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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hip Pain and Aspies?

Please note this is a shared post with many different autism support groups and this blog.
Dear Reader's

A question form Autism's Living anthropology. This is being E mailed to lots of groups mostly on Yahoo so I need to fill in some blanks so please bear with me if you know our story.

I'm Rich Shull from Columbus Ohio, author of the book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and also host a web blog with the same name. Our Living anthropology of Autism folks has yet to be admitted to and we all do the stuff Modern Autism claims as impossible. We drive hold normal jobs and many of us are proficient Picture Thinkers, We take the stuff Temple Grandin (Thinking in Pictures) explained miles further.

We have met online to discover we all did blind backwards experiments in Autism and we all share the same milestones in thought development and today share basically the same forms of advanced autism thought. We were all ignorant of each other and we speak many different languages but yet the autism is the same. Many modern aspies relate to us 'perfectly.' Our hero is Dr Alan Turing 1912-1954 He was Father of the computer and his life has "Aspie" written all over it.

Does you aspie loved one complain of hip pain? Despite our pain tolerance?
Does you loved one Run Fast without looking 'funny"?
Does your loved one Skip?
Can he or she do Jumping Jacks?

We have met several people in our anthropology that report having trouble running, skipping and doing jumping jacks. Today in real life some of us have jobs where we walk a lot, or stand for long periods and at 30 something or older (mostly) we are in agony with hip pain. X-rays show our pelvis is not the same on the right and left side and some of us have a growth on our pelvis (one side) that would make walking and running difficult.

If you have a child or loved one with those symptoms, please let me know.

Our blog

Sincerely Rich Shull

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Same Thing in Russia

Same thing in Russian Posted by Hello Sorry my "traditional " Picture in Picture thought illustration would not publish..... Please scoll back in the blog to the Picture of Old cars at a car show. I was able to send that illustration to my friend Gennady in Russia,and with a new Translation service we were able to discover he is a picture thinker as well.

Gennady and I have talked for a year or so and between less than up to date computers (his and mine) and loosing things in translation (literally) I was only able to get some idea of his picture thoughts. I suspected his Autism thoughts were like mine but there no real way to tell for sure until now. With my newest method of translation I was able to send my Illustration of a picture in picutre thought to him and he was able to confirm his picture thoughts.

Gennady seems to be the 'Temple Grandin' of Russia, he is 40 something Straight, and like many of us did the same blind backward experiement in autism. It seems as near as I can tell He was ignorant of Autism until later in life, his school and parents and teachers were also ignorant of autism. We have never talked of social things or injuries to much of yet. We can only translate a 1000 characters at a time with this new service so the "conversation times" are prettly long.

In Russian

Передовая Картина думала бы для меня ......., если бы стояли рядом, Вы видели бы автомобили и автостоянку, небольшая точка в углу - произведенный Мозг, только замеченный мной, мой Мозг, Сделанный этим.

Вы имеете мысли как это? Да, я знаю, о чём Вы говорите. Картина мира состоит из блоков, причём размеры блока у всех людей различны, у аутистов этот блок или угол зрения существенно меньше- я называю это "заужением экзистенции", поэтому я называю аутизм- психической слепотой.

Translation In English,
You have ideas as it? Yes, I know, about what you speak. The picture of the world will consist of blocks, and the sizes of the block at all people are various, at аутистов this block or a corner of sight essentially less I name it " заужением экзистенции ", therefore I name an autism mental blindness.

Well, here it is the Autism is the same. This Autism has never been in a text book before. It seems to be a totally different kind of human thought. We think with brain generated images that are inviable to the average person. We translate those visable brain generated images in to words thoughts or actions. As a Proficinet Picutre thinkers, we were lucky enough to really figure out our Picture thoughts. For the most part they are several steps beyond what Temple wrote about ,but she has the basics written down. We build on her work.

I feel there is just a little bit of luck (and lots of differance) in Low and high functioning autism Those of us that had the "right" ignorant ideas or lack of them completed this blind autism experiement pretty well over all. No Matter if we are right or wrong our living working anthropology needs studied! We need to share our sucess with others in the spectrum.

Anyone willing to Study us? Anyone willing to host the Worlds first Picture thinkers Convention? Russian autistic web site ' search' Gennady to see some of his posts.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Autism Was Easy!


Long time readers and supporters of our Anthropology, know the trouble we have faced over the years trying to get Autism to admit to us. We Are NOT on this "kamikaze" battle for our own interests and we are not chipping away at the foundations of Autism in spite, we don't hold malice toward the current 'Autism Empire'. But, we do have a WONDERFUL LIVING ANTHROPOLOGY of people that HAVE FIGURED OUT AUTISM. Note, we did not cure Autism, we would never want to, we just figured out our 'gift' and use it everyday, just like every one on the Autism could if they had "eductions" like ours. All of Autism needs accounted for not just the stuff that make the status quoe happy. It just so happens our long term "study" isn't exactly what people in the field are wanting to hear about. We can't change our facts and the Quality aspect of our Anthropology but, Autism can see to fit to ignore us like they have been doing for years now.

HELP 20/20? ( American TV News Show)

On 2-22-05 20/20 aired a wonderful segment on "Myth Busting" and they asked questions and got logical answers to questions, Like, 'Was Drinking 8 Glasses Of water a day really good for you?' 'Was drinking expensive coffee any better than cheaper brands?" 'Did Sugar really give you a sugar high?'

They found the sugar high was mostly false, a CHEAP Brand of INSTANT Coffee tasted the 'best,' and drinking all that water had no clear cut benefit. I wonder we could use the power and resources of 20/20 to bust a few myths on Autism? Alas, I'm not sure if even their producers and researchers and reporters could survive the backlash of the Autism Lobby once it did a piece on us. ABC news might survive, but on a more personal level we are on the wrong side of the Autism Time line. The invented Autism of recent times forgot us.

The following 4 year old "STUDY" are answers from Poll questions from our Anthropology's poll. Since then we have found and added 60-70 more members to our group. Please Remember ALL small studies have inherent troubles and even one answer can skew the entire picture. Take heart that most of us are LONG TERM in society real Aspies and we are from all over the world and the majority of us have never met in person but share the same autism and autism experiences. Just think IF a legitimate Study were ever done on us?

1) How Old Are You?

