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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Friday, March 31, 2006

Lead On! (autism)

Not All That Glitters is GOLD .

The following web announcement referring to the good book by David Kirby and some of the awards it has won. I'm sure EVERY aspect of this book is correct and accurate for what it investigates but, It like the WHOLE of autism has absently missed the entire boat. While modern autism has basically been made and invented since Rain Man the Autism of today has been simply poured into the mold and guess what it matches and acts like just all the studies would predict. (imagine that).

Our working real life Autism population that completed the double blind experiment in autism and bridges the gap between the Savant and the Village Idiot was not taken into account and at this point in the autism chess game can't be admitted to. We take the work of Temple Grandin miles further and even write new chapters in Psychology as we figure out our never in print before thought process. It might actually be the slow motion building blocks of the mind?

Our Anthropology a double blind one, at that only absently fulfills the oldest definitions of autism when we were loners, had a pain tolerance, keen senses and often went threw life in an odd manner with the aid of our splinter skills. We tend to only represent the lower functioning 1/3 of autism cases in present times. We naturally know and realize Picture thoughts (brain-generated images-your day dreams) as our primary thoughts and have learned how to convert them to real life. Naturally no autism guru knows or appreciates what it is we do and frankly they would be a fool to admit to us, our obvious facts would obviously indicate modern autism jumped the gun too many times. The sad part is we blend in society really well most of the time we also drive and hold a traditional job and if you took our experience and condensed it Autism could be taught by 6th grade! The really sad part is just the natural unintentional misfunction of modern autism amounts to Autism treason. Trouble is our Ph d's in real life can't hold a candle to the ones of a university and the natural dooming down of all autism people in special education and now group homes has absently made even more trouble. Internal peer review from a "group of Retards" they invented will never be taken with any sincerity.

I'm sure If our Autism is ever admitted to and our Temple Grandin Style books were ever allowed to be published and our anthropology were ever figured out Mr Kirby's book and work would no longer be valid. His book is the essence of new Autism and thus new Autism would be declared invalid as well. As I say on this blog no Autism Empire or Guru will ever allow our outstanding case history to be known (if they can help it) and for sure they are not professional enough to admit to all of autism in the name of agenda free quality research. Perhaps the most damming thing of all would be, Autism the old autism of our anthropology will prove to be mostly treatable and "curable" and something different from the newest version of the condition. In effect mixing old and new aspies has skewed the many studies of autism and has hidden our best traits and might have even prevent man from learning of our pain free injuries and our different human thought process. LEAD ON Autism!

Quoted From the Web :

"""Evidence of Harm" has won the 2005 Investigative Reporters and Editors Award for Outstanding Investigative Reporting in a Book. EOH is also a finalist for the NY Public Library Book Award for Excellence in Journalism. The winner of that award will be announced May 10 at a special luncheon at the NY Public Library. of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic - A Medical Controversy by David KirbyJudges' comments: Autism, rare in the past, is exploding in the United States , where it is now found in one in 166 children. Attention-deficit disorder also has skyrocketed. And 1 in 6 children today has a learning disability. David Kirby investigated whether one of the causes of these childhood afflictions is thimerisol, a vaccine preservative that contains mercury, a well-documented neurotoxin. In the 1990s, the mercury-containing additive was injected into children far in excess of federal safety levels. Kirby told the story of stonewalling, denial and cover-up by federal regulators, medical groups and the pharmaceutical industry. And he documents covert efforts by some of those same powerful forces - along with the U.S. Congress - to grant blanket immunity for drug companies that put mercury in vaccines. Like so many scientific controversies involving complex science and big business, the topic is controversial. Kirby's careful and meticulous reporting is exemplary in its balance, accuracy and documentation.""

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Alan's Pain Tolerance

Autism and pain tolerance and Alan's running .

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges
Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.Page 345-6

"For him to cycle the fifteen miles was not entirely characteristic, since he would quite happily take in such distances on foot. His success in the Hanslope races had been followed up. On arrival at Teddington he had joined the local Walton Athletics Club, and had taken up running as a serious amateur. He was a long-distance runner, rather than a sprinter: it was his stamina that gave him the edge in races over three miles in length. During this period he would spend two or three four hours every day on training, and would run for the club on Saturday afternoons. Thus in October 1946 he wrote to his mother:

"" My running was quite successful, in August. I won the 1 mile and the 1/2 Mile at the NPL sports, also the 3 miles club championship and a 3 mile handicap at the Motspur Park. That was the meeting at which all the stars were trying to break records, but in fact were pulling muscles instead. Being a very humble athlete myself I was able to get away without pulling a muscle.... The Track season is over now, but of course the cross country season will be beginning almost at once. I think that will suit me rather better, though the dark evenings will mean that my weekday runs will be in the dark. ""

From Rich

Long ago and far away there used to be a big idea in autism circles Aspies indeed had a pain tolerance. I can attest to that fact as I have been injured as have many more of us in our anthropology and like Alan I used to do amazing feats in long distance bike riding and what should have hurt , never did.

"That was the meeting at which all the stars were trying to break records, but in fact were pulling muscles instead. Being a very humble athlete myself I was able to get away without pulling a muscle...."

If Alan had the Autism Pain tolerance like it seems he did he would have never felt the signals his body gave him to "ease up,""slow down,""your tired" etc. Where many runners get the" brick wall" Alan might have got his "brick wall" if he ever felt it at all much later than others would. Alan might have indeed pulled his own muscles and never realized it. Short of absolute collapse we don't know we are tired usually. There seems to be nothing in our body to tell us that.

I have ridden some 10,000 bicycle miles in my life apparently with a bad hip and busted wore out knee and only when the injuries were severe did I feel them. While cycling I'd climb hills in higher gears and nothing told me as it did the other riders to ease up your pushing too hard on the pedals. I even towed a set of golf clubs occasionally with my bike. Eventually my knee swelled up so bad it could not be bent and still it really didn't hurt too bad. In fact after the operation I walked out of the hospital painless and in great shape. Three days later my followup visit to the surgeon was done without pain or crutches and he was impressed and I should have been to!

It has taken more serious injuries and years more experience for me to realize just what it is we don't feel pain wise. The Pain Tolerance is obvious with many in the spectrum that have been injured. Still others probably the newer diagnosed seem to feel pain in the traditional way. I hear of kids falling out of trees unhurt but yet three days later get x-rays and discover broken bones. Those of us from all over the world in auto motorbike crashes often have broken bones but they are treated as sprains. Those of us unlucky to have serious injuries and conditions know all too well the doctor or the nurse pushing and pressing until it hurts as a diagnosis method is a wasted effort on us. It seems if we feel pain at all it is only for a few milliseconds. That begs the question are we on some kind of natural drug? Or is something in the nervous system not connected?

Read further on in this blog and read accounts of our Pain Tolerance and even snapping good grade bolts like they were candy canes. In fact I suggest in my book that a test could be devised to "test for the pain tolerance" by having the aspie tighten a series of bolts until he/she thought they were tight, Perhaps we would break them with ease? I cringe and worry when I read about an Aspie in the hospital especially a modern one that usually has less ability than we did and honestly, what medical school has ever heard of autism let alone a pain tolerance associated with it? We have found X-rays ALWAYS need done first if there might be a bone issue.

Just how often has an aspie been hurt or injured or even abused and never really known it? Often times we seem not to show visible black and blue marks. Going around not feeling pain correctly is a serious problem and one that is naturally NOT obvious. I mean even when do get up and walk away from a car crash despite being injured who would believe us walking into the ER 3 days or even a month later only then realizing there is trouble? This is certainly NOT the ER (American TV Show) autism, the world knows so well. Just think If this pain tolerance could be figured out and duplicated?

