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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Aspie First Aid Kit

Above is the key to my Aspie First Aid Kit Read On!

For those out of the loop Aspie many of us meeting the oldest more strict definition of Autism ,before the relaxed diagnosis standards of designer autism experience the AUTISM PAIN TOLERANCE. Its Medical science rediscovered.

Weather we run marathons with out walls ,display only the last stages of an asthma attack, or only the most severe pain of an abscessed tooth only 10 minutes before it breaks or even fall out of a tree unhurt only to discover we have a broken shoulder that only presents as "sore" that is the autism pain tolerance. On the 1-10 pain scale we feel 8 and above and nothing else. The deeper in our bodies the hurt is the less of it we feel it seems. Please search this blog for ASPIE X-Ray and hip pain among other things to see how we miss a lot of "fun".

The current issue with me is I lifted an old 30's dining room table by myself the other day up on to a shelf, and I felt the ribs on the right side "move" I had an instant blip of pain and like my experience has told me this little blip is the very thing would have most people SCREAMING In AGONY. Of course I went right on moving things the rest of the day. Finally that night I was hurting and as usual win I'm hurt this bad aspirin will not cut the pain. I have to pull out the big guns Benzociane 20% its toothache pain gel or anesthesia. I simply spread the stuff all over the area in this case my ribs and were "cured".

Ever since my first injuries in grade school before we were diagnosable and got to experience real life I was injured and never displayed back and blue marks. From the time in third grade when the window fell on hand to later life being punctured with a car axle I never displayed the injury marks. Other unfortunate aspies also have the same story to tell. Obviously If Autism Research was doing its job and never lost track of this unique human trait they would have us in a torture chamber by now wrenching out our guts for the good of medical science and few million dollars profit if they duplicate this ideal with a pill. Modern Autism folks diagnosed to the new lower standards of Autism DO NOT display the pain tolerance ,they feel pain just like the normal populations do. In the rush to send Autism Designer and make a living and a reputation for a few people honest serious mistakes were made and as such this key to Man's life was pissed away. Keep supporting shoddy autism research and the results will not get any better.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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For those having the stomach issues the Pain tolerance appilies here to. IF autism Researchers knew of the ideal they would have a new clue or two and they might even realize instead of leaky guts and other wild terms, coined by modern autism professionals, we are only displaying the last stages of something really simple like lactose intolerance. Rich

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