15-20 2 votes 7.14% ,
20-25 4 votes 14.29%,
25-30 4 votes 14.29%,
30-35, 5 votes, 17.86%
35-40, 7 votes 25.00%
45-50 4 votes 13.29%
50-55 2 votes, 7.14%
55 Plus 0 votes
15 or less 0 votes Today Years, later we have 70-80 year olds in our group.

2) Did being Gay Bisexual, Lesbian Transgendered act as social skills training growing up?

YES, Positive experience really helped, 6 votes 25.00%
Yes, somewhat helpful , 3 votes 12.50%
I Didn't come out in school enough to help, 4 votes 16.67%
No feelings on the idea , 4 votes 16.67%
NO Gay issues really held me back , 7 votes 29.17%

3) What is the biggest Trigger for overload? (generally applies to proficient picture thinkers)

TOO much Noise 24 votes 20.51%
Too much to think about 15 votes 12.2%
distractions from others 13 votes 11.11%
Picture thoughts already in progress 2 votes 1.71%
figuring out words to be spoken 8 votes 6.84%
deciding what type of picture thought to use 3 votes 2.56%
Several people trying to talk all at once 17 votes 14.53%
Finding and discovering the word to speak to others 5 votes 4.27%
new Environment 7 votes 9.40%
meeting new people 11 votes, 9.40%
Other factors 12 votes 10.26%

4) Do you drive, or have you driven in your life time? (Note we are from all over the world and some cultures are not dependent on the car like American's are. )

yes , 12 votes 28.75%
no 7 votes 16.67%
I have been Driving from A young age 12 votes 28.57%
I would like to learn to drive 4 votes 9.52%
I drive mostly in the country 2 votes 4.76%
I drive mostly in Town 4 votes 9.52%
I have no need to drive 1 votes 2.38%

5) Do you think your Optic nerve is turned off and on and the brain replaces the image with picture thought?

Yes 3 votes 27.27%
No 4 votes 36.36%
Don't Know 4 votes 36.36%

6) How old were you when you were diagnosed?
Young in grade school 2 votes 9.09%
During School 1 vote 4.55%
Out of School 19 Votes 86.36%

7) Were you self Diagnosed? Like after hearing or reading of Temple's Thinking in Pictures, or similar Autism experience or Reading?

Yes 16 votes 64.00%
No 9 votes 36.00%

8) How do you Identify your self?

Lesbian 5 votes 16.13%
Gay 16 votes 51.61%
Bi sexual 4 votes 12.90%
Transgendered 2 votes 6.45% (Note there are large several groups dedicated TG and autism)
Straight but not narrow 1 vote 3.23%
Not Sure 3 votes 9.68%

9) Are you Right or Left handed?

South paw, 5 votes 19.23%
Right handed 18 Votes 69.23%
Use both hands equally 11.54%

10) Are you sleep dreams definitely separate from Autistic Thought?
yes 7 votes 43.75%
no 2 votes 12.50%
Possibly, not sure 7 votes 43.75%

11) What is most common type of Picture thoughts? (Check your top 3 answers)

Small simple glimpse 6 votes 14.29%
definite picture of an object 3 votes 7.14%
A still picture of something 4 votes 9.52%
A motion picture 8 votes 19.05%
A picture in Picture Thought? 2 votes 4.76%
An Engineer type drawing 3 votes 7.14%
3 dimensional 5 votes 11.90%
Day Dreams that "Talk" 5 votes 11.90%
Other variations 6 votes 14.29%

12) If you have picture thought, is it common through out the day?
Yes, 8 votes 66.67%
no 4 votes 33.33%

13) Have you learned to control your picture thoughts or turn them off and on?

Yes, all the time 2 votes 15.38%
Yes I can control them some times 3 votes 23.08%
No They just happen 4 votes 30.77%
Maybe I can control them at times 4 votes 30.77%

14) Do you have Picture Thought?
yes 11 votes 52.38%
no 3 votes 14.29%
Maybe 7 votes 33.33%

As we have grown over the years our age range now includes 70-80 something's. We now seem to have more younger people that were diagnosed in school. Generally, the younger folks don't do life like we do, few of them drive or hold traditional jobs. We seem to have lots of obvious to us Aspies (takes one to know one) that like many of us learn of Autism late in life and like realize we did something special in life. Most Psychologists (especially SSDI in America) will not give a DX as we do too much typically. (according to them). We find quite a few times even today people miss the Autism DX. When all is said and done the Transgendered who have handled Autism the best of ANY aspie population will give autism it's best insight.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Obsession, GOOD for Us!

An Aspie Obsession, a Good Thing!

I can hear the "coughing going now 'as I know that is not approved practice in Autism Circles these days but, It does work wonders! If "Autism" or some group or Nonprofit would care to study our Anthropology they will discover we all do a normal life to some large degree and we all owe some part of success to our Obsessions, splinter skill, learning hallways or special interest. Those of us that really do well in real life work in a field or a 'perfect" job related to our skills.

The Splinter Skills for us proved to be a way that "ignorant' Autism of a time gone by was given a chance to develop. A Splinter skill is a learning hallway for us it is ONE thing we truly understand. That is 1/2 the battle. An Obsession has lots of Picture Thoughts and Picture thoughts are natural for us. My Parents were a bit" too thrilled" with my mechanical pursuits and I was boring them to death I'm sure but, they (unknowingly) made me slow down and EXPLAIN my aspie thoughts to them. That turned out to be my perfect training in explaining aspie thought to their thoughts. I was converting Picture Thoughts to words to be spoken.

My Obsession was our 1962 Pontiac Cataliana, It was the Third best selling car in 1962 and today less than 1% of them survive. Only an Obsessed Aspie would have cared enough to save this hunk of junk! Over the years I have replaced the frame, custom, hand built the motor (fixing design flaws) and fixed the slim Jim transmission. All of this major repair was the result of a factory defect of sometype. I seen photos of junkyards taken in 1967 and they were filled with 61-62 Pontiac's like mine. One Junkyard operator told me it the most of any type of car he had had in his yard at one time since the Model T after W.W.II.

