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Friday, February 16, 2007

Autism Injuries and Lieing

Autism Injuries and Lieing

Yet another segment to Autism and Lieing, as others see it, is we often "claim" we have fallen been injured, etc., but yet it appears we haven't been. The Autism Pain Tolerance as those of us in the real world have figured out makes look like fools all the time. We have learned via experience that we only feel a milliseconds worth of pain before whatever it is disappears into our bodies.

I had knee trouble for years and when the operation was finally done to correct it, it was termed "the worst knee" the doctor had ever seen. 10,000 miles of bike riding and misaligned hips (un even gate) had taken their toll. A few months before the operation I had ran into the bumper of the car after hearing the phone ring in the house. I started running and my OPTIC VISION (lack of eye contact) was OFF and thus I never seen the bumper and smashed into it at full speed. IT crippled me for a few minutes: I was on the garage floor in agony. Days later I was in the Doctors office my knee kept giving out as I walked and he was bending and twisting it in many different directions and most people would have been screaming and I never even winced. I told the doctor of my "bumper pool" and he thought I was Lieing when I told him I was flat on my butt in pain.

We have also learned that when finally really do feel honest real pain for the very first time it is usually something on 9-10 on the pain scale and it is usually and abscessed tooth and it has never hurt ever and with in 15 minutes it is pure HELL, on the trip to the ER it breaks we get acid in our mouths and the pain is GONE, we can even rinse our mouths out with water on the broken tooth and its "fine." (that is the Opposite of the TV show Er and autism cases)

I remember going to Dr Leihart when I was a small child and it was for a common cold, etc., and he was feeling the glands on my neck and they have been "big to him" and I think he was expecting the pain reaction and I never presented that way? He was puzzled? I remember as he left the room to looked in the Merck Manual I felt some "odd tingling" in the area and today I realize that tingling as "pain."Was that the pain I should have felt with the exam?

Several Parents have written me to say "Billy" seems to have fallen and claims he is hurt but he gets around with ease? Or the best one ever was some poor chap fell out of a tree and got right up and went on. A "sore" shoulder and some impaired movement turned out to be a broken shoulder and this guys Mom was nearly charged with abuse for getting her kid to the ER too many days too late. Could the stomach issues and leaky gut issues some autistic people have simply be a rather simple thing like lactose intolerance? If we only feel the very worst of it would present as something horrible with no cure? We tend to miss 2-9 on the pain scale. ALSO we don't show bruises typically. We MIGHT get a very small black and blue mark form drawing blood, etc., but nothing with injury it seems.

So I guess we are "Lieing" in a way but only because we don't show enough pain to present like we are hurt. Add into the mix the lack of Autism thought ability and experience and we really can't communicate the real idea of something. (or would it be believed)? IF Autism actually taught us our Picture thoughts and "Knew" of our Pain Tolerance we could do much more normal lives. You could actually teach Autism thoughts like Temple and others talk about by 6th grade! With our baseline thoughts figured out even pain would be more understood. We don't have to worry too much about that happening Autism is too big these days to even care or listen to it foundation and past.

In a way I'm glad Autism refuses to listen to its figured out past as I fear the torture chambers it would create in the name of research. All some drug company needs to figure out is there is a "pain free" population and we would be on the dissecting table in a matter of seconds. Perhaps we are on some natural drug OR we simply are not wired to feel pain? I really don't think autism research or any research for that matter could ever be trusted with information like that, odds are they will never find it anyway as it has never been in a text book before and the even the best of research is not even asking the right questions to ever figure us out. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor

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