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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture Thoughts= film strips

Connecting MR/DD Anti social autism to Einstein Autism. AND Real Life`

For those that know Temple Grandin's Thinking in Picutres she talks of STILL and MOTION picutre thoughts. These Autism Thoughts are the keystones in very basic Autism. These thoughts as all autism thoughts take place during our lack of eye contact.

Our OPTIC VISION IS OFF hence the lack of eye contact .

We Think we See real optic vison but we see instead BRAIN generated images that are very close to real vision. Once we discover we have TWO types of Vision and one is actually Picutre Thoughts that we are supposed to think with we can FINALLY seperate the two and think the way we are programmed and then mimic your thoughts. These thoughts are best thought of as simple Day Dreams. If you have ever tried to tell others of your dreams you know the trouble that can be, there is just too much information there to digest let alone explain. Picture Thoughts like your Daydream need refined and explaind and indeed they are Einstein Quality and successfull Autism people have learned to water down those thoughts to a normal level. The picutre memory many aspie have is directly related to this picutre thought. The character Rain Man in the famous movie was simply reading the Phone book with his photo memory.

ADD to Temples work the picutre in picutre thoughts and 3 and 4 deminsion thoughts and we complete the autism course and YES! normal thoughts are the result. Autism is the building blocks of the mind all figured out! It runs the gambit from Sublevel thoughts to masterpiecie thoughts associated with Einstein.

Picutre in Picutre Thoughts allow us to keep or OPTIC vison on and still think in Picutres and the result is we can finally catch a ball , give eye contact, and read body language. (and allows us to be really good drivers)

3 and 4 deminsion thoughts are pure computer and in fact it might take a big super computer to keep up with our Picutre thoughts. For Example I have Invented the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green Motor and I have over 1500 working motion picutre drawings of it in my head, I have hundreds of drawings of its parts all sorted out. These thoughts not only my motor but everyday 3 and 4 deminsion thoughts constitute the most of autism thoughts and until we learn to WATER THEM DOWN and break out of our Obessions we don't present like much.

These Thoughts have never been in a book before, they are invisable to the average person or Autism professionals would have had a clue to what it is we have done. They will add another 1000 chapters to the Psychology books and they explain everything from Einstein to Dyslexia to stuttering and even abilities and disabilities. These are indeed the little one by one thoughts that build to from one normal thought.

The Good news is Autism the Rest of autism could be taught to our Aspie Students and we could create a 1-6 th grade Aspie School that would teach us these very thoughts and I bet 98% of us could then be mainstreamed! Autism Really Is Simple IF you know what its about. As Einstein said," if you can't Explain it simply you don't know what your talking about." Autism as is might only teach us (by pure luck) 30 % of what we need to know. It is not for the fact lot of very nice dedicated people are not trying it is from the fact they don't know what to teach and no one ever dreamed the thought procress is invisable. That makes it so hard to teach.

Not only me but many more like me that build On Temple's Work all came up with the SAME autism Thoughts ignorant of each other. No matter what language we speak or country we are from we all developed Still and Motion Picutres and then Picutre in Picutre Thoughts and then 3 and 4 Deminsion thoughts (among others) . All of them add up to the finished Autism Course. We all were self taught and we figured out our own odd thought process. It that so logical? Unless you think with autism thoughts how can you figure out Autism or even know where to start?

PLEASE URGE Autism Peer reviewed professionals to talk to us admit to us- your childs (and Adults) Success stands to Improve greatly! So Far we have been ignored and our books that build on Temple's Thinking in Picutres have been banished. If our Thought process had been in a text book before we might have a better chance but "we just discovered it"... Rich Shull

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letstalk i am a very opened minded person and explore any possibility-this is very interesting-not understanding it totally yet. Posted 21 hours ago |

Rich Shull Try this,,,,, Your having a conversation with someone on flowers

Normally, you just go ahead and talk about flowers or a spcific flower you looking at, no big deal.

An Autisitc (off on a deep thought process)

We see the same flower you do with optic Vision (say a red rose)

The next thing that happens

Is our OPTIC vision is turned OFF you notice the lack of eye contact. Many aspies think their optic vision is on BUT it is really shorted out , The 'vision' we see is a brain generated picutre of the red rose. (VERY CLOSE TO THE OPTIC VISION) If that topic is of interest to us and we need to come up with words to do a conversation on that: The red rose becomes a full picutre thought.

Once it is a picutre thought our optic vison is still OFF . In Fact you could stick you tounge out at us give us a gesture etc. and we would miss it. The untraind aspie still thinks their vision is normal. We then have MORE brain generated images of flowers and roses, Perhaps I read a book on Red Roses at one time and I would see pages of that book and read them (like Rain Man read the phone book in movie) If It was a technical book I could tell you all kind of details on that rose. However over time I have learned to water down the thought to "nothing" to let the conversation flow.