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Monday, March 27, 2006

Autistic Obsession/ Our Saving Grace

Concerning Autistic Obsession our once Saving Grace.

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges

Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

From Page 25 and 26
In Mathematics and science the master (of the school) wrote more approving reports, but there was always something to complain about. In the summer of 1927, Alan showed to his mathematics teacher, a certain Randolph, some work he had done for himself. He had found the infinite series for the 'inverse tangent function', starting from the trigonometrical formula for Tan 1/2 X. Randolph was appropriately amazed and told Alan's from Master that he was 'a genius'. But, the news sank like a stone in the Sherborne pond. It

{-1/x=x3/3 + x5/5 - x7/7 ...

"It was a standard result in sixth form work , But the point was that he discovered it with the use of elementary calculus. Perhaps the most remarkable thing was his seeing that such a series should exist at all.} to page 26

merely saved Alan from a demotion, and even Randolph reported unfavorably:
Not very good, he spends a good deal of time apparently in investigations in advanced mathematics to the neglect of elementary work, A sound groundwork is essential in any subject. His work is dirty.

The Headmaster Issued a Warning:

I hope he will not fall between two stools. It he is to stay at a Public School, he must take aim at becoming Educated. If he is to be solely a Scientific Specialist, he is wasting his time at Public School "

From Rich

Remember this took place in the 1920's long before Autism was an identifiable trait of any kind. These were the years when a high school education equaled a college education of today.

Alan clearly had an obsession with math and numbers. Like many autistic people before and after him the obsession was our learning hallway. Thankfully there were no autism 'experts" around screaming get him out of his obsession mode! His teachers rather seen it as something special and even thought he could go on in life just doing his math. He essentially did just that and like many of us also made connections "backwards" and was able to be come social and more well rounded. While our anthropology clearly did the obsession or splinter skill first the knowledge we realized from that gave us the foundation to learn the social things in life. If only the 'experts' of autism would care to learn from our experience a whole new world would open up not only in Autism but education and psychology as well.

Perhaps without the benefit of his intense Social Skills training, (coming out and connecting) he still might have invented/fathered the computer but he would have been only seen as "Rain Man" and not a human. Just how many great autistic minds of today are being squelched by some 'expert' ideal that prevents us from accessing our learning hallway? Does this account for the reason why today autism is seen as a horrible "behavior-less" group home condition? Only since Rain Man has Autism 'hit it big' so to speak has autism become too well known for the wrong reasons. I'm not at all against the sucess of autism but not the autism the world has come to know so well as the hopeless and helpless. Modern Autism seems to have been more work than help.

Rich Shull,,,,

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dangerous Ignorance!


Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Quote from Page 24,

"All of his characteristics lent themselves to easy mockery,espcially his shy,hesistant, high-pitched voice-not exactly stuttering,but hesitating, as if waiting for some laborious process to translate his thoughts into the form of human speech"

From Rich

The above quote from the INSIDE of Autism looking out is 100% correct, Alan was indeed looking threw and sorting out his brain generated Picture thoughts, image streams and finding ways to convert those thoughts to words! THIS IS THE TRUE AUTISM TO SPEECH CONVERSION PROCESS that had never been in a text book before. This is what our anthropology HAS figured out and this is the key to get autism thoughts that naturally occur for us to real life situations.

Alan's Experience is Double-Blind as are mine and those in my anthropology. Author Hodges had probably never heard of the word autism either. If he had heard of Autism it might have been the Savant or the modern "Oh Help Me" versions of it. I suspect he had never dreamed of Autism working autism like ours and Alan's that made both our success and failures in real life that much more obvious.

WAKE UP Modern Autism (Autism Society, Rimland, Wakefield, others) psychology and education THIS is insight into the human mind that has never been in print before! Our Thought process will not only go miles in explaining autism BUT it will shed light on nearly every learning disability and ability. If our thought process is a slower motion version of traditional thoughts OR if it is super advanced remains to be seen. It is probably both. Autism is not a TV show NASCAR Race, postage Stamp, ribbons and an Autism Awareness month-well, it shouldn't be unless it has the guts to admit to all of autism especially our working living anthropology. Alas, our insight is not welcome as we unintentionally deflate the autism of today!

I can tell you from experience, my WORKING autism thoughts can take days to explain water down and digest into smaller bites fit for traditional conversation. If TWO aspies get to talk conversations (proficient picture thinkers /image Streamers) the conversation is magic and easy and nearly traditional as we don't have to waterdown our thoughts. Converting our 'high brow thoughts' that have never been in a text book before to words to be spoken is a process that doesn't always lend itself to easy translation _ESPCIALLY_ since we have to learn that on our own, it has never been in a text book before.

For the average reader this is VERY much like you having to explain and describe a sleep dream to someone and not only do that but do it quickly and efficiently. We might think with your "dreams" as our primary thought process. A picture is worth a million thoughts and a thousand words. As modern cursed Autism sees it, Autism is a devesting condition and it is, the way they go about" helping" with all of their "expert help" the only thing they have ever helped is their scientific and professional egos. Until Lions have historians hunters will be seen as heroes. Until Autism gets honest peer reviews from people with honest real life Ph.d's in real life autism; mankind in general is being cheated out of insight that is out of this world.

Eventually, with the proficient picture thinkers like me, simply learned by route, simple everyday conversations people have. I call them the 99 conversations people have and once learned autistically you can drop us in the middle of them and we can simply fill in the blanks-change a few names and in essence pass for normal. IF the conversation by some chance changes or twist is thrown in for good measure our Autism sometimes shines threw as we get tongue tied. It happens to the best of us. But those of us with PROFICIENT picture thought beyond what Temple wrote about have way to recover quicker.

I suspect If by the time Alan passed on the quote above and its point, would have been mute as his experience would have given him the confidence and the knowledge and even the queer eye for the straight guy training would have all helped him blend in most of the time. This experience is WHY we can't be found (or admitted to) in autism circles as we thankfully blend in to society pretty well. Modern Group home bound aspies have been cursed from this very key experience in Autism fundamentals with the very best of intention but honestly no one in autism circles knew more than enough to be dangerous.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Alan's Picture thoughts?

These could be brain generated images
They need Autistically "translated"
Did Rain Man read the phone book above?

The photos (left and right ) are taken from the The Enigma by Andrew Hodges.

It is VERY likely the pictures on the left and the right could both have been Alan's Picture thoughts! The Picture on the right is the actual Navel Enigma Machine and Alan's rotors mentioned in this post are visible. The drawing on the left makes perfect sense from a image stream picture thought perspective. INDEED our Picture thoughts can be as detailed as the one on the right is- just try to explain that in words! This could just as easily be a picture of the phone book that Rain Man could have read from!

