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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Speech Outine

Up from the Bottom of the Gene Pool. By Rich Shull

O.K. how many times have you joked or made a quirp about that? I take the line seriously as I have done just that as well as 200 (at least) people like me from all over the globe. We are an unstudied living anthropology that met online. Most of us were very lucky and grew up in a space and time when circumstances worked in our favor. You know as Alan Turing ,father of the computer, Di Vinci ,Testla, and Einstein among others. We sport a different thought process that has not been in a text book before and those of us injured or otherwise in ill health have stunned medical science with truly outstanding experiences.

I also know Autism, our condition, is a dirty word ranks right up there as a contemporary buzzword and indeed today it has become just that. Courtesy of the movie Rain Man and the antics of the late Dr Rimland its creator; autism took on a whole new life at the expense of humanity. Today the diagnosis standards for Autism are so low just looking cross-eyed gets one the label. Old strict autism diagnosis standards if applied today would cripple the current epidemic and expose the Einstein’s among us. Figured out Autism is the next 100 chapters in Psychology and a few hundred in medicine.

Thankfully when we started school in the 1960’s and before long before Autism was a buzzword we were just odd strange kids with a genius side. Thankfully our teachers ,tutors and parents exploited that and we came out mostly ok . Even today at 70 something my father and I are still learning something new about autism almost daily. Everything we done to get me (and my anthropology) to learn is totally forbidden these days in contemporary autism practice. Dad and others exploited my splinter skills our area of genius and channeled all my learning threw them. He didn’t know it was “wrong” , he just knew it worked. Today Autism will not support that ideal at all.

We are all Autistic ! All Humans are Autistic

Autism is just the long hand version of human thought. Every human is autistic to some degree. Autism is day dream based as you would know it, we think with your daydreams by default. For us we naturally by default think with our OPTIC vision turned OFF and our brain replaces the optic vision with a brain generated vision we often thought ,growing up was real optic vision. As our brain switched between OPTIC and brain generated vision no one ever told us what was going on. Our teachers never knew ,our parents never knew and our brains didn’t “tell us” our optic vision was now OFF. By the time we were in 6th grade most of us started to figure out we had two kinds of vision the normal optic like everyone does. THEN the brain generated vision we were supposed to think with became more and more obvious to us as we discovered it was our thinking thoughts. Our day dream thoughts made by our brains and the optic vision canceled each other out and flowed together so well we never realized it at first. Optic vision the brain made picture thoughts were often mirrors of each other . The only difference between optic vision and the thinking thought might be a glass on a table was moved from one place to another. In other words the thought told us to move the glass from the left to the right side of the table. Most people do that automatically just like we do now, that we learned our autism thoughts. Our parents and teachers often said they learned to wait for our optic vision to return before talking with us. It seems while we did not have eye contact our optic vision was OFF and our brains were working hard on a picture thought. They knew unless we had eye contact it was worthless to trying to communicate with us. Contemporary autism should take this point seriously as well. I bet you all know someone that is difficult to communicate with as they to don’t seem to listen.

Have you ever been puzzled /stopped in mid sentence and been forced to say “ I can picture him in my mind” but can’t place the name? Or have you said I can see it in the closet ? As your optic vision goes OFF and you looking at a picture -a minds eye image- of “uncle Joe” or that item in the closet? You ponder over the odd thought then either come up with the words that was Joe or you blow it off and move on with the conversation. That was a primitative autism thought. If we are right, all humans think in pictures all the time, and they run below the surface of the mind like a record player and only when we are stuck do they appear in our minds eye. Our minds open picture after picture like a file and think with those. The Enstein part of this is we think in deep picture thoughts all the time as our default process and those picture based thoughts are streaks above the common thought humans know as normal. When we learn to water it down and explain it we present as Einstein . The serious intense Einstein thought is not in words but super detailed picture thought. I have had picture thoughts of my inventions that would need 40 blue prints to explain to the average engineer. Seriously lots of Di Vinci inventions still pass over the heads of the Average Joe.