Alan Turing, Aspie Hero used his insight to develop his computers, he was father of the Computer. Temple of course, uses her knowledge for good as well. I have also taken my splinter skills to new heights and invented the Turing Motor, named for Alan Turing. My Motor is 70% efficient, very Green. All parts spin the same direction, it will idle at 2-3 rpm and run 1000's of Rpm. It will be cooled with Freon or Nitrogen. I had the first picture thoughts of it 20 years ago and since then have built and tested and redesigned it via my Picture thoughts. Actual Models have been made. I'd be delighted to share this with the world, but first I have to break from Rain Man and Forrest Gump stereotypes.

Splinter skill's, learning hallways all did their part in making my (our) autism connect to the real world. Lets face it even the best of us (my anthropology included) are not social butterflies and we are lucky to understand a lot of things in real life, so we might as well use what we have. For those worried of a real social disaster they can be prevented. My Parents again made me explain things to them teaching me how to convert my picture thoughts. There is such a need for us to 'talk" about our Obsession that we will find way to be come social just to do that. Once one thing is understood completely we seen the importance of social skills. Again If our anthropology would ever be studied Obsessions will be a key factor in our lives. Perhaps you (my readers) know why Autism refuses to admit to us? We have Many more Temple Grandin's and Alan Turing's in our Anthropology.

For a look at my 1962 Pontiac, go back a few posts to one titled An Actual Thought.

This was taken in 1999? At the Lambda Car Club Grand Inventional held in Indianapolis Indiana. There are lot of fine cars in the shot and in the background is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This was my Pontiac's maiden voyage after being reassembled from engine to frame and body. We have traveled many miles together since.

Monday, April 18, 2005

An Amish aspie?

Dear Blog Reader's:
I received this post via Email from "Unlocking Autism" an Autism nonprofit. I'm on their mailing lists (as well as many more). I have no official/formal connection with them. I wonder If the Amish folk have not mirrored our anthropology's experiments? So many aspects of our autism and their autism match perfectly. We were typically schooled without knowledge or regard to autism, Eductions standards for them as well as us are pretty high. Discipline both at home and school was strict. If their experiences are like ours they could go through life without knowing of their autism. If they stayed in the Amish Community the slow simple Life might be perfect for autism. They may not know they picture think unless they hear of someone Like Temple Grandin or my self. I suspect many of them have had lots of pulled muscles and torn knee joints (bicycling) and never really felt their pain.

A simple slow education, and good discipline can mask and even promote autistic thinking. Older folks I have met that usually lived rural typically get along really well. Interestingly I know Orthodox populations that do really well autistically. Those of us that are proficient picture thinkers doing beyond what Temple wrote about do pretty well in traditional life as well, most of us drive and hold traditional jobs.

The Age of Autism: The Amish anomaly
By Dan OlmstedPublished 4/18/2005 10:52 AMLANCASTER, Pa., April 18 (UPI) -- Part 1 of 2. Where are the autistic Amish? Here in Lancaster County, heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, there should be well over 100 with some form of the disorder.I have come here to find them, but so far my mission has failed, and the very few I have identified raise some very interesting questions about some widely held views on autism.The mainstream scientific consensus says autism is a complex genetic disorder, one that has been around for millennia at roughly the same prevalence. That prevalence is now considered to be 1 in every 166 children born in the United States.Applying that model to Lancaster County, there ought to be 130 Amish men, women and children here with Autism Spectrum Disorder.Well over 100, in rough terms.Typically, half would harbor milder variants such as Asperger's Disorder or the catch-all Pervasive Development Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified -- PDD-NOS for short.So let's drop those from our calculation, even though "mild" is a relative term when it comes to autism.That means upwards of 50 Amish people of all ages should be living in Lancaster County with full-syndrome autism, the "classic autism" first described in 1943 by child psychiatrist Leo Kanner at Johns Hopkins University. The full-syndrome disorder is hard to miss, characterized by "markedly abnormal or impaired development in social interaction and communication and a markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests," according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.Why bother looking for them among the Amish? Because they could hold clues to the cause of autism.The first half-dozen articles in this ongoing series on the roots and rise of autism examined the initial studies and early accounts of the disorder, first identified by Kanner among 11 U.S. children born starting in 1931.Kanner wrote that his 1938 encounter with a child from Mississippi, identified as Donald T., "made me aware of a behavior pattern not known to me or anyone else theretofore." Kanner literally wrote the book on "Child Psychiatry," published in 1934.If Kanner was correct -- if autism was new and increasingly prevalent -- something must have happened in the 1930s to trigger those first autistic cases. Genetic disorders do not begin suddenly or increase dramatically in prevalence in a short period of time.That is why it is worth looking for autistic Amish -- to test reasoning against reality. Largely cut off for hundreds of years from American culture and scientific progress, the Amish might have had less exposure to some new factor triggering autism in the rest of population.Surprising, but no one seems to have looked.Of course, the Amish world is insular by nature; finding a small subset of Amish is a challenge by definition. Many Amish, particularly Old Order, ride horse-and-buggies, eschew electricity, do not attend public school, will not pose for pictures and do not chat casually with the "English," as they warily call the non-Amish.Still, some Amish today interact with the outside world in many ways. Some drive, use phones, see doctors and send out Christmas cards with family photos. They all still refer to themselves as "Plain," but the definition of that word varies quite a bit.So far, from sources inside and outside the Amish community, I have identified three Amish residents of Lancaster County who apparently have full-syndrome autism, all of them children.A local woman told me there is one classroom with about 30 "special-needs" Amish children. In that classroom, there is one autistic Amish child.Another autistic Amish child does not go to school.The third is that woman's pre-school-age daughter.If there were more, she said, she would know it.What I learned about those children is the subject of the next column.--This ongoing series aims to be interactive with readers and will take note of comment, criticism and suggestions. E-mail:


An Aspie X-Ray

A "painless injury" Posted by Hello

Pictured above, is an X-ray of my foot with an obvious needle in it! I walked on this for a day at work, (requires constant standing) and only occasionally "felt" something. This X-ray is my book as well as discussion of Aspie Injuries in general.

I had been getting ready for work and this BIG needle had fallen out of the sewing box and I felt it STOP my foot in its tacks . I simply pulled it from my foot ( I thought) and went about my business. It was occasionally sore ,but I thought that was OK and it was just where I had pulled the needle. The next Morning, My foot was all swelled and puffy. I went to the ER and As USUAL they thought I was lying (I walked in mostly unaffected) but they humored me by completing the X-Ray . AS USUSAL the mouths of the ER Personal and X-ray Techs were on the floor. Even other onlookers in the ER were Gasping. They told me to see a surgen on Monday. Being working poor with out insurance and having seen the X-ray I operated my self in a M*A*S*H style operation and even gave my self a stitch . This ISN'T the popular Autism sterotype you see on American Tv of the show E.R.

