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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Pushing Buttons

Names have been ***** out

Comments in BLUE are from Rich Shull host of Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

*************: Essentially the test allows the viewer to push the space bar of a laptop computer. Each time the space bar is pushed, a new visual image comes on the screen. The person viewing the image is to rate the image on the keypad between 1 and 7, based on how erotic the image is. A "1" is not erotic at all and "7" is highly erotic. The test is trying to determine the age and gender of individuals towards whom one is sexually attracted. Early not out of the closet autisitcs might well
experience a longer delay as they might well be attracted to a same sex person
and then have to think and read just their clicks- especially if they are not out
and live in a homophobic environment.
What the viewer does not realize (unless they looked at the web site in the second link above) is that the computer is actually measuring viewing time, meaning the number of seconds the slide is on before the space bar is pushed. The numbers that one is entering into the key pad are irrelevant! One tends to look at pictures longer that are more pleasing and pleasurable. MORE Irrelevance! Autisitc versed in picture thoughts the sub routine
of invisable picutre based thoughts might well have figured out a different thought
process than the "experts" are not even aware of measuring, in effect they are measuring
nothing at all
. EVERY autuisitc person has a very unique picture thought dictionary, based on life
experence so naturally it might or might not ring a bell with us. I am talking about
Picture thoughts the probable sub routine all humans do, and proficient picture
thinkers have figured out. Our version of autism might well be the building blocks of the
Human mind.
Given the above method, one could ask an autistic person to rate How pleasant various faces are on a key pad on a 1 to 7 scale. At the same time, one could measure their viewing time. What would vary in the faces would be eye contact. The expert MISS The Point to Autism Again!
IF OUR Eyes ARE OFF- lack of Contact- it only means our brains are trying to think
In pictures the invisible sub daydream type thoughts we do to think with. Missing Eye
Contact for us only means our brains work differently from yours. IF we figure out our picture
Thoughts, we can finally figure out enough of your thoughts for normal eye contact. If our
brains are on , our hearing and optic vision are OFF for typically a few milliseconds or so.Not
only do we not give eye contact we miss lots of other social clues. Of Course Old time
Autistic MISSING The CURSE Of modern Autism out grew our autism and learned the sub thoughts
Needed to mimic traditional thought. The same face can be shown with direct eye contact and also looking away. All of the faces would be strangers and the faces would not change their eye contact on the computer screen. Depending on what such an experiment showed (between autistics and neurotypicals), one could run another experiment in which the faces were familiar, such as family members but also with direct eye contact and looking away. Perhaps some day once Autism Admits to the rest
of us that don't deflate the new autism empire they can do this same experiment with
proficient picture thinkers that do more than Temple wrote about and with other autistic
and see the difference there. I suspect a proficient picture thinker will nearly score equally
with a normal thinker. Autism after all just seems to be the building blocks of the mind
all figured out. Our autisitc one are Savants and normal peoples thoughts, only thing
is we have boken the code of human thought.

There may even be a way to put such a test on the internet on the same web page as your Aspie Quiz, at least the first portion with the anonymous faces.**********: OK, so I tested the hypothesis that autistics would view faces for a shorter period of time than neurotypicals, and filled up the test with other images just to see that there weren't any differences there either. The hypothesis is not supported with N=293 ( Instead, the view-time of the autistic group is slightly longer for all human faces (none of these have p < style="color:#3333ff;">See what happens when NORMALS try to
Figure out autistic? They work from the point of view we should be normal- like them-
They have no way of knowing or figuring out that autism is an entirely different human
Thought process that is both MR/DD and Einstein . Autism research is NOT at all keen
on its high functioning Anthropology, they will not admit to us despite knowing of us, we
Unintentionally deflate their ignorance. In this case sadly when we do figure out
Thought process and it mimics a normal persons we really do see that we came up
from the bottom of the gene pool. What highly degreed proper researchers with a good job
to keep and an empire to fund and papers to publish will never see the points we make-
they are too obvious and they will not stoop that low.