Once the thought was complete normal optic vision would return and we would be just like you again. The total time for this thought might be a few milliseconds to a second or two. Really Serious deep thoughts like I use to design and build my Inventions can go on for hours. (leaving me dead tired). During that Time I can have 1000s of picutre thoughts of all types from Still and motion picutres to 3 and 4 deminsion ones (engineering type of things) . NOTE I Really have a craving for SALT after one session like that.

If I am to tell you a few facts on that rose like Aspies tend to do (weather you want to hear them or not) I have to start reading that page in my thoughts and converting the words to speach. That is easier said than done and often can 't be done before the conversation has moved on too far.

Basically Our Major Thoughts are brain generated and span from BELOW 123 and the ABC's on one side of the scale to Einstein on the other. In the MIDDLE streamlined for social purposes is normal thoughts. If you had to talk and think like we do life would not flow. Once we learn to reduce our thoughts to a fast streamlined version we can participate in life just like you want us to do. Once We Learn Picture in Picture thoughts we can keep optic vison on so we read your body language and we start being social.

A Few notes ALL of these thoughts are invisable to you and are signaled by the lack of eye contact

Since Picutre thoughts and Autism Thoughts work off each other attempts by traditional education sometimes work by happenstance

When We Think in picutres our hearing is turned OFF or at least way down, we only hear the slighest whisper or the loudest shout if were thinking with a brain generated picutre thought. Those noises WAKE us UP and get our optic vision turned on again sometimes just in time to keep us from walking into the path of a bus or off a cliff. My Blind Friends have the same hearing traits and often the same picutre thoughts ,espcially if they had vision at one time. We are after all Deaf and Blind during serious picutre thoughts. That explains a lot of Autism on its own being deaf and blind for a few milliseconds occasionally.

Most Autistc people have enough normal thoughts learned to get by but, if they were to flow and become "all they could be" they would need a course in Picutre thoughts. Many of us that built on Temple's Work figured out what it is we need to do while our optic vision is OFF.

Autism Like I talk about here is proven ,blueprinted and never in a text book before. It could be taught (and nearly was) in a grade 1-6 autism pre school that would teach us our picutre thoughts. Once we learn picture thought / normal thoughts are the result. If we resort back to picutre thoughts Einstein is very likely to emerage.

Savants like Rain Man are really just displaying one small area of their autism skills ,again give them the picture thought course and hone their thoughts and most of us could do a real life . On the filp side severely autistc people have great hope in these picture thoughts to as I see it . Autism starts below 123 and the ABC's and all they needed was a start that was on their level. Autism is the building blocks of the mind!

NONE of these thoughts have been in a text book before so no matter how well we do them there is NO peer review Autism or Psychology to support us. In fact autism doesn't even know the right questions to ask to get into our mind. (there heart is in the right place however) . Human nature is such the golden rule of research is there is no way the very "retard" being researched is able to figure out their own condition- or are we? Rich Shull

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kmdd22 Rich I really am trying to grasp exactly what you are expressing here and I have read the Thinking in Pictures book.I am familiar with several of Temple Grandin's books.Can you please suggest to me how I would go about teaching not only my son but other children I work with on spectrum who are quite young (4years-10 years)and some are of few verbal abilities the best way to build upon what you have mentioned here.ALL of the children i work with love the computer so would I do this using the computer as the tool?I really try to do the most I can so am willing to try anything you mention.Anything you suggest would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Kris:) Posted 14 hours ago |

Rich Shull Hi Kris, I have been toying with this very idea for years now and for sure a computer simulation would be the very best way for autism thoughts to be "taught" exposed and figured out. I would love to be able to do just such a thing and perhaps if Autism research would unite all of us that have figured out rest of the thoughts we could come up with a good useable system.

I attempted it once with a You Tube Video (Search Rich Shull Autism On You Tube) and the results were dismal.

Since this entire thought process is new to mankind the usual ' releate it to something known' technique doesn't apply. Since it really doesn't compare to normal thought and is invisable to the average thinker ,it presents as even more of a trick. Even among Aspie that know what we are doing, we have discovered that none of us have the exact same picture thoughts, and that stands to reason as are all self taught.

Sadly, humans unknowingly instantly relate stuff to what they 'know' and feel and it is just human nature to assume the wrong things about the lack of eye contact eye thoughts we call autism. If you know the picutre thoughts we are trying to explain- that natural normal thinker assumption would be OK as you would have the background to know what to assume. Then in order for Autism to really shine we need to tap into our learning hallways and that requires us to fully embrace our Obession and splinter skills- Modern Autism just made them taboo so making them a necessary requirement for success is counter to approved autism "logic' .