Our anthropology has all kinds of stories like this, as we are in the real world. As an Auto Mechanic I probably had more than my share of cuts and burns, I have given my self stiches many times.

Book Cover

Cover of my book Posted by Hello

Published by I-Universe publishers, 150 pages(+/-), 24 illustrations, and one X-ray of a painless injury. Illustrations include portrayals of picture thoughts, and my first autism Text Books (cartoon books I adapted) .

Please Note : I asked for all kinds of help in writing this and those in Autism Circles refused to help. I'm and autistic auto mechanic, inventor and not a author-but I (we) have message that needed told no matter what. The book doesn't flow perfectly,but it was best I could do considering all. Still it is filled with Autism Insight and is several levels above the stuff Temple Grandin wrote about. The book is non-profit, written and published for the good of the community. One of our goals is to hold the worlds first ever picture thinkers conference. (unite all of those in our Anthropology for a person to person meeting)

To Order,,,, from publisher please visit It might be Amazon (with HORRIBLE reviews) *)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Different use of Brain Function

Re distribution of Brain Function?

The Adaptability of the Human Brain?

Primitive Thoughts for a Caveperson? All good titles for this Blog Entry.

For my readers that are up to date and have just read the posts on the various types of picture thoughts and seen the photo of a Picture-in-Picture thought in the last post, it would be no shock to you to learn, picture thought takes up quite a few brain cells. It uses lots of Brain Capacity. Often times during Picture Thoughts (think small out-of-date computer) so much Capacity is being used that normal hearing and vision are "shut down," Ignored or simply can't be comprehended. During some types of thought, OPTIC Vision is turned OFF all together. Hearing goes 'dead' kind of as well. During Picture thoughts we only hear the ultra high stuff or the slightest whisper, basically the stuff that often wakes us up to the real world and some times saves our life.

I don't think our brains can function well enough in full Picture Thought to really keep up with the real world. Those of us that have developed Picture in Picture Thought, and maybe pre think our picture thoughts (if Possible) can get along pretty well. I have had my first conversations in the last few years where I have actually been able to read the body language of someone else in a timely fashion. This was only done with Picture-in-Picture thought, that an allows one to keep track of the real world and Think in Pictures.

These Proficient Thoughts are steps above what Temple wrote about and they are natural thoughts for us. We were LUCKY and had lots of REAL LIFE experience and IGNORANCE so that enabled us to do a Blind Backward Experiment in Autism that indeed has a twist beyond what you think you know of autism. Our Anthropology does the impossible everyday! The really sad part is successful Autism like ours and the modern day "oh help me stuff" the world claims as autism today are less than a 1/2 mile apart---- just on a whole different planet. The results are so startling that I'm sure "The Experts" will not be able to see the Forrest from the tree's. Of Course none of them to my knowledge has ever had a working Picture thought and thus they can't possibly see how they can work.

PLEASE study our anthropology, learn from our Trial and Error 20-30-40 year experiments and apply that new (old) knowledge to modern autism. Blending Old and New Autism will produce wonderful results, like ours. Remember most of us are OLDER and undiagnosed and socially different. We feel every one of us would perform on par with "typical Autisitcs" had we not had ignorance of luck and a few other things.

I'm sure there are many "wonderful" reasons why Modern Autism will refuse to admit to us, study us, and few are the lawsuits of Autism Might switch from Medical issues to simply bad advise. Further no Empire will be crushed by little people without PHd's that have figured out their own conditions. Too many people make too much money off of autism and might even live comfortable lives off the Autism spectrum. Discovery of the real "US" will promote many more new jobs and fields of research than we will close. Again as I have noted in this blog before, we are sorry we figured out our own conditions, we had no choice we had the inside information, the luck the timing and the different social background.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

An actual thought

A Picture-in-Picture thought. The small little picture in the Right hand corner is BRAIN GENERATED, you would not see it. The rest of the 'picture' is traditional optic vision ,the same thing you would see standing beside me. Posted by Hello

Pictured above is a Picture-in-picture thought, this one is like the one I had in 1st grade. I ignored these thoughts out of ignorance. When I was yelled at for NOT paying attention (eye contact) I was actually trying to figure out what that damn spot was all about. Note ALL picture thought is in color, Black and White was the only way my old computers would do this picture.

Once we have a picture like this the little 'thought dot' in the corner that is BRAIN GENERATED needs converted to words to be spoken or actions to be done. Noise and "1000's" of factors effect our picture processing ability. Today at 43 Thought Pictures like this are common more detailed and expertly converted into words or actions. Obviously this type of thought has never been in a text book before, It is NOT a version of traditional thought.

This Photo image interpretation courtesy of Doug Buhrer .

Monday, April 11, 2005

Final Thoughts on Picture Thoughts

A World of Difference with, the same base thoughts.

Last of a series of blog posts on Proficient Picture Thinking.

There is something about a double blind backwards experiment in Autism. It is "expert,""Indpendent, and "nonprofit" and in our case it has a supporting anthropology to study as well. Long time readers of this blog know I hate the word "expert" and I don't claim to one , I am just a "lucky" person, one of many that has figured out our "Latin thought process."

Autism's picture thinkers tend to share the basic thoughts of still picture, motion picture and picture streams, more proficient thinkers do Picture-in-Picture thoughts, Projection thoughts, 3-4 Dimension thoughts and many others. Many people have picture thoughts clearly related to their lives. We all learned Picture Thought on our own, it has NEVER been taught in a school of anytype or has even been in a text book. Many of us lived and grew up in an era something like the Steam Engine Trains (in America) and like the Steam Engine Trains we are just forgotten. Our uniqueness gave our experiment variables that no other autism population has ever had. Those variables made a HUGE difference in our lives. Obviously, Autism doesn't know us and in most cases refuses to admit to us. Despite all of us being self-taught and speaking many different languages the autism picture thoughts are the same.