If autism Research were for real it would have no trouble admitting to ALL autistic
even the old ones and those that have figured out autism and have been banished
From Autism circles. It 's a shame Autism was a made a fool by the late Dr Rimalnd.
It is a bigger shame, the resulting autism curse is based in a cure and Autism doesn't need
Cured it needs explained. No amout of research not asking the right questions will ever find an
answer- maybe they designed the Autism Empire that way? If not, Ignorance is certianly the most effective tool man has never known.

Rich Shull on the blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism,

Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Built on Thinking in Pictures and inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green Car Motor. (triple hybrid)

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Mediocrity/ cave person= progress

Mediocrity: Humans are just smart enough to be dangerous.

By Rich Shull,, on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

To the one or two people that read this, thank you and the millions that will become enraged by this I'm delighted you did-it means I have sparked your mind into working. The comments I 'm about to make are based in the very primitive sub thoughts I know as picture thoughts and most people never even know they have. These thoughts are invisible to you and Autistic have them during their lack of eye contact -glazed look. During this time unknown to the autism "experts" we use daydream types of thoughts to think with. When our eyes are off the Brains are on. Autism Author Temple Grandin wrote "Thinking in Pictures" and we build upon her work and take it to the threshold of normal thoughts. The process we have figured out might well be the step by step thoughts the human mind does all the time to think. I think all humans are picture thinkers only your UN refined picture thoughts do not work as well as you think they do. They may be streamlined and fast but they are not quality thoughts.

For those thinking I'm full of 'Bull' how many times in life have you ever said to your self-stopped in mid thought- I can see him-her-it picture him (it, Etc.) and can't place a name to it? That is an autistic picture thought as well as, your very fast paced subconscious thoughts, in this case stalled in mid thought. Those thoughts not figured out make people appear as MR/DD and those thoughts figured out make us Einstein! If you have ever been in a car crash and had to say after words where did It come from that is evidence your Brain was doing some other thoughts and disconnected you from the real world for a few milliseconds.

Emotions, personality and attitude and how we present "gasp" are learned behaviors, I know people like to think love comes from the heart but in reality it comes from the brain first. If our autism thoughts the very basic ones, the starter ones were ever in a psychology book the foundation for everything we do as humans and who we become is there. I think they were on the cave walls as I seen in National Geographic Magazine Pictures of Hieroglyphics. They didn't look like a dinner order but rather a personality building picture in picture autism thought, one of the building blocks of autism.

Autisitcally,If we have discovered the code of the human mind as it seems we have, It seems like all humans are hard wired for their sex and gender even if they are transgendered and born into the wrong bodies. It seems all humans have the ability for super senses like a cave person would have. Unless you loose your sight or other sense you never tap into your super hearing ability or other ability. Autism is really like being deaf and blind for a few milliseconds every now and then, thus growing up deaf and blind allowed me to get a different view of the world. It seems like depending on your culture and the misfortune of growing up in the wrong place and time you can get saddled with a nearly unbearable life. If everyone were trained in the baseline thoughts so many of us in less than perfect life's would be do really well for ourselves. Our modern Education system is severely lacking in the very basic of human thought but there again it has never been in a text book yet. IF humans were taught their PICTURE THOUGHTS like the hieroglyphics I mentioned on the cave walls BEFORE preschool in a playschool game or seen them on a PBS learning show the very ground work for 1,2,3 and A,B,C's we treat as the base thoughts would really work lots better.

Mad Scientist and Brain Waves-blowing smoke!

If the mad scientist of the world had their EEG machines tapped into to our Picture thoughts (more than they do) or perhaps they could read our picture thought via a computer screen they would be shocked to see humans really are picture thinkers. Right now the Current EEG signals (2007) are just the telegraph and the string and two cans of break threw technology. I predict If people could do 1500 picture thoughts per second they would be considered pretty smart, Those doing 800 picture thoughts pet second would be average and Einstein and the Savants the Turing's would be able to do 3500 Picture thoughts per second. Those combining picture thoughts with emotions would be social butterflies! Our current EEG brain wave readings are just smoke signals. Could any computer monitor or computer keep up with 1500 Pictures per second ? 3500 pictures per second? I have been able to slow down my thoughts and do a step by step view (like breaking into a computer program) many times and seen the picture by picture thoughts and humans really do all of our brain power-now weather we use it effectively or not is another matter.

