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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Stuttering in the Driveway

I had the honor of old neighbor stopping off the other day for a quick impromptu visit and "Joe" is one of the millions of folks that stutter. Being Autistic like I am and having stuttered my self many times in my life I was standing there with Joe being very rude and completing his statements.

MORE Importantly IF my autism picture thoughts, are the same ones he has I can tell him why he stutters. Now, no one has ever had our picture thoughts in a text book before. No one realizes that we think with a version of daydreams by default. No one realizes once we learned these sub level thoughts we quit stuttering and even started participating in real life. The thoughts are if you will the building block thoughts of the sub level of the mind. In other words these mini thoughts we see "literally" as Autistics are the one by one thoughts all humans do but they just don't know that they do it. There are 1000's more pages to the text books of life If autism's one by one thought process was ever charted and then put in print. SUDDENLY everything mind wise would have an explanation. Dyslexia is simply backward picture thoughts, Stuttering is not being able to read thoughts quick enough. Genus is natural, Splinter skills in the MR DD populations would be their ticket out for many. Personality issues are abundant and have explanations in Autism's one by one thoughts.

While we were talking I was simply able to see his picture thoughts were nearly completed BUT the final "thoughts" were not figured out thus the stutter. When I stuttered and I was able to watch the stutter build in my picture thoughts I discovered when the Picture Thought was complete I didn't stutter. I just finished one word of his statement and we moved along. Again the autism thoughts we figured out are the building blocks of the mind. We start out life below 123 and the ABC'S. I know all the expert opinion of the stuttering professionals has a wild explanation of not being able to hear and other things but again they don't know of us and our building block thoughts. Until that day all the experts of Psychology and medicine are missing the point to their work as they don't have all the facts to even know what they are missing.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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