Meanwhile to jump from the autism thoughts to the normal ones, there are 5-6 different kinds of picture thoughts humans do (never in a text book before) and once we learn those (most people know them instantly and don‘t even know they use them) we came out ’normal’. Normal humans have no need to even know or master these thoughts as you automatically think in short cut thought- normal thought .Indeed once we learned all of those autism thoughts the DEFAULT thought process, we came up with is not shockingly your normal ’short cut ’ thoughts .You heard it here first, Man thinks in short cut thoughts and doesn’t even know it. From the bottom of the gene pool looking up that is obvious. Sadly from the top looking down even the best expert is clueless to the vital insight he/ she needs to know to be effective. As Einstein said if they knew what they were doing they would not call it research. ( 790 words )

Our Picture thoughts are the roots of Psychology

Someday if we are right and our picture thoughts prove to be the root of man’s mind, psychology will be able to probe into our picture thoughts and discover which one of 30 or so that are not complete or working correctly. I predict there are 30 picture thought sets to be learned before one can claim to be normal . Just like traditional people learn and build on 1,2,3, and the ABC’s there are 30 internal picture thoughts that need to be figured out and completed before man really does life well.

If only science could hook monitors to our brains and watch the sub level picture thoughts develop and filter in the information we need to process they would have the study of psychology explained. Imagine going to the psychologist and actually coming out cured in a few visits? That is possible. As I see it if one is missing a few picture thoughts the sub level part of the mind, it is very likely there will be a visable personality flaw like narcissisam or even a serial killer. Send that person to the psychologist and get checked up and have the doctor discover what picture thoughts are missing and do a bit of reprogramming and I bet one would come out normal.

I bet the most successful persons have mastered all 30 or so picture thoughts and thus they are most likely very successful at life. Take those picture thoughts a bit further and EVERYONE could be Einstein. When we think with picture thoughts it is the ultimate in human thought . Funny thing is we present stupid as a bag of rocks until we learn to water down the details of the picture thoughts in to simple terms normal people can understand. I can see where colleges and even high schools could someday offer Einstein classes where we would hone our deep thought ability. I can see where admission to kindergarten would require people to pass the picture thought exams someday. Current day researchers playing with the brain waves are missing the whole point they think they are getting.

I know what I present here is just fodder and a good laugh for the all the peer reviewed experts as of this writing in 2012. Until one psychologist knows the picture thought sub thought human system man will be no further along than he is now. If the sub thoughts are ever figured out I predict wars will cease to exist, humans will realize were all the same and raceism will fade as will religion .Everyone will be green and vegetarian . Fewer humans will kill them selves with smoking, obesity and just plain stupid health practices.

Television/ Computer watching by the way is just life support for our dated autistic brains and it is alive and real in the form of television and the like. Man used to engage his brain more in the era before TV and now a days the senseless useless TV most people watch is a substitute for the actual picture thoughts we no longer knowingly use.

If I were to take a stab at fitting this into evolution I would guess the first creatures had vision,,,, Then when they wanted to do something their OPTIC vision want off like our does and then after completing the thoughts optic vision resumed and they did what ever it was they going to do. As we aged developed and expanded it stands to reason our thought ability would improve with practice if nothing else. I would guess every creature with eyes would have developed along these lines. The brain is already there and processing vision, why not turn off the optic nerve and the brain work on its own?

Amazingly, Getting words to speech is a mind blowing experience form the sub level picture thoughts point of view, and if you understand the base line picture thoughts it would seem the two behaviors would never mix and in reality they don’t mix that well but humans do talk and attempt to communicate. I was never so amazed years ago when visiting a friends home and I was setting beside his parrot and it was chatting and I had the SAME (had to have been) the same picture thought the bird did complete with a bit of a lag in the thought to allow the word to form. If only science had hooked us to monitors I bet the parrot and my thoughts would have been similar. If only Jane Goodall and others studying Apes knew picture thoughts, they could for once make sense of their study and quit wasting time. I bet we really are a monkey’s uncle, and I would guess again If science could hook a monitor to our brains ,both the human and the ape and then zero in on the sublevel picture thoughts they would be too similar for comfort for a lot of people.

Sadly I must temper my enthusiasm as This Pandora’s Box of discovering mans mind will be very disappointing and a let down in terms of the discovery . Man had hoped to discover we were really smart but the reality is we are not smart just proficient at processing pictures. Normal thought coupled with the lightening rod of emotions comprise man’s thought. Emotions are just short hand thoughts and not always perfect at communicating the correct point..