Translating Picture thoughts

EVERYTHING a human does starts from a picture thought! Most last a few nano seconds and like anything haste makes waste. Since no humans since the cave persons were ever taught their picture thoughts we have now allowed for too many shortcuts in our thought process. The result is only the best are able thrive but the reality is even those in a group home or profoundly "dumb" or those hampered with a personality disorder are just missing a few fundamental picture thought steps that needed worked out and were never even identified. Emotions are TRANSLATED from our picture thoughts! Emotion and psychotic type of things are just primitive cave person senses that have never been turned off in some unfortunate souls.

There is no one more able to hold off man's Progress than a Doctor or Researcher especially those in Autism. Many and those tapped as doctors are often not doctors or professionals at heart and could really care less of their patients. Quality doctors the ones with the real ideas are who really care are just lost in the billion dollar research empires. Even in the 1800s Mercury was touted as the latest health care breakthrew and one big name composer died from mercury poisoning and of course his doctor said STAY THE COURSE! The treatments are working! Today of course the same type of unfounded doctor rallies Autism is caused by Mercury poisoning. Well, it makes for a good point and rally cry. The fact Remains Autism is the same as it has always been and someday when this Autism Epidemic and charade is over when some genius remembers The Crypto Sensitive Autism guidelines Dr Rimland forgot, they will discover autism again. If Rain Man hadn't turned Autism in a designed condition Man might have now really figured out the building blocks of the human mind. The difference between the village idiot and Einstein are simply a few sub routine picture thoughts!

God-Madison Avenue-and Coke bottles-and research.

There is no harder job on earth than Advertising. Autism insight can often tell you just if you have struck a nerve with the buying public or not. Humans are just on so many different primeval levels that unless we become dummer and less refined Madison avenues last Trump Card has been played! On the American TV Show Sex and the City they really did have a Vodka Commercial tied into the show were a hunk of good looking man one of their characters was dating was posed naked with a vodka bottle in the middle of NYC on a billboard. EVERYONE noticed weather you were straight Gay Transgendered Bi etc. That was probably the last successful attempt at universal appeal-were now back to the Coke logo and the cola it represents as the only worldwide symbol short of the Rainbow Gay Flag probably the only other symbol known everyplace on earth. No not even the most powerful religion could get its message around the world instantly let alone in 1000s of years so advertising is a big crap shoot.

It is really too bad the autism spin doctors and the modern Autism Empire born with the movie (1988) Rain Man and its now invented epidemic doesn't understand the very autism it claims to research. Research no matter how bad it is: is all the typical person needs to hear to absently believe or fund any cause. Turn you cause into an Epidemic as Autism has done and your set! When Autism ever (if ever) taps into the very sub thoughts humans need to do to think with that would be an even bigger gold mine they have currently tapped! They are in a vugh of autism and the major autism we had once figured out was ignored courtesy of "Progress". If they figured out our autism and its inside sub level thoughts and how that flips our switches autism researchers could all become advertising executives and make even more money. Hint -humor- we would get a lot more annoying "head on" aspirin commercials (for my International readers, We have product called Head On a paste type Aspirin you apply directly to the forehead. They have a very annoying Commercial that Screams Head on apply directly to the forehead! Repeated many times)

I hope that someday when picture thoughts are figured and our knowledge base adds 1000s of pages to the psychology books man might be able to do more than play with fire like we currently do. I also know we will all look like fools and countless generations of us will have wasted our lives pretending love is love but in reality hate and love are the same thing. (humor) See I told you emotions were learned.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures, Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism, and Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green triple hybrid car motor designed from the flame of combustion backwards. It could get a reasonable car 100 MPG and help save Mother Earth.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Auto Parity /Turing Motor birth

A Parity on old Cars from Slate Magazine-Why my Autism understands a car and built the Turing Motor.
My Life as a mechanic learning from a 1962 Pontiac.