I don't think man has really ever had an easy time discovering truly new ideas or someone would have discovered ours by now. But we are the only people programmed to think with picutres so it stands to reason we are the only ones to figure out the process. Plus just try to convince people MR/DD and Einstein Autism are just opposite sides of the same coin -That is a task of its own.

Meanwhile ALL you can do is WAIT ,if you see someone doesn't have eye contact they are thinking! Leave them alone! When Eye contact returns they are ready to proceed
. Trying to tell them what to think is just going to confuse them and they will for the moment have to discover they have something different going on. I'm sure they will eventually realize their vison has been frozen or altered and was not current ,eventually when they do that; that triumpth will be 1/2 the battle. Meanwhile when we do talk Think Einstein NOT MR/DD we are working our way down to your level not up as we present. If an Aspie is confusing you with geek talk technical talk- think Geek and you might be shocked to discover were much smarter than we present. If were describing something think big ,think bold ,think complicated that is where our thoughts are comming from. Remember we are translating your dreams ,in so many words . If you have tried to explain a dream to someone you know the process is demanding. Now try do it quick and get it into a conversation . Good luck Rich Shull

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Autism dreams come true

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." ~ Carl Sagan

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wild Success in designer Autism

Gee Autism Success,,, I posted on this blog back a few posts the efforts of Generation Rescue to get and keep their book in the New York Times Best Seller list, It seems their media blitz worked. If Only Autism were as simple as the new age people would like to think its efforts like this would be great. I don't question the intention of new age autism they have their heart in the right spot but I do question their shoddy sub standard research. If Autism were done correctly it could have added a 1000 more chapters to the Psychology books by now. Autism Explained seems to the real living missing link in man's journey. The item below is quoted from their Email sent to me.

Thank you all for supporting this important book!

1.) Healing and Preventing Autism debuted at #7

2.) Larry King Live will be rebroadcasting the show from last week with Jenny, Dr Jerry, Jim Carrey and JB Handley!

Congratulations to Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel for their New York Times Best Sellers Authors Award!

If you haven't purchased the book yet, or you would like to give a copy to your pediatrician, school teacher or family member you can go to the following links:

Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Don't miss Jenny and Dr. Jerry talking about their new book on Larry King Live this Saturday as they rebroadcast the autism show from last week. Please have everyone tune in to the show!

Thank you.

The Generation Rescue Team

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Aspie First Aid Kit

Above is the key to my Aspie First Aid Kit Read On!

For those out of the loop Aspie many of us meeting the oldest more strict definition of Autism ,before the relaxed diagnosis standards of designer autism experience the AUTISM PAIN TOLERANCE. Its Medical science rediscovered.

Weather we run marathons with out walls ,display only the last stages of an asthma attack, or only the most severe pain of an abscessed tooth only 10 minutes before it breaks or even fall out of a tree unhurt only to discover we have a broken shoulder that only presents as "sore" that is the autism pain tolerance. On the 1-10 pain scale we feel 8 and above and nothing else. The deeper in our bodies the hurt is the less of it we feel it seems. Please search this blog for ASPIE X-Ray and hip pain among other things to see how we miss a lot of "fun".

The current issue with me is I lifted an old 30's dining room table by myself the other day up on to a shelf, and I felt the ribs on the right side "move" I had an instant blip of pain and like my experience has told me this little blip is the very thing would have most people SCREAMING In AGONY. Of course I went right on moving things the rest of the day. Finally that night I was hurting and as usual win I'm hurt this bad aspirin will not cut the pain. I have to pull out the big guns Benzociane 20% its toothache pain gel or anesthesia. I simply spread the stuff all over the area in this case my ribs and were "cured".

Ever since my first injuries in grade school before we were diagnosable and got to experience real life I was injured and never displayed back and blue marks. From the time in third grade when the window fell on hand to later life being punctured with a car axle I never displayed the injury marks. Other unfortunate aspies also have the same story to tell. Obviously If Autism Research was doing its job and never lost track of this unique human trait they would have us in a torture chamber by now wrenching out our guts for the good of medical science and few million dollars profit if they duplicate this ideal with a pill. Modern Autism folks diagnosed to the new lower standards of Autism DO NOT display the pain tolerance ,they feel pain just like the normal populations do. In the rush to send Autism Designer and make a living and a reputation for a few people honest serious mistakes were made and as such this key to Man's life was pissed away. Keep supporting shoddy autism research and the results will not get any better.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stuttering in the Driveway

I had the honor of old neighbor stopping off the other day for a quick impromptu visit and "Joe" is one of the millions of folks that stutter. Being Autistic like I am and having stuttered my self many times in my life I was standing there with Joe being very rude and completing his statements.