Autism’s Temple Grandin the highest functioning person contemporary autism will own up to is famous for her book Thinking in Pictures. This book is pure autism gold and too bad the so called experts are clueless in what her book really is. If they knew the sub level thought she is talking about and the thoughts we add to and build upon to finally come off as normal autism would be solved . The Experts think its cool to be able to communicate with her but , it would be even better if they knew she only is working some of the picture thoughts of Autism. Add to her work like we have done and the entire scope of man’s mind will be suddenly obvious.

One final point to all of this is our keen senses. When our OPTIC vision is off a natural defense system made by mother nature is our hearing goes in hyper mode. Yes just like a blind person we hear lots more than you do when we think in pictures. Often times it the slightest ,most odd noise that awoke us from the brain generated day dream thought- just in time for optic vision to come on let us see what was happening. I also used that super keen hearing a decibel meter if you will to hear a far different car motor than you did. My genius side is automobiles and I , heard the motor even different than Henry Ford did. I can assure you he was just tinkering and was first in line to do the obvious. Even today even the best of high tech motors sound horrible and no better than a 1915 model T when heard with autistic hearing or a decibel meter. On the other hand my Turing Motor is a quiet ,strong machine running on compressed air ,gas and battery less electric.

The Medical part of the Story,

That is only part of the story the medical side screams Mercy ,Missed Innovation and Ignorance.

Monday, “Mr. Shull this is Dr Bishop’s Office you need to get in here urgently for an appointment. “

Yea right,, My Shoulder worked well but it didn’t hurt (it would not have if I were normal). Then I was very suspicious of a Doctor wanting me to get to the hospital. I’m an American with out health care and typically hospitals jump threw hoops to keep you out .

Tuesday, “Mr. Shull, Dr Bishops office ,,you need to get in here QUICKLY” the message on my voice mail.

Wednesday, “ Rich If you don’t get in here were going to come get you; you have a serious infection” It was late Wednesday and I relented and said I would be there Thursday.

Thursday was a quick Dr visit and a big initiation preparing for sugary on Friday. Special soaps ,wash the belly button ,no food etc.

Friday the operation scheduled for two hours took four because the infection was bigger and deeper than they thought .

Saturday I came to in the Hospital and discovered I felt GREAT except for the eperidal on my arm was still in effect but as that wore off I really did feel great. My nurses were prepared to give me the works for pain with oxycontion and I never took the first one, again nothing hurt and I felt great.


Sunday Dr Bishop comes in her rounds and Is SHOCKED to see me with the just operated arm lift my self up from a orthopedic bar above my bed to sit up to talk to her. MR Shull she explains all the issues and muscles removed and tendons cut and said I was in serious danger of more injury If I kept that up. I had given Dr Bishop my lack of pain story as I do all the doctors I run across and If my family is there they confirm my story and that helps but still? What medical school has ever taught or even known of the autism Pain Tolerance? The Last time the Pain Tolerance was written about in a medical journal was in the 1960’s.

I spent the next two months in the nursing home getting master blaster antibiotic treatments for the lingering infection.

Being Penny wise and pound foolish

I had been driving my Van for 7 years with out power steering. A day or two after that first ride I noticed a pulled left shoulder. Naturally in my case it went away. Some days it would be noticeable most days it was OK. After 3-4 years I would have spurts where it would hurt for a week at a time and by the 7th year it was just too bad to move.

Autism Hero and Father of the Computer, Alan Turing (1912-1954) ran marathons with out the wall. Your’s truly and more in my Anthropology suffer from a birth defect where one leg ,hip is messed up. We never could run ,skip or do jumping jacks in school. Since we never felt pain no one knew to really investigate for the real issue. Since we were the odd strange kids in school most teachers just chalked up the fact we were nerds. WE DISCOVERED WE ONLY FEEL 7 and above on the pain scale and the INSTANT it drops below 7 we are ‘fine’. In my younger days I went on to ride my bicycle over 10,000 miles today at 50 my hip finally hurts like hell and the X rays blow everyone out of the water and they wonder how I stand let alone walk.