I Hate My Classic CarThank goodness they don't make 'em like that anymore.
By Paul Boutin Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2007, at 10:02 AM ET

My wife and I ditched our dull late-model sedans a few years ago. We adopted a 1963 Studebaker Avanti as our only car, driven once or twice a week from our downtown San Francisco home. I blame the Avanti's seductive powers for our infatuation. It looks futuristic even today—Ethan Hawke* drove one in the space-age fantasy film Gattaca—and the car is loaded with luxury options.

When we took our first spin, it was like yachting down the boulevard. Its engine is free of the emissions controls that hamper modern motors, so you feel a direct connection between your foot on the gas and the tires on the pavement. Without today's federal mandates on its construction, the Avanti sports chrome bumpers fore and aft instead of crumple zones. It serves a spacious, wraparound view to passengers, unobstructed by headrests, airbags, or complicated belts. The car's body, designed by the legendary Raymond Loewy, flips the bird to modern crash tests, while its interior is designed to resemble an airplane cockpit full of overhead switches—try that nowadays. Every grocery outing became a pleasure cruise. As many a passerby reminded us, they don't make 'em like that anymore. But several years with this rolling museum piece has taught me the truth: Even the best old cars sucked.

To begin with, they're hard to start in the morning. The Avanti doesn't have computer-controlled injectors to squirt the exact amount of gasoline into each cylinder of its engine at the precise moment. It doesn't have computer-controlled anything. Instead, it's got a carburetor, a comparatively crude device that passively mists fuel into the engine's air intake.

To the few of us understand a model T Motor that even Ford him self misunderstood the Carburetor is simply the most misunderstood devise besides the Model t motor it sets on. Carburetors are sucked on devices and if everything below them is in fine working order your car would run like is has fuel injection! If you have no sticking valves, late timing issues weak valve springs or a host of other unknown mechanic troubles it will not run good, and "gasp" carburetors will never cause an engine miss stalling or hesitation or backfire or rough running but of course it shows the results of those things and thus is blamed for all of those troubles. Autistically my keen hearing like that of a dog gave me a far different lesion in car than 99% of all mechanic ever got and I actually hear the valve stick and the resulting backfire or sputter. A normal mechanic or car owner would need a decibel meter to her what we do. In fact one of my car repair inventions is a combination inferred camera and decibel meter. It will tell the mechanic what I know. He will look at the TV type screen with a weather radar picture of a car motor on it and be able to tell from there just what the exact trouble would be.
The carburetor is dumb.

No, the reality of the situation is the very primitive Model T motor its mounted to is very stone age and is not near as high tech as we like to think it is.

It works great at full throttle but is bad at starting the engine. It fails completely when facing uphill in chilly weather,

Again if the motor were in perfect shape and even designed better it would run perfectly, like my Turing Motor will. My Turing Motor is not backyard tinkering and discovery of the obvious piston and cylinder it is designed from the start to be a very efficient motor.

a frequent position in San Francisco. It's not uncommon for our romantic dates to end with the hood open and me draped over the engine, trying to "choke it" by blocking the carburetor's airflow with my bare hands while my wife cranks the starter. When the engine kicks in, I spring back to avoid its big metal 1963 cooling fan, which doubles as a finger-chopper. This was all kind of sexy the first time I did it. Nowadays it's just an unnecessary risk, since whenever you turn the key on even the cheapest modern car, an amazing thing happens: It starts. Every time.
You have a point there but that is a result of tough emissions standards not the fact a car company cares how well it runs or starts.