Posts and quotes from the book: (and pictures) ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges
Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

From Page 156,

"Donald MacPhail drewup a blue print of the design, dated 17 July 1939 . But Alan did not leave the engineering work to him. In fact his room, in the summer of 1939, was liable to be found with a sort of jigsaw puzzle of gear wheels across the floor. Kenneth Harrison, Now a Fellow, was invited in for a drink and found it in this state. Alan tried and lamentably failed to explain what it was all for. It was certainly far from obvious that in the motion of these wheels would say anything about their regularity with which the prime numbers thinned out, in their billions of billions out to infinity. Alan made a start on doing the actual gear cutting, humping the blanks along to the engineering department in a rucksack, and spurning and offer of help from a research student. Champ lent a hand in grinding the some of the wheels which were kept in a suitcase in Alan's room, much impressing Bob when he came down from his school at Hale in August"


The quote states "Alan tried and lamentably failed to explain what it was all for. " I bet you Alan knew exactly what it was all for and in Picture Thoughts brain generated images similar to you day dreams he had his entire project figured out and working. Because Picture Thoughts and sometimes our ability to "translate them to speech" is not always that great we come off as bumbling idiots at times. That kind of promotes the Savant angle as our power points seem impressive. We have to learn HOW to Translate Picture thought to speech by trial and error IT HAS NEVER been in a text book before. To this day it has NEVER been in autism or an autism Guru's university course work.

IF Alan could have explained his thoughts it would have taken several hours most likely not only for Alan to come up with the explanation but also to find a way to waterdown the thought into small bits so the traditional thinker could understand it. A picture is worth a 1000 words and a million thoughts. As near as I can tell when a traditional person describes a dream or daydream completely and accurately it kind of seems to be similar to what we do to convert our Picture thoughts to traditional thought. Picture thought is our PRIMARY thought process and traditional thoughts as we are being forced to learn in school are not our natural language.

If Autism knew of our different thought process it would WELCOME the lack of eye contact, and the obsessions we sometimes harbor. It would know as we have proved time and again once we learn and develop our basic picture thoughts we would be able to do normal thoughts and Autisitcs one with ease. Our Anthropology has proven this time and again and IF our double-blind experiment was figured out our typical 20-30 year aspie learning curve for our thought process could be reversed in to a 6 year autism pre school and then most of us could be mainstreamed into real life.

At this point 1939 In Alan's life, it seems like he might have had proficient picture thoughts but he was still short on the "experience" needed to teach him how to tell others. His thoughts were NOT their thoughts and he would loose them with his explanation. Once it seems Aspies figure out we don't have the same thoughts as our traditional counterparts we use that well earned knowledge to capitalize on the idea we need to start watering down our complicated thoughts to smaller bites the average thinker can understand. Just as Everyone assumes everyone else is for example Straight, people also assume EVERYONE thinks with traditional thoughts to. I cherish the people world over that can be and let be and see the reasoning to all things great and small. I really like the free thinker of the world that thinks outside the perverbial box and Say's "GEE" that could work! Or Gee what a wonderful approach to a problem. Now If we could get our autism experts to see what we see?

As long as Autism insists on treating us as retards and absently takes away our very best chances we might never make it. As you seen Alan's insight was barely passing muster as it was. I cannot fault autism too much for not getting this idea of autism as it has never been in a text book before but I can fault them for Ignoring us on purpose.

A word on Picture Thought many Modern Aspie don't have a clue to what we have just talked about, others are jumping with joy realizing-gee there is our Thought process-Even the Picture thinkers LOST in modern Autism have been even less able to figure out their thought by trial and error as Modern Practices take AWAY our former best chances at our success.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

For the Record,

Dear Blog Readers:

PLEASE note I have no connection with Andrew Hodges, Author of the book I'm quoting from on Alan Turing (1912-1954) Mr. Hodges indeed is Alan's saving grace and his efforts will go miles and miles (and have done so) in relating to the world Alan's great achievement. Thank you Mr. Hodges for taking the time to document and 'save' Alan Turing for humanity.

There is NO OFFICIAL anything of Alan being Autistic but this took place well before even the very first era of Autism in the 1940s. People taking the time to read the book and learning of Alan will agree he was "autism." Author Hodges might have known for sure Alan was a little OFF as did Alan's friends but, thankfully no one in that era could call it autism. If they could label him anything, perhaps no one would have even cared to listen to his good ideas as they would have simply been form a "retard" and not worth a second thought. The Enigma might indeed be a double Enigma if this book also proves to be an early lesion in Autism. Please note as our experience has been "double-blind" so has Alan's so would be the experience of Mr. Hodges as well. Perhaps Alan would be pleased that his life might very well be an 'unsolved' Enigma even 50 plus years later?

Alan Turing - Home Page =

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma
By Andrew Hodges
Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Socially Autistic 2nd post

BLOG NOTE: This quote from The Enigma will be one of the most important in explaining Autism and Social skills and indeed go the furthest in explaining the fine difference between a Savant and a village Idiot.

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges

Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Page 371
"Robin was rather surprised that Alan was so forthright, for if obliged to give an opinion at Hanslope, he would have said Alan did seem more drawn toward men, but that he was probably too shy and inhibited to do anything about it. The truth made Alan less austere and more fun. Alan in turn was very pleased that Robin should understand him so well, and with that out of the way, there was nothing (except Bletchley Park) that that could not talk about, weather of science or gossip."

From Rich,

This is probably where the "autistic Alan Turing" met the real world and in a prime example of our GLBT social group and being 'forced' into to a deep relationship that made him the man he was in the end. If Alan were not Gay this aspect of his autism social skills, the double blind experience would not have NOT included this intense social training. Those of us before and after Alan that also had the GLBT experience to aid in our social development had what has proven to be, the ultimate autism Social skills training. Honestly, who would have bothered being friends with him without an intense social connection like this?

Bletchley Park let it be known was the "Top Secret" place that Alan worked (one of) during and after the war where he worked on his Turing Machine (I.E. Computer)

I can only guess his friend Robin and a few others in his close circle of friends had to endure a lot of Alan type things that other people he ran across might "already have known." They might have had to literately tell him how to make a comment, tell him he was too loud, perhaps they had to ask him what he was talking about? Asking him that would had turned out to be a great thing for Alan as he would have had to "figure 'out his picture thoughts and 'translate' them in to words. This experience was Vital to overcoming Autism like we have done.

Granted all Aspies have social experiences but ours were concerned with identifying ourselves something traditional populations never have to worry about. (Every one assumes your straight) Intense GLBT coming out companionship especially in this homophobic era was the very core of making Alan or any of us, for that matter an acceptable friend, CO worker and sometimes a pretty cool person. Traditional Friendships between traditional populations would have missed the coming out, conversations and the intense friendship developed with people that other wise would not have cared to know you.

Without this experience, Alan might have indeed been (if he was known at all) a Savant like Rain Man. His Computer and Math gifts would have been irresistible from a professional standpoint and if he were straight without the GLBT experience he would have still been seen as a genius but NOT a social loving person. That is why I have said so many times on this blog, we fill in the BLANK between the Savant and the village Idiot. Too bad most of us are Gay (LBT) or the so called "Professionals" in Psychology and autism would be beating the door down trying to figure out what we have done and how it relates to the very basics of Mankind's thought process. Before I came out, I was well liked in Autism Circles but the Red Carpet rolled up and doors slammed shut rather quickly after coming out.

Please BE KIND to your autistic loved ones, I have talked to many of them via Private Email that have come out to me but can't come out to their parents etc. Parents and many professionals were never even given the option a child they raised could "gasp" be GLBT. Those writing me from Group Homes are sometimes in a pickle as well, as sometimes the policy of a group home is too protective or simply too homophobic. I have been cussed out many times by the staff of some group homes just for simply corresponding with one of their consumers. I have seen many friends I have met over the years go from "group home" material to pretty cool just simply experiencing their true identify and connecting it with autism. The Straight aspies I met from this blog are usually very gay friendly and lots of them had a gay parent or brother or sister. Some are in computer and science professions and homophobia is less likely in those professions.

