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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Monday, February 26, 2007

1962 Autism /1965 Autism

The Innocence of Autism was Revoked!

Bernard Rimland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... writer, lecturer, and advocate for children with autism, ADHD, learning ... Institute (ARI), and founder of the Autism Society of America (ASA), in 1965. ...
Quick Links: Education and early career - Encountering resistance from the medical establishment - Drawing attention to a possible autism - 34k - Cached - More from this site

Autism has been on a downhill spiral ever since and Dr. Rimland's sincerity has been tested a number of times before his death and his lack of professionalism and true caring for Autism Spectrum people were sadly obvious. Not only did Dr Rimland basically ignore Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures he also purposely ignored the many more of us from all over the world that have done more than she has. He had ignored all of us that have figured out autism. We are now called Crypto Sensitive Autistics-well if you want to split hairs we are old Autism.

His organization was sent copies of our books and those of us that published were slammed with horrible reviews probably a reflection of his ignorance/or even worse an illustration of his efforts at protecting his empire. He was after all the father of Rain Man the hit movie exploiting a Savant. How much of Autism is just exploiting the defect of someone autistic via the ignorance of the very Autism professionals trying to discover us? It seems the Autism Epidemic speaks volumes.If I had been born after 1965 I too would have been a Group home Zombie just like many autistcs of today. Autism's modern "help" is more work than help.

Dr Rimland had every chance in the world as does the modern Autism empire he left behind to explore and discover the working autism we have figured out but in reality we are bad for business. Our inside information would cripple Autism as the world knows it and return it to its former "strange glory."Dr Rimland was at least 30 years old when he started the ASA and had to have known of the Crypto Sensitive Autism Guidelines that were common knowledge in the those days. It seems he also ignored the old autism guidelines to his own benefit. If he would have known of them he could have never made a big deal out of the leaky gut ideals without having the idea autisitcs don't feel pain correctly? Perhaps he DID know of that and exploited that idea that we don't feel pain and that would opened up the door for all kinds of abuse? Rain Man's Curse is in full swing and the legions of Autistic people stranded in group homes or left unfulfilled by an inept education system is now reason alone to forever keep the successful autisitcs of all ages hidden.

Those of us figuring out autism have charted into the building blocks of Psychology and inadvertently mapped the small pieces of the human mind and thus since what we have done has never been in a text book before we are on our own. There is isn't one other research discipline that knows of us and Autism gets to shuck its responsibility of discovery for the public good as its peer review participants would rather NOT be embarrassed. If we were ever admitted to Autism 's law suits would go from Mercury issues and IEP's (education plans) to lawsuits of deficiency against Autism researchers.

Shockingly Autism the invisible thought process signaled by the lack of eye contact and the ideals of Einstein could be taught by 6th grade! Those of us that done that, did a double-blind autism experience and the results are not the "good news" autism needs to hear-if fact we are last thing autism needs to hear. As long as their Empire is billions of dollars strong it is a safe bet we will never ever be heard.

Dr Rimland was also the father of an Autistic person and like many people in our autism Anthropology we have sadly discovered we have good odds of a narcissistic parent. Those of us that have broke threw often report not only overcoming autism ,but a Narcissistic parent or sibling as well. Narcissism is when one has a GREAT public Image and acclaim to spare but behind closed doors one is a nasty monster the very opposite of the public figure the world loves. Autistic kids would be at a very big disadvantage when it comes to living with a narcissistic. Plus the accepted image of an autistic kid is one is retarded and socially inept so a narcissistic parent could use that to their advantage as well. Narcissistic people feel the need to be worshiped and their very own kids would be stranded in that role and the Narcissistic parent would not be ashamed to use them either. Perhaps that is another reason not to investigate our Successful Autism Anthropology? If you need a form of an example look to the BBC, show Keeping up Appreances, Hycan the main character has many Narcissistic traits that are visible.

If you ignore modern autism (you can't unring a bell) and go back to its ignored foundation suddenly Autism is not all that bad and we are for sure not in group homes or behavior troubles and we even talk. Our story is illustrated and is repeated many times over for you to read in the book The Enigma by Andrew Hodges (1983) . It is the story of Autistic hero and Father of the Computer Alan Turing (1912-1954) . Almost every one of us in our hidden crypto sensitive anthropology (even modern teenagers) fits the guidelines of that book. It really is the autism manual time forgot. Refine that book and add our experiences and autism is solved-notice I didn't say cured there is no need to cure autism only a need to understand it.

AUTISM QUOTE "The descendants of Autism have seen the depreciation of Autism for long enough. Please help us help you and yours and restore Autism to its former glory. AUTISM SPEAKS but it doesn't seem to listen. "

Rich Shull Inventor of the Turing Motor named for autistic Alan Turing, father of the computer.

Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures- it is has been called" the satanic verses of Autism" Newsweek, Time, Us News and World Report

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

More on the Turing Motor

The Turing Motor

The Turing Motor named for autisitc inventor and father of the computer, Alan Turing (1912-1954) .This motor is 70% efficient , very green was invented by Rich Shull (yours truely). The Turing Motor is a result of Autistic obession ,keen senses and autism insight. Ford and many others were just tinkering with their engines and happend upon something that would run, we are still "blessed" with the model T motor even today. Yes, I know it is called high tech but only parts of it are the base of it- the model T from is directly from 1915 or there abouts. Autistic keen senses gave me an education in cars most mechanics never got and thus my Turing Motor was born. The Turing Motor Starts with a puff of compressed air and has several firing rings. The motor spins 3-4-5-6 times on one firing. All parts move the same direction and there are no up and down moving parts . It is cooled with freon -or nitrogen and operates very hot.

It is basically autisitcally designed from the flame of combustion backwards using and trapping all the possible heat of combustion. The firing rings are like pistons on current cars and it will idle on one or with an electric motor / compressed air function and its heart is one central spinning cylinder. Efficiency ratings are about 70% and that should get a small senable car over 100 mpg. Power should be impressive as well and little of it is wasted in terms of heat and mechanical inefficienies. Parts of it have been built, and tested but it is so radical it would be laughed out of the engineers office, like all good ideas it will just have to be built and then reverse enginered- just like the model T was.

The Autism that designed it is not understood and in if it was more people could belieive in it but at the moment it is a bit radical. No one in Enginnering circles or Enviromental circles will listen too much as I don't have a degree in anything worthwhile. To make matters worse I have been (plus several others ) blackballed from autism and they will not own up to us- we unintenionally deflate their autism epedmic. We might be too little to late. We are in the grasp of Rain Man's curse. For more vist my blog,,,, and search it for The Turing Motor best Rich


Friday, February 23, 2007

Stillmam / Rosie O'Donnell comments

Found on the Web,

The following announcement was found on the web. I have mentioned the work of Bill Stillman several times on my blog and his work is along the lines of Temple Grandin.

On the web


A couple weeks ago, Rosie O'Donnell mentioned several times on her blog that she was reading Autism and the God Connection in the wake of a recent episode of The View that profiled autism. Today, a reader asked her what she thought about the book having finished it, and, in a word typical of her very brief blog answers, she replied that it was "fascinating." How great that the message of the book can receive this kind of high-profile celebrity endorsement. Hopefully it will cause a ripple effect in advancing additionally and much-needed positive messages about autism and its purpose.

William StillmanAutism Spectrum Self-Advocate, Author, and

The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Rich Shull,,,,
Http:// Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green Autistically designed car motor. Named for Autistic hero and father of the Computer Alan Turing (1912-1954)


Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNN Autism Talking

Autism and Talking,,,, the following was found on the web a comment following a CNN piece.

Well, before autism was "helped" many more of us learned to talk autisitcally.Autisitcally talking is a natural thought process (for us) we must learn on our own. When we talk we take our invisible to you picture thoughts, the picture thoughts Temple wrote about and convert them to speech. IF the autism "Professionals" knew what we knew and realized what we do they would offer intensive courses on picture thought translation.

Modern help us too much autism has unknowingly taken away our Autism training grounds. Without the diagnosis and the "help" we had the best of chances to achieve. We had to, we were odd strange kids with no other way to communicate-that forced us to learn our picture thoughts and how to describe them to others. Today it seems many in autism might know their invisible to the researcher picture thoughts but have a TOO easy short cut with an electronic board?

Granted any communication is better than nothing and the communication from an "professional point of view is "success" that absently tells "autism Professionals" they have done something right but in reality they missed the whole point to autism as they don't know just what it is we have to do to form words. "Success" like this is paraded in front of the cameras and Autism's Empire grows even bigger; All the autism's Anthropology that mostly missed Rain Man's curse has figured out this stuff.

If so called autism professional's would care to unite our Anthropology they to would know what we know-the building blocks of the human mind. When we talk all we are doing reading our daydream type thoughts (Temple's Picture Thoughts) , something easier said than done and nearly impossible with the advent of Modern Autism. If we are right autism is the simple step-by-step process the mind does naturally to do what normal people do. All autism research has done is stall the natural process we figured out on our own. So much for progress? In fact so many of us (late bloomers) actually did learn how to this we never present as autistic in later life. If we were treated the same as today's poor Autistic people The Autism Epidemic would have started long before Rain Man.

Here is the comment I found on the web.

I just caught this piece on CNN. I hope they will re-run it again--it was AWESOME! It's so nice to see an adult with autism giving their own perspective and insight for us all to learn from. I was astonished at the fact that they referred to Amanda as "low-functioning"--in spite of the fact that she is quite articulate in the way she communicates on her keyboard and obviously had good comprehension based on her answers to questions asked of her. She emphasized, however, that her primary and more meaningful means of communication for her is how she communicates with her environment. Hopefully, this piece will help to open the eyes of many people out there who have false perceptions of the intellect of non-verbal individuals with autism. Way to go Amanda!!