Because the Avanti predates Ralph Nader, it's as devoid of modern safety perks as it is of emission controls. There are seat belts, but no air bags or crumple zones. No supercomputer-generated crash studies went into the design. We have friends who refuse to ride in it. And you can see their point, since the brakes have a habit of dropping out all at once,

I was few weeks out of Driver Education in 1980 and my Pontiac lost all of its brakes all at once and If I had not been Autistic I might have crashed! Autistic drivers those of us that know our proficient thoughts simply do what we are supposed to do, downshift, rub off speed and using the parking brake so my experience 1/2 way down Lancaster High School drive was uneventful until after I got it stopped finally.

just like in Hitchcock movies. Old brake systems didn't have backup cylinders in case one failed. After my wife lost the brakes three blocks above Fisherman's Wharf and nearly ended up sleeping with the sea lions, we decided that classic cool only went so far. Our mechanic cobbled together a modern brake upgrade from a mix of brand-new Mustang and Chevy truck parts.

This is where I learned to inspect the brake system every now and then and fix problems before they were problems! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. or in this case a crash.
The Avanti is a sexy-sounding machine.

My Luella has a coke bottle styling and side spear and those odd "C" shaped lights out back and the now famous Pontiac split grille.
It doesn't purr, it rumbles like a big cat. Its exhaust tone, unimpeded by pollution controls, wows pedestrians and passengers.

Today most look at Luella and their mouth is wide open you just don't see any 62 Pontiac's on the road today ours sports a new frame a hand made rocker arm system and a working slim Jim Transmission all reasons why you never see a 62 Pontiac today. No one but an obsessed Autistic would care to fix and it and in the process learn all the details of a really poorly designed car.

But try driving the four hours to Tahoe with it. Today's cars have much better noise insulation, not just for engine noise but for wind noise and for rolling-tire noise from the road. Cruising Interstate 80 in a new Cadillac is like lounging in a living room with a wraparound view. The Avanti is more like flying a small plane. The car sails beautifully at 90 mph, but the constant rush of noise is sure to give you a headache before you get to wherever you're going.

I do turn the motor off when I drive in Ohio's Amish country at a light, when I have Amish buggies horses and people behind me Luella despite being perfectly tuned and running could still choke a horse. Her 35% Efficient Model T derived Motor is just not efficient enough not to be wasteful and stinky.

We've learned to live with all of the above—sort of—but the real miracle of modern automobiles is how long they go between breakdowns. After 10 years with a Honda Civic, I'm spoiled. Our car's cutting-edge 1963 tech is feeble and flaky by today's standards,
, Not at all Mechanics and owners are just as stupid as ever and I feel they deserve every problem they encounter. I get a lot of pleasure when some old heap with a dirty motor refuses to run and the owner is stranded someplace. A perfectly maintained car will always be dependable a properly designed car will always work. On the contrary I think today cars are far worse than those of the 1960's they might run better but they don't seem to last as long.

even with new parts. The electric windows are dodgy. The power steering leaks—this model was known for it, even when new. The car goes through a lot of oil

Luella now uses no oil and doesn't leak and she NEVER has dirty oil these days and the super clean laboratory environment inside her motor makes for a perfect running quite, leak free car that if it were not coupled to a slim Jim transmission would present as a fuel injected dream of today. There are no misses sputters, hesitations or backfires and you hit the throttle and you GONE!

And is prone to overheating in hot weather, where "hot" means above room temperature. Manufacturing processes have gotten so much better since the days of chrome bumpers that cars just don't break anywhere near as often as they used to.

This is true for quality makes but some makes are very bad. I say if the headliner is down, the wipers are up and it smokes and the paint is peeled off in sheets it is junk! How many new cars have you seen that look like that?

The Avanti now slumbers in our garage, broken again, while my wife and I ponder its future. Despite the new radiator we put in two years ago, it's leaking coolant and overheating. Friends we meet ask us how our car is doing, but we're not sure we're up for another multithousand-dollar round of maintenance for a car we can't trust for a 30-mile trip. The very last time I piloted the thing home, one eye on the road and the other glued frantically to the climbing temperature gauge, I nearly ran down a gray-haired man in a crosswalk. He gave the Avanti a long, loving look and chirped to me, "I haven't seen one of those in years! They sure don't make 'em like that any more." The poor guy clearly had no idea why I snapped back at him, "Be glad they don't."