Weather you personally want to admit to it or not our success is here and with a few studies could be rendered into something useful for all of autism to benefit from. Politically, as most of our anthropology is different that is a sole reason in some peoples books to ignores us. From a business point of view Autism went ahead and established itself without knowing of us. We never intended to bite autism in the butt, they did that them themselves by assuming Autism was a version of traditional thought. I wonder if many in the field chose this area of research just because they were mostly sure of operating without an informed critique? Ironically when they started treating us as such, seemingly all autism progress stopped. We were better off NOT knowing of Autism as our anthropology proves time and again.

As a parent you have to ask who knows autism better? Real life proficient thinkers
That drive, hold traditional jobs and have learned Autism via trial and error OR some Expert that tends to go home at 5 PM. Our history is long and varied and includes Alan Turing, Father of the computer (1912-1954) and many others that for sure can't be admitted to now. It is so ironic that Alan's Computer actually did unite our Autistic Anthropology and it is the ONLY way we would have ever met. When we meet in person and experience real life autism on our own and for ourselves we really do the impossible. If we would have never met autism could and would continue with its blissful ignorance. Just how can we compete with TV Shows like ER. Law and Order and the news shows all giving the "party line"? Autism, like ours needs to be presented to everyone in the spectrum. Granted it is not perfection but, it is a lot better than anything else. This thought has never been figured out or explored by anyone with a Ph.D. and the biggest reason for that error is /"it takes one to know one" and it stands to reason only Aspies could figure out their conditions ,,,, Just like we did.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Pre Rain Man Autism

Pre Rain Man Autism

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Motion Picutre Thoughts

Motion Pictures/ Picture Streams -a form of Picture Thought

Part of series of posts Explaining Proficient Picture Thinking

As usual not everyone in Autism thinks in Pictures but, those of us that do deserve to have our thought process presented to us and understood by the research 'experts'. Perhaps many of us have the ability but never had the chance to develop it? ABA and modern education just might be too much help.

Temple Grandin wrote about these thoughts in her book Thinking in Pictures and described them as running a VCR on rewind and fast forward. Autistic author Bill Stillman mentions them as well.

Motion Pictures as it seems from gleaning information from my anthropology seems to follow the Still Pictures. Still pictures as near as I can tell always preceded Motion Pictures in Autism Thought development. Just as before when talking of Autism thoughts These are BRAIN GENERATED invisible to you, thoughts we see and think with. Maybe our glazed Aspie look/lack of eye contact might be a sign to you we are dealing with a picture thought.
My dad realizes that 'look'' and knows for sure I'm having picture thoughts, he figured them out like I did via trial and error and backwards experimentation. He really knew what I was doing after he learned of Temple Grandin's work and realized I was doing the same thing.

Motion Pictures to the average person would best be represented as you were watching a cartoon/a news show/a talk show / a video game or even the cards moving in a game of computer solitaire on a television or a computer screen. Our SCREEN is invisible to you, it is our Picture Thought. Motion pictures are precise to the point and related to the moment OR they can go back in Time or forward in time.

Motion Picture Thoughts are great for history and time type of problems and equally good for figuring out the order of something. Socially a family history type of question will spur a motion picture thought of an Old Family birthday party. My Brain generated image will play "video" of the party and suddenly' Stop' on Aunt Sue. That motion picture would then become a still picture. Perhaps someone Asked the question was Aunt Sue at the party? This entire motion picture sequence (picture stream) might last a few seconds or a several minutes and then once the final thoughts is completed that needs translated in to words or actions. I could simply tell you Aunt Sue was there but, you just experiencied/seen all the thought it took to form those 7-8 words to be spoken. Aspies learn this on our own and many younger people have not had the chance to develop a few tricks and translation techniques to really speed up their conversations.

Along the same line if it is not the same thing Many aspies report "Picture Streams" mostly motion picture thoughts or combinations of Still and Motion pictures that are again not visible to the average person that we view on our "own screen."

(Humor, kind of,) IF all of this picture thought COULD be monitored that would be great! Just as person hooks a meter to an electrical circuit to read voltage, etc. I often wish wires could be connected to our heads and our picture thoughts could be viewed on a screen. That way Mom and Dad and others would know what we are thinking. I guess I better be careful as the old adage goes as you really might just get what you wish for. (Visions of a Mad Scientist wiring us up)

I remember setting in a junkyard some years back, it is my version of Wall-Mart looking at 20 minutes of Motion Picture thoughts. I was inventing and working on one of my projects, basically I was taking parts from all kinds of cars and blending them into mine. (None of these interchanges were listed in Interchange manuals, they were that radical.) I was setting there leaning on an old hulk of a car, I had spied the axle I wanted. Via Motion Pictures as accurate as any computer ammoniation you would know I pictured all my odd parts assembled and installed in my car. Via Picture thoughts I seen a working true to life model of my work and how it would react when the car was fully loaded, going over bumps, in a rear end collision, a side collision and even a roll over wreak. I spent a long time running the brake lines the parking brake cables again with picture thoughts and even looking at the strength of the bolts needed to hold all of this together. I originally picked (in my picture thoughts) bolts that were too strong and would have 'cut into' the other parts. I even via again Motion pictures figured out the brake fluid flow and the pressures need and adjusted the balance of braking from front to rear.

The car was 79 Mercury Cougar and due to a design flaw had no working rear brakes, No official parts or fixes were available from Ford so I had to invent it my self. When I got done this car 4 wheel disc brakes and WONDERFUL STOPPING POWER. I could get from 60 to Zero in few short feet. It had 3 times more braking horsepower than engine horsepower. From the Very first stop on and for many years after wards the performance was flawless. I even done a hard stop every week just to feel the deceleration.

Motion Picture Thoughts have done the very same thing in my newest project my Turing Motor. The Turing Motor named for Aspie Hero Alan Turing is 70% Efficient and just a little bit to radical in many respects. If I were not seen as Rain Man, Forrest Gump I might be able to get it built easier...... Humor, the next time I present to someone outside the spectrum I taking along the Phone book,,,,, It seems the stereotype is Aspies always have something to do with numbers? UGH

My very First motion Picture was in 8th grade and it left me STUNNED and Physically tired, Like I had just ran 20 miles. I felt "Tingles" all over my brain. My First major still picture was in 4th grade. If this were ever taught in a proper Aspie school I wonder if there thoughts could not be in full swing by 4th grade? Motion Picture thoughts seem to the key to Aspie thoughts of all types, They make daily life flow and also make advanced aspie thought possible.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Still Pictures 3rd in a series

3rd of a Series of Picture Thoughts,

Temple wrote about this one, Still Pictures,

The usual disclaimers apply, Not everyone thinks in pictures BUT, those of us that do deserve to be identified and taught our natural thought process.