MORE Importantly IF my autism picture thoughts, are the same ones he has I can tell him why he stutters. Now, no one has ever had our picture thoughts in a text book before. No one realizes that we think with a version of daydreams by default. No one realizes once we learned these sub level thoughts we quit stuttering and even started participating in real life. The thoughts are if you will the building block thoughts of the sub level of the mind. In other words these mini thoughts we see "literally" as Autistics are the one by one thoughts all humans do but they just don't know that they do it. There are 1000's more pages to the text books of life If autism's one by one thought process was ever charted and then put in print. SUDDENLY everything mind wise would have an explanation. Dyslexia is simply backward picture thoughts, Stuttering is not being able to read thoughts quick enough. Genus is natural, Splinter skills in the MR DD populations would be their ticket out for many. Personality issues are abundant and have explanations in Autism's one by one thoughts.

While we were talking I was simply able to see his picture thoughts were nearly completed BUT the final "thoughts" were not figured out thus the stutter. When I stuttered and I was able to watch the stutter build in my picture thoughts I discovered when the Picture Thought was complete I didn't stutter. I just finished one word of his statement and we moved along. Again the autism thoughts we figured out are the building blocks of the mind. We start out life below 123 and the ABC'S. I know all the expert opinion of the stuttering professionals has a wild explanation of not being able to hear and other things but again they don't know of us and our building block thoughts. Until that day all the experts of Psychology and medicine are missing the point to their work as they don't have all the facts to even know what they are missing.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Friday, April 03, 2009

Even Fragile X

The beautiful piece of autism jewelry above designed to help fund the new designer autism.

It is just wonderful; It truly is devinne ,as are many piece's offered by a company making many more Autism items. I got this picture from an Email they sent me. They indeed have a good heart, good intentions as all of autism does but the run away train of Designer Autism is going down a cliff.

I posted on this blog some years ago a bit on Fragile X . The rest of the story on Fragile X that you never hear in Autism Circles was the discovery was once hailed in the Gay Community. The same Fragile X studies were a great predictor if one was gay or not. It had very good even remarkable predicting powers and was right nearly all of the time. It was a sensation in the gay press for a time in the early 90's .

Perhaps like much of the so called research of today it lost its appeal or could not make enough money for its "champions" so they re engineered their fragile X to tap in to Autism's money pot? If the GLBT gay autism folks were admitted to suddenly the Fragile X and the autism studies would be merged perhaps in a very big way?

Autism has us pegged to a group home and for sure ,we are all 'straight' when we live in that group home. If we are allowed to be sexual at all,not likely it certainly would not be open ,let alone gay. Even if an aspie is gay there is little if any support for the way we naturally are unless we somehow break out out of autism's grip like many of us mostly older, mostly gay ,mostly high functioning working group do. Gay people never really needed the Fragile X test to prove to themselves who they were, but it went miles in proving it was 'who we were' to those thinking Gay was a choice. Once that point was made, there was no money left in the obvious. Gay people were not going to spend money to tell themselves the obvious.

Just like our story that builds on Temple Grandins and our story of successful autism practice will never be admitted to these days. As a result autism is left to its own designer fate. Current autism thinking will for ever miss the point it is tyring so hard to find as it never kept the ground work in place to have a foundation to build upon. Autism is cause with out a cause and just sadly a marketing ploy (with good intentions) and a dose of peer review soul searching- taking advantage of a population of people that missed the boat in some ways. Admitting to those of us that missed Designer Autism's fate will cripple the autism empire and deflate autism to what it really is, a never in print before different kind of human thought process that has never graced a text book.

By the time we go from MR/DD anti social retards to Einstein at a typically late age the hand writing is on the wall and even if we invent the computer were too little too late. The building blocks of the mind we figured out are just awesome and explain the nuts and bolts of man's mind but what we discovered might as well be encrypted as it will remain that way until some very brave psychology researchers interested in human progress and the living missing link, buck the trend and does real honest research and discovers what we have figured out- the source code to the human mind. Too bad Designer Autism side tracked the honest discovery that was ever so close to real life exposure right before Rain Man Era Autism sent all of mankind for a slam dunk,,,, CURSE you Rain Man the Movie!

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Graphing Autism ,so they think

Just wondering, has anyone ever put the graph (if there is one) of the weaker diagnosis standards of the past few years against this one ? I would bet the lower diagnosis standards and the number of cases go hand in hand?

Then turn "Autism Designer" and tell us the only thing we can do is a group home and we don't dare stray too far from the mold were poured from and suddenly autism is a crisis. While the graphs and numbers don't lie they are are not measuring really serious Einstein autism the stuff of time gone by. When was the last time (if ever) you heard of the little professor syndrome in Autism? Odds are you never will again as modern Autism only sees the Mental Retardation aspect to autism not the hope and never in print before thought process that is the building blocks of the mind. Until we can prove our 123 and ABC s are different and start out below a normal point of view and then rival Einstein when all figured out ,autism will remain a designer cause with good intentions gone astray.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism