and well-meant or helpful criticism and disagreement are perceived as complete rejection,ridicule, and shaming. Consequently, they go to great lengths to avoid situations that require interpersonal contact - such as attending school,making new friends, accepting a promotion, or teamwork activities. Hence the Avoidant Personality Disorder. Shockingly If our autism anthropology and its people were ever admitted to AUTISM would be blown over with a feather. Once we learn our ADVANCED Picture Thoughts, like picture in picture thoughts and can finally keep track of body language and still think with day dream thoughts we do very well and are very social! Once we also learn to water down our autism thoughts (Einstein type thought) and not take every word literally we really start to thrive. Inevitably, Avoidants find it difficult to establish intimate relationships. Here again, our Autism Anthropology is TEAMING with long term partnerships some of us have had lifetime partners. Granted we might have some trouble but who doesn't? Naturally autism the Invented Autism of Rain Man was made in the eyes of Rain Man so there is just no room or even knowledge of the building blocks of the human mind. When Dr. Rimland forgot the Crypto Sensitive Autism Guidelines he might have never understood he unknowingly set back mankind centuries. Naturally Modern Autism is not any better, they to are working from the same mold and thus can't see the Forrest as they are looking at the trees.

They "test' the potential friend, mate, or spouse to see whether they accept them uncritically and unconditionally. They demand continue verbalreassurances that they are really wanted, desired, loved, or cared about. Many of us in the autism Anthropology also have GREAT experience with this very trait as we sometimes have a Narcissistic Parent we have been covering for to many years.

I'm sure Autism and psychology "experts" of all types are going this guy is full of something and keep in mind they are Self Elected Experts and guardian of all things autism and traditional thinkers to boot, that leaves Autism frozen in a timewarp. (as well a mankind). Not a one of them it seems can even fathom Autism Is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and those of us figuring out the MR/DD have tapped into our Einstein traits and it is really too bad we didn't stop at Rain Man. Autism Experts expect and are delighted with Rain Man and even make movies and based on Autism Success from Rain Man down the scale. But in reality those of us that made it are smooth operating Rain Men and women that blend in. In fact, we are so well adjusted that we are indeed the autistic of time gone by that the modern folks are looking for. We are the anti epidemic levelers of time gone by. Of course no one in Modern Autism is looking to discover us-were bad for business. I know you can't unring a bell but if autism could turn back time and forget Rain Man, mankind's mind would be mapped out by now via Autism Thoughts.

Have you ever caught your self Stumped? And say I can picture that? I can't put a name to it? or I can see it in my mind? Those Picture thoughts your experiencing might well be what I'm talking about. For you they work silently bellow the surface most of the time... Autistic folks have to use those thought all the time and then sort cut them or convert them to traditional thoughts. Could this indeed be the building blocks of the human mind? Are ALL OF us picture thinkers? Rich Shull on the Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Kinds of Autism

From Mild to wild to solved to wildly complicated; Most Modern Autism is a self Inflicted curse.

1600s Boy from Alverez,

Seemingly a Wild Child with many autistic traits that could not be "tamed." He seemed to be a Kid that preferred to be naked live out of doors and attempts to tame him and clothe him were useless. I have heard many different versions of this and many seem to point to old 'working' autism traits long before it was discovered. Most of these stories were LOST for ever as late Dr Rimland (Rain Man) reinvented Autism in the 1960's.

Turing Style Autism Threw the 1960's ,

The Autism, the working autism of today and yesterday is the same as it has always been only thing is the perception has changed as has the outcomes.

The GREAT AUTISM BOOK The Enigma (1983) by Andrew Hodges is unknowingly the best Autism book ever written and it explains the life and strange habits and SUCCESS of Alan Turing (1912-1954) Alan was Gay ,Autisitc,Father of the Computer, and a W.W.II hero winning an OBE Award among many other things for his service during W.W.II. Mr. Hodges never knew he wrote and autism book but by including all the strange little details in Alan's life and odd schooling, he unknowingly explained autistic Splinter Skills , Lack of eye contact and many other "horrible Autistic traits" that we used to grow out of.

The Flip side to Turing Style Autism is Modern 'Rain Man' Era Autism where the modern "Experts" totally reinvented autism forgetting all the odd but working details of old autism and now look at the mess they have got. They have the wrong end of the stick and despite the best intention have made and reinvented Autism and turned it into something horrible. While Autism fills in the blank between MR/DD and Einstein and there are many more of us that do more than Temple Grandin wrote about we are simply not welcome news in Modern Autism. We will never be invited to an autism conference and our temple Style building on Picture Thoughts (Einstein Thoughts) have been banned.

Rain Man Era Autism. 1960s to present,

Courtesy of the late Dr Rimland Autism was reborn with the Movie Rain Man 1988. Since then intentional or not Autism has become a big hot button issue and a dreadful condition that it really never was. It does seem as if Dr Rimland purposely forgot many vital important facts when he re invented the wheel. I have personally spoke with several old researchers that were told to get with the new autism program or get out in the late 1960s. OLD Autism is now called Crypto Sensitive Autism and if you can find bits and pieces of it in old medical and psychology publications and yes EVEN OLD Autism of America Publications. Read them and you will get a view of Autism before the sky fell in. You might get a casual mention of it today but it will not be more than lip service.

Sincerity is the ultimate test of anything and Modern Autism seems to have failed that test miserably. If they were truly caring and concerned of Autism they would welcome our entire anthropology of people that have over came the condition. I think they know full well admitting to us and the crypto sensitive autism facts we have figured out their autism world would not only be solved but many "experts" would have egg on their face. How could you explain a generation or two of autistic people in a group home when Autism if we were ever admitted to could have been taught by 6 th grade if our experience was ever accounted for? Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

PS. Most of us MISSED Rain Man ERA diagnosis and antics ;it has been a blessing!

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My Other Blogs

My Related Blogs The Turing Motor, Lockville, and Crypto -Sensitive Autism

The Truing Motor-shares some of the same posts as this Blog but often I expand on them and occasionally I do motor and engineer only posts only related to the Truing Motor, an Autistically designed (Einstein traits, all autistic have if tapped into) GREEN triple Hybrid Car motor. The Turing Motor is my Autistically designed triple hybrid motor running on compressed air, electric and gasoline. It is 70% efficient GREEN and with pollution controls will be nearly emission free and reasonable car will top 100 MPG using it.

Lockville, My home town a sleepy little wide spot in the road in Central Ohio and a former hot spot in the Ohio and Erie Canal System and where I grew up. Lockville was the PERFECT place for then undiagnosed Autism to go from being the Village Idiot to Einstein. The Lockville Blog has amusing little snippets of a forgotten times and places. I tell of the antics of the often colorful locals and big events like telephones and electric coming to town. Some of the blog also centers on my Grandma she too was probably Autistic to some degree we often set and spun table ware after the evening meal.

CRYPTO -Sensitive Autism - Old autism This blog is basically just all the old Autism people once knew about before the 'New Autism' was invented and the Modern Epidemic and practices were born. It is indeed the autism time forgot and once understood. Perhaps it was purposely ignored? IF the new Autism was invited on purpose it seems most of their ignorance is self-inflicted as lots of the issues of modern autism were solved long ago in old autism. This blog was a one time posting designed to offer a home and an explanation to the old working autism time forgot. Please look it over and see for your self how autism once thrived before it was buzzword, designer condition and a NASCAR race and telethon. See how Alan Truing 1912-1954 and my self and many others, like us absently over came autism without the modern "help" and see how we generally overcame autism in some acceptable fashion. We are for sure the Autistic that build upon Temple Grandin's Work and the Autistic that modern Autism Guru's will never admit to.

To find all of these blogs simply go to the top of this page and click on "View my Profile" and click on the one of the three blogs. Thanks for taking a few moments to investigate old working autism and please don't be too hard on the modern experts they are not bad people just ignorant. Sincerely Rich Shull

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Found on the Web,

Congratulations to the late Dr. Rimland and his Autism "Pioneers." Their Legacy is anything BUT Autism! The hope they "create" is anything but Autism salvation-it is more like a publish and parish fame game at the expense of a few (forgive me) retards. Comments From Rich Shull

Well, when Autism became a buzzword and the new big name designer medical condition courtesy of Rain Man the movie (1988) The obvious ignorance of Dr Rimland is not real obvious to any one but those autistic missing his curse. We can see where autism a now billion dollar industry built on ignorance and the mindset of Normal Thinkers has indeed created the mess we know so well as Autism. Older Folks like me that figured out autism and blend into real life the best we can, are totally shunned as admitting to one of us will expose the entire Autism we know today as a scandal worthy of many pages of press coverage.

Our Insight into Autism explains everything from Einstein to Dyslexia and might well prove to be the building blocks of the human mind. WHO CARES! Certainly NOT the autism "experts" they are crude, rude, fame driven monsters and nasty experts of all types with an Open Season and no accounting standards on a mission to not only to solve autism BUT invent it as well. This vicious circle of "discovery" and Autism firsts, only proves PhD in many cases really only means -Piled Higher and Deeper . It seems not a one of them will own up to Autism's Living working past. What a total crime against Humanity, here we have figured out the building blocks of man's mind and these jerks are reinventing the wheel yet again.