My first pain experience is often repeated by those in our anthropology is an Abscessed tooth . We are typically 30 something and the pain strikes us instantly. We have never felt pain before so it really scares us. On the way to the dentist or the Emergency room the tooth breaks and a nasty acid covers our mouth and we are suddenly FINE! My dad and Mom were taking to the ER and dad hit a bump and the tooth broke and I was FINE… Mom looked back and her eyes and mouth were wide open in disbelief. We even stopped at a store and got a bottle of cold water and I rinsed my mouth out and that cold water didn’t even hurt.

We have a history of stunned doctors ,x ray techs Er room personal and even EMS people that see us do the impossible . We walk on broken bones , walk from a car crash “unhurt” on a broken bone. We never show black and blue marks and typically don’t bleed when cut nor are we able to give blood with ease or it clots before a test vile is filled.

Obviously medical science doesn’t know about us or we would be in the Lilly Drug Torture Chamber and they would be hammering on us until they discover our pain tolerance wishing they could copy it in a pill. Our Pain tolerance is trace able back to the 1600’s when they captured a feral child named Victor who’s story is called the Boy from Alverez. Hunters found him wondering naked in the woods of France living with animals and his pain tolerance was obvious, as well as his autism. In fact the experts of the time examined him tested him and developed the Monitorossi special education schools we still use today based on his experience.

The begs the question, did some of those poor souls in a Mid evil torture chamber really feel the pain the current generation might ? If man were a bit more ’backwards ’ and say more people were along the lines of autism with the picture thoughts and the pain tolerance they might have done the worst of the torture chamber and never known it.

Due to the lax diagnosis standards of contemporary autism the pain tolerance is not even a factor in the diagnosis anymore. However a few of the current crop of Autism epidemic students do demonstrate the pain tolerance after an injury typically it totally baffles the parents and doctors. Typically they ignore the issue and say the kid is simply too dumb to tell anyone he feels pain. Well the reality is he DOESN”T feel pain.

I proposed in my book (Autism Pre Rain Man Autism) that is now banished from autism circles a test for the pain tolerance where people tighten a series of bolts. Autistic people would break the bolts and not even wince until they got to the super grade bolts.

Overall I am happy with autism the way it is sadly. Man would be horrified to discover his mind is not the marvel of genius he thinks it is and I for one don’t want to be in the drug company torture chamber getting the pain tolerance secret beat out of me .

This living anthropology might well be the living missing link. It stands to reason it was not discoverable by traditional thinkers even the brightest researcher as they don‘t even understand their own thought , let alone ours. Even IF we were united and studied our story is just too odd to be trusted even if 200 of us all did the same thing in the ultimate double blind world wide study. We were only united via the world wide web other wise we would have never known of one another. I am always in awe of other members of our anthropology as they speak different languages and had different cultures but ,yet their picture thoughts are nearly identical to mine. Perhaps this tells more than anything that we just reverted back to base line autism, for one reason or another. 20 of us, all 200 of us for that matter, could have master degrees in Psychology and Medicine from the top universities and peer review would still shoot us down as the normal thinkers are the very root of the problem to start with. In other words normal is as normal does. The Peer Review experts cannot even fathom the thought of looking down the ladder to discover man’s mind and body roots so on that point alone, our story will never be told.

It is very hard to fathom that some dorky ,nerd ( were usually gay too) who might well have started out in special education like Einstein did, now, claims to be Einstein himself. Truth is stranger than fiction. Most of us met on line in a gay Autism support group. We are often inventors ,science, tech type people, others of us do the humanities and have passions for music (like Glen Gould),We have one member of our group that is the authority on the movie Wizard of OZ. Some of us just get by at labor jobs. Generally we all have a passion ,obsession or splinter skill we nurture. Some of us are horrible at math (like me) and others are great at it, and indeed there are many of us that can recite the phone book by memory like happened in the movie Rain Man . (We are just reading the picture thoughts, back to you)

I guess in a nut shell normal man is too dumb to be smart- but he is just smart enough to be dangerous. There is nothing more dangerous than just a little knowledge with a brilliant mind pushing it., if your not careful you get a zealot doing a religious type of experience. The results are not always good. Hitler comes to mind, thankfully Alan Turing’s computer broke his war codes and ended WWII.

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