Our double-blind experience is one NOT shared by the general autism population and the best of autism professionals are all too homophobic to even talk to us. I wonder that if someday many of us maybe as many as 60% of the total Autism Population will turn out to GLBT? Sadly, we do so well, the researchers don't even consider us Autistic. There is FINE line between a group home and poor behavior and doing what we do.

You would think the Autism Society of American and the Autism Research Institute and many others piddling away taxpayer dollars and donations would jump at the chance to see why we fill in the blank between the Savant and the group home? They obviously don't care about autism or if your kid ends up a zombie in a group home. There is more than one side to a Savant-you only know Rain Man and they based all of autism 'knowledge' on that.

Rich Shull,,,,

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The Enigma post 1

A quote from the book The Enigma.

Posts and quotes from the book:

ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges

Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS -BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

From Page 396,

From Lyn Irvine,"(1949) She was struck by Alan, with his off-hand manners and his long silences-silences finally torn up by his shrill stammer and the crowing laugh which told upon the nerves of even his friends: there was a strange way of not meeting the eye' and of sliding out of the door with brusque and offhand word of thanks'."

From Rich,

By this point in Alan's life he was pretty well adjusted. (for an Aspie) Like the aspie of today it seems he might have had an inept sense of social timing and he had a hard time controlling the volume of his voice. Perhaps the loud laugh is related to our super high hearing range, and we don't realize just how loud we are? Until some autism guru figures out our hearing is different we learn how to control that social factor on our own by trail and error we might go on like that. We can't hear ourselves like you think we do.

Lack of Eye Contact seems pretty obvious here as well, and that is a hallmark of autism even the new modern Autism. Probably what he was doing was Thinking in Pictures while his eyes were OFF and his OPTIC vision was being substituted with a picture thought he made little if any eye contact. This Optic-brain generated Image thinking has still never been in a text book before and if it were understood the lack of eye contact would be no big deal and in fact seen a great sign as the natural thought (for us) process was working. In other words think daydreams or dreams we seem to use these as our primary thought process. Only time will tell if indeed they are daydream related or something different from that even but, as of this writing Psychology and Education has yet to listen to our explanations. Our Autism thoughts might be prove to be the bulilding blocks of the human mind.

Long silences are also very common in autism as often times Picture Thoughts can't keep pace with traditional thoughts and we have found it just isn't worth it to be a motor mouth. Sometime if the conversation goes our way or really need to make a point we might speak.

As for slidng out the door that is another autism thing ,we are naturally bashful.

Rich Shull

The Enignma and autism

Picture Alan Turing
1934- from the book The

Dear Reader's

I'm delighted to announce the start of a new series of posts for Pre Rain Man Autism and they are quotes from the book,

ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges

Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS -BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Alan lived from 1912-1954 and seemingly his life like many of ours, has autism written all over it. The book is filled with quotes form co workers and friends and others that glaringly point out just how "Autistic" Alan might have been. Like our double-blind autism experience Alan seemed to be a product of the times and everyone knew him as odd and strange but admired him despite his uncuth ways for his work and ideas. Also like many of us once he was outed he was dropped like a hot potato. Still he was Father of the Computer, and a W.W.II hero all the same. Most of Alan's history and achievement is glaringly obvious on the History Channel (US TV) but all of his work is hidden and called British secret service work. If he would have been straight he might have been a saint.

I will relate the quote from the book an add my autistic insight to the quote. Please keep in mind autism 'experts' have never had thoughts like these and they have never been in a text book before. Also keep in mind many Professionals in the Psychology community are still under the impression we are and he never would have been autistic as we do too much in terms of real life. Perhaps they haven't done enough? Our Double-blind experience is there to study. In this case most of the quotes in the book are usually from 1954 or before and most took place well before Kanner "coined " the term autism. If Autism had been diagnosable then like it is now he might have been labeled and thus prevented form his success.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

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One of autism's modern day founders speaks, the following was found on the web and I quoted it directly as I found it. It is from the father of the movie Rain Man, Bernard Rimland. Ph.D. The quote follows after a few observations.

Sincerity is a wonderful thing and perhaps the greatest equalizer of all things great and small. Sincerity can be everyone's milepost and gauge in how an issue in the public domain is looked at. I question the sincerity of the modern autism empire in general and Dr. Rimland in particular. I have no doubt Autism the Autism he knows and perhaps invented has indeed been noted and approved as he sees it. I agree the politics and the "K' Street lobbyist and the Drug companies have blown things even further out of proportion but no matter where autism came from, there remains a group of Autistic people like me that have completed a double blind autism experiment with a good degree of success that needs accounted for.

This is where I question his sincerity as one would think an honest researcher without an agenda would welcome the chance to actually figure out and get to know people in the spectrum with a successful track record. Our anthropology fills in the blanks between the Savant (Rain Man) and the Village Idiot. Perhaps autism research is really scared our results will really vary too much form their ideal. There is a world of difference between the Rain Man Era Autistic person typically in a group home and a Pre Rain Man Era person typically doing some semblance of a traditional life.

One must also realize no Autistic person in the eyes of many shrinks and "professionals" could ever do what we do but, none of them have ever been there or done what we have done to achieve our version of normal. That was NOT in their Ph.D.course and it is such a different from of human thought there is little chance an autism researcher centuries from now will have figured it out either. No matter where Autism came from our successful handling of the condition is worthy of merit and indeed a few psychology books and education text books yet to be printed. Our thought process has never been in a text book before and indeed might be the building blocks of the human mind. We absently learned Autism on our own by trial and error and with the slimiest of margins and modern autism folks unknowingly had our best chances at success taken from them and it is no wonder they end up in group homes so much more often.

I know no profession based in Ph.D's and today NASCAR racers and Postage Stamps and celebrity concerts and Autism Walks plus an Autism Awareness month that has room for our version of the 'truth' but with a tear in my eye I worry Autism is unintentionally hiding the very secret to mankind's core thought process. While our Anthropology just surfaced literally on the world wide web that idea alone is perhaps a first and also being as we are spread out all over the world we just simply can't walk into an autism convention and present our case. Autism Guru's know that and take hope in the idea we might never find a way to meet in person. Meanwhile, If they never admit to us and steer the ship of Autism in their direction their autism exceptions will be magically met.

I often wonder what the world would be like If Rain Man the move had not made Autism a buzzword? Would the world now be aware of our different kind of human thought process? Would the world be relishing in the last mysteries of the human mind? Would nearly every learning disability be figured out by now? Would Dyslexia and Stuttering have new and better explanations? Would the people suffering from Central Auditory Processing Disorder also be figured out? Would Image Streamers (Group on yahoo) be seen as our traditional working cousins? Alas we might never know as our timing was 'all wrong' we emerged from our double-blind autism experiments only to be greeted by an Autism Empire that invented itself and like any self invented empire it will not admit to anything in is past or future that can be seen as detrimental to is survival. Our Unfiltered Autism from our double-blind experience proves time and again autism is not the modern stuff you might know so very well. Our version of autism would benefit all of autism.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures (the next steps up from her work) and inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green Autistically designed car motor.

A quip from the PBS, BBC show Are You Being Served?
concerning falling sales figures,
Mr Runbold to Mr Grace, " I'm not happy with the falling figures either.
Mr Grace, "ah there is a big differance between me not being happy and you not being happy,. Rumbold , What's that sir?,
Mr Grace ,I own the joint and you could get the chop!

I wonder who owns autism?

Here is the direct quote I found on the Web,

"A message from Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.
Parents: You can make a difference! You MUST make a difference!