It seems Henry Ford and other first pioneers left us in a pickle that is for sure. If he would have even under stood the engineering of his Model T he would have see just how lucky it was it even ran from and engineering point of view. We delude our selves we are cream of the crop as humans driving automobiles and we are not doing more than driving Roman chariots. I have been privileged thanks to my Friend Rick Lindner to touch and work on Henrys 1903 Model A (curved dash) and the Autistic engineer in me seen just where Henry missed all the points of the entire motor concept and ironically invented the carburetor as we know it to hide the faults of the engineering his designed lacked.

This Parity was on the blog of Rich Shull Author of Pre Rain Man Autism and inventor of the Turing Motor. The Turing Motor is a 70% Efficient Green triple hybrid Car motor (compressed air, electric and gasoline) designed from the flame of combustion backwards. A reasonable car will get 100 mpg with it and with emissions controls mean it will be nearly perfectly green.

Correction, June 18, 2007: The article originally and incorrectly claimed that Jude Law drove a Studebaker Avanti in Gattaca. Ethan Hawke's character drove the car. (Return to the corrected sentence.)Paul Boutin is a writer living in San Francisco.Article URL:
Copyright 2007 Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive Co. LLC

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Friday, June 08, 2007

A Clone!

A Turing Motor Clone

Great minds think a like: and they are a bit off-or our they?

It is a small world after all, I was contacted a few weeks ago by someone that seen my Turing Motor online and I have been speaking with that person for a some time now he-she is also building a motor based on the same concept! My counterpart has come up with the same idea I have and we to have met online.

Now the big difference between them and me is I'm out flanked this person works for a big international firm and they are working on building a prototype of the their version of what I call the Turing Motor. "X" has asked I keep the names quiet as this is a trade secret. "X" has a pedigree of degrees and is a mechanical engineer and despite all of his-right credentials he to is laughed at as our motor idea is so "radical." Really that is a great sign all the best ideas in the world were once impossible. We joke If people liked it and understood it and were not mocking it-we would be wasting our time because we would have just invented the same thing that we are already using. "X" has an entire engineering dept. at his beck and call and has been able to work threw the early design problems a lot easier than I ever could. They were able to develop the cooling system for example, no small engineering feat in its own right.

"x" and I were talking among our selves and thinking how the motor was going to work and joked people are going to hate it at first as it is unlike anything else on earth. We noted examples of perfect engineering like the Toyota Previa the 90's world wide Van that despite it perfection was just too far ahead of its time. The majority of it shortcomings were the failure of Toyota to train their mechanics on how simple but radical it was. We chatted about other great ideas dying a quick death due to the idea the average human is not able to deal with massive amounts of change all at once. We agreed we would need a SPIN machine to educate the public because no matter how well it works how clean it runs or how many MPG it gets it will be a bad idea if the public doesn't buy it. Mother earth need this motor. I have the same problem with autism "experts" that have invented a condition they call autism but in reality they have created a mess mired in goodwill and ignorance. Trouble is the public has brought the Autism myth hook line and sinker. Even worse the autistic cheated out of their life and the chances we had to figure out our never in print before thought process that happens during the lack of eye contact will never get to bloom like we did and just think of all the Truing Motor type of ideas and the insight to the human mind that is forever lost in Rain Man's peer review and approved Autism. If autism research did the right thing it could move mankind and psychology research light years and not hold it back a few centuries like it is doing now in the name of progress.

"X" doesn't seem to be Autistic but he is a definite Picture thinker. There is an entire group of people who TRY to picture think and do it well on YAHOO. Where Autistic think in Pictures as their standard default (lack of eye contact) thought process, picture thinkers have to work to picture think and when they do they have the same results we do. Picture thought especially the 3 and 4 demission thoughts are the only thing capable of feats like this as traditional human thoughts could not really keep up with the scope of the details or the size of the project. Lots of older unaccounted for autistic might be found in the Yahoo Picture thinkers group "GASP" could we be the autistic from time gone by? One thing for sure Modern autism doesn't seem real keen on finding out.

I wish "X" and his team the best of luck, again Mother Earths needs this Green powerful efficient motor. Lets hope mankind is not too blind to see the obvious benefit to it.