For those of you that have read THINKING IN PICTURES by Temple Grandin,(it is not even a recommend read anymore in many circles) she talks of Still Picture Thoughts. They are a foundation Autistic thought, and a must learn type of aspie thought. They are similar to a learning the basics of reading and writing-8th grade level autism if you will. Everyone in my anthropology reports Still Pictures as one of the first types of Autism thoughts we figured out. I toiled with them in 1st grade and didn't know what I was experiencing, and in 4th grade I had a MAJOR STILL PICTURE Event that canceled out my optic vision. Despite being Struck with its AWE I ignored it, (or tried to) None of my teachers or other students were saying what is your Picture thought on this or that subject. We were on our own. Rather the teachers were always calling my name and telling me to PAY attention, actually I was connected I was figuring out (unknowingly) looking at my Picture Thoughts and trying to connect them to the real world. (that gazed look)

A Still Picture is-as all aspie thoughts are Brain Generated and invisible to anyone but us. Our Teachers, Tutors, Fellow students (in our era) or even a psychologist has never had proficient picture thought. They might have had a few day dreams and perhaps interrupted a few dreams in their life but none has done what we do. In a (too) simple Explanation we are using your daydreams to think with.

In real life Still Picture is equivalent to a one word answer in traditional thoughts. If I had the thoughts or someone asked me where my keys were? I would have a brain generated Thought Picture of my keys setting on the seat of the car, hanging on their peg on the key board, or siting on the deck, or setting in the bath room. Often time these quick glimpse pictures-like a flash going off-cancel out my optic vision for a second, display the appropriate and I then form words to answer the question or take action like go and retrieve the keys.

Still pictures are the most useful of autism and can be short and sweet and last a few milliseconds to minutes at a time. They are again a base picture thought. While I was designing my inventions I could take a basic still picture of a thought and 'study' it if you will. I could add to it change it or even rotate its view. This computer design without the computer as you would know it, You could do the same thing with a good computer.

Still Pictures are wonderful thoughts for family history or history questions in general. I have INGRAINED permeant still pictures if you will from childhood that I can refer to in an instant. I have 'photo' memory of everyone important I ever met and have an image of Grandma, Grandpa etc. Still pictures are also NEW AND ORIGINAL and totally brain generated and not at all connected to a memory. If I am having a Picture in Picture thought as I described in the last post, the Thought Pictures (brain generated Invisible to you) are often still pictures.

The Example above with the keys would easily be a picture in Picture thought If I were walking through the house for example. As I was walking I would need to keep track of my optic vision as to keep from tripping, walking into something so the brain generated picture thought of the key setting on the car seat would be a SMALL STILL PICTURE.

If I were setting down and in a safe position. I would have had an Optic canceling thought my optic vision would have been Turned OFF and replaced with that Brain Generated Picture of the keys. Generally, If we are not in danger our optic vision is canceled with most all picture thoughts no matter what type they are. Motion picture thoughts, filmstrips, picture streams (not yet discussed) "always" require Optic canceling vision for me at least. Some in the anthropology can do them while walking etc.,,,, I'm not that good. As we were all self taught and our thought molded to our enviroments it is common when we see variation like this when we compare notes.

I know this seems like science fiction to my readers, and I know human nature enough to realize I (we) have little clout in autism circles as all the 'Experts' have already spoke and marked their territory. They know the Autism they fostered and 'invented' but not the stuff we use in real life. Of course as long as, they refuse to admit to us and take up our invitation to study and learn from one of Earths last anthropologies,autism will continue to pay for their ignorance.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Picture -in Picture thoughts 2nd in a series

Second of a Series on Advanced Autistic Picture Thoughts

The usual disclaimers apply, and again this was learned first hand, natural knowledge.

In Autism, Advanced Thoughts,

Picture -in-Picture thoughts

P-in-p thoughts are kid of like the PROJECTION thoughts I just posted about. As with all autistic thoughts it is a picture based thought and invisible to anyone but us. The autistic parts of this thought are brain generated and that thought is blended with actual optic vision thus the name picture in picture.

Think of a P-in-p television set, the big picture on the main channel could be our OPTIC vision, it is the same thing you would see, If you were standing beside me. The little picture in the corner of the screen would be our BRAIN GENERATED PICTURE THOUGHT we use to think with. So in reality would could looking at 'Joe" at the dinner table and be seeing a thought picture (brain generated) image of Bill. When we seen Bill in a "still" picture that is what we would translate into the word "Bill." While we are talking of Bill, we would have P-in-p thoughts of him in other still pictures and even motion pictures featuring Bill, We could read those thoughts "remember" something about Bill and again translate that into words or sentences.

If I were in normal conversation with "Joe" and we were talking about Bill and I needed to add some intelligent thought the conversation I would be looking at JOE, keeping up with his body language and gestures and looking at a brain generated picture thoughts of Bill (motion Picture, a form of Autism thought) riding a motorcycle. Good Aspie thinkers could make the sentence, Bill, rides a Honda 750 Motorbike, while still keeping optical contact with JOE.

This later advanced autistic thought form was a late development for me and some picture thinkers don't even have this type of thought. Many of us that do realize it as working autism. I learned this or honed this thoughts in real life in an auto repair shop to be exact. Being totally unaware even at the age of 20 something of autism I was in a mechanic in a dealership and I was always in overload and shutting down. This is a dangerous job as it is, and overload was not helping. I learned to step to the side of a driving aisle and away from a lift and then develop or started thinking with a little Brian Generated picture.