Big Pharma has more paid lobbyists in Washington than there are Senators and Representatives. And they have lots of money and lots of influence.

But we have Right on our side, and sincerity, and dedication. We can't let Pharma win – the stakes are high – we must win this battle, for our children and for ourselves.

Make appointments to see your Senators and Representatives. Tell them:

1. We have no faith in the integrity of the CDC and the FDA. They are doing all they can to protect themselves and Big Pharma from the truth – that the autism epidemic is caused by Big Pharma's greed and the failure of the CDC and the FDA to do their jobs.

Big Pharma must not be allowed to evade its financial liability for the damage their vaccines have caused. Like the tobacco companies in the last century, which kept denying the cigarette-lung cancer link, the drug companies are lying – with the help of the CDC and FDA – about the role of vaccines in causing the autism's epidemic. When the lung cancer cases finally got to court, the truth came out. We parents insist on our right to hold the drug companies liable, in court, for the harm they have caused. The matter must be decided fairly in the legal system, and not by loophole riders exonerating the drug companies that have been added to appropriation bills in the dark of night. The drug companies caused the autism epidemic and they, not the parents nor the public, must pay the costs. They are guilty, they are very profitable and can and should be held accountable.
Very Sincerely,

Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.,
DirectorAutism Research Institute"

As reposted from the web, on the blog of Rich Shull

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

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Hope Against Hope

The Heart Felt Hope of Autism :and why it doesn't work.

From the Blog Of Rich Shull, author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism. The following was posted online and while you think it was (and is) good advise and common sense, It proves to be one of the worst things in terms of HONEST real advise related to autism. Once again the "Experts" that invented the Modern Autism and Ignored the living working anthropology of Autism and our double blind autism experiments and our successful results. We bridge the gap between the savant and the village idiot. On the surface we are thinking Aspies and as the "only " group of Aspies to do so we are seen as idiots, for sure no experts will own up to us unless you the parents insist on hearing from us the old lost autistic of time gone by.

from the web,

Hi! Just wanted to share with you the notes I took at our dinner speaker's presentation. Her name is -truncated- Her insight was amazing! Here are her ten keys:

1) Assume Competence It used to be thought that 80% of individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder were mentally retarded! Now it is believed to be only 30% or less! Assume your child CAN do something, do not assume that he cannot do it. If at first you don't succeed, make it more visual.

Making something more Visual: on the surface makes sense if your under the idea we think in pictures and many of us do. Simply showing us MORE pictures is NOT the key to autism. The pictures we think with are invisible to you and might be something like your daydreams, they have never been in a text book before. They might be the building blocks of the human mind. We have many different levels of picture thoughts and we often need to learn HOW to convert those 'daydreams' as you would know them to words. ENTIRE autism classes need devoted to this as this is a key point to Autism but yet all of our expert friends have never had thought like ours and despite our success and figuring it out they still assume they know more than we do.

I bet IF everyone in the spectrum was taught properly even the lowest functioning people among us would do better. Your Teaching us "English" and we are thinking in and obscure from of Latin that has never been in print before and THEN we translate the "Latin" to words

All Right, If now all of a sudden 80% of us are smart; why then, does the Autism Society and Autism Guru's ignore us, that doesn't seem really smart? Physically we don't bite but, perhaps politically we do.

2) Prepare Ahead -calendars, schedules, allow for "turn around time" -use signals or icons to indicate changes in the routine (such as a neon "CHANGE" card she kept in her purse to pull out if there was an unforeseen change to the routine)

Why bother, many in our anthropology did life long before autism was a buzzword and frankly coping and having to and learning to cope with different things was HARD and it was confusing BUT doing that (unsuccessfully at times) taught us MANY lesions in real life and make HOW to make it work. Things like that even prompted many of us to develop super advanced picture thoughts like Picture in Picture Thoughts (something the Guru's have never heard of, trust me) and other types of picture thought that blended together real life and the autistic thoughts. The kid gloves approach and giving warning is nice and might help in a lot of ways but NO one in real life is going to bend over backwards like that and the Aspie will just have to learn the lesion the hard way-if he she is lucky enough to make it out of a group home.

3) Have A Schedule-Diagrams, Maps, written instructions-Review verbally, but put in writing -Give them information!!!

Oh get Real, the ONLY way Diagrams and Maps and instructions will ever work as you intended for them to is IF they are originating from within our Picture thoughts! In other words our invisible to you picture thoughts, signaled by the lack of eye contact are the thoughts we know and understand and work with. Of Course despite all the best of help we are learning all of this on our own and frankly the modern help is more work than help!

4) Teaching Options -Grading Options -what's the priority? -Homework - eliminate or reduce homework in the IEP!! It is enough that they made it through the day, and they are also learning social skills on top of everything else! Let them have down time at the end of the day. - Project Options, can they do it on the PC instead of struggling with handwriting? Can they do a poerpoint instead of speaking in front of class, ect. - Match curriculum to special interests whenever possible, make sure teacher knows their 'obsessions' or 'special interests' so that she can teach new skills that match the interests

Until Autism teaches Autism the above advise might as well stick.BUT and I mean BUT the double blind autism experiment we done would indicate otherwise. We did homework and It was Graded and it was turned in on time and you never got a gold star 'just for attempting it.' Myself included I spent many hours with a tutor after school and the quiet one on one time often allowed me to connect autistically.

SPLINTER skills our a learning hallway and it is possible to learn most of life via splinter skills. I know the guru's of autism are choking on that one BUT again if they cared to listen they would see how we finally learned via splinter skills and then those skills spilled over into life at large. This is the extra step the extra mile that made our success possible.

Handwriting by the way is a WONDERFUL exercise many of us did unknowingly that connected our picture thoughts no one ever talked about to the real world.

As for learning social skills we don't figure them out by "obonosis" like any other kind of learning experience; experience itself, is the real teacher. It seems the only thing you might learn at a special needs school is special needs ideals. Growing up before the Curse of Rain Man was our biggest asset!

5) Know Your Support Team-Know your team players! (email, extension, birthdays, favorite food was the joke!) - Behavior Problem - look at environment FIRST, Visuals SECOND - Peers are fabulous teachers!

If they under the impression I'm Autistic and I'm headed for a group home, please don't bother being my mentor. In the Olden days my support team was my parents and my teacher and my tutors. THANKFULLY not a one of us had ever heard of Autism and despite knowing something was indeed odd no one was tarnished and jaded and polluted with the word autism. No Autism 'experts' were around in those day to cry fowl. Instead I had quality people around me that worked (absently) as hard I did and We DID overcome autism by the slimiest of margins. The very slim margins that made us successful no longer exist today Modern Cursed Autism Stole them from us in the name of Goodwill.

6) Have Typical Peers Around For Modeling & Friendship -We want to have friends, we just dont know how! - NOT just girls, boys need to learn BOY social skills from other BOYS (example: girl might teach him to go up to a boy and say "That's a cute shirt you have on") - Need projects to share, common interests (such as a video game, or electric trains) so they do not have as much pressure to "talk" to the other child.

I learned lots from Typical Peers as they made fun of me, as they jaded me. I doubt that many peers will relish the idea of being forced to be friends with an aspie. It built lots of character and forced me and others like me to FIND ways to fit in. One of the VERY BEST LESIONS I ever learned, unknowingly was how to talk in a stressful situation. When I was being teased and needed to stand my ground and make a comeback I unknowingly read my first social picture thoughts and translated them to words with correct timing. That was an Autism Milestone all of is own! It is one the 'Experts' of autism need to appreciate.

Socially many of us the DID make it had a wonderful twist to our autism experience as in effect We DID get forced into a group of peers socially. While Autism people in general typically even today have few friends or friends of a "normal Nature" we had instant 'normal friends' as we grew up Gay. Anyone understanding GAY (LBT) society knows all to well in the pre stonewall era the gay kids were forced to stand up and hold their ground. We could not have asked for a BETTER autism social skills class than our gay friends. Without them we might never have made it! We all had to band together for survival and friendship. It Is indeed like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Autism needs to do something similar if it ever expects our autism kids to ever do anything in real life.

7) Be Aware Of Sensory Needs - Take breaks! -seasonal challenges, are they getting worse in the winter? encourage activity - may struggle to process all senses at once

TURN OFF THE TV turn OFF the Noise and the house is still loud as hell, just as is the Autism Class room. We hear much more than you ever do and until Autism Guru's install a decibel meter in a class room and actually hear what we hear they are truly lost. PLEASE Build Us some hearing Filters? Something like a hearing aid that cancels out some of our too keen hearing. Many old folks learned HOW to deal without keen hearing and that is especially true if we grew up rural and were better able to figure out our Super hearing. We knew the noise that made every rabbit scurry! We even learned how to deal with nose in intense proportions by having to cut the grass with a power mower. Temple's Pressure devise should be standard issue in every autism household (and School) but that might affect the drug sales.

8) Ensure Time Alone To Relax - Take breaks! -provide a "safe" place where they can be alone - During a meltdown, do not try to TEACH!

Time alone is a great idea, and we are usually never lonely even if we are alone. As we use our alone time inevitably to learn our autism-connect our autism to real life, we really do learn autism on our own by all means give us plenty of alone time. As for meltdowns especially in public we never had the advantage of a meltdown friendly environment and having to bite your lip and INSTANTLY shape up or get a whack also provided lots of Autism insight.

9) Have A. Communication System Available - Communication System should support the child's WORST day, in case they have a bad day - NEVER EVER EVER SAY "But he's done so well with the schedule, he doesn't need it anymore!" (The reason he has done so well is because of the shedule!!!) - In times of stress, language decreases.

Well, in modern times this might be advisable but really, IF ANYONE KNEW of our Autism or what it was we were trying to do and say in terms of converting our Latin to speech the communication system would be so much improved that thing like this might never happen.

In Times of Stress we cannot convert our picture thoughts, even those of us that have bridged the gap between the savant and the village idiot, we indeed know it is very hard to talk when under pressure. But we have learned to use our superior picture thoughts that allow us to keep track of reality and our brain generated images and blend them together so we can really keep up with the real world. These thoughts might very well be normal thoughts like you have in SLOW motion.

10) Have Fun! - Enjoy the innocence, and the honesty, and the sweetness of your child! - Take time for sillyness, keep up your sense of humor! Hope

Hope he or she makes it to a good group home and then you can get a much needed vacation.

Autism Sucess and Autism Failure is such a fine line and we seem to be the only autism population that has figured it out to some degree. The problem with the TOP down Autism guru's and researchers is they are not professional enough to investigate this branch of autism. Indeed we would accidentally derail the Post Rain Man Autism Empire and the only real losers are mankind the Aspies of today and our Parents. I rather doubt that anyone in Autism cares really cares or they would have found a way to figure out Autism's best performing population.

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Autism Awarenwss Month (UGH!)

AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH / Rain Man's Curse lives on!

It is that time of year again, The Autism empire goes more public than normal to explain the autism it knows all to well, the autism it created and now must trump up in order to justify its existence and present the idea to public that it is not just spinning its wheels. If Rain Man were a movie about "widgets" and people, this would be "Widget Awareness Month" and we would have nearly an identical public Media Empire and probably the same ridiculous studies and sadly the same number of kids headed for group homes and the same number of kids on drugs.

Researchers, college bread guru's would be just as off as they currently are and as with any self serving "empire" their research lacks total scope assuring the Autism/"Widgitness" is the stuff they invented. It seems they have unknowingly invented everything but a cure-that is the good point, to Autism as they see it, they can keep that facade going for centuries as long as they never admit to Autism's living working anthropology of people like me that have figured out (NOT CURED) Autism in our Double Blind Autism Experiments. What we have done Autistically is bridge the gap between the Savant (Rain Man) and the Village Idiot by figuring out a never in print before human thought process that gave the world the computer. Admitting to even one of us that made it will crumble the Autism Empire (unintentionally). Would anyone care to give Humpty Dumpy a Shove? THANKS Rich Shull

Rich Shull,,,,

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The Dark Side of Autism, Full of Hope.

I Hope,,,,, for Mankind and Autism

I HOPE experienced psychologists "know" when there is a big change in the frequency of a diagnosis, like autism for example, there might be some real change in the frequency of the condition or it might simply be a popular 'designer thing' or the most popular diagnosis of the time-again autism is pretty popular at the moment. It pretty obvious from inside of autism looking out not many in the field really don't know the autism of time gone by it has so much hope, so much life and so much to offer mankind. Old working figured out autism like ours is the autism that was never understood to begin with and the autism that was glossed over, time and again as the diagnosis standards were broadened too many times. It is the Autism that can't be admitted to today.

It is an unfortunate fact that Rain Man Era has had an ill effect on autism and while on the surface all the new attention to autism is grand and big time, but what is going to happen when Autism is no longer the popular diagnosis or the diagnosis standards are restored to their stricter guidelines? That can't happen a moment too soon and old figured out autism beyond that of Temple Grandin, might indeed have a book mark and the making of a roadmap in to the human mind figured out. It is impossible for ANY expert in autism to know just what it is we do to mimic normal. They have never listened to us or bothered to care. Our thought process has never been in print before and thus that is the major reason why no one in autism circles appreciates our version of normal. Since we perform too well in real life, we certainly can't be admitted to as we unintentionally deflate the modern autism.

As Autism grew and grew and more and more experts gained a foot hold in the field Autism became better defined than ever, better treated than ever before and the ultimate tribute to possibly bad science is an Autism Diet or two. Since diagnosis has become so popular the successful Aspie of my era and those before me seems to have dried up. Today Autism Students seem to do good to read at grade level and get to a group home. Most in our anthropology do much more than that. Our Autism fills in the blanks between the Village Idiot and the Savant. While we were doing our Double Blind autism experiments on our own and also doing stuff that has never been in a psychology text book before Modern Autism was simply in too big of a hurry to make a name for itself. Without Rain Man's curse, autism would have now proven to be the very building blocks of the human mind, the very core of human thought-as it is-it has just turned into one big mess where no one wins. The lower diagnosis standards have proven if nothing else no expert in autism has had a thought like ours. The saddest part of that statement is while our generations absently learned and figured out autism on our own by trial and error, modern Aspies are cursed, treated too special, not given enough discipline and IGNORANTLY they are prevented from experiencing the very factors that we did to figure out autism. Not All that is called progress actually is.

If any expert KNEW anything about autism they would instantly realize all the major mistakes being made in autism education. They might also realize the statement I make that we could teach autism by 6th grade is also very possible. Our un admitted to anthropology had already completed the long hand version of this experiment, condense our experiment and do it in 6 years.

Let's face facts here, MANY psychologists make a lot of money in autism's treatment and some even gain some fame and fortune and still some might really care less if anyone diagnosed is actually properly treated or not. As long as, their weekend is not ruined with a families Autism crisis, they are happy. As they see it they ARE doing the right thing AND doing a good job and in many respects they are but, NOT looking at the entire picture of autism the successful parts, the older parts, the figured out parts of Autism they are in essence wearing rose colored peer reviewed blinders.