If they were sincere and not worried of the quality of their "research" and would allow the Temple Grandins of the world to be discovered :autism would be better understood than ever! How Obvious does Obvious have to be. As I say, "the day I win the Lotto (pools) I'll buy and Autism Expert and we will have Autism Solved by Noon that day. Really Autism IS MR/DD and Einstein only thing is normal thinkers only see and promote the MR/DD aspect of autism. It is the "only thing " they understand. Even Worse many unscrupulous souls discovered we can make a living of the discovery of "the autism gold mine". Keep the kids "stupid" and keep the group homes filled and many people have a map to a good living. Too Bad they are spinning in circles as fast as the Autism Speaks NASCAR Race car goes around the track!

Here is the piece I found on the Web.

Autism joins the campaign trail
Parents vow to make politicians improve services for childrenBy ANTONELLA ARTUSO, QUEEN'S PARK BUREAU CHIEFToronto Sun.comJuly 15, 2007...

Premier Bob Rae's re-election bid was dogged by social-contract-hating protesters. Giant flip-flops followed Liberal Lyn McLeod around during the 1995 campaign to spotlight same-sex rights. Mike Harris was swarmed by Kraft Dinner-throwing poverty protesters in 1999. Now, Premier Dalton McGuinty can expect to find his election steps haunted by a group of parents who intend to make autism front and centre in the coming provincial campaign, which gets officially underway on Sept. 10. Richmond Hill's Taline Sagharian, the mother of a 10-year-old son, told Sun Media this week that this new group is determined to play a "very strong" advocacy role in the election, bringing the issue directly to the politicians on the hustings. ======== -------- for entire story.

On the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Listening in


Well, here is working autism in action! I am "treated " to hearing many of my neighbors automobiles every day as they drive by my place. My keen Autistic hearing often leaves me glancing across the street to look at the German Shepherd or the Basset Hound to see their ears perk with that passing dreadful nose a motor screaming an unauditable noise most people never hear unless they would have a decibel meter handy. The out of tune seriens and the car wash out of time beepers a mile away and the bubbles in a glass of lemon lime soda roaring like a Niagara falls are all just too loud for our keen hearing.

My Dog friends can and often to howl and bark to let off some steam and I want to do the same at times but, know If I did I'd be fitted for a straight jacket. Still, I get to hear the developing trouble in our neighbors cars and I suspect the noise I heard today a new one, in our neighbors truck will translate to trouble about October. They have been there before and I heard the same noise in their similar model truck and they ended up overhauling the motor in that one, Well this current one is starting to make the same noise! Of course no one can hear it without a decibel meter and it is worthless to tell anyone there is trouble pending and really by the time they DO hear something or it runs bad it will much to late. Even if a mechanic had a decibel Meter in their shop they would not know what the noise means. It took me many years to "learn the noise" I hear and translate that into some useful Diagnostic information. Even when I get my Infer red camera with decibel meter camera engine trouble shooting tool developed It might well open up frontiers in Automotive science but it will ignored by all the "experts" that don't even understand the engineering of the Model T motors we still use today.

Our current motors are every bit as primitive as a stage coach and as dark ages as the 1600s but man is in reality the same mindset as those living in the 1600s were, so I guess it stands to reason man just knows enough to be dangerous. I guess I get hear this problem develop like the one I heard before and I wish I could tell people of their trouble to come but I have tried that 100s of times before and I'm really coming from the wrong planet I might as well be a green Martian. By the time I water down the explanation to something understandable and perhaps if the owner worries enough to change the oil a few times the problem might be adverted so my Idea never materializes so I am fool I guess. I have at least learned over the years just to laugh quietly as the owner is suddenly SHOCKED with trouble. When I develop my Turing Motor, I will invent with it an engineering profile and decibel meter reading of a new perfect motor. That way when it falters a proper diagnosis can be made.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Autism Solved by "NOON"

Working Picutre Thoughts, Add in real life social skills and see how Autism does and doesn't work?

The following tid bit was on the Web and was part of an Email called "Test for Dementia" It asked the reader to figure the following math problem without a calculator or paper or pencil.

Take 1000 and add 40 to it.
Now add another 1000 .
Now add 30 .
Add another 1000 .
Now add 20 .
Now add another 1000
Now add 10 .
What is the total?
Did you get 5000 ?

The correct answer is actually 4100.