If the traditional person were to hold a postcard or a picture up to the their visual field they would get an idea of a P-in p thought. If for example your postcard was a beach in Hawaii and you held that say, in the upper Right hand corner of your visual field that would be similar to me having picture thoughts of Hawaii. You would still have all of your optic vision and be able to see who you are talking to but the little 3x5 Card could be our Thought. ONCE We seen the Hawaii shot that would be Brain Generated for us we could start our Translation process and come up with all kinds of statements like.

the beach is beautiful,
the sand is white,
there are surfers,
The hotel in the background is tall;;;;;;; With additional picture thoughts We could tell you all kinds things about Hawaii,,, Perhaps with a picture thought of the longitude and latitude lines of the earth we could tell you where Hawaii is. (I have used the same longitude and latitude lines of the first maps I seen of the earth as a base thought picture since 4th grade)

Politically I could have picture thoughts of the Headlines I have read over the years indicating that Hawaii is Gay friendly. Again I would see the same optic vision you would, IF you were standing beside me and then my BRAIN GENERATED IMAGE would be of the Newspaper headlines, They of course could be translated into words sentences or actions.

In this case we might be discussing the benefits to Hawaii for Gay travel while standing on a street corner and once I seen my "Hawaii Newspaper headlines" in my P-in-p thought I could form the statements Hawaii is gay friendly,,,,,,, and still get the reaction of whom I talking with, A sour look and well they are ignorant of Gay issues, a Smile is better news

See We do think in Pictures,,,,, they are not just memories that we view, they are kind of that but those 'memory shots" produce new original thoughts new ideas and new ways to do stuff. When I designed my Turing Motor I used the advanced 3-4 d computer ammoniation type of thoughts to build what every engineer has told me is impossible. Well, it is possible just not in tune with their line of thinking. Just like Autism the thought process has never been in Print, my engineering insight leaves a little to be desired in a lot of places. I have however built nearly every invention I thought up and my life depended on many of them for years as I custom designed my car parts. I have made working models of my motor and it does work but it is too radical I guess.

Again this is advanced thought, it has never been in print before and I feel if the basics of Autism were taught nearly everyone autistic would be able to think with advanced thoughts like this. As I view my anthropology I am just amazed at the adaptability of Autism Thoughts, We are ALL self Taught and each of us have a different twist to our brain generated thoughts. Generally we have people that are good with numbers and math and they seem to have one set of thoughts, and we have others that are not great at math but often are great at drawing, music etc. THIS IS WHY our anthropology needs a proper study so we can figure this insight out and share this working autism.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Picture thoughts , Projection Thoughts

1st of a Series of blog posts ,

I'm about to spur lots of debate among the autism spectrum and dedicate the next few entries of this blog to Picture Thought and Picture Thinking and how it works in real life. Keep in mind not all aspies think in pictures but, Those of us that do DESERVE to be taught our thought process. It seems natural for us we just instinctively know how to do it and weather it gets a chance to be developed or not is doubtful, ABA is a form of brainwashing after all.

Our living anthropology learned Autism/Picture Thoughts by trial and error and it seems to work really well. I might remind my new readers our entire autism anthropology does pretty normal lives and has never been studied or admitted to. Our times and education and resulting in our blind backwards experiments in Autism will never be repeated again as times have changed too much. We were totally ignorant of autism as were our teachers, tutors and parents and even the many psychologists that many of us endured in our childhood. What I'm writing about here builds on Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures and would be several levels above what she wrote about.

I'm going to start with an advanced thought form in this post and then work my way back down the Autism thought scale. If you will this might be college level picture thought. Eventually I'll end up back in the "1st grade" with some simpler thoughts.

PROJECTION THOUGHTS-Are one of the advanced aspie thought forms. Like all picture thought they are invisible to the average person and are BRAIN GENERATED images we use to think with. I use projection thoughts most often while I'm driving. They interfere very little with optic vision. IF you were driving with me and setting in the passenger seat you would see the SAME optic vision I would. I 'd see the traffic flow the color of the cars the color of the traffic light, the people on the sidewalk and other cars, Basically optic vision is normal and the same as yours.

If I need to remember the name of a street, or the speed limit for example (as well as, many other things) I would have a projection thought of say the speed limit. My brain would PROJECT THE NUMERALS 35 in to my visual field (upper Right had corner typically) and from that I could 'translate" the idea I was supposed to be driving 35, with traditional thought I could look at the speedometer and adjust the speed as necessary.

If you wanted to see the same thing some top of the line cars offer options where the gauge readings are PROJECTED up on to the back of the windshield as you drive. It is touted as a safety option as you no longer have to take your eyes off the road to see how fast your going. The PROJECTED number is visible but not blinding and easy fades away into the back ground and can be turned off. In many respects it is just like our PROJECTION THOUGHT.

Please note this is a Thought and not a memory or a dream, It is a simplified form of more serious Picture Thoughts. Many Picture thoughts do cancel out optic vision (you might see it as our glazed look) and obviously those thoughts are dangerous while driving. I really developed these thoughts while riding my bike in high school and started using them all the time when I started driving. As you read we THINK with those thoughts convert them words or actions as necessary. Many in my anthropology Think with the exact same thought and they to stumbled upon it like I did as we experimented unknowingly with autism. We were all ignorant of autism and each other" If fact the Autism is the same no matter what language we speak.

Of Course, I have just ruffled the feathers of many "experts" and I'm sorry it was not in your Ph.D. course work or even an accepted form or variation of human thought but our Anthropology and its details all prove what we are doing and how we learned it. Autism probably has many more centuries before it stumbles upon this ideal on its own, odds are it never will. The picture thinkers we do have are in ABA and, it will be the few among them are lucky enough to develop their picture thoughts on their own like we did. From my point of view the good news is ABA does NOT affect picture thoughts too badly as we have met some new people in our Anthropology that have been through ABA and they still take to Picture Thought when they finally hear about it. Autism has tried so hard, and done so many things why not admit to us and copy our Old working Autism? We might not be a the sucess mold for eveyone in the spectrum but we obviously have done something right?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Aspie body language

Speaking of Body Language?

Unknown to modern autism right before its own nose a great Autistic milestone was achieved in Oct 2004 in Columbus Ohio. I met two proficient picture thinkers in two days. There is a Bob Evans restaurant that will never be the same, that is for sure. If only it could have been taped? The very next day I met another aspie in person. One guy was 40 something my age and the other was 20 something.

The 40 something is also an Aspie author like I am. I wish I had known of his work before I published mine as my book would not have been so harsh. I thought I was the only one besides Temple Grandin that was pushing Picture thoughts. We met at a local Bob Evans and although we had known one another for a year or so via Email we had never met one on one.