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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Starving Brains

Starving Brains an Autism Parity by Rich Shull

The following is from the web and is an announcement form an autism powerhouse on a publication of theirs. My parity is in blue, Original text in black

Children with Starving Brains, a Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder, has sold 35,000 copies since its first printing in 2002. The author, autism specialist Jaquelyn McCandless, M.D. has completed the new 3rd edition which will begin mailing from her office this week. This edition is completely updated with contributions by Teresa Binstock onGastrointestinal Issues and Toxins, Jack Zimmerman on Education and Community (and poems too!), Derrick Lonsdale on TTFD, Michael Elice (from Dr. Marvin Boris’ office) on Actos, Richard Deth on New Methylation Science, Cynthia Schneider on Genomics, Jim Neubrander on HBOT, Susan Owens on Low-Oxalate Diet, and Low-Dose Naltrexone and much more throughout the book is of course discussed by Dr. McCandless. There seem to a number of Doctors and labels here all of whom seem to know the autism they invented really well, but what the autism they forgot or never even knew about?

The goods news Autism's Past, if we were interviewed in some sort of Autism oversight, every word we say would delight autism spectrum families. The bad news is every word we say would simply pour salt into the developing wounds of ignorance Autism has developed. The Old Crypto Sensitive Autism that absently figured out autism and our Pain Tolerance and the short cuts to a never in print before thought process are the insight that takes Autism all the way to the gate of normal thoughts. Perhaps Autism doesn't care? The late DR Rimland once he found out of us and the idea we built upon Temple's Thinking in Pictures set the Autism Gold standard by ignoring us. Perhaps he knew all too well of our Autism success and by this time his pre eminence as "MR Autism" and the resulting empire would put his entire world in jeopardy?

If we can get even one Psychologist to sit down with us and figure out a never in print before human thought process they would see just how simple
autism is; and HOW badly out of proportion it has become as it lives up to Rain Man's curse. No one in Autism circles has ever bothered to study or unite our anthropology and as such they have starved their brains out of the core knowledge of man's mind. No one has bothered to investigate Temple's Picture thoughts and of course they are NOT in a text book yet. No one has bothered to listen to the many of us that build on Temple Work and words. We are too successful that is for sure. Autism is delusional that its research can discover how a light bulb works and ,if it doesn't it really doesn't care as unsolved autism is job security for many researchers. Think of the mountain of researcher taking solstice in Autism as they know as long as autism people are misbehaved zombies they only have to deal with peer review and not honest criticism.

Purchasing the new edition from gets the buyer an invitation to Dr. McCandless’ yahoo groups e-mail list. It can also be purchased from ARI (Autism Research Institute). Proceeds of sales from either ARI or Dr. McCandless’ website go for autismresearch. Amazon and other bookstores will have the book in 4-6 weeks.

It seems the only Brains that are Starving are the one from the researchers that have never bothered to learn every single aspect of Autism. Their own ignorance is very vital to the autism epidemic and the autism world as they know and present it. Once they assumed we were retarded and treat us like that Autism had no where to go but down hill. If they had only known what they missed and what we have really done their Autism Efforts rooted in our Foundation would have "cured Autism" by now and advanced Medical science and Psychology by leaps and bounds.

Let it be known ARI is indeed the very legacy of Dr. Remand-speaking of A starved brain?

The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

"Life has a certain flavor for those who have fought and risked all, that the sheltered and protected can never experience" John Stuat Mill-Philosopher-1806-1873
Rich Shull,,,,

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Severe Autism-ignorance


Weather we are in a Group home or doing Rocket Science or even doing a real life, like our Anthropology does we all have the same autism! I know that seems like a wild statement and I know autism presents as a Buzzword and an Epidemic but Autism is also a Self-serving spiral of ignorance. Those of us that have been there and done that have figured out our autism! Autism is not much more complicated than a foreign language with an Einstein twist to it. But, the thing is NO one has figured out our language-our "secret code." It has never been in a text book before and No amount of Autism Speaks, Autism Society of America type of research will even yield a clue to Autism, they just don't know where to look or the even know what questions to ask. EVERYONE suffers especially mankind.

Modern autism has come right up to the door of our Insight and refuses to go any further. Rain Man exploited the Savant and sadly we have figured out the Savant and even grew from there. They heard Temple's explanations of Picture Thoughts (and those of others in the spectrum) and they refuse to listen to us or even unite our successful population. I suppose if we had college degrees in something they might look at us but all we have degrees in are real life Autism. Despite our working daily use autism they couldn't care less.

I expect Autism powers will soon do a study on us-something on par to a JD Power Survey (cheap advertising gimmick) to prove we never existed. If they are really smart they will acquire and destroy (a book burning perhaps) all the copies of my book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and also the all the copies of The Enigma the story of Alan Turing (1912-1954) He was Autistic W.W.II hero and Father of the Computer. The book by Andrew Hogdes inadvertently explains Autism and the wonderful way it was allowed to play out in our lives, in the day before the Autism Curse was thrust upon us all.

The Utopia of our Insight will explain everything from Einstein to Dyslexia to MR/DD Conditions and will yield the building blocks of the mind. Once someone figured out what we have figured out nearly every mystery of the mind will be 'figured out' We could add 1000s of pages to psychology books, and volumes to medical books and it all amounts to science fiction until someone is smart enough to unite our group and share our secrets. You can bet It will not be Autism Research to ever figure out autism and you can also bet they will continue do everything possible to keep us from ever being united. In the words of Upton Sinclair, "It is very hard to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it." If Only we could convince the Autism Research Powers that they are on the tip of a gold mine they would suddenly change their tune and remarkably even the most severe autisitcs would walk out of a group home in most cases. Now, what research empire could ever risk such an embarrassment?

Please think twice before supporting the Ignorance of an Autism Speaks Campaign, or giving to the Autism Society Of America: Their heart is in the right place BUT they have been too stupid to listen for too long. Just plain not listening is cheating everyone in the spectrum. We might have overcame autism but, we can't seem to over come the autism empire, they are too rich for our blood.

Rich Shull, author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism-Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green Car motor.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Autism Injuries and Lieing

Autism Injuries and Lieing

Yet another segment to Autism and Lieing, as others see it, is we often "claim" we have fallen been injured, etc., but yet it appears we haven't been. The Autism Pain Tolerance as those of us in the real world have figured out makes look like fools all the time. We have learned via experience that we only feel a milliseconds worth of pain before whatever it is disappears into our bodies.

I had knee trouble for years and when the operation was finally done to correct it, it was termed "the worst knee" the doctor had ever seen. 10,000 miles of bike riding and misaligned hips (un even gate) had taken their toll. A few months before the operation I had ran into the bumper of the car after hearing the phone ring in the house. I started running and my OPTIC VISION (lack of eye contact) was OFF and thus I never seen the bumper and smashed into it at full speed. IT crippled me for a few minutes: I was on the garage floor in agony. Days later I was in the Doctors office my knee kept giving out as I walked and he was bending and twisting it in many different directions and most people would have been screaming and I never even winced. I told the doctor of my "bumper pool" and he thought I was Lieing when I told him I was flat on my butt in pain.

We have also learned that when finally really do feel honest real pain for the very first time it is usually something on 9-10 on the pain scale and it is usually and abscessed tooth and it has never hurt ever and with in 15 minutes it is pure HELL, on the trip to the ER it breaks we get acid in our mouths and the pain is GONE, we can even rinse our mouths out with water on the broken tooth and its "fine." (that is the Opposite of the TV show Er and autism cases)

I remember going to Dr Leihart when I was a small child and it was for a common cold, etc., and he was feeling the glands on my neck and they have been "big to him" and I think he was expecting the pain reaction and I never presented that way? He was puzzled? I remember as he left the room to looked in the Merck Manual I felt some "odd tingling" in the area and today I realize that tingling as "pain."Was that the pain I should have felt with the exam?

Several Parents have written me to say "Billy" seems to have fallen and claims he is hurt but he gets around with ease? Or the best one ever was some poor chap fell out of a tree and got right up and went on. A "sore" shoulder and some impaired movement turned out to be a broken shoulder and this guys Mom was nearly charged with abuse for getting her kid to the ER too many days too late. Could the stomach issues and leaky gut issues some autistic people have simply be a rather simple thing like lactose intolerance? If we only feel the very worst of it would present as something horrible with no cure? We tend to miss 2-9 on the pain scale. ALSO we don't show bruises typically. We MIGHT get a very small black and blue mark form drawing blood, etc., but nothing with injury it seems.

So I guess we are "Lieing" in a way but only because we don't show enough pain to present like we are hurt. Add into the mix the lack of Autism thought ability and experience and we really can't communicate the real idea of something. (or would it be believed)? IF Autism actually taught us our Picture thoughts and "Knew" of our Pain Tolerance we could do much more normal lives. You could actually teach Autism thoughts like Temple and others talk about by 6th grade! With our baseline thoughts figured out even pain would be more understood. We don't have to worry too much about that happening Autism is too big these days to even care or listen to it foundation and past.

In a way I'm glad Autism refuses to listen to its figured out past as I fear the torture chambers it would create in the name of research. All some drug company needs to figure out is there is a "pain free" population and we would be on the dissecting table in a matter of seconds. Perhaps we are on some natural drug OR we simply are not wired to feel pain? I really don't think autism research or any research for that matter could ever be trusted with information like that, odds are they will never find it anyway as it has never been in a text book before and the even the best of research is not even asking the right questions to ever figure us out. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Autism& Lieing

Autism and Lieing

I sometimes hear from my web mail some parents think their autism kids are lieing, when it comes to many explanations. I bet we are not lieing but your experiencing is a different point of view. An Einstein point of view. Autisitcs really have a hard time lying anyway our thoughts are so precise and have to be converted to yours and as such we often don't convert them (lying) like you do.

I remember from First Grade I was called a lyer by Mrs. Bloom another first grade teacher who had just purchased a new Chevrolet Camaro (67-8) and was telling people and showing people (students) her new car. She turned on the 4 way flashers a new innovation at the time and 'Aspie Me' I started (unknowingly) an explanation of the flasher circuit and more specifically the plug in to the fuse box unit that made all the lights go at once. I told her the theory of it and WHY the lights would go forever. I was talking rocket science presenting as an idiot and describing the electrons in the circuit and no one including Mrs. Bloom or my self realized what I was talking about- In a huff she called me a lyer and "in effect shut me up" Today I know autism thoughts need watered down to ever be understood by a normal thinker and people like me in our autism Anthropology have figured out just how to do that. Autism would you care to listen please? HAD I been diagnosed like the aspie of today I would never even been able to have the picture thoughts I used to describe those wild ideals let alone have the chance to figure them out. Modern Aspie are naturally at a bigger disadvantage than we were. There is FINE line between Autism Success and Failure and modern Autism Erased it! (So much for progress.)

Socially if we are perceived as lyers it might be since we often don't see an event happen (lack of eye contact) as our optic vision is off and like a blind person; we often hear the true meaning of a conversation the sincerity of a persons voice and thus translate that in to reality. Normal people take things at face value and rely on their body language way tooo much and thus miss the key clues to the real meaning. Someone might have told you I love you-but the sneer was missed as was the often fake smile. Politicians would be out of business if people became body language ignorant for a few days. It would cripple our Political system for sure. In fact If I were an Office holder I would have several blind people on my staff to act as lie detector if nothing else.

With insight like this Autism Working down from Einstein and Turing and Grandin is just too complicated to ever be figured out by the people in autism research that naturally think Autism is MR/DD . Funny that? They use our Computer (Turing) Inventions, Great Ideas and exploit our traits (Rain Man) and still they refuse to listen to those of us that have figured out this autism puzzle. Autism is only lying to itself on purpose in keeping our Anthropology hidden.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism,,,,, Inventor of The Turing Motor


Monday, February 12, 2007

Autism Insight / Motors

Autism Insight in to Motors

From Rich Shull Inventor of the Turing Motor.

I love winter in this northern hemisphere climate the snow the chill the out right cold weather all make me smirk and smile in an "evil" kind of way. People often Automotive GURUS" (something like an Autism Experts) are all a bit proplexed this time of year as their "well cared for machines" fail them. Running troubles are much more common than normal and even lots of old heaps will not start. People wonder all the time which brand of gas is best, etc., and in reality gas or a brand of it is not all that important gasoline is a solvent anyway. Rather the trouble is the combustion chambers of the piston machines (normal cars) are filthy dirty. The dirt interferes with the firing and the carbon deposits break away easier in the cold and the simple old cold air in the combustion process now plays havoc with the optimum combustion process.

Fuel injectors die from the outside in as the combustion chamber dirt works its way up the fuel injector eventually holding it open our shut. Additionally the simple old valve action of the primitive model T parts are even more sluggish than normal this time of year. Add all of this together and people have to fight to keep their cars running. If your further hampered by a less than quality car like many Chrysler designed products your at an even bigger risk of a no start.

I figure even Henry Ford him self would have trouble with his own car If were still living, HE might have mass produced the car and helped put the world on wheels BUT he never understood the science that made his cars work. IF he had understood his car the oil would NEVER be DIRTY ever. Yours should not be either. Model T motors we still use today still suffer from the very design problem of combustion dirt getting in the (while the oil turns black) motor. By the time the liquid dirt is deposited all over the motor it can gum up and interfere with every function of the car. Cars when new from an engineering point of view barely run, as it is, now the impaired parts must operate in cold weather too? The Engineering ignorance gets it revenge. The same type of 'Autism ignorance' keeps us in a group home and makes for a billion dolor research bonanza to. That insight of autism made Temple's humane slaughter house work and it brought Alan Turing's Computer to life as well. A more primitive version of autism thought was even exploited in the Movie Rain Man with the Savant abilities exposed. You have to admit it made for an interesting movie, that went miles the wrong direction as far as autism was concerned.

Now then, the Truing Motor my 70% Efficient Green autistically designed car motor is designed from the flame of combustion backwards and naturally it is like no motor known to man. Just like the autism we use to do our real lives with and the autism that "builds our Inventions" this has never been in a text book before either. My motor will simply have to be reverse engineered and Autism research if it were brave enough should simply unite our Anthropology and add 1000s of pages to psychology books as well as "cure" autism. If they were "smart" enough to listen ... Oups I forgot Autism Speaks it doesn't listen.

Rich Shull, Http://


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Contacting Rich

E mailing Rich

Dear Reader's:

Many people have been jumping threw hoops to get a hold of me via mail and e-mail, etc., (thanks) and I have set up an E-mail account to try to help people contact me easier.

My previous email accounts for autism were SWAMPED and I found I need a personal secretary just to keep up. I will try again to accept Email and might in general terms try to answer some requests on this Blog. Nothing personal you share with me will be put on the blog. I will do my best to answer everyone's questions and I will also do my best to keep my answers non political. I can only tell you of Autism as I know it.

If you writing on the Turing Motor please put Turing Motor in the subject line, thanks.

More About Rich,
For those out of the loop, I am Rich Shull, author of the book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism. This book was built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures. It takes her work to the threshold of traditional thoughts. There are at least 200 more people like me from all over the world that have figured out autism. What we have done has never been in a text book before. It is the building blocks of the human mind all figured out. We figure Autism Is Einstein and not MR/DD. Modern Autism now calls us Crypto Sensitive Autistic.

My goal our goal is to have our autism group united (we are all over the world) and once we compare notes in person I think we have the roadmap to Autism all figured out. There are least 4-5 more Thinking in Pictures type books in our midst but Autism publishers will not touch them; mostly because what we are trying to tell has never graced a book before it is all new knowledge as far as man is concerned.

Here is the Email

Remove the Spaces C o m m e n t s f o r r i c h @


Painless Autism

Another Chapter to Painless Injuries

Autism forgot or perhaps never really realized how autistic people have painless injuries. Those of us in the Temple Grandin anthropology that have lived our lives largely undiagnosed and in the real world have not only figured out our proficient picture thoughts that modern autism is not interested in but, we have added many chapters to medical history as well with "painless injuries." We have been real life car accidents and workplace accidents and have learned to endure. We also learned we shock the devil out of X-ray techs and ER Personal. Perhaps a modern Autistic person with a tummy ache might have a simple problem being treated as something huge. It seems we feel 1 and 10 on the pain scale and little else.

About a week ago I fell on black ice and landed on my knee, It hurt like hell for a few "milliseconds" and then the pain went away. That is totally normal for Autism injuries, I have had a life time of them and being a mechanic I really had more than my share. Coupled with that experience and that of other Autistic people in the real world we have discovered we really don't feel the pain of an injury. No matter where we are from-we have the same story amazing story to tell. Naturally a painless injury would never even be noticed by an "Autism Professional" We have learned we feel the same pain you do BUT ONLY for a few milliseconds and then we are pain free. If we are white we show little or no black and blue marks but we might have swelling and bumps and of course cuts.

My first major injury in 3rd grade was a BIG wooden window fell on my hand at school and the whole class seen it happen. No, it didn't hurt! I was stunned and confused and they took me to the school nurse and she was having some doubt that it happened as she was expecting me to go threw the roof with the exam. Even the principal days later was asking the teacher IF my hand was really under the window and she assured him it had been and she help remove it. It swelled and it was very hard to move for a few weeks but it never hurt!

Just the other week upon falling on my knee it to hurt for a few milliseconds and I have been mostly walking on it with ease. The LUMP is huge and only hurts when you put extreme pressure on it. Mom felt the lump the day after it happened and staggered back a bit a bit shocked. This is a common autism story for our anthropology. Just think of all the autism that could explain?

Many of us in the group have had misaligned hips all of our lives too (including yours truly) and we never felt the pain growing up that most kids would have. We simply presented as a klutz, we could not run skip or do jumping jacks due to the misalignment but since we never complained of any hip pain no one even dreamed to look. I do remember the doctor measuring my legs however and indeed they seem the same length but the hips are off. Today I finally wear a built up shoe on my short side 3/8" of an inch and I can get along a lot better. MANY of us were 30 and 40 years old before we finally felt constant hip pain. Naturally adding to our shoes helps a lot. I have even ridden over 10,000 miles on bicycle in my life and that still only crippled me in later life.

A Test for Pain Tolerance

Along the way being an auto mechanic I also discovered as very good Autism pain tolerance test: broken Bolts! As a beginner Autism auto mechanic in the days before we were instantly crippled with the diagnosis of autism I was absently starting my career as an auto mechanic. I broke nearly every bolt I touched! I could remove bolts others gave up on and I even broke head bolts-some of the strongest on the car and I barley winced doing it. (they did not feel tight enough!) Is that the autism pain tolerance? Once I used a torque wrench I was horrified to feel 20 foot lb. (not much) didn't even register with me as a little bit tight. I had to set the wrench to 80 foot lb. before I was even close to feeling the correct torque. My mechanic CO workers all had normal ability to tighten bolts.