I did this correctly with ease with picture thoughts the sub routine 'all humans' do to think with. But yet like many autistic people I present VERY BADLY in math. If the world was quiet and I could simply do the autism thoughts the answer was easy using the subroutine thoughts of the human mind, AKA autism picture thoughts. The picture thought I talk about here are the basis for true highfunctioning autism like our Anthropology has figured out. Not one bit of it has been in a text book before and the "modern autism Experts " have autism all figured out so modern autisitcs are stranded in group homes via the total ignorance of the experts. There are at least 5 more Temple Grandin style Thinking in Picture books to be published but Autism Publishers have blackballed us all sadly what we have figured out is simply the stuff no amount of research will ever discover-they are indeed on the wrong planet!

Autistically, Socially this is where we get all messed up with a problem like this. It seems our Sub routine picture thoughts are needed so we can actually come up with the 4100 answer. Not a one of those thoughts has been in a text book before and they are our Einstein thoughts. IF I was figuring the 4100 answer and say counting money (like a cashier) I would have to stop the picture thought look at actual optic thought count the money and then revert BACK to picture thought. When PICTURE THOUGHT is working OPTIC vision is OFF-our eyes our off and thus we dot even see or even process your eye contact or body language. So in other words unless we develop PICTURE IN PICTURE Thought an advanced autism thought we cannot keep up with you socially. It seems as if our figured out autism is simply the keystone explained thought the step by step thought process of the human mind. It is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and for sure all the right answers that could add 1000s of pages to psychology books as well as filling in the gaps in evolution of man's mind. All the "Experts" of psychology are sadly in the' Einstein' side of the equation (they think) and human nature is such no idea no matter how good it is never even considered until it passes muster with a few experts. If I ever win the lotto - The first thing I will do is BUY and Autism Expert and "By noon" (saying) we could have autism and Mankind up to its eyeballs in Picture thoughts and Suddenly EVERYTHING Would make sense in Psychology. Figured out autism has an answer for everything in psychology and mental development.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007



based on the Columbus Dispatch 7-10-2007 Article called Short Stuff.

Long ago and far away Autism unknowingly did conversations-Normal Ones! Now, especially as Autism gets "worse and worse " the autistic people like me that were lucky enough to figure out some of the social skills related to our proficient picture thoughts fit right in most of the time. Sadly our often younger counterparts miss all the autism social and real life knowledge that we once figured out on our own. Modern Autism sadly assumes we are stupid as we present and thus will not even let us fart with permission. If the experts of autism would care to listen and experience what we have figured out they would see where we take Temple's Thinking in Pictures to all new heights and actually connect autism picture thoughts to normal ones. They could see with a little practice and luck how we mimic and keep up with normal conversation and even body Language! We have probably figured out the building blocks of the human mind.

Were so sorry to all the 'self elected Autism experts' that only know autism as the horrible condition they basically invented. I know they had the best of intention but Autism is one of those things that was better left to is own fate and Rain Man's Curse actually made a bigger autism mountain that it ever solved. If they admitted to the older autism folks "lost in real life" they would see if they united all of us together that we could teach autism to autistic by 6th grade! If you pooled all of our experience of older now unknown to the world autisitcs and condense our experience you would have autism licked and even be give insight to the building blocks of the mind. None of what we do has ever been in a text book before. Autism Is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein- what "expert" was ever expecting a "smart ass" (even an anthropology of us) to ever come from autism. Obviously they are not keen on us now.

NOW here is that Dispatch Article In Blue comments on how picture thoughts work. from Rich Shull

"Listen Up, gang. In our continuing quest to make you the star of the office watercooler conversations and Saturday night cocktail parties, consider the following gems of knowlege (courtesy of the Book of Useless Information)

*56 percent of the video game market consists of adults. Someday an Autistic persons learns to simply leave this "fact" as it is and not read into it more than the listener is expecting. The Einstein part of autism assures we know far more on most subjects than the surface tabloid facts like is mentioned here. We have to work to just keep this fact simple. IF we Develop PICTURE IN PICTURE THOUGHTS we can do this and still keep eye contact!

*70% of all boats are sold for fishing Well, OK, that is cool but you have to admit our idea of this conversation is a very technical (most likely) description of the engineering details of a Fishing boat. If an Autistic picture thinker is translating a picture thought or two from our daydream type thoughts odds are IF we can get it translated to conversation quick enough it will not flow in a conversation. WE HAVE TO LEARN normal thinkers are very shallow (no disrespect).