Our conversation was 'wild,'we were talking a mile a minute and having the best conversation of our lives. We were setting opposite each other in a booth, just chatting away. Despite being a foot from one another and sharing the same table We hardly seen one another, Picture thoughts were canceling out our optic vision. Since I was sitting down in a safe place (as opposed to walking or standing) I let my picture thoughts develop and flow more naturally. If one is just sitting and doesn't need to worry about walking, etc., I find I can enjoy better communication / I can just "read" my picture thoughts.

The conversation fast paced precise to the point and I think it might have been short on lots of frivolous words. We used adjunctives if it was necessary to make a point but it seems we talked of the point at hand. For the first time in my life I said up he said down I said left he said right, I had never had a conversation with anyone else that ever worked like that! Picture thoughts would stop occasionally and I would get a look at him and I would scan the room as I taught myself to do to look for "danger" etc.

During this time I could hear our Waitress above all the others in the place and looked over at her occasionally and even heard her preparing our order. I would not see people walk by as my optic vision was OFF but I would feel the wind break as they got close or perhaps I'd smell them (not in a bad way). It seems the picture thoughts we share were very close thoughts or at least we had the same point of view. It was great to be able to leave out a few steps in the picture translation process. If I were talking to a traditional person especially a stranger I need to work really hard to water down the thoughts to a simpler tone. Aspie Thoughts are not known for being simple. We BOTH really flowed well when we were talking of our splinter skill subjects.

The very next day I met a 20 something Aspie guy at a local community center and again the Picture Thought was obvious both his and mine. We did another Aspie conversation and this one too flowed really easy, as well. I 'seen' and knew the thoughts he was using but I also noted he was young and not quite as 'polished' as the older guy was. We still talk as he lives in Columbus and he has definitely improved by leaps and bounds in the 6-8 month since we have met. I love talking on the phone with him as we discuss the world and how aspie relates to it. We joke all the time he is an aspie math whiz where I am horrible at numbers. He always corrects me on my math!

AUTISM has missed our entire point and these two conversations prove Aspie really does work in real life. This stuff is the next level up from what Temple wrote about. Obviously this has never been in print before and I tried to explain picture thought with illustrations in my book. As you have read through out this blog-this Autism-needs to be presented to everyone on the Autism spectrum. Natural picture thinkers will be delighted to finally for the firstime ever to have their thought process presented to them. Instead of a 20-30--40 year trial and error learning experience we could condense it down to 1st -6 th grades.

I could easily see our future 6th grade students holding smart conversations like these when they graduated 6th grade. Just imagine WHAT they would teach us? I expect we would learn as much from them as they would from us. We could use our proven anthropology as a starting point and see what develops form there. Modern Education/autism research would have to loosen up and admit they don't have a clue to what we are doing and let us put our time earned and proved knowledge to work. All of this might be autism's 'impossible dream' as no self respecting empire is willing to do 'cut its own throat.' Modern Autism is established for better or worse these days and aspie spectrum people and parents deserve better. Ask them Why they started ignoring Temple Grandin?

Aspie researchers have been working at a big disadvantage despite their best efforts as they LACK the natural insight into aspie life one needs to figure it out. Let face it: 'it takes one to know one' and we know of no other aspie 'expert' that has ever had a picture thought, a painless injury, or lives with hearing too much. Old Aspies simply bend in or fall through the cracks of society, and even fewer modern Aspies survive the new Autism and don't ended up in a group home. Politically, We are $imply in the wrong space and time and unless we can find some way to blend the old and the new autism the modern Aspie is forever screwed as us older folks die off. Modern education is such that our blind experiments are no longer possible and indeed ABA and group homes might now be the "normal" in autism. We all loose in that deal.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Body Language at 40

PLEASE see the related post jan. 2007 Thank you Billie and readers for the comment.

On the idea of Eye contact and body language.

Many in the autism spectrum are hung up on Eye contact from their Aspie student, If we were "normal" (god I hate that word) It might be wise to be worried about that aspect of our development. But we are doing something far IMPORTANT (or tying to) during that time. We are trying to create, read or develop our picture thoughts.

Our OPTIC VISION is turned off and replaced with a brain generated Image that you do not see that we need to think with. While the "lights are on and no one is home" the glazed autism look, we are not ignoring you, we are working with our Picture thoughts. Young aspies especially today are confused and might be 'seeing things' like spots or images of things and have no idea WHAT they experiencing. This is the point in life where an autism school is NECESSARY. The Teacher could ask the student the important question// What is their picture Thought Regarding this? Did you use a STILL Picture for that thought ? ?/or a Motion Picture? (Temple talks of those in her book) We could work through all the stages of picture though development that our living anthropology had already figured out.

My Dad my BEST communicator knows when I'm thinking in pictures and has developed a 6th sense of when to wait for a thought to finish. He knows if he talks or presents new things during that time I'll miss some of his words or thoughts. I have learned over the years to really pre think most of my conversations and by using PICTURE IN PICTURE THOUGHT or PROJECTION THOUGHTS. These are advanced Autism Thoughts. They allow us to keep track of Optic Vision and still think with a picture thought. These advanced thoughts occurred naturally in later life and in my case I had to learn them for survival: I was an Auto mechanic (before I heard the word Autism) and had to figure a way of keeping track of the real world. Optic canceling Picture thoughts were TOO dangerous, I would have got ran over not keeping track of the real world. Those in our Anthropology have developed similar thoughts as well. Typically EARLY autism thoughts always cancel our entire optical vision. It is the more advaced ones that BLEND in to our normal visual field.

Well, now that I'm 40 something and have my eyes open and the optic vision is on during conversations I have been learning body language! (humor) better late than never. It is interesting to see the smirks, the odd faces the gestures and even the color of ones face changing as they really lie,,, funny I used to hear that in their voice. Ironically, perhaps traditional people do think in pictures after all? You are reading pictures via the body language and we just read thoughts in our head? The same idea but a LOT different obviously. I have discovered the difference between a red face of anger or one of humor or one of lying. I liked it better when it was just a red face and the tone of the voice, content of the conversation told the mood.

The very best communication I ever have with another person (strangers) is on the phone, My Picture thoughts can flow and be translated easily and if the connection is quiet and the room is QUIET we can simply set there and read picture thoughts.