If Autism were to take a hint from our experience they would set up a series of tests where Aspies tightened bolts and watch how many we break. It we were told to tighten bolts until they were tight we would probably break most of them or even strip the threads on very good grade bolts.

Of Course Pain Tolerance or the other stuff we have figured (picture thoughts) out is not even on the radar of autism "professionals" and that is because they only see the obvious to the condign not the reality of it. I bet if we blended the new and old Autism together Autism would discover its foundation once again a foundation it abandoned in the Rain Man Era.

A side note, I was often called upon to break the tough bolts loose and I often simply turned the bolt-stud out of the metal, again with "ease." Autistically I OFTEN (unknowingly) heard the movement of the metal the high pitched noise only a decibel meter would hear and IF the bolt was making noise I kept on moving it, If Not it was typically too rusted to move. That is the autism keen senses in terms of hearing If we hear stuff like that can you believe us that a quiet house is never quiet?

Rich Shull Author, Autism Pre Rain Man Autism -built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures

Inventor of the Turing Motor, named for our autistic hero Alan Turing (1912-1954) Autistic and father of the computer.


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Autism Inside Out

A Truncated copy of as post I found on line. It makes a great point!

43% of the population missing? Over 14,000 adults in California suffering with full syndrome autism and no one has seen or heard from them? Is this possible, or is it that they simply do not or ever existed? Is it also a fact that DDS has documented, in two separate Reports, that California's autism epidemic began roughly 22 plus years ago.

Forwarded Message:
MISSING: 14,200 California Adults With Moderate To Severe Autism
2/3/2007 6:03:40 PM Eastern Standard Time

. From Rich Shull Pre Rain Man Autism Blog!

Autism could have indeed ballooned out of proportion 22 years ago as lots of "experts" flocked in to autism circles via the red carpet pleas the movie Rain Man sent out. Since the new autism "Experts" were eager to build an empire and help the world they sadly missed the already laid foundation to Autism. The Boring figured out Autism of time gone by, we have figured out, the proficient picture thought the building blocks of the human mind all missed the radar of the "Experts" many of whom flocked to autism research in search of an uncritqued career. Autism without a foundation is indeed a runaway train and the "experts" armed with all of their knowledge don't realize they have a hold of the wrong end of the stick.

Autism if its foundation was admitted to and figured out like we know would be shocked to learn WHY so many of us simply overcame on our own. Autism is Einstein not MR/DD. There is not a one of us in our anthropology that autism refuses to study that would be doing a real life if we too were diagnosed and treated like the autistic of today are. Our Double-blind Experience explains Autism all of autism and the obvious reason why all of a sudden Autism became an Epidemic would be as big as a wart on your nose, someone simply got a hold of the wrong end of the stick.

With the billion dollar industry Autism has become there are way too many "Experts" in the field to ever make progress, in fact the epidemic needs to keep growing to keep even more people employed. Ignorance is NOT BLISS when the ignorance of autism is cheating mankind out of his core thought process that we have figured out. If Autism were to figure out (its not even looking) its 200 or so more Temple Grandin's that have figured out proficient picture thoughts the entire Autism epidemic would be a moot point. While we have spent the past 22 years polishing autism careers and filling group home and promoting poor behavior we could have been using all of that energy to map the basics of man's mind. Autism could now be taught by 6th grade in a classroom with our knowledge we earned and learned by accident. None of what we have done has been in a text book before so that really confounds the "experts"!

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From the Desk of Rick Rollers:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

But do they listen?

AUTISM SPEAKS February 3, 2007 Cosby, Braxton to Headline Concert for Autism Speaks Legendary entertainer Bill Cosby and Grammy-winning singer Toni Braxton will headline an April 9 fundraiser for Autism Speaks at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. NBC News' Tom Brokaw will serve as master of ceremonies for the star-studded evening of music and comedy. Read more.

But does it listen?

Apparently not? From Rich Shull A little over 10 years ago now I was introduced in an Indiana University autism work shop by Dr Cathy Pratt from IU (now with the Autism society as well) as 'like Temple Grandin" and she was even emphasizing the fact I drove over to Bloomington Indiana from Columbus Ohio by my self a very common trait for some autistic that missed all the "Help" of modern autism. We are typically not as crippled up as the modern autism folks would like and we are not as bad the modern Autism makes us. After all how do you hold fund raiser at the Lincoln Center if the people you are "helping" are not presented as helpless and hopeless?