*90% of all women who walk into a department store immediately turn to the right. WOW, it seems like some expert in Retail is now in autism research and playing the numbers game here as well. I know it is cool conversation good chatter to make this point known to keep the conversation going but talking to talk is not natural for an Autistic Person. However put two autistic (proficient picture thinkers together) and be prepared for a technical conference that would take 20 normal conversations by normal thinkers to duplicate. Our natural Einstein instincts would take over. Autism that works like our does is simply Communication from a "language" we have figured out that has never been in a text book before. It isn't likely our autism practice ever will be as the Autism "experts" are normal thinkers and don't even know our very basic thinking in Picture Skills.

*20% of all publication in Japan are Comic Books How interesting, I wonder if the books are action Figures based? I wonder if they are a series, Do they have any super human heroes? It took me years to learn to get the conversation this simple and keep normal thinkers interested. Don't throw in any facts or ideas that don't flow naturally however, or you risk become a bore!

* the longest kiss on record lasted 130 hours. two minutes Gee I hope it wasn't a French Kiss? Their tongues would be melted together,,,, Or Boy did they need a Mmentos (mint) . What if it was a Same sex Couple?

*The world's record for caring a milk bottle on one's head is 24 miles. Wow that is just about a Marathon!
Well, the picture thoughts that made the statement for me" That is just about a Marathon" were close to about 70 of them. THINK building block of the mind here. I went threw 70 set of pictures-picture thoughts-that happen during the lack of eye contact and took bits and of some of them and formed the words Wow that is just about a Marathon. I bet all thinkers do that all the time and for a normal thinker it is a natural invisible sub routine and for us it only becomes a natural quick thought process when we learn our autism thoughts.

*At any given moment, an estimated 0.7% of the worlds population is drunk. I didn't know they kept such close tabs on drunks unless it their bar tab. The motion picture thoughts and the still picture thoughts that made my statement were fast and furious and even currently via my advanced Autism thoughts ran threw a social filter before being spoken to or translated from picture thought to words. This is an Example Of Social Autism that works and also an example of Autism gone by that is not ever going to be admitted today as we unintentionally deflate the bubble of too many autism Experts.

And we'll leave it at that.

SO will I PLEASE take a few moments, to reflect and think, and urge your Autism "Experts" that run your lives that you trust so much and ask them to consider listening and admitting to us, If they do the Egg will wash off and your Kid might not be in a group home! Even better your Kids Splinter skills could be tapped and the fountain of Knowledge that would bear would make Einstein blush in delight! Rich Shull

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Yahoo groups

Yahoo Groups,
I'm on a number of Yahoo Autism groups including Autism in Indiana , Autism in Michigan and Autism in Pittsburgh and many many others. The ones like I mention are often display the official logo of the Autism is a puzzle ribbon. I have had hit and miss success over the years at getting my posts posted on those groups. I have been on permanent wait for approval status for ever on some of them. Occasionally when I get a message threw I usually earn the respect of a few more people that finally find this blog and take a moment to stop and look and reflect.

Over my years online I have made many friends and supporters and my (our) advise has help many autistic thrive beyond anything they were ever expected to have done. There are many many more people like me in the world and Autism know of us but we are not quite the answer they need or want to hear. If Autism research were sincere they would welcome our insight not run from it.

I posted the following on the group Pittsburgh Autism and I don't know if it will approved for publishing, time will tell.

Dear Friends,

As I read over this list and many others like it dealing with modern Autism practice I wonder if a lot of this modern stuff is simply not more work than help?

I watched Autism be "invented" right under my nose as have have about 200 more of us Temple Grandin types. We have discovered Autism is really the building blocks of the human mind coupled with keen senses. Once we figure out all of the stuff we can connect Autism to normal thoughts and yes even give you eye contact! When we grew up, lack of eye contact was just normal for us and no one screamed about it.No teacher or psychologist or experts were there to say we need eye contact.All lack of contact amounts to is our brains are "on" . We think in Pictures and thus in early autism have to use "your daydreams" to think with. Once we figure out those thoughts- Temple called picture thoughts we can then do normal thoughts. It seems our Autism thoughts are building blocks of man's mind. In fact they explain everything from the village idiot to Einstein to stuttering to dyslexia. Not one bit we of we have figured out is what any "expert" was expecting to hear so were full of something in their book.

For a look at autism old working autism all laid out in a book read the book The Enigma by Andrew Hodges (1983) it is the biography of Alan Turing 1912-1954 he was father of the computer. This book tells every detail of Alan's strange life and how absently ;it worked out well like ours did. You will be able to see for yourself as you read it where modern Autism turned Autism in to something bigger than life. If you were to take the best of today and combine it with what worked well from yesterday autism would become a moot point again.

Sincerely Rich Shull,

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