While we are being honest I was once hailed as the next Temple Grandin, until I was outed. A BIG factor in Autism IGNORING US ON PURPOSE is the fact MANY (but, by no means all) in our anthropology are also Gay Lesbian Transgendered and Bi Sexual. We all do MORE than Temple wrote about, most of us do a pretty traditional life and many of us were NEVER diagnosed until late in life mostly since we were too old and grew up before Rain Man's curse. The "WHAT " we have done would have been hailed as treated and now realized as the keys to mankind's human mind and indeed we would have explained everything from Stuttering to Einstein to Dyslexia as our thought process explained gives a serious explanation for every deficiency and learning disability of the human mind, providing we were straight we would be heroes. No Matter what we have done or how well we have done it no autism Empire, official or Expert will be bothered with us. Until, lions have historians hunters will be seen as heroes. Rich Shull

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Chimps, Tools, Autism and Human Thoughts

Chimps, Tools, Autism and Human Thoughts.

Reading over the Web today I read about a guy named Kohler, that experimented with chimps in the 1920s and he found some amazing traits from his chimps. He discovered in so many words they could think and even build tools. Of Course, they could! I can't help but wonder If they are Picture Thinkers like we are? The average person would read our thought like a day dream and then have to convert that dream to words. Perhaps chimps do some version of this? Stuck in the chimp and animal worlds there would be little need for spoken speech it would be like tooting a car horn -a big noise that might get some attention. Picture thought is LOGICAL as we have eyes and see and optic nerves. It would not be a stretch for the optic nerve to hold a few images and reuse them and turn them into other NEW images that might even cancel out the current optic vision. The new images might simply put the optic visual of a tree together with a house to form a tree house. Well, there is the idea of a treehouse and perhaps as man needed to talk and describe his brain generated images he began converting those visuals to sounds. Is this the foundation of language? (comment) When I stutter I often have 2-3-4-5 Picture thoughts needing to be explained and when I settle on one the stutter goes away!

Wouldn't it be wild IF proficient picture thinkers turned out to have the same types of thought Chimps have? Of Course our Picture thoughts brain generated images have never been in print before so we are all wet in most people's view. BUT, not only do we bridge the gap between autism's village Idiots and savants they also explain many aspects of traditional thought. Our Proficient Picture thoughts seem to be the building blocks of the Human Mind and once figured out might prove to be the DNA type map of the mind. Since none of this has been in Print before or even figured out it is no wonder the best of research remains ignorant of our greatest ideals. For sure modern autism is not thrilled with us as we tend to unintentionally deflate Autism.

Picture Thoughts as we know them would be GREAT at making tools, acting as GPS and more. Our keen senses have been associated with animal type senses. Just like the Researchers think Autism IS or should be traditional thought and thus that is what they push, that is what they know and understand-none of them have ever had working picture thoughts. Autism Thought is close to Human thought but it isn't an EXACT match, until we get all of our Autism (Image Streams) figured out. IF we are autism and this is the building blocks of the human mind, do our Chimp friends simply think in Pictures? When I have been lucky enough to talk with another proficient image streamers in person our conversation was amazing and I doubt any one listening in on us could have understood us but yet we were having the BEST conversations of our lives. I wonder If a Chimp would have understood us better?

Our worldwide only recently web connected Autism anthropology proves we all seemed to have learned a natural for us different kind of language that might have been our default thought process. Once we figure that out we can get by with traditional thoughts and also think in Pictures. Picture Thought is odd strange process that is useful and even good at communication and problem solving. It is truly amazing we all have done the same milestones and came up with the same ideals when we picture think. NONE of us knew of one another and figured this out by trial and error! This is a worldwide "language" and is the same no matter if we are Russian or Australian or American or something else. If indeed humans came up from the chimp ,it is very logical many of us would still be programmed with the Old "language." Even the hieroglyphics on the cave walls don't look like a dinner order but rather the evolution of picture thoughts.

I'm sure once any autism professional admits to us and other psychology people listen to us and figure out just what it is we do to come off mostly normal they will be challenged and intrigued and might even stumble upon their best chance EVER at figuring out the human mind. Darwin the Evolution Guy was a deep christian and set on his discovery for 20 years before he made it public, He knew deep down the stink it would cause and he was right. If this theory ever pan's out and is investigated and lives up to my predictions Chimp and Man might very well be neighbors friends and uncles. Rich Shull, Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, on the web at

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Ideas from the Inside

Thank you to everyone that responed to my email I sent out.You all had some good points.I ran them all by ***** teachers and we are going to try them and see how that does.****** had a better day really a hole lot of a better day.I taked to the princable of the school and she called a physiologist to come in.The physiologist came and observe ****** today.She said the way he was holding his eyes and hitting himself in the forehead was one sign of a sinus infection( I cant see how it could be).She wants us to take *****t0 the Doctor and do a urine test to see if there is any infection,and work our way from there.Who knows if this could be the problem or not.> I also have one more question for you guys.Have any of you heard of Hyperbaric oxgen therapy?If you have let me know.I have have heard that it works very well with kids that has syndroms.I know I guy that has owns one.I am thinking about doing that instead of puting ****** on medican.> Again thanks abunch for your tips and help.I dont know what I would do with out you guys.>

How very interesting, A sinus infection? and then hitting himself.

There might be something to BOTH of those claims, (unknown to the psychologist probably) As for the sinus Infection it would probably have to be pretty severe for him to feel it. Many in our anthropology really feel pain for the time Ever in our 30's with a bad tooth and then the SHPARP searing pain goes away instantly when the tooth breaks. He might not feel any pain from it but perhaps he has a stopped up nose or plugged ears.

As for the Eyes and rubbing them and the pounding He might very well be lost in picture thought. REALLY perhaps he is looking at and just discovering his picture thoughts? I could see where he is rubbing his eyes in an effort to figure out where his optic vision went! REALLY! If he is having brain generated Images that he is thinking with they are what he is seeing NOT the Optical vision! He might be seeing a perfect brain generated image made by his brain in association with what he hears. Example if he heard the word FAN or more likely If the word FAN were the answer to a question he might see a visual Image of the a FAN made by his brain. (think daydream) He would then have to figure a way to get the word FAN from that picture thought to a real word to be spoken. THIS IS the autism translation process and the key to Autism that we learned by trial and error. (speech and stuttering might be explained here If we were ever figured out)

I could see where he might pound his head in an attempt to move that image around as he proably hasn't figured out yet his brain made it and HE IS NOT seeing it optically. There are times I'd love to pound my head on the Talbe and have it act like a rubber stamp and just have a PERFECT autism thought fall out on the table. Autism Thoughts are so complicated we have found compairing notes in our anthropology that we need to water them down. A picture thought is worth a 1000 words and a million thoughts. The million thought part of it is where the Savant, gets his ideas from. The high functioning person simply has better ability in communication and has developed some way to get his image streams translated. Needless to say none of this has ever been in a text book before. Despite all of us doing it and having figured out proficient picture thoughts no one in Autism will bother to even take the time to study our success. We figured this out with the silmist of margins and have proved it over time and the very factors that absently made us successfull in REAL Life are no longer available to the modern helped too much Aspie and his poor stressed family.