Perhaps the Impression I made unknowingly and the Impression all of us make that have overcome autism for whatever our reasons is; we are exact opposites in terms of we do real life. We actually do forms of a real life! Many of us Drive, hold some sort of real job live on our own or even excel in our fields if we are in line with our splinter skills and obsessions.

Does it really want to listen?
Apparently Not? The ASA recently coined the term Crypto Sensitive Autism
(simple old Autism) in reaction to our autism group and they are politically just covering their butts just in case we finally shine threw with our inventions etc. SUDDENLY if they did own up to us they would get and education in just how Autism Really works They would have no choice but to admit they have had the wrong end of the Autism Stick and made Autism the horrible thing it has become. Now what empire will do the right thing and glean the obvious results from our Autism Double-blind experiences? Unintentionally, we really are bad for the business of autism! There are at least 200 more people that do worldwide more than Temple Grandin does and we hold the key to autism and mankind's mind. You might never hear that from autism unless of course we find a way to share the stage with Tom Brokaw, Bill Cosby and Toni Braxton. We overcame Autism and now we have to become "rockstars" to even be heard! Rain Man's Curse still lives on!

Rich Shull
Author,,,, Autism Pre Rain Man Autism. Built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures

Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient GREEN autistically designed car motor named for Autism hero Alan Turing (1912-1954)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Autism's Code Cracked

Building Upon Temple's Work

Autism's Thought Code Cracked -Man Kinds Mind Figured Out.

Autism the proficient picture thinkers of Autism that build on Temple Grandin's work have the keys to man mind all figured out! Our autism will prove to the building blocks of man's mind all figured out. Not only will we explain autism, we will explain nearly every MR/DD condition and personality trait known to man our knowledge will turn out to be the DNA map if you will, of man's mind. Our experience spans back to the cave person and up to the needle autism of today. Autism is Einstein filtering down to normal thoughts and not retardation working up to normal thoughts. I know we present odd but, modern autism has the wrong end of the stick.

Autism Thoughts expose the very details of man's mind from how we talk (and why many autisitcs don't) to stuttering to dyslexia to many other things from genus to the village idiot-it is all the same thing autistically it is only our luck until now that made us the village idiot or Rain Man. There are even sections of Autism thoughts that make us social! Autism Thoughts signaled by the lack of eye contact are invisible Image streams and picture thoughts our natural core knowledge that we have figured out. None of this has been in a text book or is it desrenable in Autism research. Autism research only sees the obvious to autism and that is their pitfall. No research is geared toward "invisible" thoughts nor is it smart enough to realize what we have done. Man has lost a lot of his logic over the years. Ironically sometimes the hieroglyphics on the cave wall look to be a picture thought of a cave person's class room and not a dinner order as they are represented today. If Autism were ever taught in a class room I would use the cave person drawings as the ABCs of picture thoughts.

Until my Critiques can tell me what picture-in picture thought, Still picutres,Motion Picutres, 3 dimension thoughts , 4 Dimension thoughts, projection thoughts, image streams, image streams with words are and how we translate pictures to words they will simply scream and shout "hogwash" It is impossible. The first critique to figure out what we have figured out will not be a critique but a pioneer and he or she will see what we see.
What I have just described are the invisible picture thoughts of Autism. Those are what we are supposed to do during our lack of eye contact. They are what we have done in our Autism anthropology that modern Autism will not admit to. They are the roots of our success and man's mind.

The 3 and 4 dimension thoughts are Einstein, Turing and Rain Man and even the village idiot, the Image streams and picture in picture thoughts are the social component to Autism and when all of these flow together we reach the very threshold of normal thought.

If I am right all humans are picture thinkers only normal people do a very streamlined version of their picture thoughts. 99% of the time your picture thoughts are invisible to you and only occasionally when your stumped on something do you ever have a clue you are a picture thinker. Have you ever said I can Picture that? I can see him and can't put a word to it? I can see "it" in the closet, Have your Daydreams or Dreams been turned into real life events? Those our Picture thoughts you have stumbled upon. Autistically we have 1000s more of them ranging from the very basic function of thoughts like feeling pain to speaking words and when we get all of the proficient picture thoughts figured out we finally mimic traditional thought you use.

If the rocket scientist and autism researcher could hook monitors to our brains they would see the step by step thoughts we do overcome our autism. Not only would autism be explained but the computer code the core code of man's mind would be cracked as well. The resulting text book would be 1000s of pages long and autism researchers will be delighted to know they would not be out of a job but rather at the tip of a research mountain that could keep them intrigued for centuries.

At one time before Rain Man's curse this was becoming common knowledge and today Autism has a life all of its own and the natural blinders it wears are cheating mankind out of everything it is searching for and inadvertently makes the autism empire grow and function. The blinders Autism research wears and the billion dollar industry resulting from autism assure there are no shortage of experts only a shortage of knowledgeable experts.

Rich Shull Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Thinking in Picutres

Inventor of the Turing Motor