Rich Shull, on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism
Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green Triple Hybrid Motor
Author of the autism Book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism built on Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures

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Monday, June 04, 2007

HAROLD Don't be a Geek!

Harold Don't be a Geek!

An Autism Social Clue

For the legions of us missing the modern Autism Curse and somehow often absently doing real life-something we can do by the way! We are especially lucky if we don't listen to the "experts" that have us in a group home when we are 18, we often learn NOT to be a geek. As we figure out our unique to us autism thoughts that have not been in a text book before we discover what Harold does on the TV Show The Red Green Show and improve upon his behavior. Over all there are 300 and some (?) shows and in the earlier shows Harold really is a geek and later ones he is a cool geek. He is filled with wit and charm but still a geek.

I have turned many autistic people and their families on to this show and they to have related to the GEEK and see how NOT to be one. Their social abilities have improved. I know for a lot of us with proficient picture thoughts stuff beyond what Temple wrote about, the stuff Autism Professionals well never discover, unless they listen to those of us that have figured out the not so obvious way the human mind works,will laugh but that is price we pay for autism ignorance. Autism thoughts happen during the lack of eye contact-the dumb look-we often give and of course modern Autism is all bent out of shape over our simple but complicated thought process they don't understand. They swear something is dreadfully wrong and get out the brain surgeons experts and the doctors trying for a piece of the publish or parish game and in reality if they just listen they would discover what it really is we are doing when our eyes are OFF and were not giving eye contact... Were Thinking! (or should be)

More importantly when we figure out our Eye contact and picture thoughts OUR AUTISM mimics normal thoughts the very thing you swear we can't do. Honestly with the HELP of modern autism we really have been set back a few centuries, thanks to Rain Man's Ignorance that has now grown out of control.

RED GREEN was a Canadian based Show and is shown in the Americas mostly on Public Broadcasting stations and you can even buy all the shows online from the Red Green Web site. I think if you have a geek type Autistic person in your midst (humor don't we all) this show is a very good "lesion" on overcoming being a geek. Once they realize, Oh I'm like Harold, they see the error of their ways we adjust! Thankfully Red Green has a way making Harold more palatable. Look the show over and see if you like it too.

The Web site is Http://

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Industral Dandruff

Bumps and Bits on the back of the head.

I often search the site meter for this blog and see what people searched on to find my site. Occasionally I get a search probably from someone autistic or someone that knows an autistic really well concerning "bumps and bits on the scalp" Normal readers might consider this condition over active dandruff but perhaps it is more than that.

Long ago and far away on the OTHER SIDE OF AUTISM quality researchers were intrigued with the "yeast type secretions" from our scalp. I fact in crypto sensitive Autism Guidelines the forgotten Autism that was figured out before Rain Man, made big points from the fact autistic had the overactive condition. Yours Truly as well as other autisitcs from all over the world suffer from this condition and typical dandruff shampoos do little to relive the condition. It seems our scalps secrete a substance that dries to some degree and then flakes off our scalps. As we scratch our heads little nodules break loose, hence the bumps and bits.
None of us have never found a way to make it quit "growing" but we have found anti itch lotion containing a hydrocortisone type ingredient applied with a small pencil point tube does wonders in "massaging" our scalp for the whole day. Those of us with beards also notice it there as well.

Older autisitcs in our group mention this condition quite a bit and of course the poor modern autistic might have it to but, they can't talk usually or even worse no one will listen to them as they are "retarded" and can't speak for them selves. Plus I doubt any autism researcher of the modern age is really all that interested in the nitty gritty aspects of Autism like this and they are probably working too hard to get their next paper published or do one more goal in the fame game. Even though this might be a key clue in the autism condition and it was years ago before Rain Man rewrote the condition and made it a designer condition. Designers conditions can't have "Dandruff" that is for sure. It seems we can't have quality well rounded unbiased research either we have an Epidemic and its exceptions to live up to. That begs the question when Dr Rimland reinvented autism for the Rain Man era what else did he neglect?

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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