What really scares me more than anything since diagnosis has become common we seem to have lost generations of naturally occouring Aspies (like we were) and where we do a simblance of real life and are proficinet picture thinkers. Our modern Counterparts even If they finally realize they have picture thought ability have been threw the system and have learned above all else (unintentionally) they can't Do a thing. I have tutored many graduating from the new era and indeed many do connect with their picture thoughts but getting them to dip their toe in the water to try out a few things is nearly impossible. While we absently got to hide and learn and deal with our autism picture thoughts modern aspies are forced to give up all types of thoughts that are not normal as our teachers see it. Duplicate our conditions and you will duplicate our success. Perhaps that is what modern Autism really is afraid of? Rich Shull >

In Sight of Normal ?

"If the incidence of autism hasnt increased dramatically over the past 20 plus years, then where are all the adults with full syndrome autism??"

This was taken from the Post of the MIND institute.

Perhaps we are right here in PLAIN SIGHT -something time will tell for sure. So many people I meet from my blog and other places and in real life might very well have qualified as Autistic if they grew up in modern times. Like me, most have done the same double-blind experiements in Autism and like we we have overcame all on our own. We were odd strange kids in school and many of us were interviewed time and again by shrinks of all types and tutored to no end. Most of us connected somehow ususally with luck and a splinter skill and bloomed from there. Today many of us can be found on the Yahoo Group called Image Streamers it has about 3500 members. Many people there might have qualified as autisitc as well. Even more of us seem to be found in the Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) camp and of course our high functioing Autism camp. Please remember We all Do More than Temple Wrote about in her book Thinking in Pictures- We add volumes to her work. Perhaps if Autism Would go beyond her book and see what we have done ?

IT is VERY shocking to discover the VERY FINE line between Autism sucess and failure and just as is there only a few picture thoughts differance between the savant and the villiage idiot and the high functioing people kind of fill in the blank. The stories 80 year old Aspie tell if connected to all brances of autism will glaringly point out just what autism has missed. We have found Autism though only mimics traditional thought as you know it AFTER we figure out the autism building blocks. It might be safe to assume that it took many of us 30-40 years to figure out autism thoughts and few years more to polish the autism skills and then we finally fit in socieity very well. What Autism Study has ever reached back in time that far? (granted the average researcher would never find us)

Perhaps there is just as much autism as there ever was just now a days the souls getting marked with the condition are getting too much help? and are not allowed to do the double -blind experiements we were able to complete? Rich Shull

The Nuts and Bolts of Autism

Snapped like a candy cane a grade 8 bolt
and Autism's pain tolerance-strength.

The Nuts and Bolts of Autism-Literally! Related to the shoe post below.

I called my Dad to proclaim I'm "Normal Again" (Humor) he was probably doubting that statement) But, he was not at all shocked to hear NORMAL for me was snapping a grade 8 bolt like it was a candy cane. The bolt pictureed above was being installed on my mom's car and I hadn't worked on a car doing serious work like this in months as it my hip simply hurt too much and when I did work on something the pain was too intense to even let me tighten a bolt too tight. Not Today, after wearing my new raised shoe on my right side my hip has been feeling better and better. I never even realized my hip was swelled but suddenly my clothes perfect again. I do have 12 staples and a patch and a lot of other injuries we never really figured out in the area.

Snapping this bolt was just like old times and autistically it never even felt like it was tight. I had been expecting the hip pain to slow me down but it wasn't there. The mating bolt to this one was checked with a torque wrench and it was beyond 130 ft lbs the limit of my torque wrench. I had to LEARN what 20 foot lbs of torque felt like in order to work on cars-to this day 20 ft lbs feels like it will fall off! I might even call it finger tight. At one time the Pain Tolerance was a big issue in Autism and indeed If it is part of the syndrome this is certainly a grand test for it. I explained the whole test in my book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism.

Rich Shull

Thursday, March 02, 2006

43 Years Later Questions Answered.

Rich's New Right side shoe modified to add 5/16 of an inch, solved a long term autism problem!

Autism's Hip and coordination stories , 43 years later (a cure?)

From the Dark Ages of Autism filtered threw this blog and other sources come the stories of Aspies NOT suffering any hip pain but yet having hip trouble. Most of us first figured this out in Kindergarten there was no pre school in those days (1960s) and we were the laughing stock of the class as we couldn't Skip or Run. Later on in gym class it was discovered yet again with tons of embarrassment we couldn't do jumping jacks either. My poor gym teacher in Junior-hi, tried and tried to get me to do them and gave me special instruction and it was to no avail. In a way it was good I was seen as "gay" as gay was and is much better understood than Autism. If I had been labeled "Autism" I might have been in Special Education.

None of us ever complained of Hip Pain so therefore we could not alert anyone something was wrong physically. Personally, I dreaded gym class and was known as "flash" a pun for my slow running ability and of course the lack of jumping jacks. This might indeed be related to the autistic pain tolerance. To counter this I personally took up long distance cycling and have rode some 10.0000 miles in my life by bicycle. I figured If I could not run one way I'd do it another. Bicycling did even more damage to my knees and legs as I never felt enough pain to tell me I was pushing too hard and' Ease UP'. I even pulled golf clubs with my bike. Finally when my knee was swelled so bad it could not be bent I had an operation to fix the joint and literally I shocked the doctor to death when I walked in the office for a 3 day follow-up and I was crutchless and Pain Fee. He was shocked I should have been too!

I have met 40 some others from this blog from teenagers (their Parents) to old folks like me and we all share basically that same story. We were not able to skip, run or do jumping jacks. In later life IF we had walking and standing type jobs the hip pain finally caught up with us and in many cases it was very debilitating. Many of us took to adding 3-4-5 layers of insoles on our Short sides and that was a great help. Many of us somehow had X-ray's done and IF they were properly read they show our pelvis' were two different shapes and thus one leg was in effect Shorter than the other. A casual glance from a novice X-ray tech showed they were FINE... My X-rays were at first were read as normal. However I took my films to a 25 year veteran of X-ray's who read them and she got out dividers and other measuring devices and said your off from side to side about a 1/4 inch. Well, that made sense!

All of us report one shoe on our short side being wore off (filed) smooth just from normal walking long, before the other show was ever wore out. It has happened on both left and right sides a casual observation (not at all proven) from my response seems to indicate girls have the short side on the left and guys had it on their right. The Transgendered that responded to my hip pain story, seem to have an equal incidence of left and right sides. Many of us had our legs measured in the doctors office at one time or another and those measurement seemed OK but they couldn't tell one hip joint was not in line with the other. As we have shared our stories and ideas with one another we inadvertently painted a pretty good case for Autism's pain tolerance. Of Course, many of us old folks with the hip pain do too normal of a life to ever be admitted to in autism circles. We even have and autistic mother with several kids in a standing job and she still survives! Many of us have been to doctor after doctor and have been Rx 'd all kinds of stop gap drugs and nothing has worked.

Finally, last week in kind of the day late and a dollar short type of thing I went to Goodwill brought an old pair of shoes ripped them apart and added the soul of that shoe to mine (Picture Above) and WALLA walking is now painless and walking and coordination has improved dramatically as well. I bet as soon as my hip quits hurting all together I will finally be able to do a jumping jack. I even have been walking long distances that just a few weeks ago were only possible with a cane. I added 5/16' of an inch to the shoe . As I get the money saved up I'll have all my shoes fixed this way.

Just where have been the Autism researches been hiding? Why is it we had to figure this out on our own? This might very well be evidence the Autism researchers don't have a clue to our key ideals or for that matter even care enough to dig down in the trenches and really figure out our insights. Just what is it they are doing? What is it don't they know? Just how can they ignore a living working past?

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